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  1. If the 'healthy' status returns. Stews / casseroles

    I'd like to see these come into play as I do play in a group but solo too. Forget the cannabis, give us bay leaf and parsley :D
  2. A Serious Problem

    @Solopopo Seriously, the Troubleshooting section and Feedback tracker are there for a reason, and are the places to go for these issues so the devs can properly identify it as their product's issue and address it properly. Software, compatibility and standards in general are a real bitch most of the times. Starting a discussion here or reddit or anywhere else, suggests that you want to start a riot on Dayz devs, not their help, that's all.
  3. Where is the DayZ population?

    Dayz population is pretty much like the devs, doing their own thing. Some are still playing regularly, some are just waiting until the next patch and so on. Let's just not overthink things along the way.
  4. The short answer: I would still play it if Dayz becomes 1pp only :) The long answer - discussion: We've talked about this, I'll repeat myself most likely. I came from 1pp shooters too. Some flight and race car sims too. I was lucky to be there when Doom, Duke 3D, Quake and CS were out. I also loved BGS's Elder scrolls and Fallout games and would play in 1pp because it was kind of natural to me. Hell, early Elder scrolls didn't even have 3pp. But anyway, back then, we didn't have aim down sight, and then the sway and recoil, bullet trajectories etc. Now stamina too, and then that little lag when looking and moving around to add to inertia feel. But they added it here because people were sprint zig-zagging which made combat "gamey" in a game that tries to be authentic or realistic. In general, pvp wise, it was simpler, easier to aim back then, and the mechanics have evolved to complex pretty much. I think everyone for 1pp only need to ask themselves honestly if they are advocating for it purely for immersion or because there is some advantage of 3pp over 1pp. If it's not just about shooting, then I agree it's quite a thing to run around the corner only to collide with an infected or some other player. Or just to peak, and realize you might be in trouble. I'm on that side which doesn't play 1pp strictly now, since I've always felt more or less constrained within that "frame" for reasons already noted by people here like the cardboard thing on your head comparison, your eyes can move too - not only your head and so on. Maybe 3pp is wrong for this game, I don't know, maybe it is better to satisfy as much people as possible, since this is a product to be sold after all. It's easier to play in 3pp of course and for me it compensates a bit for being in the constraints of the virtual world with other players, and is a bit less tense, it's true. If the game was not multiplayer, then I think there'd be absolutely no problems if it was 1pp only. The devs already made some progress to make 3pp not that much advantageous over 1pp. Maybe if they limited/changed the camera panning movement even more to reduce the corner peeking thing? Like with the peek over walls thing. I remember a great horror game Dark corners of the Earth. What amazed me back then is that for quite some time in the game you had no weapons and was mostly efforts to evade and run away. It had a stress level limit which you had to manage but when reached, your character kills himself. And then remember you have other games that are 3pp only, like Warframe. Of course, the vision for Dayz is why I understand the arguments here for 1pp only. It could help justify this horror part of the label. I still remember some good scares and good encounters on Dayz Oldschool Hardcore server. But some people still want to play it as a shooter primarily, as much as any roleplayer does his own thing, since there are no rules and time limits. You spawn and you go to do as you please. I personally feel like this today, and like that the other day. I am happy that there is an option to make your Dayz server to a certain preference, 1pp only or both. But is this inevitable division of the whole player base more of a problem, or a welcoming option? What's good in the long run for both the players' experience and the product itself? But to get a bit ranty, there is so much more that is constraining in these games if you aim for closer to real life experience. Like traversing through some woods, my character getting stuck on a fallen big tree branch or any other obstacle like some low fence, but in real life my brain would tell my legs to do something about that while still concentrating on the goal. If I was going backwards not knowing it was there, I'd most likely trip over and fall. It's frustrating being locked in an animation. I keep not making a shot through the window of a house because I move my weapon around like a stiff corpse or a statue. I guess the ultimate goal would be to get as close as possible but I don't see a point in time when games reach the level of your own brain's perception and your limbs movement. And currently VR and Track IR are the only things improving your vision here. Especially for racing sims and flight sims. But with VR it's tough to see your keyboard and mouse, and you have to use those funny controllers probably standing up, and then I'm afraid I'd reach a situation in game where I'd run out the window accidentally. To sum it up, it just all builds up to the point of nonsense. If I wanted a realistic shooter game, I'd be out paintballing or airsofting. But there's no real infected there, you already know most of the people there beforehand, and we'd probably just pause the game for eating and drinking haha
  5. Chernaus Facelift (Chernarus 2020)

    @LuxCapere Regarding this, the setting is chosen as a made up post-soviet country. It could be quite possible that you are fed-up with this setting, since we've been around Dayz early access for several years now. I've noticed this too. But for anyone getting a hold of this game only recently or only after a release, it would look awesome and additionally scary if the scenery is not what they're used to. I still find people on the servers who can't find a certain place on this huge map.
  6. Current Experimental Patch 0.63

    Yeah, well it's disappointing for everyone, if you talk about a finished 1.0 product getting stripped out of the announced and planned features. Here are my couple of thoughts: This is not a finished product. What you had before (stable 0.5x or 0.6x) and you don't have now (experimental 0.63) is a matter of developing process of making a game according to some vision of the game, at the same time trying to keep the visual/audio representation up to date. Also, you haven't been actually playing all this time. You are merely participating in an early access phase of a game in development. Some could get the best out of it and have real good fun even then, and also make some outstanding and funny video clips. Modding communities are built independently from a developer, as far as I understand it. Claiming that Dayz development is about Arma engine scripting that took five years, and then comparing it to 3D modelling is _____________. The graphics and scenery changes from 2014 compared to now are awesome. I'd also like to see some updated and more detailed and darker interiors, but we'll see what this new Enfusion engine is capable of. Check out this reddit page. Another big part of development in any online game is bug squishing and shutting down the cheating/hacking loopholes.
  7. Calling in the troops!

    Well, I think it all depends what's logical and what the lore says about the way those people got infected and how the infection progressed. I like the idea that some soldier, a police man, a villager with a double-barrel or some hunter out in the woods caught the virus. Even a person from urban area who got hold of a weapon during the outbreak... you name it. Infected with a biker helmet on. Or a backpack. I think it should be easy to do and would add a bit more variety. It could add some chilling moments and confusion hearing a shot/shots. Seeing someone with a weapon, for at least a moment not knowing if that's a player or some infected who got stuck with that weapon, roaming around... Imagine those villagers holding a hay hook or a knife, now running at you... brrr. Instead of simply finding it in their inventory. Now, what if we had a mini-gun in a game like this? :D
  8. The state of current gameplay

    Sure, when we talk about taste, it's an endless discussion of course :) Still, while you don't need to be a chef to have taste, you do need to be a chef if you plan on satisfying everyone in the room. If a person who awaits for food throws a grain of salt in the cooking pan instead of his plate only, just because he likes his food more salty, I can't see how are the others wrong about complaining. Works both ways.
  9. The state of current gameplay

    And again, both OP and others get some good advice right at the start. I am not happy too to see the flaming soon after.
  10. The state of current gameplay

    Well, personally for me, I read through some of posts like these beside OPs one, and get the general rage tone. There is little to no effort for making a post that hasn't got a reasonable critical but mocking tone, in most of the cases. And sure, I might be seeing what's not there after all. I understand you shouldn't discourage people from reporting issues and posting their opinions. You can write that you think this and that feature is a bit off or a way off. I am happy to join the cue on good thoughts about certain features. Pointing out something as you're watching someone work, without mocking comments along the way, seems to give better results in live conversations. And the disclaimer is there up front to inform you that there are problematic design decisions etc. which are subject to change. I don't get what's wrong with a reminder, especially about things that seem obviously wrong in current state.
  11. Calling in the troops!

    I think there's already something like that when they spot you. I think it's like that. Way back it seemed to me that when they spot you and make that aggroed sound, the ones in vicinity also start running after you. It seems the scream they make, works as a trigger for the ones in vicinity. There was some new detection system implemented based on sounds, and I suppose should get some tweaking onwards. Here's the last status report link, where Eugen mentions AI Sensors/Audibility/Visibility right at the beginning. However, games in general have a problem with what happens after detection/aggro/"well he must've ran away" routine. I think if the devs get to implement this "alerting" thing, it's a good idea you have there. Definitely a step further. You'd need to stay well hidden for quite some time and pray if you can't fight them. They should search the nearby buildings/structures too, in my opinion. But it's a good direction so far with AI. I think it'll work even better in the future. They don't just lock on you as soon as you're detected like before. You can actually fire a shot behind a building, then run away and see them getting grouped up at that location, kind of like confused when they see there's no one around after all. You can draw their attention away. Not easy all the time but it worked for me.
  12. The state of current gameplay

    Well, there's no Dayz reputation. Only comments about a game in development which creates an illusion of reputation. Although very effective one, knowing all the things being said and written about it. I'd totally agree with everything you say here if 1.0 was released this spring and was still broken. I think everyone involved with early access Dayz should receive daily email/notification or every time when attempting to post here should pop-up in the middle of their screens. Every time you need to click I understand. There's five sentences explaining everything and a button with a sentence for you to click on as a meaning of agreement. There should be one thousand developers and ten thousand PR needed to respond and attempt to fix every nook and cranny momentarily for your convenience. Or there should be another button "No, thanks" in which case the game deletes itself from your hard drive and takes you to some youtube Dayz hating content creator's channel.
  13. The state of current gameplay

    @Shadowvamp It's okay but I think if you just keep the rants to pure observation levels, you'd not get so much hate here :D Also, time is accelerated like 12x I think and you need to take that into accout. So there's still tweaking to happen with many features. They'll get to it at certain point.
  14. Gripe with tree animation

    Yeah I agree. It looks that funny hahah
  15. Going Hardcore is "how to expell"

    Yeah, it sure is not scientific. Not posting "scientifically" about a "scientific" subject such as the ongoing development and features that are to change here and there, all this while fighting the bug issues and plans to fulfill is exactly what's wrong with this thread too. You need to be on the same level. But you are just a player talking about game design. You and some other people keep trying to grab the steering wheel from the devs while some of us have to slap you on your hand to prevent killing us all and keep telling you that you should let them drive instead. It's not like that but it's a subjective feeling for sure. You can ask or propose where we should go, but we don't have to go where just you want us to go. You and your buddy. But I'm also positive that what you write and propose is all being looked on and noted by the devs for the future. Don't worry. In the best case all of this is like: https://media.giphy.com/media/3orieZg4GzSMjQ1YKk/giphy.gif