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  1. How To Win Playerbase Back

    When discussing the topic of "player base" I guess there are basically two ways of looking at it: 1. The raw overall numbers of online players of any game. 2. The "sustainable" or necessary number of players needed for a satisfactory online gaming experience. Personally I would prefer to discuss about what is a "sustainable player base" for DayZ rather than simply comparing numerical figures with other more popular FPS and/or survival games. I think it's fair to say that, presently the official Steam chart for DayZ's player count is low, whether it is sustainable or not in the long run is yet to bee seen. Don't really think that a huge amount of old players will come back or that a massive number of fresh recruits will suddenly populate the servers. Unless of course, the future console version of DayZ is a total success. and creates renewed interest for this game also on the PC. Regards
  2. How To Win Playerbase Back

    In spite of its great success at release, time has proven that DayZ was probably never meant to be a game for the masses. The developers made it clear from the start that this was going to be a hard core survival game and have slowly but surely followed the outlined path. This fact alone was inevitably going to appeal to a limited audience and make DayZ a niche game for a niche community of players. Obviously, other factors have taken their toll on the player count, but I believe the main reason was/is simply what stated above. I hold no contempt for those players who might have preferred and/or expected a more action oriented game (PUBG is the simple and obvious example although a completely different category), they just left when realizing DayZ was not living up to their (wrongful) expectations. The people who still stick around are the truly dedicated and passionate players, but to expect a massive influx of new and former players when 0.63 is released or when the game will finally be finished, is a somewhat naive belief bordering on wishful thinking. Paradoxically (especially for a game that was originally developed only for the PC), a successful release on Xbox and PS4 would create a snowball effect creating renewed interest also on the PC and thus potentially adding new players and a larger player base. If this will happen remains to be seen. Personally, I'm skeptical about console players flocking to DayZ when PUBG will also be available to them. The more "casual" gaming nature of console players is undeniable (no offence intended). So let us put our minds to rest and accept that DayZ will only be for a few of us. Regards
  3. The theory of everything

    With all due respect, but some people clearly take an over intellectualized approach to DayZ. We are after all playing a video game, not a survival simulator for National Guard officers or CIA special OPS teams to realistically train in a post apocalypse civilian scenario. Nor should this game become a Ph.D dissertation in sociology or psychology for a few players who wish to recreate in their mind what is not, and never will be, a real life situation on a screen monitor. There is an underlying patronizing attitude in the idea that there is a right and wrong way to play DayZ. That players should be "forced" by the game itself to play in a certain way, or obliged to follow the unwritten dogmas that some players promote to be the only "true" manner in which to enjoy DayZ, is completely unacceptable! The kid coming from COD, the KOS only player or the asocial lone wolf sniper have the same right to play and enjoy the game in any way that they see fit on par with crop breeders, socially minded super interactive persons, ethical bandits and the "I-forgot-this-is-only-a-videogame types". The concept of trying to "weed out" some player types according to your own play style and behavioral preferences is just the opposite of what a videogame should be. I play DayZ for my personal enjoyment, not to please or conform to somebody else's play style, ethical, or philosophical "standards". If this is a problem for somebody too bad. DayZ is not and should not be like a game of chess with fixed and unchangeable rules to obey.
  4. DayZ FB hate

    DayZ and the developers are not exactly riding on a wave of success lately and the numbers prove it. Don't really think that the much awaited final version of this game will result in something dramatically and astoundingly better than what he have now. The "desert wandering will not lead to the promised land" I'm afraid. All that work, time and effort just to have a few thousand players. Maybe they should start putting more effort and hope in the console versions, as it is their only chance of (maybe), recapturing new players and a long lost success.
  5. State of the Game?

    Long story short........in the year of our Lord 2017 we are still waiting for this game to be "finished" (whatever and whenever). A truly never ending story which is beginning to be somewhat tiresome even for the most patient souls. Yes, yes, I know.......... "the devs are working on it".
  6. State of the Game?

    Steam charts of today: "Farming Simulator 17" on 66th place (http://steamcharts.com/top/p.3) "DayZ" on 87th place (http://steamcharts.com/top/p.4) If you really want some action and enjoy breading crops, Farming Simulator 17 is the natural choice.
  7. State of the Game?

    JEX, you are a one man army!!

    Considering the official and dwindling numbers (http://steamcharts.com/app/221100), the DayZ player base has been reduced to a small aggregation of extremely devoted fans. Gone are the days (and numbers) of success and excitement of 2013 and 2014. The console version (XB1/PS4), is basically BI's last chance to breath some life (and players), back into this game. If successful, it might even get some PC people back to DayZ. Unfortunately, the more "casual" nature of most console gamers is hardly compatible with the "survival simulator" direction DayZ has taken. With Playerunknown's Battlegrounds also coming to the consoles this fall, I think DayZ will have a hard time competing with it. Yes, two different types of game, but which one do you think will appeal more to the console crowd? Time will tell,but the odds are unfavorable.
  9. State of the Game?

    Do you think it is possible to balance a more "hard core survival" game with the more action oriented Escape from Tarkov and PlayerUnknown's Battleground style of games? It seems to me that many DayZ players were/are more interested in the PvP aspect rather than the "survive in the wild nature" challenge. I fear that these two schools of thought in how to play the game are partially in conflict with each other. Personally, I enjoy more the tension and excitement of trying to survive from getting killed by other players rather than having to worry about eating, drinking, fishing or curing some disease. Too much time is used just hiking around to gather resources, weapons and ammo.
  10. State of the Game?

    You've got my vote! Highly recommended, give it a try you won't regret it.
  11. State of the Game?

    This game needs: - more weapons and less hiking - more action and less talking - more firefights and less boy scouting
  12. State of the Game?

    Not to mention all those great suggestions about growing apples, farming your own vegetables, fishing tips, cooking and camping advice. All we need now is DayZ being listed as the official game of the Boy Scouts of America.
  13. State of the Game?

    They all fiddle as DayZ burns
  14. State of the Game?

    The tragic aspect of this whole situation is that regardless of what the developers do or don't do, by the time this game is officially "finished" only a few thousands people will be still playing it. More or less what the official player count is today. A great comeback of players and a resurge of DayZ is not going to happen. After more than 4 years of development, a huge and promising success at release and an innovative game concept, to end up like this is truly saddening.
  15. State of the Game?

    .......as the developers fiddle Rome burns. Powerful barbarian armies - PUBG and Escape from Tarkov - are marching against the feeble playercount legions of DayZ. It's time to wake up BI!