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  1. Relax, I wasn't targeting you or even the Exile system. In fact, I can understand how many people can find it enjoyable. I'm just pointing out that it's not gonna be easy to find working game mechanics which are not glaringly arbitrary. I don't know how the blueprints will work, I hope they will at least alleviate the problem of gravity-defying structures. Look, I like base building as much as the next guy, but DayZ has always been to me the most immersive game ever and I'd like to keep it that way. If you know any mechanics which don't scream 'it's just a game!', I'm all ears.
  2. My take is, vanilla DayZ should have only non-immersion-breaking base-building, and let the modders do whatever they want. I'm gonna stick with servers striving for 'authenticity', that's for sure.
  3. Hahaha, you write like a teenager humped a keyboard because you're too 'hip' to follow grammar rules? Hahahahahaha, oh you sweet, sweet child. You made my day, thanks!
  4. I've played some Arma 3 Exile recently and I must say that base building is, and must be by definition, hilariously immersion-breaking. There are two things here: 1) base elements need to fit into your inventory or containers in order to be used properly, so for example you can go to a crafting workstation with some planks and come back with three wooden walls in your 'pockets'. In Exile, a huge base element usually takes less inventory space than a big gun. I completely lost it when a friend of mine told me 'dude, I had a hangar in my safe but I think I dropped it somewhere'. This kind of ridiculous statement just doesn't belong to DayZ. And yes, I understand that the 'authentic' alternative (that it takes a truck to carry a wall) is dull and tedious. 2) base raiding is either 'authentic' (= 'too easy') or based on in-your-face-arbitrary rules. I had a lot of fun in Exile, exploring, crafting and shooting, but whenever I found someone's base, it was like a big message saying 'hey, this is just a game, we don't even pretend that we pretend it's reality'. A part of what I obviously mean is, wooden walls which are completely impervious to tank shells, but it goes beyond that (like unrealistic physics for base layout, basically without gravity). Base building is a game within a game, and with a set of arbitrary rules on par with Minesweeper. I understand that certain limitations enforce arbitrariness (e.g. people need unrealistic safeguards for their bases because they just can't be there all the time), but that's precisely my point - base building has to look stupid if it's supposed to work. Expect sentences like "oh, a wooden base! Hmm, we have a big truck and several RPGs and grenades. If only we had something to put a dent on that wood..." or "dude, can I store this concrete 3-floor tower in your barrell?". I believe I'll give a wide berth to servers with complex base building mechanics, as my idea for storage is a network of well-hidden stashes throughout the entire Chernarus. But of course, I'm quite sure that most players will choose the Exile style of base building and we'll soon have craftable airport towers in some mods. And yes, thermal scanners and CCTV don't belong in a world where most sophisticated devices are walkie-talkies. Again, I'm sure that mods will anyhow bring us UAVs and camera-equipped bullets.
  5. I must say I'm impressed. This post of yours is coherent and properly follows all the rules. Your capitalization is correct and you don't embolden, underline, itallicize or capitalize random words. Maybe you missed a coma or two, but all in all you get your punctuation right and you end your sentences with one period only. What's far more important, you didn't use even one <> bracket, as if you understood that these have no place in regular conversations. Moreover, your writing is clear and easy to follow. The sentences are linked to each other in a logical, linear way, and I didn't scratch my head or squint even once. None of your statements are overly pretentious or far-fetched hyperboles or otherwise hilariously out of place. So far, I've thought that you're simply unable to communicate properly in written language, either due to a learning disorder or the fact that you're 16 and are going through an <<<X-tremly! REBELIUZ*!!* FaaaZe!!!>>>. But now I'm sure that the power of writing is in your heart. I think it's your first post like that, but I sure hope it's not the last. Keep it up!
  6. I know, but be patient.

    If you haven't seen the list of features pushed post-beta/post-release, you're not gonna like it.
  7. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Is it a common knowledge that zombies (and chickens) don't see you if you're coming to them ax-swinging? I imagine it is by now.
  8. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Do you think guys we can expect some development on the whole stamina feature? I believe that the stamina bar was the first design in this department and dates back some 20 years, give or take. Maybe it works for FPS games, but it's kinda weird to do a long travel by the ''sprint 10 sec./jog 10 sec." mode, besides it's not how 'being tired' works. I'm sure this is just the first rough draft. Did the team share some info?
  9. I know, but be patient.

    Interesting, I remember you as deeply committed to bughunting. Oh well, the last thing I can say is that I'm surprised. To determine whether the project is in deep S, look no further than here. This community has always been tad toxic, but the information shared was invaluable as well. But nowadays, as there's nothing to discuss content-wise, all we're left with is this ridiculous endless battle between the fanboys and the dismayed. I pop in every now and then to read SRs, each time hardly believing my eyes that the discussion is still there. I think the only useful bit of information I read here in the entire 2018 was that small stones spawn on hiking trails now.
  10. I know, but be patient.

    Cheers, just recently I talked with a friend of mine how my Fallout experience affected my DayZ gameplay. ;)
  11. I know, but be patient.

    Is it for stress tests or experimental?
  12. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    I think I've found a funny minor bug - in the light of a flashlight (at night, ofc), all arrows on the hiking trail spots (those boards with names of farther spots) look black. Take away the flashlight beam and they're coloured again. Should I even report it? It's been ages since the last time I did it.
  13. Yeah, I'm kinda worried if the devs succumb to the cries and tears of all those 12yo 'Rambos'. I have my faith in them (the devs, not the Rambos), but it's kinda hard to tell. For every two steps forward, I saw at least one step back. For example, the argument that food is abundant for loot table purposes (I'm foggy on the details) was never too convincing for me. And when they added temperature and wetness, perfect things for snuffing out campers, they simply had to make a rainproof military-grade item. I mean, what's the temperature even for if you have Gorka jackets in game? You put it on and the entire concepts of 'temperature', 'wetness' or 'being prone to diseases' cease to exist altogether. And the jacket is camo and has 6 slots, because what bad can happen if one item is clearly the best in its category. I still remember the scarcity of loot in .52 or similar. The entire town of Chernaya Polana yielded a duct tape and a hammer (literally). It made me actually think what to do and where to go next. Best times.
  14. I would never support such an artificial thing as a karma system. As for the rules, it depends - I did play several non-KOS servers, knowing that people still KOS there. But there's a difference between a sniper at the NWAF and some bored teenager who thinks it's funny to run in circles and swing axes at each other. Some time ago I bought a Minecraft copy for my 8yo nephew and he spent an entire evening bashing villagers with a wooden sword. This is what I think about KOSers. Coming back to the point - the main idea behind it is make DayZ a hard game. Like, make it 'gritty', maybe add some 'survival' aspects, or even 'horror'. Yeah, I know the line "DayZ is a gritty, authentic, open-world survival horror hybrid-MMO game (...)", and I think it's very cute, as far as lies go. I have no idea who could believe this slogan, but mere 'surviving' in DayZ is easier than falling off a log. I was 'hungry' once in 2014 and then never went below bright-green 'energized' ever again. And this is not to gloat, it's just the survival issues in DayZ are at the 'My Little Pony' level. You find a few crucial items and you never have to worry about anything other than players, ever again. But what if the disease system worked in such a way that the guy who's on the receiving end of your iron sights is worth asking if he has antibiotics stashed somewhere? What if he's got a 'cooking' skill and can make your food supply last much much longer? Or maybe you could use him to clear out the zeds at the Green Mountain, where good loot is said to spawn. Or maybe the guy has that one heli rotor blade which you're missing. Hell, maybe he has a can opener and you have only cans, like in the story above. Or maybe ammo is scarce and you don't want to waste bullets. Or maybe the shot will get a hundred zeds on your ass. There are many, many ways to approach this (and like emuthreat, I have lots of stashes across Chernarus and can greatly reward anyone who's friendly to me), but behind all those options there's that assumption that DayZ becomes harder. That you actually have to manage your hunger, thirst and health, not just grab a few cans on your way to the NWAF. This is all in line with the promise - of a 'gritty' 'survival game', but certain players don't want the things to go that road and would rather insist on the 'easy mode' (only they would never call it that). Imagine if keeping your character healthy required effort! They would whine like little kids, like they did when stuff like temperature was implemented. "Hey, we bought Dayz as a gritty, authentic, open-world survival horror hybrid-MMO game, please don't give us anything gritty, authentic, survival or horror."
  15. Some time ago I described here a friend of mine's encounter in Bere, when he was attacked by a freshie with a screwdriver, completely out of nowhere. Calling such situations 'exciting' or even 'brutal' is like calling a shopping mall elevator jingle 'mind-blowing'. When you're like that, you just cannot expect people not to mock your 'taste'.