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  1. Dwindling player base already

    Yeah, its a weird little expermient they got going here. They do pretty good considering the resources the team has though.
  2. Dwindling player base already

    It's as though DayZ creates the same emotions in players regardless of platform, I was wondering how it would take for the Xbox folks to start the 'ERMAGERD DAYZ IS DYING!!11!" threads. What a a wonderful little sociological event.
  3. Thrill is Gone

    They should really advertise the time travel capabilities of the Xbox One. Since DayZ has been released its like I'm in 2012
  4. It's Been 6 Years

    Everybody has had a chance to get out all their Salt. Soma body a locka dis toxic pile.
  5. It's Been 6 Years

    His voice is just as important as anyone else's. He has a right to say this. To say this is all fine and normal is just being a fanboy. I'm forgiving with the time frame and failure to deliver on promises because i know they are working hard and will get it done. But thats a personal reflection on events. Hes intitled to be bummed out.

    inb4 screaming purists
  7. how to make zombies harder

    Its a work in progress.
  8. Server hopping

    Just randomize a players location with in 1.5km of where they logged out if relogging within X amount of time.
  9. PVE Server. Disable PVP Damage

    just whitelist your server, ban people who disobey the rules
  10. Any BEC geniuses out there that can help

  11. Any BEC geniuses out there that can help

    no Scheduler = Scheduler.xml is correct
  12. Any BEC geniuses out there that can help

    Redo in the following format. Your method has been depreciated. <?xml version="1.0"?> <Scheduler> <job id="N"> <day></day> <start></start> <runtime></runtime> <loop></loop> <cmd></cmd> </job> </Scheduler>
  13. Any BEC geniuses out there that can help

    Confirm your configs and xml's are in the correct location.
  14. Server Hopping, Spawn Delay Fix?

    would never work
  15. Server Hopping, Spawn Delay Fix?

    No there is, but its not long enough to make any kind of a difference. Server hopping is the consiquence of having a hive system. It has its advantages and its disadvantages. I personally felt when switching servers more frequently than 1 hour you should be moved 1 km fromyour current positon.