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  1. It's 5 months we have the last big update 0.62, 5 months! There are several games that start at 0.30 and only one or two years players have to wait until full version. This game is in early access for 4 years and we have nothing. Realy guys, I love this game so much, I played DayZ mod and DayZ from the first release, but this is enough. 5 months from 0.62 to 0.63 and i can bet that in the new update will be "only" new animations and twenty new caps and thats all. No base building, no more zombies, car bugs, etc. Guys, you've lost a lot of players and this is the last chance to do something good. Do it! Give us base building, more zombies, no bugs. Do it better, unlock game for modders and unlock Steam Workshop, moders can help you faster. Do not let us wait so long ... this is the best zombie survival game, but your attitude is bad. You are Bohemia Interactive - one of the biggest gaming company in Czech, do it better i know you can!