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  1. Do you have any more info as to upcoming zed features, apart from technical stuff like UI? I've seen the door-smashing animation for 0.63 and I wonder what else they might be cooking. As for the OP question: One feature I miss the most now (and it kinda hurts my immersion) is zeds being alerted/attracted by each other's shrieks and/or maybe by the sight of their fallen brethren. You need to make your melee fights quick and maybe even drag the body away. I use the bow these days so I rarely care about the shrieks but there are situations when I run head first into a zed and I believe that half the town should know then. Some other stuff I was thinking about: - children; sometimes gangs of children - different kinds of zeds; bulky guys with higher damage, agile guys climbing walls and smashing windows in (make them children for additional pant-shitting experience), 'screamers' who attract others, etc. - zeds reacting to light sources (with the gamma exploit fixed, obviously), bright colours, etc.; but it was always my intuitive impression that they should be really scared of fire - make zeds 'do' various things like feeding on animals/people (either players or spawned just for that), lying prone quietly (sleeping?) or going about other typical zed stuff (fighting over a meal, for instance) - using ladders is of course the next logical step I wait for - what about melee weapons? could some zeds 'remember' how to use these? Everyone has a different vision of how hard the zeds should be, although I believe we can all agree that they should be much harder. My approach is: 'make them hard enough to make teaming up with a random survivor a valid and solid option'. I have no doubt that the current zeds are just placeholders (or 'bugs' if you will) and the end game solution will bring much more for us than the overwhelming feeling of annoyance, not unlike killing mosquitos.
  2. Does anyone know how getting cold via humidity works? You swim for some time and get the 'cooling off' messages. Then you crawl out of water, start sprinting and see the 'slowly warming up' info. And then you're shaking after a few minutes. What the deuce?
  3. I'm probably doing something hilariously wrong, but I can't seem to find the comprehensive list of submitted bugs. Where do I click in the tracker?
  4. I believe with some tinkering with the files and video settings you should be fine. My Chernogorsk (under GTX 650 Ti) is somewhat ugly but renders at 40+ FPS. GPU overclocking can also help a lot (some 10-15 FPS).
  5. @Baty Alquawen Is there a point to submitting bug reports for super minor things? With the devs hopefully working around the clock on 0.63 and all? Examples include: - firewood can only be stacked when out on the ground, you can't stack it in your inventory - cutting bark off with a hatchet crashes the game (at least with a birch, happened twice to me) - clothes in waterproof bags register as 'damp', you have to take them out to see that they're dry. I feel like it's a waste of time to report such issues as we await 0.63.
  6. I've got two water-related questions: 1) Has anyone figured out the science of fishing? I tried my hand at it after a loong time. It used to be, you could fish an infinite amount of fish from literally any pool, within some predictable time. But recently, I tried to fish from a small stream and the results were horrible - one fish per numerous attempts. So I figured maybe bigger lakes yield better results and tried the ones at Elektro. Sure enough, I caught like 6 fish over some time. But here's the deal - all of them were caught within a minute of fishing. If I didn't get the message 'there is some movement' within 45 seconds, then I might as well sit there forever (once I waited more than 6 minutes, to no avail). I tried changing locations and not 'checking bait' too often, but these don't seem to impact the fishing chance. So, what are your impressions/lesons? 2) Do you find any kind of use for the waterproof bags? They do keep your stuff dry (although you must take it out, because inside the bag they read 'damp'), but when you're drenched, you make your dry clothes 'damp' anyway when you put them on. The only practical use for the waterproof bags at the moment is that when you're half-naked, you dry up much faster at a fire and only then you put on your dry clothes. But there is no actual situation in Cherno where this difference would make a difference. Any thoughts here?
  7. Where is that place?? :D
  8. I submitted a report related to skinning the wolf pack leader. Another observation I need someone to confirm - have you noticed that processed pumpkin slices revert to their raw state after a while? I baked, boiled and dried numerous slices, put them in a tent and returned later to find them all raw. Without access to the figures, I can only say that I believe that they were indeed raw (by the rough estimation of stomach volume). This was even though some of them kept the red 'hot' colour. Which reminds me, what's the deal with the current temperature status of stuff? I mean the red/blue thing. It sure looks buggy, has anyone spotted any trends or regularities? Sometimes cooking pots turn blue and sometimes they stay red for hours, and the same goes for steaks. Does the heater work at all? Do you have to hold it in hands or the backpack will do? How long does the temperature bump last?
  9. Guys, how do you handle brakes on the bus? Am I missing something or the thing doesn't have any? I tried to park it on a slight slope, but it kept rolling down. So I put on the reverse and decided to jump out when the speedometer was at 0 kmh... Only to get run over immediately. So what do you do when you try to combine your bus with your camp?
  10. That's fine, just remember not to eat a reused animal lard... Turns out it's burnt rather than thoroughly rebaked (the images are too similar to me). Fortunately I drove home for charcoal and got killed by my own bus.
  11. 100% true. I would accept that skinning takes much longer (if other actions in game are also adjusted), but dropped corpses should definitely stick around much longer, I think it's only like 10 minutes now. Animal behaviour in general needs serious overhaul, but if I recall correctly, the devs actually hired a team who worked on that game The Hunter or The Hunt or something like that. Is it true? If so, I can't wait to see some serious hunting action.
  12. Re: animals Before I submit a bug, can someone confirm that they experience the same? Over the past weekend, I had 4 affrays with wolves. In 3 cases, I was unable to skin the pack leader and when I relogged, the corpse was gone. Do you have the same? With the fourth pack, I could skin the leader as usual. On a more general note, how do we submit our general feedback about animal behaviour? I noticed that herds of cows and deer can be stuck in a 'panic loop', when they run away to some destination, get scared away by zeds and run back and forth ad infinitum. What do I do with an observation like that? Are the devs aware of all the issues and if not, how can we help? Cows and deer still have loads of problems when negotiating obstacles like barriers, while wolves can't properly fight on steep slopes (they move slowly and have their 'sitting on ass' animation). Fun fact: did anyone notice that animals chased by you can aggro some zeds, who, after a short fruitless pursuit, can turn against you even if you are at a considerably huge distance (triple the usual distance you get normally spotted?). Funny thing to watch a zed run up to me from like 100 m away.
  13. @emuthreat, @Baroness, @IMT I took another look at the cooking-related numbers and I think I know what the source of confusion is. Basically, food processing takes varied amount of time, based on the type. When you 'bake' (though I would really call it 'grilling') a piece of meat on a stick over a fire, it takes 1:15 mins. Boiling in a pot filled with water sure takes 1:10 mins (1:30 mins without pre-heating). However, I also noticed that both baking and drying (in a pot) takes only some 56 seconds (55 sec. is not enough, but trust me, it's definitely less than a minute). The first batch gets baked in 1:16 sec. This will save us a lot of gas! In all cases (except boiling), 30 sec. is the time window you have before burning food. At first I thought that various kinds of meats and veggies take a varied amount of time to cook, but my studies didn't yield such conclusions. I believe this will be changed in the future. In the past, I think I've seen some food raw and some cooked in my pot. Fun fact: when you dry a zucchini, you can take out the seeds without a knife (the zucchini is still destroyed). It's an absurdly useless feature, but I've always kinda liked this attention to detail and I hope every aspect in the game will get the same thought and treatment. Also, did anyone notice how the animal lard has two different images, one in your inventory (the 'slimmer' one) and another when in containers? At first I thought it's a cow/wolf difference, only yesterday I confirmed that both in fact look the same but change when put away to a barrel.
  14. I haven't played it since the wipe. Do I get it right from the pictures that you're between Dolina and Solnichniy? I'm not sure if I can offer a speedy rescue, how long would you be willing to wait? RL these days keeps me busy.
  15. Mate, we both know that the reason people shun nighttime is not that they aim for optimized survival simulation. ;) It's the pew-pew that it's harder. Personally, I love playing nights for additional horror effect. Zombie growls in the night are so much spookier and you can piss your pants when you walk just right on one. It's really a completely gaming experience, realism (i.e. hiding in the attic and waiting until dawn) be damned. Sometimes I truly feel 'alone in the dark'. I have to admit, these days I play just to explore new locations and map changes, so I shamelessly crank up the gamma (nobody's hurt because of that, only my immersion, but it's not my goal at the moment). But I already noticed how dark the nights became again, how the light sources work better (although WTF is it with the gas lamp casting shadow right in front of you? do you wear it on your neck or something?) and how much more solid-grey and unpleasant the increased gamma looks. I can't wait when the devs render gamma cranking useless, hopefully without negating this effect with NVG. And if this means even lower pops, well, quality over quantity.