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  1. DayZ Memes

  2. Aiming through windows etc

    Loving the new changes in 0.62 :) Not finding anything on this part of the forum that something like this was discussed (but I sure think it was). While we're waiting for the new player controller in 0.63, I was thinking about a certain frustrating part of the current one. Aiming through windows, holes, cracks etc. I'm sure just about everybody here always missed that extra inch(es) higher or lower to get your gun barrel over that window edge or frame. Standing up straight or crouching would make it too much and nothing in between. Moving around makes noise someimes. Sure is a good thing that we have a roll option beside the regular pitch, but we could be really happy with some yaw available. Personally I'd go with a key bind that when you press engage the roll and/or yaw control with your mouse. I guess it would result in our character showing slightly bending in the knees. Do you think we could get something like that? *just a poor example screenshot grabbed in haste from the internet
  3. DayZ .62 And You! (A review of 62 from a bandit perspective)

    Nah, for sure I knew what you meant there in the first place :) I was just joking Anyway, keep the videos coming. It's another cool DayZ adventures channel
  4. DayZ .62 And You! (A review of 62 from a bandit perspective)

    A fine video. I think we can all say pretty much the same about distance rendering and camouflage, "The Gamma Nights" and game crashes. Night time survival is still pretty much pointless in my opinion. And yeah, it's cool to have ambient sounds mask a bit of the sounds you make around other people. Of course, all those affect general gameplay, not just banditry :D Oddly enough, I haven't had a single game crash since 0.62 hit stable on my couple of years old rig.
  5. Exp Update 0.62.139835

    Just crushed an annoying machete wielding idiot's skull with a cooking pot. I had a rough day.
  6. How old are you?

    Talking about age, 38 caliber here :) With all the things that went on, had a couple of years break but generally in gaming since 1985. DayZ really got my attention, since I consider it still an unconventional game. I play it either alone or with a small group of 30-40 year old EU players that I joined two years ago.
  7. I'm not sure either :D or yeah, why not Beretta carbine? Hell, we have old weapons like P1 and Mosin, still in game. I understand those are kind of legendary also. But, whatever developers think is suitable in DayZ world. I was just thinking... Since we have a .357 magnum and a repeater, for example, I miss something like a "popular" civilian carbine that can use that 9x19 mm ammo and (I think) CR 75 pistol mags we already have in game. And, since we have this availability thing for items in game, it doesn't have to be a too common find. Just more of a thing for earllier stages of the game if you will. I hope you get my point.
  8. Hah, the pipe gun! That's cool there. Speaking of Marlin earlier in the topic, how about Marlin camp 9 rifle? This variant I tried uses 9x19 mm Parabellum ammo and I think it was a 10 round mag. Basicaly, good thing is you can use stuff from pistols of the same caliber like CZ 99 (or CR75, Glock and Red9 in game). You can attach optics on it and I tried that also. It was a red dot one, which was cool. Heard that some of the USA and Canada police officers had it as an in-car weapon of choice because of its smaller size.
  9. Let's talk about new animations

    Yeah! But without crosshair then, since you're not actually aiming down the sights.
  10. Let's talk about new animations

    Throwing animation, but this is more of a feature I guess. Honestly, I'd like to throw stuff at players sometimes. :D
  11. Exp Update 0.61.136297

    No luck with finding boars here for some time, too. I remember, starting relatively fresh, I wouldn't miss the opportunity of killing one by whatever means just because of that extra space in the boar backpack. Oddly enough, it's the first time I've seen a fox in DayZ ever, and only while being in this .61 experimental! It's that bark of theirs that I've never heard before that got my attention and made me look for it. Interesting. Was it that improvised looking one or the leather sack? Because, as far as I remember, you could make a improvised boar hide backpack straight away. It looked the same as the improvised one, except the texture is not of a burlap sack but of a boar hide which looked way better for camo. While, when making it out of other animals' hide, you have to tan it first, and then choose an option to make a leather sack with leather sewing kit, like with leather clothing (leather storage vest is a good inVESTment for starters). So, anyway, those two backpacks look and craft quite different and also have 1 slot difference in capacity. I hate it too. As much as it can be frustrating, I think DayZ and all others are too late. I remember very well when TS and Ventrilo have been invented, and far before in-game VOIP came into play. And they did serve it's purpose way back then. Most of the people will use it now, regardless of meta-gaming, simply because it's easier and provides far better communication quality for teams then VOIP right now. Walkie-talkies are cool, and sound better then regular VOIP, but people use it for kicks mostly, if ever. Remember, even with TS, people sometimes have troubles visually identifying who is who in the heat of the battle. Especially, military geared ones. Like in real life. Thinking about making it hard for TS squads, only thing that could come to my mind is that the game could lock all other ports not used by it. But I guess that would be some kind of privacy invasion. I don't know. Hardcore version only with some kind of a disclaimer? Then again, there's that not-so-recent-anymore phone app work-around. I just imagined a new way (or old way) of punishment in this game by throwing that player into a barrel and taking as much chicken feathers as possible... but damn, we'd also need tar in DayZ for that. :D
  12. View backpack contents

    Yes, I'm definitely for this in DayZ. Thing is, thinking as a developer who want to sell the game, some people who want to have a simple, pure fun experience, could just leave the game. That's why I think we need a separation of options for 'regular' and 'hardcore' servers. These two game modes could mean something then. Like mentioned in this thread about what 'regular' and 'hardcore' means. Things like this backpack suggestion here should be only in hardcore game mode. Or you could have a series of *check options like these when starting your own server. Like when you choose between 1st/3rd person or 1st person only.
  13. Unconsciousness Overhaul

    Sure! I like all the ideas here. I've been thinking about some of these also. I hope they are not so hard to implement.
  14. Exp Update 0.61.136253

    This worked before: Just run towards the opposite wall and pull out your internet cable before you get to the wall. Relog to the server and you'll be out of the building.
  15. Exp Update 0.61.136182

    Spamming apple trees sucks :) Sure, it should be easy just to get all the apples you could see and reach, as in real life. Maybe 15-20 apples per tree at maximum? But as far as that vast availability of fruit ... bring more of the rotten or even unripe ones! ;) And if there is ever to be different seasons in DayZ, it should make sense. I really like this .61 patch that seems to be slowly but surely getting ahead. Hats off for getting the wolves in! They're scary. I can imagine what would it be to encounter a bear. :) The environmental dangers, and the search for resources, especially that of Chernaruss, should always remind all players that it is lurking everywhere. Specifically those PVP-only players.The dynamic spawn of the infected in all towns and that loot on them is a great feature which I thought was missing so much in this game. I was able to clear out Shahovka town with my Amphibia but they seemed to respawn when I got the last few of them and was just about to leave town, so I'm not sure how that whole thing works. There is still present this occasional framerate lag or stutter. Maybe some other player moved in closer to that same town. What bothers me sometimes is the ability of the infected to jump over tall fences, yet sometimes go all the way around the knee-top ones. What bothers me even more is the fact that I myself as a player can't jump over those same tall fences or even climb some areas that look so easy to climb on in the first place! :D The general response when jumping over obstacles is much better, as said earlier in the status reports, which is cool. I can't wait for that new player controller getting into the game. The sound engine and gunshot sounds are great now, although overall, clearly there should be some tweaking done here and there. For example, when you sometimes barely hear the infected that is chasing you or actually screaming at your face. There is also this strange sound balance glitch when playing in 3rd person and lowering your view at the ground. It gets moved to the left in your headphones. The footsteps sounds are somewhat lower which I generally like. I just wish we could be able to sneak up on or sneak by people more efficiently if we're already making an effort to crouch and move slower. Another thing you knew that it's night time (besides getting dark lol) was that sound of the wind through the tree tops. Wandering through the woods in the night, I could really enjoy hearing night crickets also. :) Great job altogether, keep it up! :)