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  1. My experiences so far being shot with scorpions is this: [worn/pristine jacket+vest] someone runs up on me with scorpion, lights me up, I shoot 1 sks round, they fall dead/unconscious . Generally my vest is ruined, but items are still good, I lose small amount of health but no bleeding at all. I think its a little under-powered atm . Just my two cents.
  2. I'd rather throw rocks then pick up a scorpion, the rocks do more damage.
  3. Be nice if brakes worked. Right now its basically yolo when you get in a vehicle. Still.
  4. :D
  5. Anything new this week? Spent the weekend seeing live music. Chon is a fun band to see live. Can we tan stuffs soon again?
  6. Developers wanna make use of every cycle they can, so the sky and things people don't/won't pay attention to all the time get a little less attention than everything else. Maybe once more optimization is done.
  7. There will be plenty of mods for carebears, plenty of vanilla for purists. Don't worry about the stamina system because someone will just mod it to suit them. Along with 10k vehicles, a bike in your backpack, and everything esle to make your life easier. In a game that is supposed to be hard. To each their own.
  8. A sound engineer's work is never really finished. Always something to tweak.
  9. Other than the odd framedrop i get here and there that requires a relog everything runs pretty good. Vehicles are still goofy but that is expected. Not a bad experience at all.
  10. Was a arma mod. Dayz has an entirely new game engine from arma2 and arma3. New arma titles will be using it in the future. Hence the long delays in the dev cycle. They have stated several times recently that they are excited that they are "actually making a game now" . Basically just got rid of the olde tech and made new, better tech.
  11. Driving in the woods now is extremely dangerous for vehicles. If maybe the truck and Lada were able to travel in the forest and the sedan and bus were more relegated to the road that would be fairly realistic. Trying to hide a vehicle in the woods now with so many things littering the floor makes it about impossible. I kind of like it.
  12. Graphics changes look wonderful, though I've barely had a chance to see the West due to mongoloids not being able to use their words and wipes.
  13. 2gb or less
  14. I'm curious about the fps change also (if any). Most people should do fine I think with average PCs.
  15. @Baty Alquawen, might as well close this thread, nothing of value here.