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  1. Opinions on culldistances

    Well, you know... okay. It's not that much off topic. You're basically suggesting that the map should be greatly reduced but highly detailed so we won't have that culling distance problem and more fidelity. Maybe something like The Division. I was never that good at math, but basically when you call something a square it means it has sides of a certain and equal lenght. So I checked the internets:
  2. My Observations On Various Firearms

    Nice one! Definitely should get tweaked
  3. DayZ suggestions.

    We all should discuss here about what we'd like the game to be, and I agree that it should be fun first. Now, this is ok for some players, maybe a majority, I don't know, but I have to agree with gmt grandbob and lonely bandit. There are different games out there: straight simple shooters, hardcore ones like this one, and something in between. Not many stand apart from the others sadly. For me at least, this one has a certain rhythm, atmosphere and freedom with interaction (being with player characters only, and no NPCs). That suits me after many years of playing different shooters and rpg games. Talking about atmosphere and soundtrack in particular, I listened to this OST you posted, and while it definitely fits for one part of it, personally I wouldn't like it to be just dark noisy ambient. I'd probably find or make my own mix with some relaxing tunes too since there is plenty out there. Now, I've been thinking about something else and don't know if the devs ever considered any OST at all except for a simple ambient music list. I can't tell how could the game know what have you achieved in game to change a tune to help create or add to the atmosphere of your current situation in game. Imagine some spooky music playing while you're trading with someone who is obviously friendly. I guess the complete OST thing would be a difficult thing for implementing since there are no obvious triggers. Maybe it could be dependent to your character's health condition or visiting an area or similar. Regarding Humanity or kind of karma system, what if you killed people every time only in self defense? Bandits are people too of course, but why should your character get negative karma because of it and make you a bandit to have heroes breathing down your neck when you were just protecting yourself? I liked that idea with a crazy laughter, which is out of your control, after you eat human flesh :D But I understand the point you were making with choosing sides and surely, this lack of quests or goals in Dayz makes it hard on people. I'm guessing if it stays like this, it should be all down to players themselves. There'll be several RP communities who'd do their thing on their servers, but pretty much everywhere else would be mindless pvp. At best it's gonna be "There's three guys in Cherno who just killed me, help me out" and occasional new 'friendships'.
  4. This map sucks!

    Yeah, but it's not just the speed. You will easily get to the invisible limits of the map or that empty area which sucks, and what then?
  5. Opinions on culldistances

    This is exactly what bothers most if not all of us, I think. With all the scopes and binoculars available I think it's one of finer necessities to be dealt with. For me, the first Crysis had that great foliage landscape and some sneaky NPCs way back then. Imagine what would it be if you couldn't get a lock on them in your visor. I think that if it stays like this, and if Dayz engine goes for very low LOD foliage and terrain at a certain distance, then it should also go for very low LOD player silhouettes. And I mean, adding some kind of blur or transparency/opacity effect so it would seem to blend in with the terrain much more. So if a player is making an ambush or is in cover, you would barely be able to differentiate. Just look at that difference in rendering the terrain vs player silhouettes in that example. I'm only guessing that it's the easiest option with some tweaking over time. But it should be hard coded into the engine of course, not to be fiddled with like with view distance settings in the cfg files etc. I know what you mean, but I think those numbers are not what you meant :) because one square kilometer would be 1000 x 1000 meters or 1 x 1 km, which would make the area something like the size of Chernogorsk main town, without those tall buildings areas of Chapaevsk, Novoselky and Dubky. Anyway, I like this map size as it is for this setting. Currently it's about 220 square km. Here is a piece of Chernarus map, with one square on the map being one square kilometer:
  6. This map sucks!

    Yeah, I agree on this beautiful Chernarus map. I guess there's this thing with map sizes for some time now. I've seen that clip on youtube where someone compared the map sizes in bunch of games and Chernarus was pretty much up there on the list. Anyway, these are all games after all, and having fun while playing and exploring is one of the most important things for a game. I enjoyed all of these games. If you go for realistic or immerrrrrrsive (oh boy, what a trendy word) type of gameplay, I think it's best if map scaling follows that route too which is very hard. For GTA V, Skyrim and Fallout, the devs opted for somewhat scaled down and dense versions with more detail, locations and content which still makes them big games. Concerning map size of Chernarus, as well as design time and technology limits we have currently, I really never saw the reason for implementing choppers and planes for this kind of survival gameplay - stuck in an area. Having road vehicles was more then enough so far, in my opinion. MAYBE something like crafted gyro-copter we saw in Mad Max 2 movie, that couldn't go very high and far anyway. What I'd be really happy to see is more maps for Dayz one day or at least Chernarus expanded.
  7. DayZ Funny Moments

    Hahah yeah these work for me!
  8. DAYZ Status from a famous Youtube blogger

    Hey all, what if we start up like bazillion critique threads like this?! We could actually get to 1.0 in what... two weeks time!? :D Or maybe a refund?$$
  9. I found the loot! -massive loot camp

    Your true name is Martin Looter, right? :D
  10. Wells, and Forests

    Naaah I didn't mean like an island of course :) I'm not trying to ruin the lore, and there were suggestions like this before, cliffs and rocks, but also road blocks, poisonous gas, fog, missile sites...
  11. My issues with the Game - Feedback

    Well you really think you're someone special don't you? :D Here, have some beans :D j/k I'm sure I didn't kill more than twenty players so far and I really can't remember the last one. I've had more of full crops and camps with food for my little crew so we can move around the map not worrying about that. Having the end gear for me was not so often and kind of rewarding but also felt uncomfortable in a way. Meaning, I was 99% a target for all players. They were either afraid and/or wanted the gear. Although we can respawn and get back into the game relatively quickly, sometimes I chose to slip away out of firefights against all odds, ending up with equipment in pieces but still alive. But we certainly cannot discourage PVP and brag about other people's game play choices since that is an option and there are PVP only servers to be found. The FPS genre has its roots in PVP, and Dayz being one with an interesting mix of features and possibilities making it hardcore, to me is a different game. It's total chaos. But it's still a FPS free-for-all and more to the MMO side. Personally, I was fed up with regular multiplayer shooter games with red and blue teams long time ago. I like to have a scope or binoculars, occasionally avoid other Dayz players (since I'm not that great in PVP), but at the given moment I'll do whatever I can to be on the safe side first when interacting with unknown players not wanting to loose the control of situation.
  12. Status Report - 12 December 2017

    Great stuff! :) I really like the idea of implementing more character movement freedom with weapons.
  13. My issues with the Game - Feedback

    Hello! It's just too repetitive for quite some time but, yeah Baker here is right. Well, it was good to write down that, which is actually, what you expect from this game. But it IS still in its early access phase. I think you should stay away if it frustrates you, come back later maybe when you catch some news that it's changed and improved. We didn't pay a full price because it isn't a full game. Now it's buggy and lacking in some things by definition and still in fixing stages and also feature development. Most of the people were impressed back then, it was a big source for some youtubers' content, then they got simply fed up with it, started releasing videos about Dayz being dead, and this is why you see the player base shrinking and moving on to something else for the time. Or just abandoning completely never to return which I doubt, but we'll see. No one can say they didn't have some good time with it beside the bad times. I think this long early access phase caused this feeling of being fed up since you've already explored so much of it. You don't need too much to know about every area and nook and cranny of the map, even this big. I have about 1200 hours in two and a half years since I bought it, but I didn't play it much really, if at all, for almost a year. We all have/had a bunch of ideas about features, similar to yours, to a lesser or bigger extent, written about many times before here on the forums. Except status reports, nobody here except devs can't tell what it will be like finally, but so far, a game this open, with no clues or quests and story line to guide you through, seems to me that it needs to be enriched by players themselves. In general, your experience depends on how you want to play it. Your character needs to survive, as long as possible. He needs food and medicine, and for that he needs to loot areas for it and risk being killed or mugged. Or you can hunt for food, or grow it somewhere, then maybe trade it. This is why you see those pointless tools and seeds. As far as vehicles, for me they've been too much of a hassle for a map of this size. But I look at Dayz as more of a platform for gameplay in apocalyptic scenario then a regular complete game experience with an actual ending, story etc. which we're all used to. People were talking that most of this game's experience will be from (drumroll for this) player interaction, since there's not anything yet that seems like a goal or a general quest in Dayz for the player. Apart from what you mentioned, getting the best equipment to defend yourself. It's not just about PVP and killing on sight and looting, but of course, absolutely everyone is still allowed to play like that. But, there certainly are other play styles from other players and groups of players which will just complement this. You can't expect feeling like and turning out to be a badass on a chaotic mix of players on a public server but it's not impossible. But also, knowing there's a bunch of private servers hosted by communities, as they call themselves, it will be up to them to make their little world of Dayz.
  14. Wells, and Forests

    Maybe adding a gorge as a border on one side? There is this lack of a river on the map anyway :)
  15. Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    I named this one "Growing patience" x] ... 0.63