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5 months till the new update? Realy?

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On 13/02/2018 at 7:44 PM, Irish. said:

1. We are all adults here right? (yes)

2. Do we really need to ask a ton of questions? (no)

3. Shouldn't we all just be patient, and let the team do their work? (yes)


Much as I appreciate your valiant defence of the dev team, I believe that your 'stricly no questions asked about the development because it's childish and self-entitled' policy may go a tad too far. ;) Still, 9/10 for good intentions.

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5 hours ago, Kirov (DayZ) said:

the interim status of almost all solutions

Important point, yes - that's why it's often also hard to get a clear answer from the design team. This will remain true even during 0.63 Experimental, literally even today, there was a somewhat heated debate in the design team about the damage values given by various guns (or ammo types) for example. There will still be a lot to do to make DayZ a game, not a game in development. But that's the fun part, and I think everybody is looking forward to all that balancing and tweaking (as opposed to waiting on a new piece of tech being written, and redoing things that were already sort of good, but broken by these tech changes).

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