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  1. broadcasting stations in buildings

  2. Modders

    Progress on my map so far...
  3. Q&A with Map Designer Adam Franců

    Here is a sneak peak of Namalsk in DayZ Standalone!
  4. Q&A with Map Designer Adam Franců

    Well since I always talk to Adam, I remember him saying that maps can be twice the size, if it's a new created one. But once a map is set to it's size, it's pretty much impossible to do so. And the Enfusion Engine doesn't determine what map size can be created, the Terrain tools that they use for making the maps are much more advanced and I would believe that it can create even bigger maps... From what I also know, is the old Chernarus was created with Visitor 3, but when they upgraded it to Chernarus +, they switched over to Terrain tools, which allowed them to work with Chernarus. If you somehow opened Chernarus + with Visitor 3, it wouldn't work at all...
  5. Q&A with Map Designer Adam Franců

    Adam, which did you spend more time working with? Visitor 3, or Terrain Tools? :P P.S We need to have an adventure again! - Your Friend Rustycaddy
  6. Q&A with Map Designer Adam Franců

    It is not technically feasible with the Vitrual Reality, (Enfusion) this is has already been said by Dean Hall, as it would screw up the map and they'd have to restart mapping Chernarus.
  7. Well done Hicks, I think you remember me meeting you above nagornoe? I was shooting at night and hunting animals and you came with your buddy to my fireplace, I also mentioned my friend Sumrak (guy who created Namalsk) and you knew him. One of the best moments in DayZ...
  8. Is there going to be animations for taking off parts of a vehicle? Such as using the lug wrench to take off the bolts of the wheel with an animation prior to the part coming off?
  9. Dayz Energy Drinks/Stamina

    Zluta Drinks Remember those drinks at the release of Dayz SA? Well I think they should be re-added and serve a better purpose. They can give a slight stamina boost for the player, They also will make chernarus feel more like a European country again. Mostly because all the food/drink's are American/English brands. Now you might not agree on it. But it sure would make feel like the old days of the Dayz SA's release! The three types of Zluta sodas can maybe have a certain amount of energy to give a duration of time before the player stamina's slows down. There also was a crushed zluta can that was in 0.52 and served no purpose, I got curious to why the devs added it. Maybe for fishing. Well I hope maybe they will be added back in! :D