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  1. This freaks me out.
  2. Change log is epic. Thanks for this.
  3. Is there a particular reason? ie playablilty, upcoming content etc.
  4. Gentlmen, Is it time to start playing again? Havent played in over a year when me and Pacifist roasted a few apples in Gorka. Should I wait or jump back in?
  5. dont make so many topics, its frowned upon, clutters up the boards
  6. o.o

    1. Baker.


      hey pudge, long time no talk

  7. Orlok is coming.....
  8. Lol. You sir, will not be fed.
  9. NO! Dont!
  10. Yep, First Lemmy now Bowie, bullshit couple of weeks if you ask me.
  11. fun

    Banned for not kicking it in the guts Trev
  12. Turn down object detail to low, and shadows to low, turn off AA and PP. Texture detail medium. The rest on medium.
  13. should play pretty good. cpu is strong, graphics are passible