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  1. My issues with the Game - Feedback

    With all due respect for the "dedicated and passionate" DayZ survivalist players who care about this game, but there is no denying that the player count tells a sorry tale (official Steam chart). http://steamcharts.com/app/221100 With just a few thousands individuals regularly playing on a daily basis, DayZ has clearly become a niche game for a small tight knit community. This is what the "hard-core" people always wanted and this is what Bohemia is delivering (or at least trying to). It's all part of that "flight simulator" realism that many long for in a "true" survival game. The fact that this probably alienated many former and potentially new players, is totally irrelevant. So once again, by looking at the player count, you realize that this is a take-it-or-leave-it deal. Join the club and accept the rules or go play something else (no offense). Regards
  2. The more time that passes the more this "issue" is becoming a question of "faith" in the developers rather than a somewhat prolonged timetable following a windy road. In any case, we all want to reach the promised land with Hicks and his disciples developers but time has sown some nagging doubts that are beginning to raise a question - not the final destination and development conclusion of the game - but whether it will have been worth it after all. Will DayZ eventually become that unmistakably exceptional, hard core survival, breathtaking game that so many have been waiting for or, will the end result be a giant anticlimax? Time will tell. Regards
  3. Overweight? Longer life. Maybe?

    That's one hell of a laundry list!
  4. Totally agree with you. BUT, if the console version is to (potentially), revamp interest for the DAyZ PC side they'll need more than just a handful of Xbox players. Why waste time, money and resources just to start another niche community? A large(er) player base is always better in the long run even for the die-hard survivalists. Regards
  5. Don't know if this journey towards DayZ's final version will have a happy or sad/disappointing ending for PC players. Let's just hope that future console players will have a less time consuming and a less problematic path to fully enjoy DayZ. After all, a successful console release can potentially also benefit the PC side and create renewed interest in this game (something I think is badly needed). A worse case scenario with a few thousands players PC and a few thousands on console could hardly be considered a brilliant success after years of game development. To the developers; please bear in mind the more "casual nature" of console players (no offense meant). Most likely less patient and dedicated than your average DayZ PC player. Would advise against an excessive "survival simulator" console gameplay simply emulating what is intended for a niche PC "audience". Somehow skeptical that this would attract and keep console players in their millions. Regards
  6. Hmm, taking a cynically realistic attitude to this BETA report I would say well, nothing new under the sun. "The game will be ready when it will be ready" is the basic message. "To make you swallow the bitter pill of frustration many of you have been taking for a while now on a regular basis, here are our great implementation plans for a brighter future!" The paradox is that this ongoing situation creates two seemingly contradictory states of mind for some players. One the one hand more tiresome frustration, on the other hand the so-much-long-awaited final development of DayZ becomes even more loaded with high expectations. Will DayZ eventually become that exceptional, extraordinary, super engaging survival game many are waiting for? Will it live up to years of hopes and patience? I'm not so sure I still want to give the developers the benefit of the doubt. Better to be pleasantly surprised than bitterly disappointed! In any case, common sense would dictate to wait in making a final judgement, but a very prudent perspective is nevertheless definitively needed. Regards
  7. Zombies

    Personally, have no major issues with DayZ. In any case, there seems to be a number of players posting on this forum who clearly find their gaming experience unsatisfactory for a broad range of reasons (sometimes understandable other times less so). 4 years have passed by since the early access alpha release of this game. At this point in time the take-it-or-leave-it advice is just a question making a simple personal choice. Play if you enjoy, quit if you don't, whatever your motives might be (gameplay, development time, bugs, game mechanics, too much PvP, too much KOS, etc, etc.). DayZ does indeed offer the possibility for many different play styles. Obviously it cannot equally please the run-and-gun Rambo, the KOS psychopath and the survival fetishist but that should be rather self evident at this stage of the game. So, stay with DayZ if you feel that in spite of all the game still appeals to you, or leave for greener pastures. Regards
  8. Zombies

    Although the criticism regarding what some players perceive to be an excessively long development time and/or game mechanic inadequacies cannot be completely dismissed, DayZ is today - from a gamer point of view - basically in a "take-it-or-leave-it" stage. The old timers, die-hard and passionately dedicated players who are still involved with DayZ will continue to play and patiently wait for the game to reach its much longed for "final delivery" stage. For the people who are tired, frustrated and disappointed (with varying degrees of justification for their dissatisfaction), you have all the reasons in the world to call it quits.Why would you continue to play a game you consider not fun, frustrating, unfinished and long time overdue in its development? You might think that 30$ have been wasted but let's be honest, you haven't purchased a defective gold Rolex which cannot be returned and refunded! So, if you belong to the group of the seriously unsatisfied, well simply move on and play something you feel is worthwhile your time. Maybe come back later, the door is always open in the DayZ world. Regards
  9. How To Win Playerbase Back

    When discussing the topic of "player base" I guess there are basically two ways of looking at it: 1. The raw overall numbers of online players of any game. 2. The "sustainable" or necessary number of players needed for a satisfactory online gaming experience. Personally I would prefer to discuss about what is a "sustainable player base" for DayZ rather than simply comparing numerical figures with other more popular FPS and/or survival games. I think it's fair to say that, presently the official Steam chart for DayZ's player count is low, whether it is sustainable or not in the long run is yet to bee seen. Don't really think that a huge amount of old players will come back or that a massive number of fresh recruits will suddenly populate the servers. Unless of course, the future console version of DayZ is a total success. and creates renewed interest for this game also on the PC. Regards
  10. How To Win Playerbase Back

    In spite of its great success at release, time has proven that DayZ was probably never meant to be a game for the masses. The developers made it clear from the start that this was going to be a hard core survival game and have slowly but surely followed the outlined path. This fact alone was inevitably going to appeal to a limited audience and make DayZ a niche game for a niche community of players. Obviously, other factors have taken their toll on the player count, but I believe the main reason was/is simply what stated above. I hold no contempt for those players who might have preferred and/or expected a more action oriented game (PUBG is the simple and obvious example although a completely different category), they just left when realizing DayZ was not living up to their (wrongful) expectations. The people who still stick around are the truly dedicated and passionate players, but to expect a massive influx of new and former players when 0.63 is released or when the game will finally be finished, is a somewhat naive belief bordering on wishful thinking. Paradoxically (especially for a game that was originally developed only for the PC), a successful release on Xbox and PS4 would create a snowball effect creating renewed interest also on the PC and thus potentially adding new players and a larger player base. If this will happen remains to be seen. Personally, I'm skeptical about console players flocking to DayZ when PUBG will also be available to them. The more "casual" gaming nature of console players is undeniable (no offence intended). So let us put our minds to rest and accept that DayZ will only be for a few of us. Regards
  11. The theory of everything

    With all due respect, but some people clearly take an over intellectualized approach to DayZ. We are after all playing a video game, not a survival simulator for National Guard officers or CIA special OPS teams to realistically train in a post apocalypse civilian scenario. Nor should this game become a Ph.D dissertation in sociology or psychology for a few players who wish to recreate in their mind what is not, and never will be, a real life situation on a screen monitor. There is an underlying patronizing attitude in the idea that there is a right and wrong way to play DayZ. That players should be "forced" by the game itself to play in a certain way, or obliged to follow the unwritten dogmas that some players promote to be the only "true" manner in which to enjoy DayZ, is completely unacceptable! The kid coming from COD, the KOS only player or the asocial lone wolf sniper have the same right to play and enjoy the game in any way that they see fit on par with crop breeders, socially minded super interactive persons, ethical bandits and the "I-forgot-this-is-only-a-videogame types". The concept of trying to "weed out" some player types according to your own play style and behavioral preferences is just the opposite of what a videogame should be. I play DayZ for my personal enjoyment, not to please or conform to somebody else's play style, ethical, or philosophical "standards". If this is a problem for somebody too bad. DayZ is not and should not be like a game of chess with fixed and unchangeable rules to obey.
  12. DayZ FB hate

    DayZ and the developers are not exactly riding on a wave of success lately and the numbers prove it. Don't really think that the much awaited final version of this game will result in something dramatically and astoundingly better than what he have now. The "desert wandering will not lead to the promised land" I'm afraid. All that work, time and effort just to have a few thousand players. Maybe they should start putting more effort and hope in the console versions, as it is their only chance of (maybe), recapturing new players and a long lost success.
  13. State of the Game?

    Long story short........in the year of our Lord 2017 we are still waiting for this game to be "finished" (whatever and whenever). A truly never ending story which is beginning to be somewhat tiresome even for the most patient souls. Yes, yes, I know.......... "the devs are working on it".
  14. State of the Game?

    Steam charts of today: "Farming Simulator 17" on 66th place (http://steamcharts.com/top/p.3) "DayZ" on 87th place (http://steamcharts.com/top/p.4) If you really want some action and enjoy breading crops, Farming Simulator 17 is the natural choice.
  15. State of the Game?

    JEX, you are a one man army!!