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  1. Kirov (DayZ)

    Who else misses bow and arrow?

    I hope not to derail the topic, but the above reminds me of a thing I've been thinking about recently - what is it with the vaulting? Can I ask someone who actually has any programming experience? Because this was one thing that never worked properly. I'm sick and tired of that '6 years of development' card, but I also sincerely can't fathom out why my toon still can't predictably traverse knee-high obstacles, no matter the engine. Anyhow, back on the topic - bows are cool! 😉 And let's not forget about crossbows. Crafted bolts have been my dream for almost all my DayZ time.
  2. Kirov (DayZ)

    Who else misses bow and arrow?

    I miss the bow so much every time I see a zed. And many other times, as well. Never liked to make noise with those boomsticks. With a bow, you can kill an entire herd of cows right next to a big city and never worry about unwanted guests.
  3. Kirov (DayZ)

    Status Report - January 2019

    Well, on my server I got the full stomach indicator (a stomach some arrows pointing outwards) before I puked into my helmet. Maybe it's inconsistently on and off?
  4. Kirov (DayZ)

    Status Report - January 2019

    So I tortured my toon for a while for your amusement. This was an umodded community server, I specifically asked the admins about that. Here's what I got: - I ate raw cow guts, raw cow steaks, half a raw lard, a burnt cow steak, a burnt goat steak, a burnt white mushroom and I washed it all down with pond water on several occasions, with dirty hands (no blood skin for me but an option to wash hands was there) - yet I failed to contract any condition - I drunk tincture, which induced vomit, but no condition followed - there's a hyperthermia indicator now (i.e. yellow and red thermometer, which blinks at the end of the scale), but it doesn't work now. Apart from putting my face in fire, I couldn't get my toon to get any overheating reaction - you can't burn lard now even if you try (the animation just stops) NOTE: on another community server I did get some kind of poisoning (i.e. a germ icon), but my toon died while swimming in the air (!) QUESTION: assuming that water poisoning (cholera) is in, is the chance calculated per volume or per 'sip'? Is it better to fill a pot with dirty water and take it in at one time vs. taking numerous sips from a pond?
  5. Kirov (DayZ)

    Why i would prefer bikes over cars

    You got it all wrong, guys. You want to emulate birds, when the key is to think like a fish. Forget about wings and rotors, a vigorous breaststroke is your answer! Just look at me below - straight from the Svergino pond I took to the skies to marvel and amuse. Sadly, in the clouds I died of thirst. Allow us to eat while floating already, devs! It hurts my immersion to majestically swim through the heavens and still not be able to reach my pockets. (This happened on an unmodded community server; I have no idea what happened apart from a quick relog in the water and I have no idea how to use modding tools, so this is 'legit'. It's my first time in Chernarus skies). 😄
  6. Kirov (DayZ)

    Stable Update 1.02

    Soo... is it safe to finally nail some planks, or does the sentence "the persistence is fixed" come with some winking I'm not aware of?
  7. Kirov (DayZ)

    Stable Update 1.02

    Where can I read up on the dev progress, now that SRs are gone?
  8. Kirov (DayZ)

    Polls: Blood & Health values in DayZ

    When I joined DayZ, I was so excited about the medical system and the role of the medic. I remember I used to carry all kinds of medicine and kits. After a while, I learnt how the system works and figured out that all I ever need to carry are 6 rags. Even morphine is not worth it if you don't PvP on a regular basis. Nothing important has changed in this department since 2014. Limping, etc. are just trinkets. Nobody ever needs any help outside of PvP. It's a shame, I'd love to don my paramedic uniform and patrol the coasts again. While we're at it, can someone explain to me why we can draw our own blood but can't reapply it to ourselves? Blood test kits, blood bags and saline bags practically don't exist for solo players.
  9. Kirov (DayZ)

    Just sayin...

    OK, now we know you're just trolling and reducing the DayZ fanboy stance to absurd. Nobody would be that silly to use the 'you have to be a successful game producer to express opinions about games' card for real, especially not in 2019. It's like saying 'you have to be the Pope to criticize Church pedophilia'. Your subversion is a little obscure, but it's really funny once I know it's there. 'Dayz fanboys', ammirite?
  10. Kirov (DayZ)

    No Face Hitbox

    So it's not a private modded server, after all... I'm sure that's the last time Guy Smiley pulled a far-fetched assumption out of a hat. 😉 And thanks, Gews, interesting read.
  11. Kirov (DayZ)

    Future DayZ

    Bears are ingame? Or do you mean they're in the game files and still WIP?
  12. Kirov (DayZ)

    Returning Player

    I don't want to start another topic - can someone tell me how much has changed since early January? Both in terms of features and persistence?
  13. Kirov (DayZ)

    the real hardcore survival server

    Please PM me when you find a server like that.
  14. Kirov (DayZ)

    Any update on Notes returning?

    There were many occasions where I wanted to leave a persistent note. Or a map, for that matter.
  15. Kirov (DayZ)

    loot farming with infecteds and boats

    Sounds like you are or have been a team member? I wasn't aware of that. Yeah, I can't say I can play only DayZ, but with 1800 hrs under my belt it sure quickly jumped to my personal second place (after Sid Meyer's Alpha Centauri, an entirely different cup of tea). I came to DayZ from the Fallout franchise (dating back to F1) and I rarely look back. But when we talk about the massive impact on the industry, it's hard not to mention the reputation of DayZ, e.g. how 1.0 press announcements in December sounded like somebody resurrected a freakin' mammoth. "2013, when was that". The way this whole situation looks, it's almost impossible to defend. Since you sound like you're in the know - do you know if they still have that separate team from another game just for animal AI and hunting features? I read about it somewhere in 2015 and since then - can't find a word and obviously so many things are more pressing now. So was the whole idea scrapped or not?