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  1. Again, we have not received any message from you since the end of June. I stand by that statement. I will go the extra mile and check the email logs with our IT - in case I find any mishap on our side, I will let you know here. Until then, the thread is closed. Please do contact infringements@bistudio.com again today to have BattlEye re-enabled on your servers within 24 hours. As for donations, you are more than welcome to receive voluntary donations via your own community website - as long as all that you provide your community with is simply just running the servers and your community website, excluding additional game-service like unbans etc. That's of course none of our business ;)
  2. Good catch, either I was wrong or they updated that recently with some returns - so I guess see you in Cologne then? :)
  3. We're there all the way through, but Gamescom is sold out now man, sorry about that.
  4. You haven't been in touch with our Monetization Department since June 26. Please communicate with them directly, as only they can resolve this with you, nobody else can - especially not our CEO, any DayZ developer, DayZTV (not associated with Bohemia in any way) or Jan Hovora (not working at Bohemia for... I don't even know how many years). If you no longer monetize unbans, and comply with EVERYTHING that our Monetization team requested of you, do let our Monetization team know - and BattlEye will be reactivated on your server(s) promptly. As for the situation in general, you've been granted an exception, or more precisely allowed to be an edge case of our monetization rules. As long as that setup did not cause issues in the community, we had no reasons to revoke your license to monetize the way you do. Unfortunately, there were issues reported to us, and that's why this monetization model is no longer sustainable for you. You have to understand that this is not a court room where you present evidence - as soon as we believe the monetization license no longer creates a healthy community environment, we can, and we will revoke it. We appreciate your effort to try and create a very tightly controlled community, but it did not quite work out that way. Please comply with the requests of our Monetization team, and try to look for other ways to fund your servers. There are communities that can serve as an example to you - I'm sure you know them, as they are either listed as approved DayZ monetizers, or acquire funds as voluntary donations. I will let you reply in this thread one more time and then will have it closed for further replies. Please do not create any more threads on this topic on the official forums again, they will be deleted immediately (and you can get yourself banned, even though that's not something we want to do).
  5. Thanks for reporting this, there should be a character limit applied now :)
  6. Hi everyone, I'd like to provide you with a little bit of an update. The Bohemia Interactive mobile games team today announced that Mini DAYZ is coming to mobile devices and the Mini DAYZ website happens to share the same design base as the upcoming DayZ.com website, so feel free to check it out at https://minidayz.com/ We are now finalizing a couple of things for the DayZ website (it's a bit more complex/content heavy than the Mini DAYZ one) and we're now not that far from having its first iteration live, but before we do that, I will probably share some screenshots and ask for your feedback. Stay tuned, and thanks for the patientce!
  7. I'm always excited to learn a couple of PR lessons, feel free to drop me a PM ;) As @goateswyn just wrote, this was all about honesty. If you don't appreciate that, then, welp, we ain't got nothing better in store I'm afraid. Thanks everyone for the understanding and support, Baty will share news when it's ready!
  8. Some additional options were added, let me know if there are any other popular services worth adding - this covers the basics though I believe :)
  9. Don't you worry sir, I read everything here very carefully. I've just been keeping myself a bit busy recently, working on the new website content tags (which was one of the suggestions that I thought was basically a no-brainer, + other things) together with our Web Dev team. Regarding your "suggestion about suggestions thread" - I don't think we'll officially do much there, certainly not before 1.0. While @exwoll is totally right that our developers do read through some of the suggestions, I think at this point our designers have a very good idea of the content and features for the initial 1.0 release, now we just need to do the hard work and get them into the game using our new tech. When that's done, we can possibly revisit some of those suggestions, or in general further look for any discussion about where DayZ should develop post 1.0. Or we can look for your feedback on how we implemented those base DayZ features during BETA and how you like them (or don't like them). Regarding the suggestion about map bug reporting, I'll ask our map designers if something like that would be useful to them. In general, direct in-game bug reporting / feedback system is the best thing ever (as Eugen mentioned during his talk at the White Nights conference if you saw that). As everything, it requires good implementation (= design, programming on both game and web dev / online services side), but I think we will want to consider it for DayZ at some point (since some of the new tech we've implemented for our UI should also provide us with greater freedom in implementing such things, unlike in, say, Arma 3, where in-game bug reporting would be quite the nightmare to do right). That's an easy fix, I'll see if I can do that myself. Thanks. I think we'd all love to have a complex (but easy to use a the same time) feedback reporting system like that working as well, but at least with the scheduling of fixes, it's a difficult, if not impossible undertaking :) Nevertheless, I'm sure we'll need to improve our feedback collecting as we switch from feature development into bug fixing. We'll probably start with something similar to what our colleagues in Arma 3 team have (see their up to date list of known issues here for example: https://dev.arma3.com/known-issues), and see how we can further improve the process. Steam page will most likely get a bit of an update with 0.62 release. Same goes for our website roadmap/timeline, but please don't expect detailed percentage progress or anything similar - it's hard enough to quantify the development work like that even internally. We are trying to provide updates close to that in our Status Report, though only on the work that's in progress for the upcoming big update, as that's something we can be a bit more confident talking about on public. Thanks again for all the feedback and suggestions. I hope to be able to present some practical implementations of some of your ideas soon - and please keep discussing in the meantime, I am open to all suggestions regarding our websites :)
  10. Whoa this is going fast! Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, a lot of good ideas here already. This will be a bit longer post, but let me start with this: I have a general marketing communications background, with a little bit of an overlap to the digital marketing world (creating website content as a copywriter, managing social media and all that), but I am also a massive DayZ fan with 500 hours clocked in (I know I can't compare to most of you here or the guys in the dev team, but hey, that's certainly a good number for a regular marketing person! :D). I had worked at Bohemia Interactive publishing department on some of our other projects (like Ylands) before I got assigned to the DayZ team, but I've been following DayZ development from day 1. Baty was actually also thinking about occasionally taking some photos, so we'll see about that :) As for the Twitter accounts of our developers: we're doing our best to have interesting/new content Tweeted via @dayzdevteam only, that's where it belongs - we've had news coming from lots of different sources in the past, including personal Twitter accounts, and it got quite problematic over time. We have completely and fully moved the focus to our official channels some time ago, so we probably won't do what you're suggesting (just thought this deserved an explanation though). Community section is definitely something we will expand upon, I guess Brian will cover that at some point, after we summarize our ideas internally! :) Good point with the Steam page, I'll see how we can improve that. Thanks! Both our Web Designer and our Web Developers are always working with responsive designs, it's going to be a challenge with some of the more content heavy pages, but our aim is a fully responsive, mobile friendly design ;) Yes, this will be one of the first things to be updated in terms of the content that would be highlighted on the website. Lots of good points! I'll think about your ideas for expanding the FAQ - it should remain simple, but we could definitely at least provide links to more complex answers there. Baty also brought this up the other day, so it probably deserves some attention and we'll talk about it :) Dev timeline: I suppose the original idea with the timeline that's currently on our website was something like that, but I can see why it can be hard to track in detail. Nevertheless, we have something similar to what you describe in mind (although probably not as detailed) for our a new layout of the DayZ DevHub page. Let's see how that will work :) Instructions for Feedback Tracker are a very good point, and I agree that they need to have more attention brought to them. So are tags for all content or dev profiles - our content management system does not currently support that, but I'll try to have that changed. I'd also love to see some basic search function on the website. DayZ 1.0 Vision: The way we have things set up now is we put strong focus on the closest upcoming update only (to manage expectations). That works now, we'll see if we can add something more later on. Multilingual support or commits are unfortunately not within our scope, the former mostly because that's just a looot of work for our already busy publishing department at Bohemia, and the latter because a) we can't publicly show all the commits (security reasons) and would have to filter them out anyway, which is not realistically achievable and b) most of them would probably just not make sense to players since you guys don't have the broader development context (I would probably not fully understand them myself) Good point sir, I can see that banners can get annoying quickly, but having vital information presented to people in some user-friendly way would probably help us a lot. I myself have invested a lot of time into thinking about this, we'll see if we can come up with something. Many of these things are already on our to-do list, thanks! We're still thinking how to tackle our Status Reports, we know they are a lot of text, but it's often the only thing we can really do. Map and wiki are a good example of content that's better handled by our community actually. We'll probably make a Q&A video with @eugenharton at some point, and that should be a good video to explain the ins and outs of our development in a format that's not based on a lot of text :) Server list is not something we will do now, so are player stats or achievements, but you got a good point there with the Feedback Tracker. We do want to have some permanent spotlight for hot forums topics on the Dev Hub! :) Thanks everyone, keep them coming please, this is really good!
  11. Hello everyone, first of all, since I'm kind of new around here, let me start with introducing myself: my name is Martin, and starting this year, I joined the DayZ team as its new Brand Manager. This basically means that, together with @Baty Alquawen , @Hicks_206 (DayZ) and other members of the DayZ Dev Team, I'm constantly trying to figure out how to improve our communication with you, our community, and how to best present DayZ to the entire gaming world. A major part of my role in the DayZ team is spearheading the development of the DayZ website and all related online services, which is where we're finally getting back to the topic :) Right now, we'd like to make a significant update to the design and overall usability of the DayZ website. At first, we'll be focused on fixing some of the most obvious problems and making sure that the content on our website is up to date, but we'd also like to start a continuous process of smaller iterations with the ultimate goal of making DayZ.com the one place where you'll always happily end up going to get your daily dose of news about DayZ development and DayZ in general. To make that happen, I'd like to ask for your feedback and ideas - take a look at our current website (including the forums), think about how you personally get your DayZ news and content (including community live streams or YouTube videos!) and how we could make that process easier for you. While we have a pretty decent pool of ideas ourselves, the end user of our website will always know more, so please do share your ideas with us! I'll do my best to be active in this thread and reply to your posts. IMPORTANT NOTE: We know you guys all want more development videos, screenshots and other cool visual things from the upcoming updates. Trust me, we're doing everything we can to have these available for you, but we also want to avoid creating unnecessary hype too early. Please keep that in mind when writing down your ideas. Thanks!
  12. You can always count on all data to be wiped with each major update Freddy:
  13. Czech rep. here, I'll be online ~10 PM, feel free to add me on Steam :)
  14. Not sure if it's new, but it's time to really start looking under the beds/various pieces of furniture again - lots of goodies there.
  15. What kind of sorcery is this? Great concept, although it feels sort of busy.