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    I managed to craft a knife but had to find 9 stones - first you combine 8 of them and then use the 9th to craft a knife (which consumes 2 stones, so you're left with 7).
  2. Status Report - 6 November 2018

    UPDATE: I managed to get my game running and gave it a try. In Svetlo, I used my flare to find a knife and craft a torch. When I noticed how quickly it consumes rags, I decided to hop on the yellow trail to find some small stones (to craft a knife and keep chopping rags). Much to my dismay, I discovered that I needed not 2 but 9 stones - up to 8 they just stack and you only get the knife crafting option with the 9th (or maybe I did something wrong?). All in all, I spent a couple of hours just to mess with light sources and I must say I'm not currently impressed by them. A short overview: 1) Road flare - overall a good light source, but goes out in rain. In case you wondered, the flare lasts for 20 mins. 2) Torch - eats through rags like crazy, some 2 mins or less per rag. You will likely ruin a blade or two just to keep it running through the night (not to mention the constant 'refueling'). As it goes out in rain, not worth it in this current weather. 3) Glowsticks- I can barely see anything by their light, but I guess they're OK to traverse familiar terrain or spread around your base if you feel like some hammering. 4) Gas lamp - the current model is ridiculous and leaves half the room lit... like this: https://imgur.com/WeIlWte I don't think it's worth it. 5) Headtorches - as described somewhere else, they're very clearly broken. A small red diode hovers half a meter above your head and doesn't light up anything. You have no reason to take it in your hands. 6) Weapon/pistol flashlights - couldn't find any; are they in? 7) Flashlights - the only reliable and actually useful light source right now in my opinion. Its luminosity is poor, but you can handwave it with 'low-tech' environment (regular flashlights for households were exactly like that in the Communist Poland). I find the flashlights a lot of fun. They don't blind you or your toon, they don't go out in rain or after few minutes. And in the dark night at Novo, for the first time I had actually really spooky experiences like from that horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent (especially since I turn off the light every now and then to look around if I don't see someone else's light). When a zed or two chased me through that town hall square, I must say it was intense to hear nothing but shrieks in the dark. I hope the darknesses stay close to what we have (although it's really tad too dark) but we soon get the light sources fixed! Good job, devs. Looking forward to watch the progress in this department.
  3. Status Report - 6 November 2018

    As much as I love the new changes, I strongly recommend going back to spawning with flashlights (what happened to that? was it really that OP?) or at least a glowstick or two. I joined several servers (although the game keeps kicking me) and had to quit some in frustration. The road flare goes out within 10 seconds in heavy rain, and to prepare yourself for darkness you need to either find/craft a knife (for a torch) or find both a battery and either a flashlight or headtorch (I imagine the gas lamp is out at the moment?). This is simply impossible to do in pitch-black darkness. I don't shy away from the most difficult parts of the game and I'm happy to see a kind of darkness which makes it impossible to play without a light source. But throw me a bone here! My navigation and crafting skills won't matter when I see precisely zero on my screen. I've always loved playing the night and most of the time I did it honestly, i.e. without gamma abuse (although light sources and light mechanics in the past were horrendous). I fondly remember one 'always night' server. The only problem for me was that people abuse gamma and I'm the only idiot running around with a light. One way or another, people should be forced to use lights at night because we are a diurnal species. But currently, this task can be too much even for veterans if they just spawn on the coast on a rainy night. @daniel0056 I agree with the argument that a new player can quickly give up. This is precisely what I did with Doom 3, when I noticed that you can either see the zombies in the flashlight or switch to weapons and complete darkness. But the learning curve is of different importance in DayZ. If something is easy for a noob, it will quickly become boring/unsatisfying once they stop being one. This game should be demanding for veterans also outside of PVP (my 2 cents). One more thing - I'm fine with the night being artificially darker than that in RL, in order to make up for all the actions you can do in-game but would never be able to do in the dark. Think about 'stitching yourself up' or crafting a ghillie - you really need to see what you're doing. Hell, you'd probably fumble with your socks if you had to change them in a pretty dark place. So either those actions should be unavailable without a proximity to a light source, or I'm OK to pitch-black night for those who insist on carrying mags instead of flashlights. People need light at night in about the same way they need clothes outside - that is, they can go without it, but it's always a bad choice for several reasons. The previous states of affairs (when nights were gray/navy-blue and everyone abused gamma, anyway) were laughable and I'm happy that the devs are coming down on this problem, even if a bit too hard. An important part of what could make DayZ survival challenging was essentially non-existent. And all the Rambos out there (not a personal jab at daniel0056) need to understand that at night it's very hard to even safely pass through a forest, let alone enjoy heavy fire-fights at the Kamensk base.
  4. Can't combine items?

    Now I'm getting kick out for all the servers I've tried (more than a dozen, official and private alike). After several minutes of playing, the items around me stop responding (doors can't be opened etc., as if I was losing connection) and then I'm kicked for 'modified data'. This despite I make sure to check 'version match', besides it's with official servers. Is there anything I can do? Sorry to write here, but I didn't want to start a separate thread just for that.
  5. Can't combine items?

    You can't eat an unsliced pumpkin now, or at least - couldn't last night.
  6. Can't combine items?

    Learnt it the hard way, as I starved holding my hunting knife and a pumpkin. The knife wasn't able to cut a long stick into smaller ones, either.
  7. Are wounds and puddles still coming?

    Ok, cheers. They've been silent about it since they announced hiring a team from another game specifically about hunting. This was many, many years ago...
  8. Are wounds and puddles still coming?

    I recall (from a few years back) that trails of blood were to be a part of the broader mechanics of animal tracking. Do you perchance have any more up-to-date info on this issue?
  9. Not surprised by negativity about upcoming 1.0

    What ET and IMT have already said, but let me stress it again - dude, everyone shoots at you because you're insufferable. You sound like you consider not shooting someone a weakness, and that's a red flag for almost all types of players. But also, the most embarrassing part in your post is that 'playing since one'. Want to know how you sound like? 'Guys, I've played chess since I was five and now I can hit a squirrel with a pawn from 30m away. Yeah I know some people move pieces around on that faggy 'chessboard' thing, but I've always thought it's for eggheads who wear glasses and can't hit shit with a chess piece. Once I played like that, but the guy won, so I simply smashed my pieces into his face and said 'Checkmate THIS, asshole'. And now I just carry chess pieces in my pocket and throw them at everyone who wears glasses. Trust me, I haven't lost a chess throwing fight for years, that's how good I am at the noble, ancient game of chess'. You need to wake up, you male bimbo. There's a whole world out there that you're missing. Also also, in the midst of this epic shitstorm, I'd like to thank the DayZ dev team, from the bottom of my heart, not to make a game that this guy expects.
  10. Not surprised by negativity about upcoming 1.0

    But anyway, it's just idea. In my experience, "the end of the year" in marketing language usually means "Dec, 24".
  11. Not surprised by negativity about upcoming 1.0

    What does it have to do with the issue? Whether a product physical or electronic, you still want to have it out there, labeled hot and complete. At all costs.
  12. Not surprised by negativity about upcoming 1.0

    A contract with Santa? Many games in the history were pushed without key features to meet the Dec 24 deadline. IIRC, Civilization 3 was first published without working multiplayer, and that was much before the current trend of releasing all those pre-ordered games in actually unplayable state, like Assassin's Creed: Unity (just a hearsay, didn't play it).
  13. DayZ and its future

    I was thinking about your answer and while it's technically true, I believe the discrepancies among various 'perfections' and betwen them and the reality is not what is at stake here. Simply put, scrambled eggs or not, SKS or not, the version proposed in the latest SR is not what any DayZ player would consider 'final'. I can agree that i.e. the list of vehicles may be not exhaustive and in fact may remain ever-expanding (remember that Helos in Arma 3 came with a separate - and paid - DLC). But many features cut on the floor would be expected by almost everyone to find their way into 1.0, let's say a year ago. So this is not all about your favourite fishing/bows/bikes/whatever, but about the status of the given version on the timeline. Not 'finished' of course, but a product which you can call a 'game' and no longer handwave any problems with 'shouldn't've bought EA, suckers'. I don't share the current vitriol towards the dev team, but mainly because I don't even consider that upcoming version as 1.0. It's just 0.64 wrapped up in Christmas paper, nothing more and nothing less. Can't wait for future builds in 2019!
  14. Not surprised by negativity about upcoming 1.0

    This is not what this entire fuss is about.
  15. DayZ and its future

    Well, you're right about that. The thing is, we all have an image of the future (not to say "perfect") DayZ in our heads. For me, crafting is one of the most essential and satisfying elements here. There were no expectations falsely set up here, I just considered it a given that one day, I'll be able to put various harvest in one cooking pot. And I clearly see that it's a long road here, so no screaming 'where's X!' from me. I'm gonna miss the bow, though. ;)