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  1. I don't see why I (or the OP) should have any problem with the above situation. KOS is certainly a valid approach to some situations, for some people. The main issue here is that KOS-ing is cancerous, as KOSed players more often that not become KOS players. Hence, instead of enhancing the pallet of possible interactions, KOS only limits it. Some people (on this board) put the KOS figures at some 80% of DayZ interactions. Now, if it was say 20%, this would certainly lend to a sense of mortal danger in our Chernarus adventures. But at 80%, with much of it of the 'screwdriver-in-Bere' variety, it's obnoxious, boring, and yes - predictable. We have always to remember that Dayz, and actually any MMORG, does not and can never deliver a truly unbiased sandbox, an environment neutral to all possible gameplays chosen by players. You mention behaviour filters like they already weren't there. Just like any cuts of canned food would drive many players away, so conversely, right now many people simply refuse to play this current, actually slightly boring 'loot&die' simulator. I didn't buy Dayz out of the sentiment to the mod, I truly wanted a 'post-apoc gritty survival simulator', and fuck me if DayZ is anything of these. The availability of ammo, the way gorka jackets make you impervious to the environment (thus still allowing etc. to comfortably snipe in bad weather), the food spawn, the still somewhat lackluster crafting options - these are all heavy filters already applied on our gameplay. For a while I had some fun with ignoring spawned food and restricting myself to hunting/farming, until I realized that it can be kinda boring and utterly pointless. The current filters in place make DayZ strongly pro-KOS and somewhat discouraging PVE, or at least leaving it to maniacs. I refuse to believe that the current player base is optimum either in figures or in diversity. Actually, I think it's probably the contrary - each COD kid drives away more than one sensible player who'd really fit into the DayZ landscape and contribute more than giggling when saying 'titties'. I read about your morale idea before and I say you have my beans. I think the only way to entice players to explore the mechanics is to make it worthwhile. Adding more slots to crafther leather clothes was a step in a good direction, I'm sure it's not the last one. There is also another layer of the PVP problem, and that is the strategy, as also pointed out by the OP. Fast A-D dancing beats situation awareness and taking advantageous positions. Usually I don't watch streams, but from what I've seen, people either camp sniper spots or do interpretive dancing. They are so super proud of their skills of chambering-a-pistol-and-doing-circles-around-the-guy that they don't even realize how ridiculous this looks like. And first of all, how this has nothing to do with... well, anything really. We can only try to guess the number of potential players who saw it, facepalmed and want nothing to do with DayZ.
  2. OK, found it.
  3. Once you catch cholera, you develop immunity to it while you're sick and some time after (24h?), so you're safe to drink lake water. It seems you were hit with the mild case. Good for you!
  4. That's true, I forgot about the apples (I was stuck to Stary Yar back then and there's not a single apple tree there). However, I sure can testify that pumpkins are good if not the first best solution to staying fed in cholera. Another idea - chicken fillets, as they seem to be much more nutritious in this build. But remember that you can't spend your energy running around. Remember - every food which can be cooked packs more energy and has lower stomach volume when processed. If you have a gas stove, cook even your apples.
  5. To anyone who's not sure yet - focus on the OP's content, not the 'comments' which failed to grasp it. What is at stake here is giving meaning to your interactions, whether everyone walks away from them or not. This is a much subtler issue than any kind of gun control or whatever you think could be imposed. Please give it a moment to consider before jumping to any conclusions, ignore all the ridiculous strawmen in this thread. This is about tapping the actual potential of Chernarus, not about telling you what to do. This is about combat situations which don't call for a Benny Hill sountrack. This is the 'survival' which means more than applying rags to a gunshot wound. This is about making actual, meaningful decisions when meeting another player - counting your bullets, checking health and food status, etc. This is about so much more than the PVP-PVE dialectics.
  6. Who's being patronizing now? I wonder if you ever notice that you've missed the OP's point completely. Nobody called for any kind of control and that was stated quite a few times. All the 'regulations' we talked about are already there - after all, your combat behaviour is already affected by things like ammo spawn, map distances, toon speed, etc... You know what, nevermind.
  7. Farm pumpkins and stay close to a pump. Brace for the worst. You're not going to make it without blood transfusions through the most severe case of cholera, the blood loss is just too quick. Remember to stay bright energized/dark hydrated at all times, even though you'll be puking every ten minutes. Most people would just call it quits, but if you want to ride it out, I can try to help you. But I can't promise good timing and I'd have to gear up with blood bags (many many blood bags) before I get to you. Let me know if you care to make it, I'll be happy to help. Once it took me several very long hours to make it through the severe variety, and wouldn't do that without a friend of mine (you are never at more vulnerable than in cholera), but I made it and now consider it an achievement unlocked. One good Dayz experience, everyone should get it once. ;) PS. You can tell which case of cholera it is by checking the timing of the messages you get and comparing it with the info on the wiki or youtube.
  8. Amen to everything you said, not for the first time by any means. I must say I'm tired as well, sighing and rubbing my eyebrows as I read on. We've got the most beautiful and immersive realm I've ever seen on a screen, sure, let's make the death-by-screwdriver the horizons of our imagination. The entire hope is with the devs now. I don't expect 0.63 to bring any actual changes to the gameplay, but hopefully the final release will deal with the 'kindergarten-on-meth' situation.
  9. LOL, my feelings exactly when I fight the zeds - a wooden dice-based and turn-based combat, with a huge random factor to boot. I see that there are new animations for 0.63, hopefully new mechanics will follow.
  10. We were just talking in the other thread how this feature is the sufficient condition to make all dayz combat silly and pointless. I hope so much that 0.63 brings some so-needed changes.
  11. Pilgrim, I know and appreciate your input on this site, and I think you're tad overthinking this. We above, like so many other Dayz players I talked to, are not concerned that Chernarus is a dangerous place full of well-armed people with various agendas. Trust me, I want this realm to stay that way. The problem is not action-oriented guys or even trigger-happy bandits, but rather people who drive other players away by bringing nothing more than the same kind of interactions which you usually have with the zeds. I have no doubt that you've played enough to meet your share of such folks and you know better than to go full Sun Tzu on their motivations. If a 13yo kid with a squeaky voice teabags you, it's not because he follows the Path of Black Mamba, and neither Nicaragua nor N Korea have nothing to do with it. He's just bored to death and DayZ perfectly accommodates his "gameplay" and does not penalize stupid behaviour (in the way we are talking about here). I'm putting "gameplay" in quotes because I'm just tired of pretending that a game, any game, can truly accommodate all possible approaches in one setting. This is bullshit. What the people who bludgeon your bambi do is the equivalent of your 6yo nephew whom you're trying to teach the chess but who just throws the pieces at you and insists that it's "fun". No, it's not, not for adults anyway. Let's stop pretending that a guy who takes a dump on your gaming evening brings some variety to this game. He's essentially a human equivalent of a wi-fi failure. I repeat, I have no problem whatsoever with meeting dangerous people who are after my loot or just prefer to dispose of me as a potential threat. But too many players follow literally the same script as the zeds - attack everything that moves, under any conditions. I'm not fed up with being sent back to the coast, I'm fed up with being bored to death by people who lack essential imagination. It's an irony that people who impersonate the survivors already behave like zombified. Play the chess, be super aggressive, just stop pissing on my queen, man.
  12. Someone once told me that there are caves in Chernarus. If so, that would be one landmark I missed. Any info about that? I spent a lot of time wandering among the mountains and rocks in the North, check them out if you didn't. ;)
  13. Where are your usual hunting grounds that you got used to hear the deer so often? I rarely get to hear that strange barking of theirs, wind or not.
  14. On several occasions, I found poor or even extremely poor loot at Tisy/NWAF/helis. I always assumed it'd been just thoroughly looted or that that instance of loot spawn yielded poor results, but judging from that you write, this is more commonplace. So what exactly do you expect from the above locations when you go there? Assuming private servers. Is it normal that I went to Vereshnik and found literally like a pair of boots and a sweater? I don't mean 'leftovers', I mean 'next to nothing'.
  15. I intend to really, really learn the layout of all industrial sites across Chernarus. So far I explored the Novo gas plant and already made quite a number of very useful discoveries. It's definitely worthwhile!