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  1. jostino

    Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Well, do you have some problems with the visualization of the server list buddy?
  2. jostino

    Character Stuck in Database

    Hi, i've noticed the same problem and I fix it changing several times the server
  3. jostino

    Stress Test vol.32

    Perfectly in time with my night off !! Let's test!
  4. jostino

    Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Same problem reported! The second one disappear after many tries. The first one appears sometimes but not often.
  5. jostino

    Tatanko's Guide to Screenshots v4.0

    I'm sorry about take out this topic from the grave, but I need an advice to take a screenshot w/o the UID on the experimental 0.63. Any tips?
  6. What about the issue of the magazine bug? Unable to unload from the weapon and make impossible to change magazine.
  7. jostino

    Exp Update 0.63.147489

    It was only an advice. Chill out
  8. jostino

    Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Agree. Lot of time is spent on travelling around the map, if you are alone, it's ok. But when you are in a group it's a really mess if you die far away from the spawn points. Anyway I can understand the situation, in the end you are a survivor in an apocalyptic world. I think the perfect solution could be some bikes around, broken but fixable or in mint condition, it's ok. But could help on the time travel around the map.
  9. jostino

    Status Report 3 July 2018

    Thanks for the information ImpulZ! I will wait gladly the new status report!! :)
  10. jostino

    Prolonged maintenance

    Good luck and good job on the operation.
  11. jostino

    Status Report 3 July 2018

    Dear Dev, first of all, have a good holidays and thanks for the status report. We have to expect a new report at the end of the month or directly on August? :) In any case, you are doing an amazing work, and this 0.63 are something very special we didn't see from many years on Dayz! Thanks, thanks, thanks!
  12. jostino

    Stable Update 0.62.139835

    It's incredible how you released the 0.62 on the stable after only (maybe) a week from the release on the experimental. Many thanks for the work you, devs, are doing about. Beans!
  13. jostino

    Dynamic interface

    Thanks @Arthur Dubrovka this type of UI is amazin!
  14. jostino

    why was "fast forward" removed

    What type of macro you were using? I'm curious because everytime my fingers hurts hahaha
  15. jostino

    0.62 is coming to stable today.

    3.4 gb downloaded yesterday for me. I hope to try the new patch tonight after work. :) If someone wanna join me, message me on pvt. GMT +2