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  1. "You Are Killing A Fresh Spawn!"

    Embarrassing is correct.
  2. Status Report 3 July 2018

    Guessing no SR today. Par for the course.
  3. Where is the DayZ population?

    No animals were in any stress builds for .63
  4. Where is the DayZ population?

    The gamma trick is still a thing. I can alt-tab out and then back in and adjust the brightness slider to be able to see in pitch black. I don't use it because i'm a fan of flashlights/ headlamps etc. but it is still not 100% fixed yet. The player base is coming back with every patch, slowly but surely. Even just to check it out and then go back to fork knife to dance the night away. A fair amount of people are on A3 dayz or exile mod variants right now. They will also return because of how janky those mods play, but for now they are waaaaaay more feature complete.
  5. Prolonged maintenance

    Had the BSoD last night, rebooted only to find steam not recognize my dayz files. Had to delete and reinstall, which will be an issue for people who have limited data on their plan (not me but still). Pretty annoying.
  6. Chernaus Facelift (Chernarus 2020)

    Have faith in the modders, they will have what you want.
  7. And yet another Bug with this broken game...

    Go play fork knife and dance, son. We don't fucking care.
  8. Stress-Test forever?

    I haven't bought a "finished" game in damn near 20 years. I can't even remember buying a game that wasn't updated the second I put the disc into my system. You can thank the advent of the internet for that one. So no whining about it. ALL games get shipped unfinished these days technically speaking.
  9. Stress-Test forever?

    Omg new guy joins 44 mins ago and is salty as my sweaty ass. Fork knife is out. Go dance.
  10. Exp Update 0.63.147407

    Wow, new guys come in and make a bunch of dumb claims. Who would have saw that coming?
  11. Exp Update 0.63.147368

    I agree with the view distance, I hope they don't cater to the console crowd with their weak systems. I spent money specifically so I can have nice shiny games not some kind of ghetto console port on PC.