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  1. Yeah, I'm kinda worried if the devs succumb to the cries and tears of all those 12yo 'Rambos'. I have my faith in them (the devs, not the Rambos), but it's kinda hard to tell. For every two steps forward, I saw at least one step back. For example, the argument that food is abundant for loot table purposes (I'm foggy on the details) was never too convincing for me. And when they added temperature and wetness, perfect things for snuffing out campers, they simply had to make a rainproof military-grade item. I mean, what's the temperature even for if you have Gorka jackets in game? You put it on and the entire concepts of 'temperature', 'wetness' or 'being prone to diseases' cease to exist altogether. And the jacket is camo and has 6 slots, because what bad can happen if one item is clearly the best in its category. I still remember the scarcity of loot in .52 or similar. The entire town of Chernaya Polana yielded a duct tape and a hammer (literally). It made me actually think what to do and where to go next. Best times.
  2. I would never support such an artificial thing as a karma system. As for the rules, it depends - I did play several non-KOS servers, knowing that people still KOS there. But there's a difference between a sniper at the NWAF and some bored teenager who thinks it's funny to run in circles and swing axes at each other. Some time ago I bought a Minecraft copy for my 8yo nephew and he spent an entire evening bashing villagers with a wooden sword. This is what I think about KOSers. Coming back to the point - the main idea behind it is make DayZ a hard game. Like, make it 'gritty', maybe add some 'survival' aspects, or even 'horror'. Yeah, I know the line "DayZ is a gritty, authentic, open-world survival horror hybrid-MMO game (...)", and I think it's very cute, as far as lies go. I have no idea who could believe this slogan, but mere 'surviving' in DayZ is easier than falling off a log. I was 'hungry' once in 2014 and then never went below bright-green 'energized' ever again. And this is not to gloat, it's just the survival issues in DayZ are at the 'My Little Pony' level. You find a few crucial items and you never have to worry about anything other than players, ever again. But what if the disease system worked in such a way that the guy who's on the receiving end of your iron sights is worth asking if he has antibiotics stashed somewhere? What if he's got a 'cooking' skill and can make your food supply last much much longer? Or maybe you could use him to clear out the zeds at the Green Mountain, where good loot is said to spawn. Or maybe the guy has that one heli rotor blade which you're missing. Hell, maybe he has a can opener and you have only cans, like in the story above. Or maybe ammo is scarce and you don't want to waste bullets. Or maybe the shot will get a hundred zeds on your ass. There are many, many ways to approach this (and like emuthreat, I have lots of stashes across Chernarus and can greatly reward anyone who's friendly to me), but behind all those options there's that assumption that DayZ becomes harder. That you actually have to manage your hunger, thirst and health, not just grab a few cans on your way to the NWAF. This is all in line with the promise - of a 'gritty' 'survival game', but certain players don't want the things to go that road and would rather insist on the 'easy mode' (only they would never call it that). Imagine if keeping your character healthy required effort! They would whine like little kids, like they did when stuff like temperature was implemented. "Hey, we bought Dayz as a gritty, authentic, open-world survival horror hybrid-MMO game, please don't give us anything gritty, authentic, survival or horror."
  3. Some time ago I described here a friend of mine's encounter in Bere, when he was attacked by a freshie with a screwdriver, completely out of nowhere. Calling such situations 'exciting' or even 'brutal' is like calling a shopping mall elevator jingle 'mind-blowing'. When you're like that, you just cannot expect people not to mock your 'taste'.
  4. FYI, I like a high threat level, I just want it to be meaningful, i.e. when I get shot by bad guys, not bored guys. And I just love how you guys completely lack any self-awareness. "DayZ is a vast sandbox where you can do absolutely anything you want! You can shoot people! You can get shot at! Err... and that's about it, but what do you expect, deep down DayZ is just a shooter!". I like that, I really do. You guys are so tolerant and accepting of other people's playstyles, providing it's the 'shoot'em' mentality. Just keep being you, it's funny this way.
  5. What I Think Players Really Want

    They said recently that bikes and planes are pushed to post-1.0. https://www.dayz.com/blog/dayz-feature-content-goals "When it comes to aerial transport, we do want to have helicopters in before 1.0, but making planes accessible would mean a lot of extra time in development, slowing down what everybody wants the most, and that is to play DayZ BETA. Planes will be making their way into DayZ, but not with BETA/1.0. Then, everybody's favourite: bikes and motorbikes. We've said that before, but sadly, as weird as it may sound to a person not involved in game dev, creating single track vehicles properly takes a massive amount of animation and programming work that we want to invest into other parts of the game for BETA - such as achieving overall polish of features like the character movement, double track vehicles, or user actions." There's actually a lot of content pushed down the road after the 1.0 release.
  6. I love me a good joke, it's just that you don't make any. Taking something to an outlandish extreme doesn't suffice to count as 'sarcasm'. Although to be honest, you strike me as a guy who probably laughed his head off at 'Obama? More like Osama, ammirite?', so there you go. (Yeah, it's still funny, isn't it? You see, because their names are so similar.) But there are hard feelings, dude, because you contribute nothing worth reading to this forum. Yes, you're entitled to your opinion, but basically you just keep saying "well, but I like this" a hundred times and waiting for a round of applause. We got it the first time, you support KOS mentality or else DayZ is a farming simulator, haha. No need to repeat it at every opportunity. Every now and then I consider putting you on the Ignore list, which I hate because it messes with reading threads. And sometimes I even ponder reporting you to the admins for constant violating of the rule 9 of these boards - 'no unnecessary posts', because you do exactly that all the time. Please dude, just accept that comedy is not your cup of tea. Try to find some better basis for your opinions than ridiculous, cringeworthy strawmen. Try to find new... words. Like I said, you are allowed to make irrelevant silly comments (don't you worry about your 2nd Amendment rights), but it doesn't mean that you have to. Please.
  7. I tried many times to explain to KOS players that by playing how they want, they make other types of players unable to play how they want, and I have never been met with a shred of understanding. At first I thought they're just pretending not to grasp this 'paradox', but after some time it dawned on me that they may actually be unable to process it. I mean, you're telling them 'well, but I didn't want to get shot, you actually ruined my gaming session', and they somehow get to feel oppressed. So yes, people like that are sure AF unimaginative simpletons, there's no point talking to them and the best we can do is trust the devs that they're aware that people need incentives to consider a sandbox a sandbox. Otherwise, you end up with chimpanzees in the Louvre - 'wow, what a great place to fling our feces in'. But I do trust the devs that they don't want just another shooter. It's one thing about them I fully stand by since the beginning. Feel free to mock KOS players, though. DayZ forums are very brutal and very realistic, just like the DayZ post-apoc scenario, so if they don't like it, they can find themselves a safezone and establish their beloved 'no mocking KOSers' rule. Snowflakes, hr hr.
  8. You got issues, dude. See, @Parazight, he's like that. And the saddest part is, he actually thinks he's being funny. You can practically hear him chuckle over his "jokes". Poor sod.
  9. This is geting silly

    This is not the kind of jabs which show the world how good our reasoning is. Judging just from this topic, we can deduce that DayZ development is clearly stellar and beyond reproach because the OP made a typo, wrote a short bio and we have no idea how his games will pan out. Stay classy, Chernarus.
  10. This is geting silly

    Yeah, this is a note I could agree to wrap it up with. And don't worry about the complaints, I'm sure they'll stop soon enough. In fact, I'm sensing their end is "just around the corner". You might even say that "it's weeks, not months". OK, I'm sorry, that was so cheap. ;P
  11. This is geting silly

    BTW, I get it, we're all fed up with the complaints. But some points are more valid than others and people express themselves in various ways, from 'u f@#!s give me my money back' to more reasonable, like I believe the OP did. However, more and more frequently they are met with the same argument, which does sound crack-potty if you think about it, "you have to work at BI in order to express your opinion about BI". Guys, I'm sure we can do better than that. And we're not doing the devs any favour if that's how we take in disappointed players. The concerns are legitimate and to be addressed, not handwaved away as dumb, typo-riddled rudeness. We will try to win the player base back, remember? Right now we can all fit into one server and we'll probably want to change that. So let's stop Tom Cruising here. If you want people to have patience towards BI, please demonstrate your patience to the complainers.
  12. This is geting silly

    This argument can be easily reversed - those who complain about the complainers won't stop the ever-steady influx of said complainers, yet they complain anyway. ;) We now have 3 new 'this is a farce' threads a week and those who start them don't give a damn about whether we are barraged with such rants or not. Also, you say that such complaints don't affect development, yet such concerns hardly stop you from giving a 1-star Yelp review. People are displeased with a product and then express it online, end of story. To tell them that this doesn't accomplish anything is a bit overreasoning. 2 things stand out here, as far as I'm concerned: - people's grief and disappointment are perfectly understandable and they have a right to rant, just like we all have a right to go to Amazon and give a 1-star to anything we want. - this will only end when DayZ successfully goes 1.0, wink wink I'm sorry, but delivering a working product is the only way not to get bad reviews. I kinda don't want it to be any other way.
  13. This is geting silly

    OK, it's one thing to point out a typo, nitpick 'abuse trivialization' (which is blatant BS in my opinion) and the fact that OP listed all the stuff that happened since SA was announced (what's the problem with that)... But let me get this straight - the only group of people who are allowed to criticize the 'speed' of DayZ development are the very people who are involved in said development?? I'm... I'm in a cult. Wow.
  14. This is geting silly

    Let's take it easy, shall we? I think it was more "we think we're being unfairly treated" rather than "we are literally as miserable as victims of domestic abuse and/or life-long rape". At least that's how I read it. ;)
  15. This is geting silly

    For one, I fully understand you and think it's perfectly normal to feel this way. Yes, DayZ seems like one long promise that just keeps being broken. And there's something to the analogy with an abusive partner - eventually I learnt to appreciate any crumbs they throw at us ("he didn't hit me yesterday!"), but all in all, I just can't effing forget how in August 2017 beta was "just around the corner" and then we were served 5 months worth of SR with "we are so excited to report progress on ladder climbing!". Sometimes, the content of the SRs seemed to be created in the alternate universe where everything goes according to some 2013 schedule. A week ago, a friend of mine had a sit-down with me (I swear it looked like a confrontation) and told me that I should be ready for a huge disappointment because DayZ "has a long history of under-delivery". When I told him that despite the serious delay DayZ is still going to be the best game in the history of gaming (which I honestly still believe), he gave me that smirk which you normally reserve for the Scientologists. This is a true story and in fact, for the past 2-3 years when I mentioned DayZ among gamers, all I got was incredulous laughs followed by cautious "you don't really....?". Yes, we look like a sect to people out there. Yes, there is a reason for it. Yes, deep down we know this is true so even more we feel the need to attack those who calmly (or not) tell us "dude, I understand this 'new engine' story and all, but you know that this pace has been freakin' ridiculous now, right?". As I also heard recently, "you seem to do a lot of effort not to feel cheated". This actually sums up my attitude to DayZ quite nicely. And yes, I'm tired of all those 'give me my money back' threads for the past 4 years, too. But people have a right to vent on official DayZ forums and to think that handwaving all the deadline issues with the new engine development sounds... how to put it... let's agree on 'suspicious', shall we?