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  1. Ability to kick

    I do, and I also think we all do :D we'll see
  2. Dead players turn to zombies?

    I also thought about this, how cool it could look to see a player who got killed by the infected raised again but as an NPC. Behaving like the usual infected that spawn, AI controlled but with the clothes he was wearing. But the basic idea was that you as a survivor are immune to this 'rage' virus. These infected are not the classic undead or zombies.
  3. Icons Feedback

    Yeah I think that's a real good solution. Fading in when some problems start to come up, and colored depending on the weight of situation. But how would it be represented when you are stuffed or close to vomiting? Except if some of those critical messages in the corner still remain there to warn us.
  4. Well, yeah those screen freezes, lags, whatever you want to call them. The thing is I don't know what caused them. So that was my initial idea, that it didn't have to do with the game but with the stream transfer or something. I don't know. On another note, the video in the corner with them talking is not freezing up. This is what I'm talking about for example. The first couple of minutes of the video from the official youtube: From 2:40 - 3:30
  5. Server Browser FPS DROPS

    Yeah, that steam overlay issue maybe could explain the problem. I didn't use chat at those moments though. This was purely looking through the list, or even just leaving the server browser menu on while I get up and go fetch something for example, so the computer was not doing anything at all. I use the steam fps counter and you could see that it suddenly just drops, together with ambiance sounds getting choppy. Sometimes it only drops to about 10-15 fps, so the menu responsiveness gets a bit slower but after I get into another game, it's okay on the server itself. What's worse, I don't know when will it happen exactly. Maybe after I change only one or a couple of servers. I guess I'm pretty superficial in explaining and testing this issue so far. I'd try to keep an eye on this in the future and experiment with steam overlay to see if that could solve the issue. I saw there are some options in steam settings to fiddle with.
  6. Yeah, you're right, that lag did happen a lot. Now you reminded me, I forgot. That was the first thing really obvious when I watched the video, I just wasn't sure if it was something regarding streaming or actually an issue in the gameplay.
  7. Icons Feedback

    Yeah, why not? I hope there'll be more interest and time for tweaking the UI design over the next beta period.
  8. Totally agree with too much light inside structures. It's an issue for so long. I'm curious how would it all be solved, not only for inside but outside too, especially since we are playing on a vast open space. I guess the way shadows in the distance are rendered could prove to be a similar issue like with distance rendering and LODs. Quite a bitch that one.
  9. Well, I wouldn't believe after all of this gun sway and recoil tweaked up to the current version, they'd leave it like this for beta and final version, with barely any of it. I think it's obvious that much of what we've seen needs tweaking and it WAS stated it will be, so maybe going too deep and even personal with commenting is too much. On another side, it's a good idea to just plainly point out what you think might be wrong. @exwoll As far as the gun sounds, I think the problem is that it's not a good idea to compare them with badass movies :) except for making badass games, so maybe a balance would do. But for example, at the shooting range for practice, you'd wear ear muffs for hearing protection. Without those, you are risking hearing damage. After the first shot, your hearing would indeed be muffled for a split second at least, followed with some ear ringing probably. Like, you'd just hear the beginning of that loud shot and then barely anything, not like in the movies. Of course, being inside a room or outside when shooting matters too. Maybe our weapons expert @-Gews- could add something there :)
  10. Just too bad it's a plastic one. I'm sure if they added banana peel after eating it, it could prove quite a deadly trap set at proper places (police station stairs etc.) :)
  11. Server Browser FPS DROPS

    I had a similar problem ever since 0.62 came out and I still do. It doesn't happen when in the server browser after a fresh start of the game. This only happens when I disconnect from the first server I played on and get back to the server browser. The search gets done and all of the servers are already shown on the list with no problems at all. It doesn't matter if any the filters I use are on or off. After maybe a minute of looking through it, suddenly the FPS drops to 1-2. Anyway, once it drops, it doesn't ever get back to normal FPS at all and all the game menus are almost non-responsive. I need to push ESC to get out to the main menu and click like crazy on EXIT button to get out of the game eventually and restart.
  12. Now that you mention it, my favorite game with melee combat was Mount and Blade ages ago and I miss good melee combat in DayZ. I mean, it is a shooter game but you can run out of ammo, sometimes too easily, sometimes ammo can be really scarce. Since we have all those melee weapons at disposal it should definitely be enhanced from the simple click or hold.
  13. TOUGH - DayZ Standalone

    Well you don't show us the classic firefights :P or what happens after you get someone's gear. Why don't you call the series 'The Stickman'? ... or Stickmad instead of Nomad lol
  14. On all those accounts (except Brian lol) a lot of it will be tweaked, you're right. Well that's what they've stated and I'm sure we are not wrong if we expect it from them. Are you afraid they will turn Dayz into Quake suddenly or something? :)
  15. I liked the whole video - nothing much to comment on that one. And I think both the devs and the community could benefit with some short videos of features progress towards beta and 1.0. I guess it's only lol a matter of putting together the essential and valuable information into several minutes. A lot of people don't read the forums, obviously don't read status reports, and didn't have time to see yet alone catch the info about this particular 2+ hours live stream and I'm not sure we're aware of the power the youtube gaming streamers have there. This thing will spread easily.