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  1. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    The only thing society today understands is instant gratification.
  2. A challenge

    That's cool and all that, but serverlogs do not indicate whether or not there was a conversation before someone was killed. It is all hearsay. Maybe if there were 24/7 mods spectating everyone all the time I would believe that could actually happen.
  3. A challenge

    I have yet to see a private server be able to enforce a no Kos rule. It's impossible. It's basically just words on the header next to the server name and has no meaning.
  4. My issues with the Game - Feedback

    Who spent 6 hours growing plants? After you have the material it takes minutes.
  5. Is Bohemia a good home for DayZ devs ?

    Dayz team is working on tech that BI plans on using in future arma games. Use the googles. So yes, they have ALL the support. Would be dumb not to.
  6. Exp Update 0.62.143267

    Holy lack of punctuation, Batman. That was a difficult read. See you again in 6 months when you come to inform us of your lost faith again.
  7. Finally. Thanks for making it a tick easier on us :) Just curious... who here is still using 32bit ?
  8. Exp Update 0.62.142963

    I love it with new members show up all butt hurt and then leave butt hurt. Gives me strength. As do shitty arguments.
  9. Forum

  10. Maybe some of the older guys here will remember this, but back when Nintendo Power Magazine was a thing they would hint at games that literally came out two or three years later. Releases for the Super Nintendo and the N64 were regularly delayed sometimes for year if not more. Every game system has faced delays this way including PC because things go wrong. Things change. I remember they're being chips shortages for cartridge games at one point. There they are building things from the ground up, it takes a long time and it's very complicated, not to mention this is a fairly new game type in the grand scheme of things. Lastly, I am a freelance camera operator and I shoot live sports. I have work on espn.com for any college sport you can think of. My name is permanently tied for life to that work. As long as ESPN has website my work will be there in perpetuity. Now I'm damn well sure that I am going to do the best job possible because I want to keep working in this industry and for people to know that I do a fantastic job EVERY time I show up at a venue ready to work. My reputation is on the line every time I go to work. These guys that are doing such a great job on this game, are basically in the same boat as I am. Their names will be forever tied to a game that is either going to fail or be phenomenal. I'm pretty sure that they're going to do everything they can to make sure it's phenomenal. These are young people that care about their career and want to keep doing this instead of working some crap job for some jerk. /endoldmanrant /getoffmylawn
  11. Status Report 24 October 2017

    Good infos!
  12. My plea regarding modding and the release of server files

    Most mods in Arma 3 are extremely janky. Every mod I've ever played you float, you drive a car across the bridge and it blows up or you sneeze next to a house and it blows up. I spent more time in Altis life floating around unable to move instead of actually playing the mod. I have a feeling the mods need to be executed much better to avoid all the annoying stuff. It's cool to make a new game type but if it's constantly breaking it's not fun. If the tools are very robust and it gets rid of all the annoying stuff I'll be interested.
  13. Will DayZ Ever Go Full Price ?

    Pretty much everyone has heard of Dayz and probably owns it for PC now. The full price will be mostly for console players. I doubt they're going to get a huge rush of new players for PC when it is finally finished.
  14. think about it.

    Unless something drastically changes on the back end modding is just going to slow the server down if regular Joes get a hold of it and add 10 billion scripts to it. Ultimately modding just ends up with a janky product. It always gets taken to the extreme and that makes server performance take a shit. Take Arma 3 and the constant floating and exploding that goes on non-stop after things get heavily modded. I think there will be some interesting mods but only a few. The rest will be your normal Epoch easy mode BS.
  15. Exp Update 0.62.142080

    Soom (tm)