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  1. Server Reassignment Xbox -> PC 19/12/2018

    Yes it is, and it’s how we’re going to do things from now on. We’re coordinating the servers with our server provider and in this specific example, when we wanted to stop the entire process of switch over and provide a heads up to the community, the changes were unfortunately already negotiated and set up and so went with it. We’ve made sure to let every involved member of our team know that they should not push for any server switch-overs immediately, but should always coordinate at least a 24 hour window to let players collect whatever they need from their bases and stashes. So unless something really critical happens, from now on, we will be trying to push for a 24 hour notice before switching any servers off or over to a different platform. Despite all this, during Game Preview, please still be ready to lose your gear anytime. Persistance is an important part of the DayZ Experience, but right now we can not fully guarantee it.
  2. Basebuilding & Vehicles Update

    If we could fix it right away, we, of course, would, but first, we need to identify what's causing the performance issues. And just to be clear, this is an issue on all consoles, not just the OG. Server configuration is a less complicated matter, though it's also not a straightforward fix and it's possible we won't fix it today if we don't find a solution. Like I said earlier, we'll look into the weather settings, but so we did before we released the update and there still is a bug. Please be patient guys, we're working on it. Thanks :)
  3. Basebuilding & Vehicles Update

    Those are most likely just servers that did not get stuck on bad weather / have different time acceleration and weather changes for some reason. If you know the specific daytime servers, please do report them - it may help us, thanks!
  4. Basebuilding & Vehicles Update

    Careful, we did not say that fixes for other issues are coming right away guys. We're going to take a look at the weather situation today and see what we can do. The rest of the issues will very likely take much longer than that.
  5. Basebuilding & Vehicles Update

    Thanks for the feedback. You can cancel any emote by pressing the right trigger.
  6. Basebuilding & Vehicles Update

    It seems like indeed all servers are currently nighttime, and rainy - definitely a bug as we’ve changed the configuration of the weather parameters for this release to be quite variable and to change quickly. Sorry about that. Hopefully when the servers get through an automatic restart, it helps, otherwise we would have to manually restart them on Monday and until then, it’s basically hardcore mode - rain and nighttime combined are a challenge and if you survive in these conditions, you’ll be able to survive anything really :D
  7. Basebuilding & Vehicles Update

    Thank you for all the reports, so from I understand, the main issues now are: bad performance in towns issues with rendering the new shotgun crashing the game inventory crashing the game continued inability to reload the Mosin (and the new shotgun as well) missing controls for shoulder change and hold breath misplaced textures We'll take a look at them right when the dev team is back in the office on Monday and see what we can do. For performance issues, please try to specify which console you're playing on, and in which town you're experiencing the performance issues. As for base building persistence and wipes: bases are still pretty easily dismantled, and they also show some persistance issue, so the feature is not fully polished yet and it is always a bit risky building the bases now. Ideally, for the duration of the game preview, please do not get too attached to your gear and bases. I know it's not ideal, but we're still a game in development, and you should expect a full wipe with most updates. Thank you once again. Please enjoy the update as much as possible over the weekend, we'll be back on Monday ;)
  8. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    Alright guys, we made it! :) Update is out now - read the changelog here - and please let us know of any issues with the update:
  9. Basebuilding & Vehicles Update

    Hello Survivors! Today, we're releasing the biggest update of DayZ since launching in Game Preview! It's truly massive and changes the game quite significantly - for this reason, it's necessary to do a complete wipe of all characters and server persistence. But it'll be worth it ;) The update is out now and the servers should be starting - please restart your Xbox Once if you're not getting an update prompt. Here are the highlights of the update: new vehicle: ADA 4x4 + parts and other necessary items base building + necessary items to make it work (tools, planks, nails...) added some missing controls (freelook, walking, switching fire mode, gun zeroing) fixed various issues with hit registration of firearms changed the weather setup to feature less rain ;) new shotgun + ammo tents and barrels for making improvised camps and loot stashes improved nighttime (don't throw away those road flares everyone! You'll need them ;) lots of other new items configured for spawning in the Central Economy slightly increased numbers of infected There are most likely going to be various issues with the update, but for now, these are already known to us: NEW: Despite changes to weather configuration, servers still seem to get stuck on nighttime/heavy rain NEW: Performance issues especially in larger towns maps can be picked up and opened, but you can not navigate in them (controls are missing) vehicle controls may be too sensitive at times leaning and shoulder change missing (controls are missing) weapon sounds can stop playing in some situations For those of you who want to get a more complete overview of the changes, here's a more detailed changelog (especially listing the new items in Central Economy: Added: ADA 4x4 car Base building New controls option (walk, freelook, zeroing on firearms) Weapon collision with geometry Visual bleeding effect Heat comfort and disease effects New sounds Directional player death animations Weapon jamming Restraining characters Tweaks: infected tweaks (including their numbers per server) tweaked wild boar behavior tweaked navmesh functionality tweaks for animations, holding poses, vegetation collisions, gestures and more in data various animation tweaks tweaked infected aggro weights of food adjusted Changes: changes in unconsciousness mechanics changes in AI navigation changes to instance management (fix for desync where the player is in one stance but has a speed of another) changes to sun shadows changes to weather configuration changes to nighttime configuration changes to input system changes regarding server/client stability changes to networking (including fixes for hit registration issues) security fixes revamped Fire Station revapmped police station building items have been renamed updated offline DB to reflect the current online state changes to map toggling + a LOT of changes in data (animations, configs, settings) New Items in Central Economy: Vehicles: Horticulture (the feature itself is not fully implemented yet): Clothing: Medicine: Weapons/Attachments: Base Building: Food: Other: Don't forget to report every bug and issue you find to our Feedback Tracker. Thank you!
  10. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    STATUS UPDATE Alright guys, sorry for the heartbreaks and irritations, please trust me when I say that we totally understand how much you want this update to happen. We're on the same page ;) Let's start with good news: We have a good build and it's been submitted a short while ago! The team worked their butts off today to make this happen, unfortunately now we have to wait to go through the submission. If the submission is successful, we will have a Friday release (despite I mentioned that it's generally not very safe to do updates before the weekend). Now, there is also potentially bad news: Things can still go wrong during the submission, so there is still a chance we're not gonna make it. At this point, we've done all we could to make sure there is a release ready. Let's see tomorrow! Thank you once again for the patience. It is very much appreciated.
  11. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    Hello everyone, a short update: currently the Vehicles & Basebuilding update is still not ready, our effort to add some new controls (for vehicles & basebuilding, zeroing, freelook and firemode change) unfortunately presents a bit of a challenge and the internal build is quite broken for that reason. The team is still working on getting it into a better shape but it's getting more and more likely that we won't be able to release today, so please get yourself ready for this possible outcome. Since Thanksgiving is about to start in US, today (Central European Time) is our last window of opportunity for release. If we don't make it by then, we will, unfortunately, have to proceed with release on Tuesday next week as we will no longer be able to make it through the Xbox submission process this week (and it's also not a good idea to release updates on Friday in general, since we would not be able to apply any hotfixes in case something got broken). I'll update you once we know more, thank you for the patience!
  12. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    DayZ will be localized to Russian with 1.0 on PC, so we will most likely also support Russian on Xbox when we go for the final release! :)
  13. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    We'd love to do crossplay between Xbox Mouse & Keyboard players and PC players, but this will again require some additional changes done to the game + perfectly synchronizing our PC and Xbox One release schedules so that both platforms are always updated at the same moment. Right now we don't have any specific plan as to when we would be ready to support that. It's going to take some time, and definitely not going to happen in Game Preview.
  14. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    Yes, it is definitely our goal to not mix players with different input methods.
  15. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    Yes, it’s very likely that there will be a full wipe. Unfortunately this is to be expected with every update in the Game Preview.