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  1. This is actually a correct assumption, right now, our plans are 0.63 Experimental, 0.63 Stable (= BETA) and 1.0. All that's in between is just different 0.63 builds, but no 0.64 etc.
  2. Thanks for noticing this, we fixed it the day after publishing the Status Report. It was quite hectic to put it out, sorry about the occasional typos and wrong CTRL + C / CTRL + V. And whoa, I got some reading to do - sorry for keeping this thread silent for over a week but there was just too much to handle :) I'll start talking to @eugenharton and we'll get you some answers!
  3. Hello everyone! The special BETA Status Report is out - please read it here (we're not posting in the forums directly today due to the formatting). We know you'll probably have lots of questions, so please ask here - we'll do our best to answer as many of them as possible. Thanks!
  4. No. Don't get too excited guys. Our goal for the initial release of 0.63 (in terms of firearms) is to stay within the already familiar arsenal. Now let's get back to the original topic, we're still talking about 0.62 here. Thanks :)
  5. Status Report - 10 October 2017

    Oh yeah absolutely, I mean moving to a different country is certainly a bold thing to do and needs to be well considered, no doubts about that.
  6. Status Report - 10 October 2017

    Can't speak for life in Bratislava but Prague is seriously cool, and as I said, we'll help with the relocation :)
  7. Status Report - 26 September 2017

    I just want everybody to know this: there are not that many things that we DO NOT share with you guys. I know it may be hard to take my word for granted, since I'm technically on the developer side of of things, but regarding what content makes it into updates, regarding major design decisions... as soon as things start taking some concrete shape, or when we know when and how we want to deliver them in the game, we share that information with you. Sometimes literally on the day we make those decisions, or exactly on the day when new features are finally implemented in our internal build. Based on the past negative experience, the team is no longer sharing detailed, longer term roadmaps, especially not those that would mention (be it only estimated) dates when players can expect certain features. Based on the previous experience, we're also more careful with our ambitions for delivering cool, extra features that don't necessarily add up to the core gameplay, and we're generally more careful when estimating time needed for major technology changes. But that's it. Other than that, we really do make sure we communicate as openly as possible - as soon as a plan, or a design intention is at least somewhat solid, it is communicated in Status Reports, or as a forum post, or as a video on our YouTube channel. When we face a dilemma, or a problem that we think may use your input for, we share that with you. While we may have some deficit in the overall detailed definition of what exactly will the 0.63 experimental, BETA and 1.0 updates bring to DayZ, the up to date progress always makes it out the moment we achieve that progress. More than often, you have the chance to learn about our progress faster than most other teams and people within Bohemia that are not directly involved in day-to-day DayZ development tasks (that includes our company management, for example). Our community, and our existing player base are of the utmost importance to us. All of you who keep engaging with us over official channels are of the utmost importance to us. We don't hide things from you. We don't intentionally confuse you, and most important of all, we do not lie. Ever.
  8. Status Report - 26 September 2017

    Let me assure you, you're seeing conspiracy where there's none. Peter has produced a lengthy text expressing his thoughts and motivations on resolving his game design dilemma. We're as honest and open as it gets. No final decision has been made, and all the arguments for and against a complete removal are still on the table. Accusing our developers of "lies" is completely out of place, and I would like to ask you to review your text next time you intend to hit the post button - you may find out that your comments come across as quite rude.
  9. This week's Status Report will mention that topic ;)
  10. Hold your horses guys, it's too early, nothing is set in stone! I think it's fair to say that we all appreciate feedback from long time DayZ players, but the time to get serious about things will be when 0.63 drops on Experimental. Peter is on vacation now, but @eugenharton mentioned he might want to comment on this one, and he might provide an interesting perspective on the topic of evaluating this sort of feedback.
  11. Incompetence at Bohemia Interactive's Infringement Dept.

    Again, we have not received any message from you since the end of June. I stand by that statement. I will go the extra mile and check the email logs with our IT - in case I find any mishap on our side, I will let you know here. Until then, the thread is closed. Please do contact infringements@bistudio.com again today to have BattlEye re-enabled on your servers within 24 hours. As for donations, you are more than welcome to receive voluntary donations via your own community website - as long as all that you provide your community with is simply just running the servers and your community website, excluding additional game-service like unbans etc. That's of course none of our business ;)
  12. Status Report - 25 July 2017

    Good catch, either I was wrong or they updated that recently with some returns - so I guess see you in Cologne then? :)
  13. Status Report - 25 July 2017

    We're there all the way through, but Gamescom is sold out now man, sorry about that.
  14. Incompetence at Bohemia Interactive's Infringement Dept.

    You haven't been in touch with our Monetization Department since June 26. Please communicate with them directly, as only they can resolve this with you, nobody else can - especially not our CEO, any DayZ developer, DayZTV (not associated with Bohemia in any way) or Jan Hovora (not working at Bohemia for... I don't even know how many years). If you no longer monetize unbans, and comply with EVERYTHING that our Monetization team requested of you, do let our Monetization team know - and BattlEye will be reactivated on your server(s) promptly. As for the situation in general, you've been granted an exception, or more precisely allowed to be an edge case of our monetization rules. As long as that setup did not cause issues in the community, we had no reasons to revoke your license to monetize the way you do. Unfortunately, there were issues reported to us, and that's why this monetization model is no longer sustainable for you. You have to understand that this is not a court room where you present evidence - as soon as we believe the monetization license no longer creates a healthy community environment, we can, and we will revoke it. We appreciate your effort to try and create a very tightly controlled community, but it did not quite work out that way. Please comply with the requests of our Monetization team, and try to look for other ways to fund your servers. There are communities that can serve as an example to you - I'm sure you know them, as they are either listed as approved DayZ monetizers, or acquire funds as voluntary donations. I will let you reply in this thread one more time and then will have it closed for further replies. Please do not create any more threads on this topic on the official forums again, they will be deleted immediately (and you can get yourself banned, even though that's not something we want to do).
  15. Forum Suggestion: Limit Location Field

    Thanks for reporting this, there should be a character limit applied now :)