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  1. I've seen them in various houses and vehicles so I don't think they spawn in one specific area.
  2. How often does it happen?
  3. To switch handguards, just drag the handguard to your gun and you'll get the option to switch handguards.
  4. If you've ever watched the main menu animations, you'll actually see your character perform a pistol whip if it's holding a pistol.
  5. I was driving in a v3s chasis when I stopped at Zelenogorsk military base and after getting out to shoot some infected and loot the base the truck lifted off it's front wheels and then appeared to roll over on it's side so I decided to check out the military base and when I came back the truck was somehow floating in the air and at first I shot at the front of the truck to see if it would come down and had no luck so I shot the bottom of it and suddenly it returned to normal. I've never had that happen until today which is odd.
  6. If you open the steam overlay, you can check to see who's on the servers and count them that way even though that may get tedious if there's a bunch of people playing.
  7. The regular testers shouldn't be the only ones providing the most feedback. Others need to step up and do more testing so that when the regulars leave then there will still be people providing feedback and testing instead of depending on a certain group of people to do it for them.
  8. I found a v3s chassis and had been driving it around pretty good even though it was missing a few wheels. I managed to find one set of wheels and it seemed to improve it's performance but there were areas where it would act like it couldn't even go up a small hill before sliding back down despite missing only 2 sets of wheels. I managed to get to kamyshovo running at full speed but as soon as I got there it started acting like it could only go about 5 km/h max despite the speedometer reading around 40-56 km/h as you'll see in the video. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with the infected but on experimental even with several ruined tires I was still able to outrun a group of infected.
  9. The problem with that is it does not require 45+ tents full of hoarded loot to accomplish that. Something like that could be accomplished with less tents as well as less loot because even with a smaller amount of tents and loot the same thing still gets accomplished regarding logs for the CLE.
  10. @Dev (DayZ) I know this is going to get a lot of hate but persistence (items in tent but not on player) should be disabled until launch. The reason I say that is that there are a lot of people (being nice here...) that have 10+ tents with what most players consider to be highly sought after items (guns, ammo, food, backpacks, canteens, pet bottles, weapon attachments (clips, scopes, etc.) that they will NEVER use but are doing so mainly to keep those items from other players and I'm sure a few of those same players also do it so they can feel "elite" when they kill a weaker player (fresh spawn). If persistence isn't an option, please consider adding a despawn timer on highly sought after items (even if they're in tents) so that players will no longer be able to hoard items they'll never use and those same items can end up in the hands of players that would be willing to use them. Yes, there will be a bunch of whiny ass cry babies that will bitch and moan because they can no longer hoard stuff, easily re-gear themselves by running to their camp, or feel "elite' by not allowing others to get the items they're hoarding but this is a survival simulator after all and not be an asshole and hoard everything simulator. This will most likely also cut down on KOS'ing as they will have to be more careful about what they carry or they risk dying themselves from lack of food, water, etc.
  11. Vehicles are in but not persistent. Also, don't expect vehicles to be in fully working condition once they hit stable.
  12. Can anyone verify something for me? When the fps dips into low numbers check your HDD led light on your case to see if it's being heavily read during those times. I've noticed that every time the fps gets low on my machine my computer's HDD light is lit up the entire time and when the reading slows down or the light goes out then things return to normal. If it happens to others as well, then it may have to do with DayZ thrashing (constant reading/writing) of the hard drive during those times that is causing it. I've also noticed that sometimes while playing the game, the game will freeze on my end but if any infected are chasing me then they will hit me while it appears frozen on my end. Has anyone else noticed the same thing?
  13. Just played a few minutes of this patch and had 3800 health and was killed 1 in one hit by a wolf. Is that normal?????
  14. @beDANGER - Vehicles are not the most important feature of DayZ. They are nice to have but are nowhere near the most important feature as features like More AI, Performance, etc. are considered more important I had an interesting bug but stupid me forgot to screenshot it but I had placed a hunter's jacket in an empty space in my mountain backpack and when I opened my inventory the space it was supposed to be in was blank and I couldn't put the gun in my hand in it's place until I logged off and back in.
  15. @Devs - Can you make system messages appear at the bottom instead of over whether someone is unconscious or dead because it makes it hard to tell which state you're in if system messages appear over them.