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  1. Never??? j/k seriously though, have patience and it will come when it's ready.
  2. Isn't that how it is with every game since forever? Internal roadmaps and technology change and I can understand why they haven't shown what the internal roadmap shows as things can happen that could push back the roadmap which as we all know, would cause people to bitch worse than they already do. I, for one, think that they did the right thing by not release their internal roadmap.
  3. Once they allow more players per server then we should see more encounters between players but until then we won't see many encounters between players. Also, I think quite a few players do everything they can to avoid encounters so they don't lose their gear, etc.
  4. It's funny how so many people are bitching and moaning about eye zoom being removed, but I bet those same people have no problem playing other games that don't have eye zoom just fine so if you can play other games without any type of eye zoom then you should be able to play DayZ without it as well.
  5. Did anyone else notice in the part of the video showing shaving with a knife that also causes scars to be removed as well? To me, this isn't very realistic as we wouldn't be able to do that in real life. It would be cooler to be able to shave and have scars gained remain on the character. Speaking of scars, it'd be cool if we could see scars from battles on our characters. I know we can't take our shirts off so we won't be able to see any scars that'd be on our torso but we'd be able to see scars on the visible parts of our bodies. Other than that, I can't wait for 0.63 as it sounds like it's going to be a game changing experience.
  6. I wonder what's new in this version if anything?
  7. That would all depend on whether or not it is tied to the new player controller or not. If it is, then regardless of if they enabled it in 0.62, it would prove pointless as it may not be able to accurately display a player's stats/status if the required tech hasn't been implemented yet.
  8. We probably won't see 0.63 for a few months, but as for other updates there may or may not be any depending on what bugs are found and if those that are found are a high or low priority.
  9. Bugs for cars or anything that requires all of the tech they're planning added to the engine might not get fixed until it has added to the fusion engine.
  10. Report the bug to the bug tracker just in case, otherwise I wouldn't worry about too much about minor bugs as we're headed towards a much better DayZ experience.
  11. If your character says ouch upon login it's possible it has a fractured or broken bone so try making a splint and using it to see if it still happens. If it does, it might be a bug that needs to be reported even though it's only a minor one.
  12. I'm not sure if it's a milestone build, but Eugen mentioned that the Gamescom demo will focus on the area around Staroye so that the players can get to the action quicker and experiment with the features built into the demo.
  13. Don't they take mp5 mags?
  14. There's no failure to read anything you've said. What WAS a failure though is you telling someone to add something to a server file that nobody has access to as if it was currently legally possible.
  15. What you're failing to comprehend apparently, is that the server files have not been publicly released so telling Baroness to input lines in a server config file that NOBODY legally has access to so those lines are worthless AMONG other things.