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  1. I don't think English is his first language which is fine. A link to his friend on Steam shows a Russian
  2. What's the biz on the update today ?
  3. I would recommend a 4gb card at the minimum.
  4. I think your bottleneck is the 2gb of ram on that card. Also this engine doesn't have much, if anything in common with arma anymore, so any arma tweaks are out the window now.
  6. *rolls eyes*
  7. FIrst, what server do you claim to run? I doubt you do because that cost money and you can't seem to afford an education. Now go cry somewhere else. Remember the big red button you have to click before you play? Dayz's facebook page is great place for kids like yourself to go and jerk each other off and talk about how good the game would be if YOU were in charge of it. Now run along, your mommy is probably looking for you. She has all the hugs you need. There are none here. Also, I know it's easy to call someone "retarded" or "you have downs syndrome". And I pray to whatever fake god you worship that you never have a child with special needs.
  8. False. Tons of people use and still buy Intel because its still the best.
  9. See y'all next on the next major patch. Dayz has been sent on vaca from my ssd for a few weeks now. Looking forward to the new player controller.
  10. Anything interesting gonna happen this week?
  11. Slow experimental week when everybody is talking about clothes
  12. Nothing to report really, just noticed that the topic name is an experimental build behind what the previous topics are labeled.
  13. My experiences so far being shot with scorpions is this: [worn/pristine jacket+vest] someone runs up on me with scorpion, lights me up, I shoot 1 sks round, they fall dead/unconscious . Generally my vest is ruined, but items are still good, I lose small amount of health but no bleeding at all. I think its a little under-powered atm . Just my two cents.
  14. I'd rather throw rocks then pick up a scorpion, the rocks do more damage.
  15. Be nice if brakes worked. Right now its basically yolo when you get in a vehicle. Still.