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  1. Downloaded the game on the 29th of August. Have been able to play no more than 3 times, as I still get "stuck" in the server browser and cannot join any game. Have followed the suggested advice (hard reset, clear mac address, updates, etc.), to no avail. Don't really have the time nor the interest in spending spending 20-30-40 minutes or more continuously trying to connect to multiple servers in the hope of eventually getting in. Was used to the problems with the PC version but this is definitively an unacceptable issue. Patiently waiting for some news for a definite solution!
  2. Unable to join Servers

    Bought Dayz also for Xbox (PC player). Can deal with bugs and clitches and the usual Dayz problems, but not being able to join multiple servers after repeated attempts is completely unacceptable. 40 Euro just to look at the server browser screen????
  3. Passive Character Progression

    Character progression? Sounds a lot like the "soft skill" issue. Where, either the devs implement some borderline useless skills just for those who want to fiddle around with something or, if these skills are to make a real difference between players, they end up unbalancing the game. As clearly stated by Guy Smiley.
  4. Alarm, alarm! The DayZ dev team has been infiltrated by a PUBG undercover agent who is trying to make this game more popular for the masses. Heaven forbid. Please, quickly track him down and expel him immediately.
  5. The "Old British Gentlemen's Club" is simply a metaphor to describe some conservative and elitist forum commentators who believe their way of playing DayZ is the only and most genuine one. They seem to think that unless you play in accordance to their "unwritten rules and spirit" you are deviating from what they unconditionally believe to be the "true nature" of DayZ. Their criticism of what they regard to be "non-conforming" behavior and/or play style is sometimes blunt and sometimes veiled but the bottom line is always the same; they reject a live-and-let-live philosophy. Play in any want you desire because this is a video game and not a chess game with fixed rules to obey, is not acceptable not them. KOS is obviously a perfect example. Their basic message in regards is always the same. If you follow a KOS play style than there is something basically wrong in how you interpret the game. Either you are a teenage kid who thinks DayZ is COD or you are some poor ignorant soul who needs to be educated on all the wonderful and better alternatives to KOS DayZ offers. The notion that somebody in their right mind could purposely and willfully want to adopt a KOS attitude while playing DayZ is to them pure heresy. Having a wide range of choices in a game is always a positive element, but this does not automatically imply that one must be obliged to exploit them. There are many KOS players out there who are neither COD kids nor uninformed "simpletons". They KOS because they enjoy this way of playing (and are perfectly aware of the alternatives), and what is the basic idea of a video game if not to enjoy yourself according to your own desires (no questions asked). Unfortunately, this a never ending and rather tiresome debate. The let's-get-drunk, booze-to-party attitude is basically of Anglo-Saxon/ Scandinavian origin. Populations in the south of Europe, due to historical and social reasons, have always had a more mature and balanced relationship to alcohol. Americans, on the contrary, on many social issues tend to go to extremes. From the excessive and at times mind boggling politically correct, to outright bigotry and conservatism bordering on the reactionary in the political spectrum. A mature and responsible attitude to alcohol is the way to go. Neither irresponsible and pathetic binge drinking nor general and demonizing proclamations. The golden middle way is, this case, the best. Comparing KOS to the "socially accepted" American drinking culture is truly below the mark BioHaze. I know you can do better. Regards
  6. Yes you have boozers, brawlers, drink-to-forget-or-to-get-high types who hang out in sordid bars and pathetically disgrace themselves under the influence of alcohol AND you have wine and spirit connoisseurs who enjoy the fine nuances of what they are drinking and are very knowledgeable about their passion. Putting all alcohol drinkers in the same negative category seems a bit too unimaginative and just slightly crude. So putting all DayZ players who enjoy KOS in the same boat and sticking stereotype labels on them doesn't really get us anywhere.Who are you to judge why somebody kills-on-sight and why and how much they enjoy this play style? Unless of course, you believe your way of playing is the only right and God given way. Back to the old British Gentlemen's Club of the ones who know better. Regards
  7. I have some doubts about the real numbers of the so-called "KOS teenagers" which some claim to have "flooded" DayZ. A younger player, mainly interested in a fast paced kill-on-sight action gaming experience has much better alternatives available than DayZ. COD, PUBG, FORTNITE, DOOM, BATTLEFIELD and to some extent even Escape from Tarkov, all offer a superior adrenaline rush for the trigger happy aficionados. Geared, ready to go and with an available arsenal of weapons which makes DayZ look like a duck hunting game, there really is no comparison if KOS is your bread-and-butter. DayZ is simply too slow and "cumbersome" for the majority of these younger players. Too much of a nuisance having to re-gear every time you die and being forced to use whatever weapons and ammo you casually find. This probably means that people who predominately KOS in DayZ are not so young OR that they, in any case, simply prefer this play style over the let's-socialize-around-the-campfire-after-having-spent-the-whole-day-making-new-friends one. (No hard feelings my dear Kirov). People whom I have previously defined as belonging to an old "British Gentlemen's Club" within the DayZ community, simply cannot tolerate the idea that there are others who (once again for whatever reason), enjoy a KOS play style. They have their own "unwritten rules" on what DayZ really is and how it should really be played. A somewhat arrogant and self-righteous stance which I have often criticized and there is really nothing rhetoric about this critique. So old players or newcomers who do not fall in line with their anti-KOS dogma must be constantly "informed, guided, made aware of, scolded, educated, enlightened, deterred, and what have you, against the nefarious consequences of KOS which they believe should have little or no place in their view on how the DayZ experience should unfold. DayZ is special because it allows each single player to enjoy and experience a large number of play styles. KOS is just one of them (and a too popular one according to the critics). To what degree each player wants to KOS, socialize, play the lone wolf, the Good Samaritan, the hero, the bandit, the psychopath is and must be a personal choice unrestricted by game mechanics and/or ideological motivations. There are enough players who don't make KOS their primary choice to interact with if you wish, but complaining about it because it's "wrong, should be avoided, or is against some unwritten higher code of conduct" is fallacious. Regards
  8. It seems that we are constantly going back to square one when discussing the "KOS phenomenon" The reasons why many players adopt this game style are varied and individual and maybe, they really don't make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things. KOS is a reality in DayZ and has always been so from the beginning. For those of you who dislike, hate, feel uncomfortable with, consider it anti-social behavior, or for whatever reason have an issue with it, what do you suggest should be done?? As I mentioned earlier: either you accept KOS as a very common element of the DayZ game experience and live/deal/adapt with it OR you don't. If you don't, please put forward your suggestions. Because, if there is no practical and feasible "solution" to what some consider a nuisance and/or problem there is no point complaining about it in the first place is there? Regards P.S Don't have much faith in the idea of "educating and/or informing" KOS players about the so-called "alternatives". Most of them are aware of the other choices but evidently choose to purposely ignore them.
  9. Dear Kirov, I'm honored to receive all this attention from you and your fellow hard-core-super-dedicated cult group. No comedy on my side, since the DayZ forum (and the game), are too important to be left only to a small minority of self proclaimed worshipers who think that they really know what DayZ is all about and how it should be really played. There is that stale air and cigar filled atmosphere of an old British gentleman's club for members only (again), when reading some of your honorable member's posts. Heaven forbid if one disagrees or says something considered "inappropriate". Passions run high among club members and the club's reputation and traditions must prevail. But it's alright, I hold no grudge against the club. Who am I but a simple DayZ player unworthy of the attention you bestow upon me. I shall speak when I wish so, but to bow my head ask me not. Regards
  10. Well, you can't have it both ways I presume. Either you accept KOS as a very common element of the DayZ experience or you don't. (If you don't, you definitively have a big problem to face). If somehow (and very theoretically), one could eliminate KOS completely, KOS players would then feel that there wasn't a shred of understanding for their way of playing. So we are back at square 1 So are we to create some "artificial" limits or value judgements on how much KOS is acceptable and how much is not? The devs can only do so much to limit KOS. Ultimately it's each individual player's choice how to play DayZ, and this must remain a corner stone of ANY video game. Regards
  11. This coming from the so-called hard core, flight simulator, we can't get enough realism junkies?! Taking your own views and concepts to the extreme with a high dose of sarcasm is not ok?! You guys take yourself and DayZ just a little bit too seriously. No hard feelings I hope. Love to disagree with you. Regards
  12. Yea, whatever. There isn't a single person in this thread who fits this description Seems to me you are beating around the bush. The so called KOS controversy is not limited to this single post. It's put forward regularly as something some people think or perceive as a "problem" or an "anomaly" (no point in knitpicking over the definitions). My baseline argument is simply: play in whatever way you want, no questions asked. That shouldn't be too hard to understand.
  13. People who enjoy KOS (for whatever reasons), don't need to be "advised or informed" by other players that their not "experiencing the game's full potential" (which basically means): "you really aren't playing this game completely right". Says who? Besides the fact that, most KOS players are perfectly aware of the social interaction options that DayZ offers but, choose (once again for whatever reasons), to ignore them. So please spare me the veiled patronizing tone of "let me kindly inform you on how this game really works and let me tell you about the alternatives to KOS ". Thanks, but no thanks! The other category of anti KOS advocates are the "purists" who despise KOS play no matter what. They are obviously the dogmatic crowd who " have seen the light" and want to impose their "right" way of playing DayZ. Whoever disagrees with them is treated as an heretic. Personally, I really don't see any substantial difference between the two groups as their basic message is the same. Not really that confusing if you open your eyes! Regards
  14. Yes, DayZ gives you more game play options and social interactions to exploit if you wish so. But this does not imply that you necessarily are obliged to make use of them. Most of the anti KOS opinions are still based on the false premise of a "right" way to play DayZ vs a "wrong" way. This is a totally unacceptable and extremely arrogant and self righteous stance. The very essence of the DayZ gaming experience is to give you multiple possibilities and options to play in any way you want to. Regards
  15. The fundamental assumption that KOS is a problem is - I think - often based on a false premise. If KOS is considered by some to be a negative and/or disruptive behavior, then its positive counterpart must necessarily be a non hostile and/or socially friendly conduct (interact first, shoot later). This reasoning then automatically leads to the notion that, there is a proper and/or correct way to behave whilst playing DayZ (positive), VS an unacceptable and/or undesirable manner (negative). This goes against the whole basic idea of what video gaming is about. DayZ can be played in a team spirited and socially interactive way but this a personal choice and NOT the "unofficial--rule-book-way" to adhere to if you want to play with others. What makes the DayZ game concept so unique is an open world full of anarchy, uncertainty, cold blooded murderers and socially minded characters which all co-exist until the next bullet. What you choose to be and how to behave in this context must always and ultimately be your personal decision (no strings attached). Regards