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  1. Kirov (DayZ)

    Status Report - July 2019

    I agree with the balance part, but there's more to this issue, which I already talked about here and don't want to derail the topic. Basically, I have bad impressions from Exile, where the experience was more or less immersive and 'authentic' (really mind the quotes here), but other people's bases were to me like giant signs 'THIS IS A GAME, YOU'RE PLAYING A GAME NOW'. Ridiculous, Escher-like structures made of wood impenetrable to tank shells... And you could actually put an aircraft hangar in your pockets. I will never forget my friend's line 'dude, I think I lost my hangar somewhere around here'. My immersion wasn't just hurt, it was kicked in the nuts. I'd grief only bases which are 'otherworldly', normal wooden huts I leave intact. Just my 2 cents, let's go back to the 'please deliver the concept as promised 6 years ago' issue.
  2. Kirov (DayZ)

    Status Report - July 2019

    Exactly. Even with stuff like base raiding I'm in favour of 'authenticity', meaning 'yes, you can dismantle a wooden wall with a sledgehammer/axe'. Because my overall attitude towards griefed bases is 'learn to hide your shit better, this is a huge map'. You don't like it? Fine, there are both community servers with an explicit base raid ban, and mods which make it so much more difficult (by introducing special tools etc). But the baseline should be a 'gritty survival horror game'. There will be so many servers for casual pvpers to choose from, anyway.
  3. Kirov (DayZ)

    Status Report - July 2019

    At this moment and in this SR, there was no point in reminding everyone for the umpteenth time that old engine solutions cannot be simply copied to the new architecture (duh). I don't believe they were going for that meaning but it got lost in translation, no sir. It takes a lot of mental gymnastics to interpret their words in any other way than "the final DayZ will never be as good as 0.62". Hence the uproar. Staying extremely, extremely on-topic, can I ask @ImpulZ or @Tom_48_97 to recommend me a good gritty, authentic, open-world survival horror title? I want to play such a game so much.
  4. Kirov (DayZ)

    Status Report - July 2019

    Hey, great you're here. Can you please explain to me how after years of hearing 'we're building a new engine to bring you all the features we want' it's now 'we have this new engine, so obviously it's gonna be poorer in features than Legacy'? Please use simple words, I think I'm daft or something, because I really, really don't understand the chain of logic here.
  5. Kirov (DayZ)

    Parity with 0.62 and DayZ Mod

    Like in December, with their 'the basic game loop is there', I almost admire the way they spin things. 'Come on, guys, did you really expect the features which half-worked in 2016 to work now on a different engine?? Who do you think we are, some wizards?' Almost.
  6. Kirov (DayZ)

    Parity with 0.62 and DayZ Mod

    Many mechanics were obviously a placeholder - the bow could work better (its first iterations were ridiculously unusable), fishing wasn't that interesting really (don't get me wrong, I loved to have this option, but didn't use it that often). Fish and rabbit traps and better crafting (leather!), those things I miss. And the later bow was actually very useful against zeds. But I'm saying it just to stress that those features, while in, obviously needed a lot of love and were WIP. And the way I read the above sentence, the way they didn't work properly is now a handwave excuse to discard them forever or relegate to DLC in 2022. We can reverse this question - which features work as intended now and can be considered complete? And let's not forget that the new engine was supposed to help new elements roll in quickly, and not just improve performance... (I'm so dismayed by this latest SR)
  7. I was mainly faithful to Dayz because of Chernarus, the best map I've ever seen. So what can you tell me about the SCUM map? I heard it's a big one, too. But size is not the only thing that matters, is it any interesting? With the current SR, I'm thinking it's time to pack my rucksack and head to another world.
  8. Kirov (DayZ)

    Status Report - July 2019

    I'm more worried that they put fishing and archery into that DLC. But nah, they won't, that would be a scam of the century and they're not like that.
  9. Kirov (DayZ)

    Status Report - July 2019

    What does it mean for the "new" features? Can you please be more specific? Don't worry, we're not waiting for helicopters at this moment, you can tell us the truth. I strongly, strongly, strongly advise you to reconsider. DLCs are considered cashgrabs on a good day, and with a half-baked product like DayZ... Oh wait, you don't think your reputation is at stake anymore? Well, nevermind. Just genuinely curious here - how many people had to review this SR before it got published? I will forever have questions about this sentence. But hey, happy 6th anniversary!
  10. So what are these? Because from the little info I have, Scum just looks like a much better version of DayZ, design-wise.
  11. Kirov (DayZ)

    Questions about the medical system since 1.0

    It would be great to have an up-to-date table of diseases, effects and treatment, but I'm afraid it all changes very quickly, i.e. within months, as the medical system is very much work in progress. I'll be open to help with much needed research on the medical system, but for now I just don't bother. But we can use this thread to post most recent findings or stuff like that. For one, I didn't know that you can and should clean your rags now.
  12. I'm Polish and we can have that opinion of Rusophobes, but I have to say that I try to be as impartial as possible and I still get that 'crazy Ivan' vibe from the many Russians I've met (this is not to say they're all unfriendly; in fact, some month ago two Russians were shooting up zeds in Elektro and fed my freshie a bit when I used my broken basic Russian on them). Still, I find Russians a bit unpredictable. But in real life I got a lot of 'crazy Pollack' treatment abroad, so I try to be understanding. Another thing that can come as surprising from a Pole - I find Germans to be most trustworthy. They're just all in all nice players and don't look forward to have fun at your cost. I've played many German pve servers and I can say that I relax every time I hear that distinct German accent. I'm quick to fully trust Germans after the first 'they didn't shoot me in the back' situation. I like Americans and Canadians and I don't recall any trouble with the English. It's a very interesting anectodal observation you raise, @rickyriot The hacking community seems to be dominated by Russians, though. Do we have a Russian on board that can tell us something about it?
  13. Kirov (DayZ)

    Is this normal? Patch 1.04 issue.

    Are those teleport points fixed in any way? Like, can you be accidentally teleported into someone's base? The very thought of such hijinks makes me giggle.
  14. Kirov (DayZ)

    Is this normal? Patch 1.04 issue.

    Ok then, in that case it's one of the most valid complaints and pressing issues I've ever seen here.
  15. Kirov (DayZ)

    Is this normal? Patch 1.04 issue.

    I'm not saying it's no a valid complaint, but I want to understand something - did you log back to the same server or not? I thought the teleport doesn't affect you if you stick to one server. On the same note, how other games solve this problem? As much as I consider teleporting a bit weird, something clearly must be done, with hopping in general and ghosting in particular.