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  1. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    0.63 Experimental is not, and was never announced to be a BETA version. This is a common misconception. BETA is 0.63 Stable. Lots of features, content snd polish will be added over the course of 0.63 Experimental, which will span across many different builds. The new animation system is a VERY RADICAL change in how DayZ plays and feels. It will become fully apparent only when you actually get your hands on it, but this alone takes DayZ miles ahead of the 0.62 build. It essentially feels like playing a different (better) game. It’s also the first version of DayZ that uses features written exclusively in Enforce Script, the new Enfusion scripring language that works more efficiently and reliably. Every game system that’s not a core engine module was written and optimised in that script, resulting in a better optimised and stable game overall. This includes improvements in network communication = better server performance, less desync in general (althought of course, during full load in public Experimental tests, we’ll discover some more areas that need optimisation).
  2. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    @IMT you’ve just won today, thank you for understanding what we’re trying to do! ❤️
  3. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    Gordon, I still think I did not get my point across - the “postponed” mark represents the fact that compared to our original list of initial Experimental release goals from a Status Report posted November 28, some things won’t actually make it into the initial (as in “the first”) 0.63 Exp release. This is an important explanation of a particular change in our goals. In other words, we decided that some features that we originally wanted (and announced) for the initial 0.63 release won’t be there. I feel like this had to be communicated. Therefore, I think it’s important to have the “postponed” included - perhaps in a different form/wording. Explaining game development is fun :D
  4. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    @THEGordonFreeman Well yes, I was worried that POSTPONED will be a bit of a triggering word. Unfortunately, it all clicks together when you read that massive Status Report we posted on November 28 last year (which, yes, most people sadly won't read as it's truly MASSIVE). Obviously, the experimental list as posted today was originally written on November 28, and now we're getting back to it, saying how we're doing, and what are some of the setbacks compared to the original goals for the initial release of 0.63 Experimental. Just completely removing some things from that original list (say the throwing and leaning) would, of course, look like we "intentionally forgot" that we ever posted this as an Experimental goal. That's why we, quite honestly, marked them as postponed. Because that's what ultimately happened - it's likely these things won't make it in the initial Exp release, but soon after that in following builds of the game. Well, we'll try to explain a bit better in the following updates of the checklist :) Thanks to everyone who understands what our intntion was here with this checklist - and I appreciate that you are trying to explain to others, too!
  5. Status Report - 13 February 2018

    I wouldn't say it has to be BETA necessarily, or what usually gets defined as BETA, but the point you made is one of the important lessons Bohemia Interactive has learned with DayZ: it's making sure we don't release a game too early in Steam Early Access. That's how our Bohemia Incubator initiative started (because the super early feedback is still important, but perhaps more effective with a very small community). https://incubator.bistudio.com/ But it's easy to say that now, with the 5th year of DayZ's Early Access in progress. I know our CEO Marek Španěl is often thinking about that decision (to release DayZ super early AND work on the technology along with the game) - at the end of the day though, who knows what would happen if a different scenario played itself out instead. At least now, we know it helped us advance in terms of technology, which will make DayZ a better game (and a better platform) moving forward.
  6. Status Report - 13 February 2018

    Yes it is. It's tough even for me or Baty at this point to get answers, or Status Report contributions for that matter from our team as everyone is extremely busy. And that, unfortunately, won't change until something playable is out from the 0.63 build, because until then, there is a lot to do, and not much to discuss, or collect feedback on. We all just need to survive that part somehow. It's also a matter of "mental hygiene" for many. Logically, with our pace of updates for the past 18 months, there is little positivity left in the community. It's tough to know that your everyday dev work is already frustrating at times, and then you read shit about it on the internet. That doesn't help you focus on your work. That covers your "development has essentially halted" remark for example. I can probably understand why you think that (despite we keep on saying what's being worked on, and what are our goals). I know I've felt that at some point when I was not with Bohemia, but a DayZ fan just like everybody else here, but it's just NOT TRUE. Nothing's halted. I wish there was a better way to say it, or show it, as it's SO frustrating for me as well, but the only thing that can change that situation is a playable build. We don't have one yet that would cover our expectations for an Experimental 0.63 build.
  7. DayZ PS4 Discussion

    Yes, we will release DayZ on PS4 :)
  8. Forum posting system "Sick" ?

    We got our web team investigate and they have found one possible cause of the issue, but it may still happen at some point - so please do report in case you run into that issue again. Thanks for reporting it BTW! Much appreciated,
  9. Would steam issue me a refund?

    @ClaireOpen is entirely correct. I'm sorry that you feel the need to get a refund, but 64 hours into the game and over a one year after purchase is way over the refund policy of Steam. If you decide to remove the game from your library, you won't be able to get it back and would need to purchase it again in case you changed your mind.
  10. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    Important point, yes - that's why it's often also hard to get a clear answer from the design team. This will remain true even during 0.63 Experimental, literally even today, there was a somewhat heated debate in the design team about the damage values given by various guns (or ammo types) for example. There will still be a lot to do to make DayZ a game, not a game in development. But that's the fun part, and I think everybody is looking forward to all that balancing and tweaking (as opposed to waiting on a new piece of tech being written, and redoing things that were already sort of good, but broken by these tech changes).
  11. Status Report - 13 February 2018

    Yes, thanks for the suggestion - as mentioned in the Status Report we're discussing here, it's something we're considering / planning to do this for Experimental now, and we will probably also always include that overview in each upcoming Status Report before the Experimental release (hopefully there won't be too many of those though :) ). The BETA list would probably be too long for every Status Report, but it's doable for Experimental. I'll try to talk to Mirek and see what he has to say, this is something I can't possibly answer correctly at the moment, sorry. Yes, there might be a couple new (or newly enterable) buildings even in the Experimental release, and yes our audio guys are working on improvements to the overall sound design when you're outside/inside a building.
  12. Status Report - 13 February 2018

    In regards to bikes or motorbikes, indeed their decent implementation is a post 1.0 goal. To quote the key part of our BETA Status Report in regards to this: I know it's long AF (to be blunt), but I recommend reading through the Status Report as it really provides a good summary of our feature and content goals -> https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-28th-november
  13. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    Oh man these are some very, very specific questions. As for 1), Peter’s general approach is that players should discover things in the game “organically” so I don’t expect too much documentation on mechanics so to speak. On the other hand, and this is meant to happen in BETA, the team wants to do an overall review of the game mechanics, features and their balance or influence towards the overall gameplay. To some extent, things will probably need to be disclosed and discussed, although you’re probably thinking on a very deep “DayZ specialist” level really so I can’t guarantee that. I may throw a word about this to Peter, but he’s really busy, no promises. Hopefully he should be more active externally when we release a playable 0.63 build. 2) Also a pretty detailed design question I don’t really know how to answer, one thing I can say is it’s definitely not a topic ATM, we have bigger problems to solve - like swimming or vaulting on 0.63 :) 3) I would not expect massive improvements or performance focused updates as with 0.60 or 0.62, but performance stabilisation is certainly going to be a massive topic for BETA. Can’t speak for your specific example but code optimization, final game settings and asset optimization will all play a role in making the game feel smooth. Hope that helps at least a little bit! :) it’s not always easy to answer really specific stuff or comment on things like “will A or B be added into the game” but I’ll do my best :D
  14. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    Once again, thre is our Project Lead David who’s not so much in the trenches, but more of an HQ officer so to speak. Although that doesn’t make the battle any easier for him to stay within the military theme here. Otherwise, I can only agree with @Baker. - a good release is all we need now. Unfortunately, from my experience, unless the core members of the dev team have the time, skills and motivation to provide first hand insights into development, it will never really work with just some “random” guy in the middle.

    No, sorry, we just know it'll happen at some point this year - stay tuned though, we'd love to share a bit more at GDC in March :) Yes, we'll release in Game Preview first. We will support both Xbox One X and Xbox One, the versions of the game will ultimately be the same, initially probably even run on 1080p both, with One X providing some additional FPS. We're not considering insider testing now.