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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/app/221100/discussions/0/648814842704892367/
  2. Keep up the good work folks.
  3. I was here before you and ill be here after. I disagree good day sir
  4. No man. I call you guys "alpha screamers". Anytime anyone said anything that wasn't bootlicking the devs or the development process or the game you guys would jump in screaming "ALPHAR!!!! ITS ALPHAR!!!!" OR verbatim "Alpha: Feature planning and building the tech which supports those features Beta: Refining those features into polished gameplay.!!!!!!" and 80% of the forums used to be criticism followed by alpha screaming. C+AS=DF Its why i left to be honest. There was some fair debate in the middle but for the most part is was just two different ends of the rage spectrum both equally stupid.
  5. Hot damn its been a while since I've seen an alpha screamer post. In the old days these were every second reply to criticism.

    The map is astoundingly gorgeous. The scale is just plain unparalleled. I marvel at it every time i play, I'll stop and just stare at shit in amazement.

    The dev's come on here and all they read is 100% pure vitriol from us sour players tapping our fingers waiting for the game. I propose we all jump in and say some positive things about the game. Thread rules: 1. Only Compliment the game, devs or the work they are doing. 2. See rule #1
  8. You forget the early access was to get in on the ground floor before all the copycats came out and saturated the market. "Quick cash in , then develop as planned", which mind you is far better than "quick cash in and bail"
  9. Buddha Simulator 2018
  10. Would steam issue me a refund?

    This game is 100% worth what you paid for it. I suspect you want a refund for lost hopes and dreams.
  11. The same boiling water that softens the carrot also hardens the egg. Work twice as hard, produce the game we have all been waiting for and show us all how wrong we are. Shove it right in our stupid faces.
  12. Been playing Miscreated lately. Its given me a bit of appreciation for the different development styles these two teams have. Dayz has added an extreme level of polish on some of the base mechanics and the world. Whereas Miscreated is adding functionality at a rapid pace with the promise of ironing out the bugs later. I cant decide which I like better. But its an interesting thing where DayZ shines Miscreated falls flat and vice versa.
  13. Map Boarders

  14. Map Boarders

    I support the natural barriers