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  1. Most mods in Arma 3 are extremely janky. Every mod I've ever played you float, you drive a car across the bridge and it blows up or you sneeze next to a house and it blows up. I spent more time in Altis life floating around unable to move instead of actually playing the mod. I have a feeling the mods need to be executed much better to avoid all the annoying stuff. It's cool to make a new game type but if it's constantly breaking it's not fun. If the tools are very robust and it gets rid of all the annoying stuff I'll be interested.
  2. Pretty much everyone has heard of Dayz and probably owns it for PC now. The full price will be mostly for console players. I doubt they're going to get a huge rush of new players for PC when it is finally finished.
  3. Unless something drastically changes on the back end modding is just going to slow the server down if regular Joes get a hold of it and add 10 billion scripts to it. Ultimately modding just ends up with a janky product. It always gets taken to the extreme and that makes server performance take a shit. Take Arma 3 and the constant floating and exploding that goes on non-stop after things get heavily modded. I think there will be some interesting mods but only a few. The rest will be your normal Epoch easy mode BS.
  4. Soom (tm)
  5. Eye zoom has been discussed Ad nauseam in other threads. The player controller looks nice can't wait to try vaulting and jumping over stuff and generally trying to break animation system. I have five hundred some odd pictures from the past years of DayZ standalone of nothing but Goofy glitches and wonkiness :D I can't wait for more.
  6. Why don't yall fuck and get over it. Basically jacked this guys thread to stroke your egos.
  7. I feel you there, it irritates me that there is such a broad spectrum of performance across similar PCs.
  8. You're the one also who ultimately convinced me to use Vsync also. I'm probably getting more than 60 fps, I just never turn vsync off anymore.
  9. The highest setting. I run everything maxed at 1080p. 16gb of fast ram and a ssd etc etc. Before the new render I stayed in the 30s to 40s. After that patch I stay at 60fps.
  10. I wish I could help, but I'm one of the few that have had zero issues since new renderer came out. My rig is almost exactly the same as your old one, and I only have issues when i stop in at hoarder bases. I have a 60hz monitor and use vsync and I stay at 60 fps at 1080p no matter where I go. Except places that @emuthreat frequents. That is a different story entirely.
  11. Use the site, it keeps track of all the sales also. If you wanted to jump in TeamSpeak at some point and chat about computer stuff I'm sure I can and some of the other peeps would be willing to chew the fat with you.
  12. Me personally i am welcoming the mods. The only reason Arma 3 has a player base still is because of mods like ARMA life. Bohemia has been always about letting the player control what is going on. Yes they will be Base building and fun things to do, but is up to the player to determine what is endgame. Raiding bases, making friends, starting a shop and selling ammo etc etc etc
  13. Another thing on the pcpartpicker site is that you can see other people's builds that have used the same Parts as you are interested in. That way you can go and see what other people are doing with similar Tech.
  14. $500 is not gonna get you VR in any capacity :/ I bought parts for my current PC over the course of 2 months and then built it (I'm not a poor man, but not a rich one either). is helpful in planning etc.
  15. Performance-wise I do good and I have an average rig, I keep everything maxed out and I get 60 frames locked because vsync. I've always thought to myself as far as Arma goes that the zoom was just away to simulate the human eye focusing on something in the distance intensely. Part of me wants to keep it because of its ties to Arma, but if they want this to be different they have all the reasons and right to do it that way. As far as the fog goes back in the day all games had fog and it looked like shit because graphics cards couldn't do enough. To make the fog look believable it takes a fair amount of GPU Cycles. It is graphic intensive work.