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  1. Report the bug to the bug tracker just in case, otherwise I wouldn't worry about too much about minor bugs as we're headed towards a much better DayZ experience.
  2. If your character says ouch upon login it's possible it has a fractured or broken bone so try making a splint and using it to see if it still happens. If it does, it might be a bug that needs to be reported even though it's only a minor one.
  3. I'm not sure if it's a milestone build, but Eugen mentioned that the Gamescom demo will focus on the area around Staroye so that the players can get to the action quicker and experiment with the features built into the demo.
  4. Don't they take mp5 mags?
  5. There's no failure to read anything you've said. What WAS a failure though is you telling someone to add something to a server file that nobody has access to as if it was currently legally possible.
  6. What you're failing to comprehend apparently, is that the server files have not been publicly released so telling Baroness to input lines in a server config file that NOBODY legally has access to so those lines are worthless AMONG other things.
  7. Karma is a cruel mistress, I'm sure she'll make sure he gets his eventually!
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but they haven't released the server files to the public so I'm left wondering how you managed to get them yourself.
  9. So in other words, you need to have the server files for it to work?
  10. You broke the poor little Baroness' heart!
  11. Which cfg?
  12. The fact that people like you who bitch and moan about the state of the game is pretty pathetic. Have you been posting bug reports, or even helping find bugs so that they can be squashed in order to help the game proceed faster? Judging by your post count, I highly doubt it. Until you, and others like you, start helping find bugs so that the devs can find them and squash them please do the intelligent people on here who actually do those things and just STFU! Anything you post should be ignored/deleted as your lack of intelligence was made very apparent in your first post. Also, as Biohaze mentioned, have you even bothered to read any of the status reports? or are you just another armchair programmer who thinks they know how to program better than the devs?
  13. I agree with your statement about buses being a death trap as the only way to make absolutely sure that you won't die trying to get out of a bus is to wait until it completely stops moving otherwise you may end up with a "You are dead" screen.
  14. If they've hired developers from the game thehunter, then hunting in DayZ will improve immensely over what we currently have which I can't wait for if true. I do agree that animals need an overhaul as I've ran into wolf packs that started attacking without any wolf howls, but it might not come until the new tech is added.
  15. Try the TrackIR update from June 30th and see if it helps. Apparently, it's helped several TrackIR users on experimental but it may not help on stable yet.