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  1. Big Mike, that you?
  2. Ultrawide Screenshots

    Its an LG 29UM65-P (i think) its a 21:9 1080p. most people are going 1440 these days but I'm unconvinced !
  3. Ultrawide Screenshots

    Had a fun time taking screenies.
  4. Everyone is grasping it. Assets have been widely reused. To claim otherwise while still claiming to be familiar with the game renders you nothing but a troll. So good day indeed.
  5. "Game assets include everything that can go into a game, including 3D models, sprites, sound effects, music, code snippets and modules, and even complete projects that can be used by a game"
  6. I suppose I could type out a list of the 100's of reused assets or just I could just stare at you blankly in confusion. o.o
  7. When will gameplay be introduced?

    Have a great evening Guy. Im out
  8. When will gameplay be introduced?

    They used to discipline trolls here.
  9. When will gameplay be introduced?

    Nope, I mean the part that I said. Not the part where it becomes PUBG. I own PUBG. I dont own DayZ with boarded up winders.
  10. When will gameplay be introduced?

    Modders are going to isntantly throw together a mod to board up houses and apartment complexes, you will be able to live inside a house safley while the zombie menace ravages the world outside. I will live in one of these houses, eat people and read moby dick.
  11. broken binoculars

    I like this
  12. Is Bohemia a good home for DayZ devs ?

    I suggest instead of being locked into "Arma" type legacy issues, they perhaps go work for that stuido that made Take on Helicopters and Take on Mars.
  13. Yo dawg, Rocket had a great idea but was in no way shape or form capable of turning that idea into a finished game. Dude had everybody making payday masks because he happened to be playing payday at the time, next he was playing Project Zomboid trying to figure out how to make Dayz exactly like that. The guy spun his wheels for the majority of the time he was at the helm and it wasn't until Hicks took over that it started to develop. You are capitol "C" confused when it comes to where the game was, is and is going if you think Dean "I'm a grenade!" Hall would be doing anything other than trying to crowbar in dinosaurs right now. Secondly: I'm super glad you've blossomed into a man and all that but maybe using an early access zombie game as your high water mark of life is, perhaps, you starting at the little ball instead of the big one. Thirdly: The games been trash for a great period during which you have been playing it. Not sure why now, when its starting to finally take shape, you would bail (unless of course it has something to do with you GROWING UP and your interests changing). The games fun now, I think you are just having a moment and should come back in February. *HUGS*