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  1. Just remembered this, as I always found it too tiring to do after a couple of times. It would be best if we could choose between options to simply click to toggle and cancel, or hold mouse button for action. But it depends if the devs stay with the intended idea as with some items you get to click to change to another action and hold to execute it. At least if we could change to a keyboard button.
  2. Are there really diseases?

    Yeah, more people are asking the same, but as you said the devs said the diseases basics are back in the game. This cannibal thing was in the game for a long time. It used to be like this and currently in 0.63 it's like this :D I like it even more now.
  3. Need a way to stop Combat Loggers on Xbox One.

    But there was a log out timer for a long time in the game, it's still in, 15 seconds currently. It doesn't quit right away if you click quit now. Couple of posts above yours is ImpulZ's post with that info. The character still stays there when you click quit but I guess the timer is there in case you happen to see someone approaching and you want to cancel, get back quickly and react.
  4. OP, there's a couple of Youtube videos on Dayz base building files which exist in the game but are not active. Can't seem to find any official ones, and I know I've seen some showcases before. Mostly, players went for a way to open up the experimental 0.63 version and see the data that's in so they showed it on Youtube. For example this guy Archi, here's the link I agree with Kirov and pilgrim here, where the base building should be as authentic as possible, which the devs confirmed they are striving for in game numerous times before. They wouldn't do it if it didn't look OK by their standards. Everything needs to be thought out supported by the engine, then written into the game and then developed and bug tested. It's a complex thing, game in a game as Kirov said. And my comment on the blueprints systems in games is that it's just a workaround for implementation in a game. In reality, anyone would pretty much be able to do something usable with simple wood logs, branches and ropes, then planks, nails, screws, metal sheets etc. Sandbags. Of course you don't really need blueprints for that, but a game's blueprints are actually showing you what a game system actually supports, in other words what are the building limits in a game which were developed. That's why I call it a workaround. But, maybe you don't want to be in a building, existing or your own. Maybe you want to avoid some town areas at the moment and build a simple shelter in the wilderness from rain and cold wind for the night while you travel around the map. It can be a simple camouflaged hideout from the prying eyes. With tarp or branches. Let's say it's not intended to be a permanent base with a stash. I'd like to see these simple things first in the game which we can place virtually how ever we like. As far as what looks obviously OK, meaning the game and simple laws of physics would allow. Then remember there was a welding mask in game, so with welding apparatus and power generator to make something stronger out of those metal sheets and bars maybe. For a concrete structure you'd need a couple of days for the concrete ground base only and then the walls, bricks or concrete... and then the roof :D It's too complicated unless we get these blueprints. Sometimes less is not enough, but also sometimes it's better. I also wonder how can you build a proper safe on your own. Unless you find and transport one with a truck. Although it would take several people or a forklift to lift it onto a truck :D And all that in Dayz Chernarus chaos. If we start first with something simple and primitive, like pilgrim said boarding up or barricading, I think this would be easier highly motivating for the devs to improve later. And somewhat develop it further to the next level, according to the game's apocalyptic background. In a satisfying and logical direction as far as I can understand this "authenticity" vision. But I'm sure they've got most of the things they envisioned worked out so far.
  5. Yes, that's odd because drinking from the well never used to bring you to the sick status, as far as I know the game was designed up to this point. I don't think you are doing anything wrong there. My only guess is that this diseases feature is not implemented yet fully or properly or the purifier tabs are not working. Or I'm missing something. Up to the 0.62 version which is still stable version now, only drinking from ponds used to cause problems, but you could put that water into a container and purify it and then drink it safely. Also with that older UI, if you achieved that green "healthy" status you could even take sips out of those ponds safely, without ever getting sick.
  6. How did you sterilize it? I'm not sure which of the features are re-implemented and working right now, but I guess you could either use water purification tabs or boil the water in the cooking pot.
  7. Controlled directional attacks so something like Mount & Blade.
  8. Missions

    Wrong game :D
  9. Imagine this: You observe Berezino town with your scoped mosin and spot two guys entering the fire station. They seem to be armed with rifles. It's dark, so you sneak up to them. But approaching the corner of the building you accidentally bump into one of the infected. Mashing at the keyboard you manage to stab at the hatchet hotbar button and deal with him just as he is about to make a swing at you. But that already made too much noise. Then one of them says: "Hey did you hear that? What the hell?!" Then the other voice says "Hello? Who's there?" He narrowly misses to see you hiding behind the wide doors of the firestation. Then he turns around going back to his buddy followed by: "Naaah. It's probably the wind."
  10. Alright I get that completely, but surely I did not write anything like leveling and scores. And no one is really changing the game here until we get a riot about it. These are just talks and suggestions. Anyway the "skill" term for some people goes as far as changing a light bulb. What we can do in this game, other than shooting are features like crafting, sometimes critically needed and similar. What I implied is that these features could have different rates of success and time needed which could add some more diversity, for want of a better word. Nothing like stats, but only a result should be really visible.
  11. Actually, that's the way it worked for some time now. I mean you'd get weapon jams so you have to recock the weapon to eject the faulty bullet. It'd be cool if some really powerful gun was that badly damaged and maintained that it could finally explode in your hand or even face hahah This is clear. I was also just addressing to some people who might have some ideas of punishment mechanics in game to prevent or reduce PVP ... I mean it should be just as real as possible. What @emuthreat says here strikes chords in my book too, as he is not really talking about balancing the existing features, but the features that are missing from the game and really should be there to make this game stand out with its already great shooter mechanics. That could incent people to do something else other than run around, loot and shoot. I'd also go for these medical/crafting skills to be totally unknown to a new character. He'd be hardly able to do shit, say he bandaged but it won't stop bleeding just yet. Or later the wound from that first fight soon reopens. So he needs to use more bandages in the beginning of his life. And then as time progresses and with practice he is actually able to do something properly with that. Similar goes with crafting and farming. Just make the player use more materials and resources. These are all good ideas but massive to produce. And I can't wait to see how much the Dayz devs want it to be different from other games. Many popular multiplayer games are much simpler compared to this, many people buy and play those games and the developers and publishers can pay their bills (and more). Which is fine as not everyone has time and patience to deal with the more complex stuff.
  12. For people struggling with KOS "mentality", I think the way it's now is pretty solid, because it's the player's actions/reactions in the environment we are focused on here. What annoys me is literally calling roleplaying only some polite and civilized behavior, law and rules in a time of lawlessness, chaos and disorder. But someone shooting at you on sight is excluded from the term "roleplaying" like it's far from ever happening in reality. Talking about this game's environment, forget about what we know as normal. It's like people are looking for suspension of disbelief, like wishing that some people would not act in KOS ways in a similar situation. There's not much fantasy or "unreal" in the game, except the infected, right? And apart from further developing and tweaking the infected AI, it's not that much about the game. And not much that can be done to naturally make people shoot less and talk more in the event of a player to player encounter. I mean, it's easy, you've got to respawn. You're not getting locked out of the server when you're killed. There's literally always a player on the coast asking you to kill them because they want a better spawn. Many people play this game either with their friends on Teamspeak/Discord or totally alone. I wouldn't like to see any ideas that would force complete strangers to act like everything is ok and no one is scared or in hunger crisis etc. So it's completely up to all persons involved how that encounter will develop. People see you first, rarely they talk and very rarely you end up a couple of happy campers. Or maybe you saw them and talked first. Maybe he was a bit farther so you had to yell actually. Fortunately, he is without a weapon so you approach. Then you exchange some items, search for food together... Maybe you meet someone else along the way who joins up. And what do you agree on along the way? To go to the airfield or some military checkpoint or base and get geared up. Or back up to the first step a bit, if they don't talk at all, they shoot first or run at you. Sometimes they miss, you hit, they loose. That happens to KOSers. Don't you want the experience of surviving such an attack? Any attack at all? Additionally, the infected in the vicinity possibly get agroed on them and you may try and use the opportunity to run away or watch them struggle or take them down then. Other players when they hear shots get involved often too. If you reduce weapons and ammo loot on the map, we'll have more melee combat which sounds apocalyptic enough, but it's not spectacularly done, in my opinion. And like from the start of Dayz, we'll have more of the freshies rushing and fisting fully geared or somewhat geared players on the coast. If you have ammo, that could end bad for freshies. If you are low on ammo and you ran out of it at that moment, you can't react properly and on time. You must run away, holster the weapon and then put out your fists or choose a backup melee weapon. We are missing buttstock smack, and that should really hurt. Also, whatever happened to the bayonet on a Mosin rifle? The difficulty increase such as utter removal of 3pp and crosshair from the game is too much since those are options to be selected when starting your server. There are still a couple of ways to add a crosshair overlay on your screen. But this is why we had 1pp only and 1pp/3pp servers separated. Only a handfull of public and private hardcore ones but this could change and is up to private servers owners mostly. Some of them were full and yet some of them were empty. When a player wants to try a more "difficult level" he'll up the game for himself and go to those hardcore servers.
  13. Stress Test vol.45

    My thought also :D
  14. Yeah well the game doesn't try to be anything really. It's the players that make most of the experience of each encounter. Besides KOS there is also KAT (kill after talking), KOBK (kill or be killed), KTE (kill then eat). The game has guns and ammo in the game and does not encourage/discourage players from using them. All the experience you made surviving as long as possible so far, makes sense. But when the shit goes down you better be ready.
  15. Food water consumption

    OK, I agree there should be some rebalancing, and if you look farther into topics and discussions here, it's been reported many times since the .63 stress test release. Let's say it's really 20 minutes as you said, I didn't check. So I think time is 12x accelerated on the servers right now. Every "20 minutes" is actually 4 hours of real time. Normal three meals a day with 4 hours between each makes it what, eight hours from breakfast to dinner, right? A bit too fast :D Maybe make it "30 minutes" and we might get to agree somewhere with 12 hours instead, closer to normal I guess. Still, if you're running around with some weight on you, it's pretty much like doing some physical job during day. You'd need strong meals and on time :)