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  1. Stable Update 0.62.139835

    It's incredible how you released the 0.62 on the stable after only (maybe) a week from the release on the experimental. Many thanks for the work you, devs, are doing about. Beans!
  2. Dynamic interface

    Thanks @Arthur Dubrovka this type of UI is amazin!
  3. why was "fast forward" removed

    What type of macro you were using? I'm curious because everytime my fingers hurts hahaha
  4. 0.62 is coming to stable today.

    3.4 gb downloaded yesterday for me. I hope to try the new patch tonight after work. :) If someone wanna join me, message me on pvt. GMT +2
  5. In that case, welcome aboard, kid! :')
  6. Uhm i was interested about what you just write down on this thread, until i read I'm sorry, I'm playing only on the stable version. If you wanna join me, my steam id is: jostino91 Feel free to add me. (timezone GMT +2 ) https://greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/gmt-plus-2/
  7. Exp Update 0.62.139808

    You spent very well your first post. I wanna remember you
  8. Spread out the spawns...please

    Well, now you spawn more often near berezino than along the seaside, lol
  9. This depends on moonlight status too. If there is moonlight you can see in the darkness faster. But with no moonlight, inside the forest, the situation change completely. I agree with you about have a more usual view in the darkness after, I think, 30 mins. But it's true that a flashlght can make your life easier but more dangerous in a game like DayZ.
  10. Track IR not working 64bit

    You should open this type of thread here: https://forums.dayz.com/forum/126-troubleshooting/ Have a nice day!
  11. Dayz Suggestions Part #4 [With pictures]

    Well, i love all these idea in the end, i'm only not sure about the crosshair, but could be a good option in any case. Beans!
  12. Ski Jacket

    As @Sqeezorz said, this type of clothes are already in game. I think there are more important thing on focus for the dev actually. Nice idea of @kopo79 to permit to the community to create some project of clothes and present them to the dev.
  13. Bug with unconsciousness

    Yes, this happened to me too. It's a known bug.
  14. Talk about Spawns.

    Well, it is a good and interesting idea, but this can push people to retry the spawn lottery more often, because some of this "new" themes could be better than others. But it's still a good idea in my opinion.