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  1. Good job @SavageBeastZero 🙂that's exactly my problem with cheap old Dell IPS screen I've got. We all wanted a solution to prevent others exploiting gamma settings during night time in Dayz, but unfortunately that made it unplayable for some 😄
  2. cirkular

    Couple of stances/animations

  3. cirkular

    Some feedback and questions

    @ImpulZ Thanks for getting more involved into forum discussions in the last period, ImpulZ First concerning daylight and lighting in general, will the interiors lighting be looked into any soon? Second, about night lighting, you already gave some answer here and I'm glad that it's being looked into. But I'm giving my opinion and a question here, TLDR joining with other people complaining about pitch-black night lighting. I'm not the one for quitting when the night falls. I liked playing the game when the night falls. But somewhere from 1.0 to the patch prior to last one, the nights are really unplayable to me without increasing in-game brightness a click. I'm playing with really dim light on in the room. I didn't change my graphic drivers or settings and I really don't want to have to fool around with monitor settings etc. or make my room pich black just to be able to play. Meaning when roaming around, I can't really see terrain, fences or buildings edges without increasing this in-game setting. But of course, the way the anti-gamma exploit works now is making it all bland and grey. Which is fine to exist, but I'd say it's somewhat playable and ugly for me. Now, I really don't know what's the current mechanic and how simple is this to do. I was playing yesterday a bit on a daylight time server, it was around noon I think, the sun was really high up. I climbed the top of the apartment buildings in Cherno and looked around with binoculars. I was looking into the apartments which are on the non-sunlit side of the building opposite of me. After I lowered the binos, I could notice that the gamma/brightness actually went up a bit, then scaled down again to normal after a second. Which means the game has this kind of natural changes to simulate the player character's eyes getting used to different lighting. Is it difficult to make an increase in this direction during nights? Meaning that as it gets darker and darker, we get this increase and our "eyes" get used to dark. Again, I assume there is something like that already in the game during nights. Using light or looking at it should get you blinded for a moment and cancel this "effect" thus bringing back the levels to normal. We could at least discern some of these details I mentioned like terrain/buildings/fence edges so we can move around a bit more at ease without manipulating stuff in our settings. I'm a city boy but country side or non-urban light during nights is not unknown to me. I'm sure you've seen the screenshots of other people already and the game is really pitch black outdoors.
  4. cirkular

    How to do you attach a local image to post

    imgur works fine, just use that "insert other media", that's at bottom right corner of the message editing window and put in your image's URL
  5. cirkular

    Experimental Update 1.0150408

    Bloody feet! (can we wash them too? lol) Nice to have some fix for this finally. Maybe implementing faster stamina drain too with bleeding or add some shock damage, just painful, kind of like it used to be?
  6. cirkular

    When Picking Up Weapons From Dead Players...

    Yes! In fact if he had it in his hands, the item should drop like his body would. Somewhere on the ground, not be on his back. That's why we need separate actions - like Hold F or double tap F to put it into your inventory and just tap F to grab item into hands. Dunno if they removed completely that double tap thing from the old engine. Also there used to be H button that would put the item from your hands to a free slot in the inventory. We need quick response options. But we still have to TAB, click, drag or double click be it to arrange things to hotbar or in the inventory.
  7. cirkular

    Curing the cold

    @eno@green_mtn_grandbob Yeah, both alcohol tincture and disinfectant spray were able to clean rags
  8. @Guy Smiley @eno @argh Same here. Both weather change and getting darker or lighter but also going through to new places on the map. I only have 8 gigs of RAM and not being able to play on SSD currently. They say they fixed it, but no one can be sure about player-lag network bubble thing, because it still was a big bubble. The damage is done - no one forgets the player lag ever :D
  9. cirkular

    Stable Update 1.0.150192

    @amadieus @airborneguy I didn't think it was still an issue. I don't know if this from Runningmanz clip counts as shooting through trees? I thought the game messed him up there.
  10. cirkular

    New zombies

    There is no cure for this. However I think we only need server stability and capability to have more zombies. I played on some community server recently, had a bigger amount of zombies in towns than usual. They knock you down and rip you apart quick. I had a good time but not my character haha
  11. cirkular

    Can’t play as I crash ever server I join.

    Go here man https://feedback.dayz.com/ , create an account, click the star icon top right, and make a New Dayz PC Bug report with as much detail as possible
  12. cirkular

    zombie animation for players

    Apparently this shouldn't be a problem in Dayz VR :D still long way to go. But you can't just "infiltrate" the zombie horde, they want your flesh and would be easy pickings for them this way.
  13. cirkular

    DayZ Launcher

    That could help. Although that 3rd part Dayz SA Launcher works good, but out of the game.
  14. cirkular

    Warning To All Survivors

    @Kirov (DayZ) No I didn't think or realize about him or his posts anything like you did. I was just mildly entertained, nothing foolish nor elitist about it, I think. I just think now you're overanalyzing a bit. Relax, it's a game and (almost) a shit post we're talking about here. Where I come from, trolling is more or less obvious lying used to piss you of but also to get you into the right way of thinking. But what exactly pisses you off here in his little story/stories? And what was he wrong about, at least in his last couple of sentences? I assume you read the whole thing and also assume it's one player killing another and kind of regretting but boasting more so about it here that pisses you off. Banditry, KOS, "camping", trickery, cowardice, reacting wrong, being surprised and/or scared shitless, taunted, frustrated and killed by a complete stranger... aren't that already accepted to be common things in Dayz encounters? Having no policing systems or moral consequences makes it a dark place but good for what I understand Dayz to be. Which is also why it's a bit different. Except maybe eating human flesh - hopefully that 'consequence' returns. Sorry, we more or less all keep failing at it, but it's up to us not to fall into various traps and situations going wrong during encounters.
  15. cirkular

    Warning To All Survivors

    Aw come on guys! It's just his adventures wrapped in a character, and well, not hilarious but funny bit of writing. And it doesn't take away anything from the forums. Probably much easier than to produce such youtube videos. In the future, whenever you see a Survivor1431's post I suggest you decide immediately if you want to loose another couple of minutes and read it or just pass. And I do suggest to @Survivor1431 to start a Dayz short-clip youtube channel.