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  1. Liven_28

    Experimental Update 1.03.151511

    same issue, here is a feedback on this https://feedback.bistudio.com/T139381
  2. Liven_28

    silencers and zombies

  3. Liven_28

    xml/txt/json variables to .cpp

    ok It seem BI made a new tuto on that subject, I will take a look on it https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DayZ:Workbench_Script_Debugging
  4. Liven_28

    xml/txt/json variables to .cpp

    Ok, I see, thank you very much, I have new things to try now. Last question, you seem have some answers Do you use the debug mode of the workbench scripting tool? I tryed to follow this : https://github.com/maxkunes/Enscript-Workbench-Project-Setup but it didn't work (I reported the issue but sadly no solution find). Or maybe you use another tool? Not being able to use breapoints/step by step execution to see varaibles value make me loose so much time...
  5. Liven_28

    Input detection

    Thank you for the answer I have already found the solution (the config.cpp was not done the right way)
  6. Liven_28

    xml/txt/json variables to .cpp

    Thank you for the answer I have already found the solution too But I'm stuck with another problem, I see you give good answer maybe you can help me modded class MissionGameplay { PlayerBase player; override void OnKeyPress( int key ) { super.OnKeyPress( key ); player = g_Game.GetPlayer(); PlayerIdentity identity = player.GetIdentity(); string playerID = identity.GetPlainId(); if (identity.GetPlainId() == "76561198015051115") { Print("TestLiven if ID OK "); } else { Print("TestLiven if ID NOT ok "); } } }; I can get the the "player", the "player identity" but the "PlayerID" is always empty I don't know why
  7. Liven_28

    client-server side requests parameters

    ok, sorry I don't have more information on that.
  8. Liven_28

    client-server side requests parameters

    For this I think you have to use Community framework. You have an exemple of client-server communication on the github and maybe if you replace the "override void OnKeyPress" with an apropiate void you can send message to the server when a client is connecting (didn't try but I think something like that should works)
  9. Liven_28

    What is the hydration limit?

    the water icon is full near 1 200 units but the max water value is 5 000 for the food the icon is full at 900 and the max value is 20 000 So you can drink et eat a lot. For me the best place to store food is the stomac, I eat all what I find.
  10. Liven_28

    [PvZ Video] Holy Devil

    Interresting video, good job! For the Zombies, I made my own dynamic and static spawn system because the vanilla one can't do what I am looking for (and I have modified the health/speed/friends of the zombies too).
  11. Liven_28

    Scripters Question & Answer Thread

    in \DayZServer\mpmissions\dayzOfflinePerso.chernarusplus\db\Globals.xml It is the QueueTimeSameServer or RespawnAttempt value (or both, just try it)
  12. Liven_28

    PvZ video : Crazy Town

  13. Liven_28

    Experimental Update 1.02

    Ok, where can we find this documentation ?
  14. Liven_28

    Input detection

    Nobody to answer this? No doc? No tuto? No sample? for this simple fonction I looked at RPC and mods like CoT or Trader but nothing I tried works It begin to be really boring modding on Dayz. I feel wasting my time.