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  1. The fundamental assumption that KOS is a problem is - I think - often based on a false premise. If KOS is considered by some to be a negative and/or disruptive behavior, then its positive counterpart must necessarily be a non hostile and/or socially friendly conduct (interact first, shoot later). This reasoning then automatically leads to the notion that, there is a proper and/or correct way to behave whilst playing DayZ (positive), VS an unacceptable and/or undesirable manner (negative). This goes against the whole basic idea of what video gaming is about. DayZ can be played in a team spirited and socially interactive way but this a personal choice and NOT the "unofficial--rule-book-way" to adhere to if you want to play with others. What makes the DayZ game concept so unique is an open world full of anarchy, uncertainty, cold blooded murderers and socially minded characters which all co-exist until the next bullet. What you choose to be and how to behave in this context must always and ultimately be your personal decision (no strings attached). Regards
  2. "90% of players are unimaginative simpletons" This sounds very similar to the famous phrase "basket of deplorables" delivered by Hilary Clinton during a 2016 presidential election campaign speech. Far from my intention to comment on the veracity of this statement, but I do remember it caused a tremendous backlash. Better to use irony than insults! Regards
  3. What could be more "immersive" than befriending a female character in DayZ and making her pregnant?! If we want a survivor simulator world than let's simulate all the way (survivors get lonely too). Not to mention the benefits of increasing the game population to offset the rather low current player count. Omnia vincit amor (Virgil). Regarding the KOS controversy, I guess some people take this game just a little bit too seriously and want to "impose" a kind of code of conduct on the rest of us. "It's OK to do this but don't do that." Apparently, in spite of all the efforts by some to demonize and condemn KOS play style, it seems to be still very popular after all these years. "Yes, it's those pesky COD kids who ruin everything for us country gentlemen survivors. Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth." Not having been able to stem the (KOS), tide their last hope is a massive game play intervention by the devs to discourage, limit and punish anything KOS related. Whatever..... Regards
  4. The KoS debate has been going on for a long time and, frankly speaking, has become rather stale and boring. If you really want to do away with the so-called "KoS problem" there is a simple and fool proof way; eliminate all weapons from DayZ and turn the game into a post-apocalyptic farming/hunter simulator where the main scope and objective of the game is for the survivors to group together and form small communities. To survive they would need to engage in some serious farming, craft tools and simple machines, breed animals, hunt and defend themselves from hoards of infected (stones and stick the only weapons allowed). Plenty of time to sit around campfires and socialize without fear of getting killed by callous and asocial murderers. To add further "immersion" to the game, female characters would have the possibility of getting pregnant and give birth so as to create a new generation of survivors (details and game mechanics for this option to be discussed with the devs). Blood shedding would be reduced to a minimum through ritual warfare among different and hostile communities (more or less a lot of shouting and screaming between two groups confronting each other with a few spears and stones thrown). KoS problem solved and great possibilities for the hardcore survivalist who yearn for some more involving human interaction and soft skills specializations. We'll need carpenters, hunters, doctors, competent farmers and many more professions to your heart's content! There is, and never was, a right or a wrong way to play DayZ in spite of what some forum commentators assert, complain about and want to impose as a "standard" Regards
  5. Soft Skills

    My dear friend Kirov, long time no see, how are you doing? It's always a pleasure meeting you on the forum to share our diametrically opposed opinions about DayZ and the infinitive ways this game can be played, enjoyed and disagreed upon. Rather disheartening to read that some sensitive souls should find my comments "truly obnoxious", but I guess that not falling in line with the orthodox and dogmatic creed of the diehard survivalists must necessarily be considered a form of heresy and hence "obnoxious". Rest assured that my opinions have neither the intention nor the influence to "derail" your very serious PVE oriented gatherings. As for my posts closing regards, what can I say? I'm surely much older than you and prefer a friendly but formal tone. In any case, let's get back to the discussion on how the devs should implement soft skills, if at all. Regards
  6. Soft Skills

    Regardless of my opinion, the devs are caught between a stone and a hard place in deciding how to implement your beloved "soft skills". It's either have them make a real difference or have them to be basically useless. (Maybe the latter choice suits you fine just to kill some time while playing DayZ?) If you have a "Columbus egg" solution to suggest, please contact the devs immediately. Best of luck and take good care of yourself out in the wilderness. Regards
  7. Soft Skills

    On the one hand, the devs don't want any soft skills that could give some players an edge over others who might not care about specific manual dexterities, or who just haven't had the time to max them out fully. On the other hand they need to offer a consolation prize to the soft skill aficionados who yearn for some extra activities to mess around with. The perfect compromise seems to be some rather harmless, borderline useless competences that are neither fish nor fowl. Who really needs soft skills like these? Make them count or drop them all together. Regards
  8. Soft Skills

    Totally agree with you. No soft skill credits for the categories of; "player empathy", "time used for interacting with others", "limited KOS", "food sharing", "bird and nature watching", "night sky orientation", etc. etc.?? How disappointing! These soft skill features and they way it is being implemented, is clearly for all the survivor "fetishists" who just can't get enough of these time consuming and ultimately almost useless tasks just to fiddle around a bit more with their character while playing. Regards
  9. Yes, immediate respawn by a friend would not be acceptable, but I'm sure some kind of golden middle way between "teleporting" and a "marathon" is conceivable without altering significantly the game play. In view of the persistent low player count of DayZ I think the developers should take into account a few appropriate modifications which could encourage a greater numbers of players to join. This probably also includes making some changes the more orthodox wing of the DayZ players are against in favor of a broader player base. I reiterate my belief that DayZ should ultimately neither turn into the exasperating equivalent of a "flight simulator" nor become a slower paced version of PUBG. But a larger player base is absolutely necessary to ensure both a better gaming experience and a long lasting future for the game. Regards
  10. At times, DayZ's gameplay does indeed feel exceedingly slow and somewhat tedious especially during those "walking marathons" to reach particular areas or locating friends playing on the same server. Whether some actions are to be labelled as "challenging" or "tedious" is a matter open to many and varying interpretations depending on your play style. A hardcore survivor game doesn't necessarily have to mimic all the characteristics of a flight simulator to be "immersive", "challenging" or "realistic". After all, it's a video game not a Navy Seal training program. Regards
  11. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    Amongst the hype, the cynicism, the frustrations, the anxiety, the unquestionable certainties and doubts of many for .63 on PC, what a cruel irony it would be IF the forthcoming Xbox version turns out to be better (gameplay wise and technically). Can't wait to try and compare! Regards
  12. Probably the same as what you get from Bohemia. Regards
  13. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    Obviously the definition of niche game for a niche community depends on how much you subjectively interpret the numbers. Taking into consideration the initial success of DayZ with its very large player count compared to the present one, leaves no doubt that this game has lost a lot of players and sadly, most of them will not come back. I know that some people expect "miracles" from 0.63 and take almost for granted a massive return of players from then onward. Let's hope so, but I take nothing for given. The stream was interesting but 8 k viewers is not exactly a record breaking amount on YouTube. Consider also that probably half of those views came most likely from people who normally play DayZ already, so the "net gain" is rather modest. So the DayZ numbers, in the greater scheme of things regarding this game, are limited and I would still claim very niche. The existence of different "factions" on the forum and their often rabid statements cannot be simply swept away by saying that everyone has their own goal and play style, it goes much deeper than that. To me it's a sign of a split and factious community. In any case, time will tell. Let's patiently wait and see. Regards
  14. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    Well, at this stage nobody can deny that DayZ has become a niche game for a niche number of players (official player count numbers don't lie I'm afraid). But even within this relatively small community there are different "factions" of players who usually don't agree on much. This fragmentation of views and opinions is clearly noticeable in the forum almost on a daily basis. One would think that after the mass exodus of players over the course of time, the ones still playing after more than 4 years of early access would be a tight knit, uniform and cohesive group of individuals with common objectives, but this is not the case. Why not? Maybe the answer lies in the fact that this game has lost that broad appeal it originally had. Too particular, catering too much to a limited audience and getting lost in the pursue of an ever increasing and never ending search for more "realism" (which sometimes leads to heated debates about minor features elevated to a question of life and death for some). There seems to be almost a race among some players, to prove their superior and often patronizing attitude on the "right or wrong" way to play DayZ. The game should punish and/or reward this type of play style, it's ok to do this but you're and idiot if you do that. I have previously compared this behavior to a religious fervor and a kind of "game dogmatism" which leads nowhere. Only by regaining that initial excitement and increasing the player base substantially, can DayZ once again become a great game.
  15. If you speak from a grammatical point of view "pleasantly surprised" is perfectly correct. If you refer to your personal opinion of the stream no problem. Regards