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  1. DayZ and its future

    And don't forget: It's been awhile since we've dealt with harsh weather. I wish they'd add some of that this winter again.
  2. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    goddammit Throw that in too, yeah True. The most popular one was FIX THE GAME! lol
  3. DayZ and its future

    I wouldn't say that they are deliberately putting them out. It's more like that these elements simply refuse to get in :D
  4. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    I'm not gonna freak out here. I'm ok with this decision. If they have some particular reasons or feel that they need to release 1.0 by the end of this year, then so be it. So if you feel bored or angered already, scroll down to the next post lol I don't feel cheated or anything like that. I'd say some of us here feel bummed not to be able to play the best version for Christmass-New Year (again). But some of us are concerned that the new and returning players are gonna ditch Dayz for good the minute they try out the announced 1.0 version, resulting in a poor player base and eventually the game dying. Way back early this year with so many issues, I rather wished the devs to make a stable build just with the content that made it in so far, and then work on rest of the content later. Meaning the various mechanics, melee, new vaulting system, UI stuff and similar should be as good as we can get it. Then, you can put in stuff slowly, like modders will do anyway. Modders can improve the game significantly, but good quality mods can also kill the base game. I think this was a bad decision to give the modding tools before 1.0 version was well out. All the ideas, visions and past builds we've got from the devs so far, show that Dayz is a very, very complex shooter game. Not just to get a grasp on everything as a player, but also first as a developer. I'm sure they still have a lot on their hands. And the more you want to go into details, the deeper you dig yourself in. But if you achieve it to work properly in the end, then you get what people call a good quality and a thoughtful piece of work that they keep getting back to years after. There's plenty of games out there which were good but with DLC only or even better. I've seen numerous advice "Hey, this basic game is mneeh ok, so make sure you get it with DLC". Or with mods. So I look at it like that. Post 1.0 content which couldn't make it in time will be like free DLC. Sure, it's a bummer we get to taste a lot of it in 0.62, and while we wished we could kidnap the devs and make them do it, we can't really, can we? I totally get the worries about the player base shrinking. But in this game and at this point in time, I personally don't care about the diversity of the guns or scopes. Fishing and vehicles would be nice, I'm not against it. But since we start on foot, I'd like the character to move around fluidly, melee combat should be easy like swinging a bat or a lead pipe lol It should be normal to be able to climb and jump or even run over simple obstacles intuitively, not like in a platformer game. The hunger and stamina systems should be tweaked until most of the people feel satisfied with it. In the end, like with many things in life, it's hardly that everyone was satisfied with any decision made. On a side note, I tried out the stress test yesterday. Sometimes I really miss the text messages in the bottom left corner. This is a game and I feel like I don't have all the possible input of what my character goes through. But it's probably just me. So when I finally decided to run away from NWAF to roam around, I got mobbed by several infected in some godforsaken village, I was bleeding heavily. After putting them to sleep, I used up all 3 rags I had to stop the bleeding. Didn't help. Seemed like they hit the artery. I went to sleep too, couple of minutes later. Can someone tell me what I did wrong? Just don't say "you needed the fourth rag".
  5. Skyrim melee mods are great too :) I hope this is the last time I will mention Mount & Blade :D for me this is the best melee system ever made for a game, in terms of amount of player control. Especially since it's a melee oriented game, I really don't know how much went into developing of the system. Plus, the game calculates the speed of the swing and the weapon damage/weight to make the final damage sum. On top of that, if you ride a horse, or hit someone riding/sprinting at you, you bet it will be even more powerful stab/bash. It's a great both single player and multi player RP and action game, although 10 years old now. I can't wait for the next one to be released :) Who hasn't tried it, I recommend to try out the demo still available on Steam. So, in Mount & blade, there is a couple of ways you can control the direction of your attack. You can use the movement keys for that, or you can use the mouse. This way with the mouse is the best IMO, since the direction of your attack is completely independent of your movement with the keys. You'd just slightly move your mouse to left or right and then left click immediately to swing from those sides. The same goes for up (bash on the head from above) and down (stab like with a spear or a sword). You can also just hold the left mouse button to keep this stance while coming towards the opponent so you can time the attack properly. But you can change the side of attack in the middle of the move with a trick. It's the same for one handed and two handed weapons. Also, like invert mouse for looking around, you can invert all those directions for mouse control if you want. It's completely customizable in the options. Now the hardest part comes with blocking, which is right click. You can use auto-block which makes the character himself block the attack wherever it is coming from. But it proves to be ineffective when someone uses this trick I wrote about to quickly change the direction of the attack. So if you choose to control it manually, then for blocking goes the same as with attack direction control. Basically it's all about dragging the mouse and clicking to control your attacks/blocks. It's might be a hard and complex system to understand when speaking about it, but so easy and intuitive when get used to. TLDR For Dayz, my controls are hold space for raise weapon, right click to toggle ADS on or off, CTRL for hold breath and walk. Right now, the system is incomplete, but I like the raise weapon + step back for block, and Q and E for sidestep dodge. For melee, similar to M&B, my favorable option would be to hold raise weapon button/key and move the mouse slightly for direction of attack, hold breath button for direction of a block. Q and E for quick sidestepping when weapon is raised. Of course the game is probably too complex already for all this, but the easier solution would be to at least use the movement keys for direction of attack and auto-block like it is now, or maybe when holding your breath.
  6. Weird shxt you've encountered whilst playing.

    Not so weird... I might not be so skilled with the bow, but man, this alloy recipe I got... hhaha Dayz: Arrowhead
  7. FLIES

    I found some old clips and this one was from March 31st 2015, so maybe 0.57 or 0.58?
  8. FLIES

    Oh boy!
  9. Just remembered this, as I always found it too tiring to do after a couple of times. It would be best if we could choose between options to simply click to toggle and cancel, or hold mouse button for action. But it depends if the devs stay with the intended idea as with some items you get to click to change to another action and hold to execute it. At least if we could change to a keyboard button.
  10. Are there really diseases?

    Yeah, more people are asking the same, but as you said the devs said the diseases basics are back in the game. This cannibal thing was in the game for a long time. It used to be like this and currently in 0.63 it's like this :D I like it even more now.
  11. Need a way to stop Combat Loggers on Xbox One.

    But there was a log out timer for a long time in the game, it's still in, 15 seconds currently. It doesn't quit right away if you click quit now. Couple of posts above yours is ImpulZ's post with that info. The character still stays there when you click quit but I guess the timer is there in case you happen to see someone approaching and you want to cancel, get back quickly and react.
  12. OP, there's a couple of Youtube videos on Dayz base building files which exist in the game but are not active. Can't seem to find any official ones, and I know I've seen some showcases before. Mostly, players went for a way to open up the experimental 0.63 version and see the data that's in so they showed it on Youtube. For example this guy Archi, here's the link I agree with Kirov and pilgrim here, where the base building should be as authentic as possible, which the devs confirmed they are striving for in game numerous times before. They wouldn't do it if it didn't look OK by their standards. Everything needs to be thought out supported by the engine, then written into the game and then developed and bug tested. It's a complex thing, game in a game as Kirov said. And my comment on the blueprints systems in games is that it's just a workaround for implementation in a game. In reality, anyone would pretty much be able to do something usable with simple wood logs, branches and ropes, then planks, nails, screws, metal sheets etc. Sandbags. Of course you don't really need blueprints for that, but a game's blueprints are actually showing you what a game system actually supports, in other words what are the building limits in a game which were developed. That's why I call it a workaround. But, maybe you don't want to be in a building, existing or your own. Maybe you want to avoid some town areas at the moment and build a simple shelter in the wilderness from rain and cold wind for the night while you travel around the map. It can be a simple camouflaged hideout from the prying eyes. With tarp or branches. Let's say it's not intended to be a permanent base with a stash. I'd like to see these simple things first in the game which we can place virtually how ever we like. As far as what looks obviously OK, meaning the game and simple laws of physics would allow. Then remember there was a welding mask in game, so with welding apparatus and power generator to make something stronger out of those metal sheets and bars maybe. For a concrete structure you'd need a couple of days for the concrete ground base only and then the walls, bricks or concrete... and then the roof :D It's too complicated unless we get these blueprints. Sometimes less is not enough, but also sometimes it's better. I also wonder how can you build a proper safe on your own. Unless you find and transport one with a truck. Although it would take several people or a forklift to lift it onto a truck :D And all that in Dayz Chernarus chaos. If we start first with something simple and primitive, like pilgrim said boarding up or barricading, I think this would be easier highly motivating for the devs to improve later. And somewhat develop it further to the next level, according to the game's apocalyptic background. In a satisfying and logical direction as far as I can understand this "authenticity" vision. But I'm sure they've got most of the things they envisioned worked out so far.
  13. Yes, that's odd because drinking from the well never used to bring you to the sick status, as far as I know the game was designed up to this point. I don't think you are doing anything wrong there. My only guess is that this diseases feature is not implemented yet fully or properly or the purifier tabs are not working. Or I'm missing something. Up to the 0.62 version which is still stable version now, only drinking from ponds used to cause problems, but you could put that water into a container and purify it and then drink it safely. Also with that older UI, if you achieved that green "healthy" status you could even take sips out of those ponds safely, without ever getting sick.
  14. How did you sterilize it? I'm not sure which of the features are re-implemented and working right now, but I guess you could either use water purification tabs or boil the water in the cooking pot.
  15. Controlled directional attacks so something like Mount & Blade.