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  1. Damn. And here I worry every time I take unnecessary damage like from the zeds, etc. Thanks, man.
  2. So does the bone stat exist or is it just a rumour? I must say this concept (assuming the stat doesn't regenerate) really did affect my in-game behaviour many times.
  3. A lithium battery works great.
  4. BTW, very good job. I always appreciate your input. I hope I'll help you with your research once we get to 1.0. I did a lot of study on my own which after some time was outdated, so I decided to wait for the final release. Keep it up!
  5. I would really, really like to know the exact chance for catching cholera when healthy. Can we pry this info from somewhere?
  6. I'm absolutely sure that hot cooking pots warm up a lot - in fact, it more than outweighs the temperature drop when 'drenched' in 0.61 - have checked that when there was that status window in the beginning. And I'm also fairly certain that warm items have nothing to do with wet status, but you may want to double-check that.
  7. This is exactly what I've said for a long time about police stations - these will always get my heart pumping, even in small hamlets, and 9 out of 10 times they are looted down to road flares. When I spawn on the coast, I don't even bother checking the police - a noticeable chance of getting a shotgun blast in exchange for virtually zero chance for any useful loot. When it comes to military stuff, I don't have much luck with check points, but then again I don't even need that much of mil loot nowadays - civilian weapons work fine by me and have so much more ammo, while crafted gear provides more slots now. The only item I care about are gorka jackets for heavy rains. If you do come back to the NWAF, remember to check out those high towers with mesh-like floors, they tend to spawn good weapons these days. But I understand your sentiments completely, military weapons come only useful in military areas, so stay clear of these and you're good.
  8. These days I'm playing on a server with the crosshair removed, it has 'ohne crosshair' in the name. So I guess it is possible.
  9. Looting, especially via Tab, is one of those many things which micro-break my immersion. By all means, make us pick up some pants and go pocket after pocket. Stuff should be both harder to see and to pry out. I think my main problem is using the Vicinity at night and in all cases when you 'comb' the area while tabbed.
  10. Swell idea, but I believe we expect this and much more in the final release. Can anyone confirm the status of scripted events, random encounters. etc. in the upcoming builds/beta/1.0? Will we get none/some/much? What about the AI mentioned above?
  11. Spray Mr Clean on some half-eaten chicken or Dean's kiwi to make it edible?? Me confused.
  12. I noticed people tend not to bother and just drop their civilian tents in various places, including the NWAF airstrip, with some random useless loot inside. Only noobs will drink from a canteen/bottle found in a tent, but a half-eaten steak shouldn't raise any red flags. Not that (at the moment) I'm planning to manage server population spread by well-placed tents, but it is nice to have this option up my sleeve. ;) I just want to know if it's worth it. Besides, that's precisely the kind of DayZ research I like to do.
  13. Another interesting to verify would be if the container contamination is "washed away" after one or more emptyings. To be sure, we'd have a lot to check and the procedure would be a pain in the ass (antibiotics seem a must-have). Recently yet again I had nothing to do in DayZ, maybe this will give me some goal. I'll see.
  14. Any idea what are the chances for contamination? Seems like the information our Bio Dept would really like to know. Is it possible/feasible that there are two variables? One for the contamination of a container, second for the contraction of cholera from that container? Just thinking aloud as a non-programmer how it can possibly work and how I can test it.
  15. What I meant was, do they have to be so battered as the patient zero when catching the disease. Normally, the odds of contracting cholera while in full health are so low that I think they are negligible. I got cholera (and rode out the most serious one) by drinking from a pond when I was so low on blood that I misclicked the purification and didn't even notice. So to pass cholera, is it required that the victims are in bad shape as well? Or does it apply also to healthy toons?