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  1. Survivors, we've been getting lots of reports on servers disappearing altogether from the server list. We need your help identifying this issue. If you can, please provide us with the following information: Are you playing the free trial, or have you already purchased the game? Has restarting your console helped? Did you make sure all you server filtering options on the right side of the server browser are disabled? Has this issue started occurring only after you got kicked from a server, or is it seemingly random? Have you got the latest update installed? (pushed approximately 4 hours after the Game Preview release) If you're not sure about number 5), have you restarted your console, checked for new DayZ updates and installed an update? Getting those answers along with your reports might help us identify the issues. Thank you for all the reports, please keep them coming! <3
  2. Xbox Game Preview FAQ

    How much does DayZ cost on Xbox One? DayZ is available for 39.99 USD / £31,99 / € 39,99. You can check your local price when the product page becomes available on the Microsoft Store. The price of DayZ will increase with the release out of Game Preview - the final version of DayZ will be available for 49,99 USD. Don't worry, if you buy the game now in Game Preview, you won't need to buy it again! :) Is there a trial version available? Yes! You are able to enjoy one hour of free playtime that you can use if you're not sure about the purchase yet. The trial version will run on its own servers, and will not have character persistence (meaning that your character progress will not save during your first hour, and will not transfer into the full Game Preview! How many servers will be available for the launch? As many as needed! We have a good, scale-able setup that will always run enough servers for everyone to join, there will not be a fixed number of servers available. We'll also have teams monitoring the server status 24/7 in the first days after the release to make sure everything goes smoothly! Can players start their own private servers on Xbox? Not right now, but we definitely want to have that option in DayZ later on. Are there cars, helicopters, and base-building on Xbox? No, not right now, but before leaving Game Preview, we'd like to have both on Xbox One. Especially cars play an important role in the DayZ gameplay! When do you plan a full release of DayZ? We want to leave Game Preview in Q1 2019, and release the game as a final product then. We will still continue the development after that, though - there will be new things coming to DayZ even after the full release!
  3. Stress Test vol.41

    We have another Stress Test build live. The focus is on stability improvements and fixes. Build number: 148351 Changelog: ------------------ backend changes ready for testing for a possible beneficial effect on player kicking server performance improvements fixes for jumping on slopes/stairs fixes for stuck character upon some gestures fixes for zombies stuck in crawling animation fixes for boiling now properly removing diseases fixes for stuck hand slot in some situations (crafting a torch, interaction with corpse inventory) general code/script stability fixes Thank you all for helping us with Stress Tests!
  4. Xbox/PC account cross-over.

    Hi! Good suggestion - DayZ is not a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) title on PC, so right now we're not considering to allow owners of the PC version to get free access to the Xbox version as well. There are both technical and economic reasons. Being a UWP title is required for Xbox Play Anywhere, so we don't have a way to activate the product on Xbox without distributing keys - and those keys could end up being sold illegally. That's the technical reason. Now for the economic reason: It does sound like it's logical to just get the Xbox version for free since the content and gameplay is the same as on PC, but you also need to consider the costs of running the live environment for the Xbox version. Even if a small percentage of PC players used the opportunity, we would immediately use server time for these players, and that costs us money that we did not cover by sales on Xbox. We'd like to support DayZ for a long time after 1.0 releases on all platforms, and for that, we simply need to keep our business healthy - DayZ does not really have any other monetization beyond the game purchase itself, and while that's a good premium business model that we want to maintain, we have to manage the economy carefully.
  5. Stress Test vol.8

    Afternoon Survivors! We have another Stress Test coming up this afternoon CEST hours. As we're still trying to get ahead of the issue that triggers severe BattlEye kicking, our programmers asked us to once more get back to the Stress Test setup with condensed spawn points and BattEye fully activated. Today, we're going to be profiling the behaviour of servers (and any potential kicking) in order to confirm/disprove any potential connection between the kicking and our new network encryption system. In case we get into the situation where players again experience severe BattEye server kicks, we will restart the servers, change the BattlEye settings and run the Stress Test for the remaining time (we want this Stress Test to tun for 2 hours total). As always, please report any new issues to https://feedback.dayz.com ! Thank you for your participation in stress testing!
  6. Hello everyone, yesterday evening Prague time, some content creators on Twitch started streaming a modded, publicly available unofficial "offline mode" modification of DayZ 0.63 with the ability to spawn various unfinished assets. While we do not officially support modding yet, we know that everybody is just super excited to finally try 0.63, and so this time around, we were OK with anyone using that modification and even with people live streaming the gameplay. It's still unfortunate, as the build available for stress-testing is not yet in a shape that makes it an enjoyable game on its own - and that's why we're not releasing it fully on the Experimental branch - but we don't want to fight this. Quite the contrary - we've just pushed an update to our Stress Test branch on Steam that adds the option to play DayZ 0.63 in an official Offline Testing Mode without running community made modifications. The step by step instructions on how to launch the Offline Mode follow after this message. We apologize for the confusion the community made offline mode modification created, and we're aware that the situation is less than ideal. We'd like to resolve this situation in a positive way and give everyone the official way to experience the offline gameplay, as ultimately, we just want you to enjoy playing the new version of DayZ, even with all of its current imperfections. Thank you! -------------- How to run the Offline Mode make sure you're swicthed to the Stress Test branch of DayZ on Steam → right click DayZ in your Steam Library → click Properties → click the Betas tab → go all the way down to Enter beta access code to unlock private betas" → enter the ireallywanttotest opt-in access code → the "Stress Test Branch" is unlocked - select that branch in a drop down menu and let the client files download download DayZ restart Steam right click on DayZ in the Steam library and select "Play DayZ Offline" What to expect from the official Offline Mode The offline mode ultimately lets you freely explore the entire Chernarus and all the basic DayZ gameplay features currently available in the 0.63 Stress Test build. Namely, that would be: the new character controller and the new animation system new user actions the infected animals some crafting simple, work in progress loot spawns new gunplay and melee Of course all of that, you can experience by yourself only. Please bear in mind that this is not the type of gameplay situation that we originally intended for the Stress Test build, and the game may behave in all sorts of weird ways when played offline. What should you NOT expect from the official Offline Mode The offline mode does not offer some of the options the community created modification offered. Namely that would be: teleportation free camera mode ability to spawn any items (especially those not properly configured) ability to execute scripting commands We currently don't want to support these options, mainly because they break the game too much, and also because we still have to figure out how to unlock these options in a secured, reliable way, not by an improvised solution. The main goal is to let everyone experience the new DayZ gameplay, and in that respect, the official Offline Mode should be doing a much better job than any community modifications. We are, however, still thinking of ways how to provide more options in the offline mode and will update you in case we have some updates. Thanks and enjoy the offline Chernarus!
  7. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    0.63 Experimental is not, and was never announced to be a BETA version. This is a common misconception. BETA is 0.63 Stable. Lots of features, content snd polish will be added over the course of 0.63 Experimental, which will span across many different builds. The new animation system is a VERY RADICAL change in how DayZ plays and feels. It will become fully apparent only when you actually get your hands on it, but this alone takes DayZ miles ahead of the 0.62 build. It essentially feels like playing a different (better) game. It’s also the first version of DayZ that uses features written exclusively in Enforce Script, the new Enfusion scripring language that works more efficiently and reliably. Every game system that’s not a core engine module was written and optimised in that script, resulting in a better optimised and stable game overall. This includes improvements in network communication = better server performance, less desync in general (althought of course, during full load in public Experimental tests, we’ll discover some more areas that need optimisation).
  8. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    @IMT you’ve just won today, thank you for understanding what we’re trying to do! ❤️
  9. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    Gordon, I still think I did not get my point across - the “postponed” mark represents the fact that compared to our original list of initial Experimental release goals from a Status Report posted November 28, some things won’t actually make it into the initial (as in “the first”) 0.63 Exp release. This is an important explanation of a particular change in our goals. In other words, we decided that some features that we originally wanted (and announced) for the initial 0.63 release won’t be there. I feel like this had to be communicated. Therefore, I think it’s important to have the “postponed” included - perhaps in a different form/wording. Explaining game development is fun :D
  10. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    @THEGordonFreeman Well yes, I was worried that POSTPONED will be a bit of a triggering word. Unfortunately, it all clicks together when you read that massive Status Report we posted on November 28 last year (which, yes, most people sadly won't read as it's truly MASSIVE). Obviously, the experimental list as posted today was originally written on November 28, and now we're getting back to it, saying how we're doing, and what are some of the setbacks compared to the original goals for the initial release of 0.63 Experimental. Just completely removing some things from that original list (say the throwing and leaning) would, of course, look like we "intentionally forgot" that we ever posted this as an Experimental goal. That's why we, quite honestly, marked them as postponed. Because that's what ultimately happened - it's likely these things won't make it in the initial Exp release, but soon after that in following builds of the game. Well, we'll try to explain a bit better in the following updates of the checklist :) Thanks to everyone who understands what our intntion was here with this checklist - and I appreciate that you are trying to explain to others, too!
  11. Status Report - 13 February 2018

    I wouldn't say it has to be BETA necessarily, or what usually gets defined as BETA, but the point you made is one of the important lessons Bohemia Interactive has learned with DayZ: it's making sure we don't release a game too early in Steam Early Access. That's how our Bohemia Incubator initiative started (because the super early feedback is still important, but perhaps more effective with a very small community). https://incubator.bistudio.com/ But it's easy to say that now, with the 5th year of DayZ's Early Access in progress. I know our CEO Marek Španěl is often thinking about that decision (to release DayZ super early AND work on the technology along with the game) - at the end of the day though, who knows what would happen if a different scenario played itself out instead. At least now, we know it helped us advance in terms of technology, which will make DayZ a better game (and a better platform) moving forward.
  12. Status Report - 13 February 2018

    Yes it is. It's tough even for me or Baty at this point to get answers, or Status Report contributions for that matter from our team as everyone is extremely busy. And that, unfortunately, won't change until something playable is out from the 0.63 build, because until then, there is a lot to do, and not much to discuss, or collect feedback on. We all just need to survive that part somehow. It's also a matter of "mental hygiene" for many. Logically, with our pace of updates for the past 18 months, there is little positivity left in the community. It's tough to know that your everyday dev work is already frustrating at times, and then you read shit about it on the internet. That doesn't help you focus on your work. That covers your "development has essentially halted" remark for example. I can probably understand why you think that (despite we keep on saying what's being worked on, and what are our goals). I know I've felt that at some point when I was not with Bohemia, but a DayZ fan just like everybody else here, but it's just NOT TRUE. Nothing's halted. I wish there was a better way to say it, or show it, as it's SO frustrating for me as well, but the only thing that can change that situation is a playable build. We don't have one yet that would cover our expectations for an Experimental 0.63 build.
  13. DayZ PS4 Discussion

    Yes, we will release DayZ on PS4 :)
  14. Forum posting system "Sick" ?

    We got our web team investigate and they have found one possible cause of the issue, but it may still happen at some point - so please do report in case you run into that issue again. Thanks for reporting it BTW! Much appreciated,
  15. Would steam issue me a refund?

    @ClaireOpen is entirely correct. I'm sorry that you feel the need to get a refund, but 64 hours into the game and over a one year after purchase is way over the refund policy of Steam. If you decide to remove the game from your library, you won't be able to get it back and would need to purchase it again in case you changed your mind.