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Greetings Survivors,

As we wrap up 2016, we'd like to take a moment and look back on what has been done so far, and what is to come. 2016 has been a pivotal year for DayZ development, both on the public Steam branches, and internally. For those who haven't followed development closely, lets start with the changes that have made it to Steam this year.

New Renderer:


Anticipated for a long time coming, 2016 saw the introduction of the new renderer for DayZ onto Steam's stable branch. An ongoing task throughout DayZ's development, this update to the engine powering DayZ was one of the most complex changes for the development team. The legacy renderer was originally intertwined with the engine side simulation going back to the earliest dayz of Real Virtuality. Seperating this, ensuring that no core systems or mechanics were broken, and introducing the new renderer technology to DayZ while ensuring a 1:1 visual fidelity was the base goal for introducing this to Steam. With the addition of volumetric fog, and the massive improvements to client frame rate the whole team was elated. 2016 took that one step farther with .61 tackling the issue of dynamic lighting and shadows, finally removing the thorn in the side of night time gameplay by preventing light sources from ignoring structure geometry, players, and so much more. Add into this dynamic lighting changes to .61, and light sources such as camp fires, flares, and more finally became viable for night time survival.


Randomizing attachments, loot spawned in containers, and on infected:


While it may seem like a small part of the larger puzzle, the "looting" side of DayZ's gameplay is integral to the experience, and should not be ignored. Adding in support within the Central Economy and item configs for arrays with multiple classnames, as well as having the infected themselves be a potential source of loot added a much needed boost to the search for those critical items survivors need to deafeat the obstacles within Chernarus.

Dynamic Spawning of Infected:



Throughout DayZ's development we have spawned a large amount of infected globally, spread throughout the world in an effort to reduce the meta-gaming and systematic learning of the mods script based trigger spawning based upon player proximity. Unfortunately, this led to us never really creating a feeling of dread or danger from our infected, as while they massively outnumbered players - they were spread throughout a huge 256km2 landmass. Utilizing the dynamic event system that powered things like helicopter crashes, and police car spawns to increase infected density in cities, towns, and villages that are within the 1km network bubble of players has reintroduced that long missed feeling of the infected citizens of Chernarus being a true threat within gameplay. While server optimization moving forward into beta will allow us to slowly increase these amounts, as well as beta itself allowing us to continue to improve the threat they offer - 2016 saw a reintroduction of a core element of DayZ gameplay.


Network Synchronization Improvements:

As long as DayZ has been on Steam, one of the most frustrating bugs for users to encounter has been the seemingly random breaking of legs, death from running over a small rock, or experiencing crippling desync within a player versus player encounter. Our gameplay programming team introduced with the first builds of 0.61 an architecture change on how our client/server networking communication occurs. Addressing approximately 90% of all known issues related to client/server position desync, and finally putting a nail in the coffin of the sudden "broken legs" while navigating larger structures. In addition, overall client/server communication throughout gameplay was improved, and a significant improvement of responsivity was the result. While beta will see continued iteration and improvement in these areas, this is arguably one of the largest and most impactful changes to the playability of DayZ Early Access, and we think you'll all enjoy it.


Predator AI:


Talked about initially in the early years of DayZ development, 2016 saw 0.61 introduce the first of DayZ's predator AI in the form of wolves. Known to roam the northern and far western reaches of Chernarus, wolves have introduced an off-road threat present even when no other players, or infected are to be seen. Traveling in packs, and stalking vulnerable players these enemies have quickly become a reason to save your shotgun ammo.


Eden Sound Engine:

Thanks to close cooperation with the fantastic team working on Arma 3, the DayZ development team were able to introduce the new audio technology that powered the Arma 3 Eden update. Allowing the DayZ Audio team to begin work on expanding the impact of sounds of gunshots within Chernarus. Beyond just proper volume attenuation, this update allowed a massive injection of immersion and paired with cooperation of the gameplay programming team, a much needed focus on addressing issues with gunshot sounds playing for all players, and a fantastic side effect of drawing players towards each other through gunshot sounds resonating through the hills and valleys of Chernarus. Moreso in 0.61 than ever before, the choice to fire a weapon in Chernarus has become a multi faceted one. Concerning both attracting large numbers of infected, and the unwanted attention of other and potentially more dangerous players. Moving into Beta and onto 1.0, this technology will allow continued improvement in all areas of the DayZ soundscape.


Server Login Queue & New Server Browser:


At the tail end of 2016, 0.61 saw the introduction of both the first iteration of our new server browser, and the much requested server login queue system. The new server browser is the first step towards our drive to properly presenting the official, vanilla experience as the first thing new players see, and will continue to evolve as we move into beta. On the ease of use side, the new server login queue removes the need to hammer that connect button, and beyond that - addresses critical vulnerabilities present in previous builds when large amounts of players try to connect. A huge gain for server side performance (and thus stability, and playability) the server login queue was originally slated for beta, but pushed up to address server stress after the 0.60 experimental push.

As exciting as the changes that made it to Steam are, even more work was done internally behind the scenes that aren't quite ready to hit Steam. Lets take a look at the things that were done behind the scenes internally on DayZ development in 2016:


Design Team:




Its no secret that the development team halted the addition of new mechanics, weapons, and most content on the old SQF language, animation system, and so on. While work pushed forward on mostly engine, and infrastructure changes (as well as the design work required to properly configure them), the design team have been hard at work on both moving over all of the gameplay systems written in the old SQF scripting language (Approx 90% completed so far!), as well as creating and supporting new mechanics flagged to come in our beta milestone such as electricity, base building objects, and more!


Animation Team:




The animation team has had a mountain of work in front of them for 2016. From working hand in hand with the programmers responsible for creating DayZ's upcoming new animation system, to collaborating with designers and artists on all of the required new animations for new content, mechanics, items and so on. Not to mention redoing all the animations for existing gameplay mechanics, and items created on the legacy system from 0.28 to 0.60. With progress examples including but not limited to:

  • 90% of all required animations for our Beta milestone completed
  • 44 Weapons redone (Each about 10 anims per weapon)
  • 24 new weapon unjamming anims (2 anims each)
  • 2 New Vehicles (Approx 35 anims each)
  • 2 New Gestures (Approx 9 anims each)
  • 30 New Combat Anims
  • 24 New Action Anims
  • 1,744 Adjusted, Refined, and Exported Anims

As we move past 0.61 in the tail of the year, and the bulk of the team is focused on our beta milestone, their work internally has paid off extensively, as the team can now begin working with our final animation system and the fruit of their hard work over the last year finally begins to make it to the main DayZ internal branch.


Sound Team:

Over 2016 the SFX team have been working hard collaborating with gameplay programmers, and support from the Arma team to introduce our new audio technology, as well as hand in hand with Art and Design teams to further the depth of audio simulation across the terrain and inside the buildings of Chernarus. From everything to new ambient SFX, infected audio, user actions audio, and so much more. 
Within 2016 the Audio Team were able to complete over 95% of all new player sound assets, introduce new gun SFX tied with the new audio system, internally complete new ambient sounds, prepare for additional improvements on melee SFX, and focus on new vehicle sounds in preperation for completion of new audio technology support for vehicles. Beyond that the team has plans for improvements to footstep sounds, and foley SFX based upon player gear as we move past Beta and into 1.0.


Art Team:


The art team is leading the charge into beta, and over 2016 has created a large amount of new content for the beta milestone. Including, but not limited to the CR 550, Mini Uzi, OTs-14, PKM, PP-19, Scout, PB 6P9, Saiga 12, Improvised Fence, Electrical Generator, Watchtower, Crop Duster, ALICE Pack, Recurve Bow, Biohazard Showers, Metro Police Station, Civilian Sedan, over 20 new characters for the new player/animation system and so much more! 2016 also saw significant improvements to the layout and structure of Chernarus as a whole, with extensive map changes and redesigns throughout the year such as the cities of Cherogorsk, and Elektrozavodsk, as well as villages like Tulga and Staroye, and railways throughout the country. In addition, they wrap up the new year working on finalizing the revamped "Chernarus HD" wilderness with the environment team for 0.62.


Engine & Gameplay Programming Team:


DayZ's Programming teams have had a massive amount of work on their plates for 2016. With a massive amount of the technical responsibility of preparing for Beta and 1.0 milestones, they've tackled the implementation of the new renderer, iterative improvements including dynamic shadows, improving client side performance, supporting increased view distance for light sources, and much more. Beyond that they've taken on introducing the new sound technology from the Arma team, addressing legacy peer to peer issues from Real Virtuality, Transfering ownership of every entity within the gamespace to the server, transfering to fixed time step simulation (which helps address synchronization of player position enabling much more reliable server responsivity to player input), Removing legacy mechanisms in player simulation and entity updates (allowing the simulation of more entities in the same frame), Introducing the first 64 bit client builds to Steam, Improving physics and vehicle simulation, implementing dynamic AI spawning, introducing the server queue system, and focusing a significant amount of work on the new player controller, animation system, and damage system. With even more plans for impovement, and optimization in these areas moving into the new year.

In closing, 2016 has been a difficult but fruitful year for DayZ and the development team. We've overcome many obstacles, and the successes we have achieved have been a huge step in the direction we'd like to go with DayZ. The support of the community, and engagement through our official forums and feedback tracker have been a massive assistance in the march towards Beta and 1.0, and we couldn't be more excited to share that journey with you all.

Edited by Baty Alquawen

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Wooooo, happy new year!

Great report, Baty!

So much is changing so fast, I'm excited for 2017!

23 minutes ago, Baty Alquawen said:

over 20 new characters for the new player/animation system

Does this mean more characters for players to choose from?

So we won't all just be generic white guy #5 anymore?

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Thank you for sharing this with us, always nice to get some insider information. DayZ has seen some massive changes in 0.60 and 0.61 for me and slowly but surely we're going towards the game we like to see. 2016 has seen some great changes for DayZ, no doubt. But I'm sure 2017 will see even more changes and I can't wait for that.

Take the deserved rest and recharge yourselfs to go fit and full of energy into 2017.

I wish everyone of the DayZ Development Team and the community a merry Christmas and an happy new year!

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Skimmed through most of it but this is awesome! I knew you guys had done a ton of stuff behind the scenes that most people didn't know about and it's great to see some of that here and lots of coming soon to the game. Keep up the good work you guys!

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2016 was DayZ SA's best year thus far. I really cannot wait for the new animation system/player controller.
Can't wait for the Beta phase with vehicles, barricades and modding tools. I really do hope DayZ is gonna be the game we all've been dreaming about for years.

Merry Christmas and best wishes to the whole Dayz Dev team, you guys are great and your hard work has started to show.


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Bin following Day Z for years and its finally starting to shine like i hope it would. Thanks to the whole development team for the hard work, it deff shows. I do hope you guys will focus a bit more on the Infected in 2017 and make them rly a much bigger threat for all of us.

Wish you all a happy new year


see you in Chernarus!

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Thank you for the update, Baty. Although I have been frustrated with how long it is taking for updates to come out, I always tried to temper those feelings with the thought that the backend transition was a huge undertaking and was the cause for the delays. Posts like there make me feel quite a bit better, knowing that is the case and the devs are still putting in the hard work that it takes to get to Beta and beyond. .61 has been a VERY welcome update and I'm really pleased with it. 

Keep up the great work, Bohemia! 

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Not to plug myself, but for anyone interested in a recap of previous years to get a sense of development from beginning -> now, I did a 3-part series on this around the holidays last year. I'll put links below :)


Part 1: http://imgur.com/a/aEnbM

Part 2: http://imgur.com/a/naNwq

Part 3: http://imgur.com/a/Y0dZC

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2 hours ago, AmazingAussie said:

Great work Bohemia :) 0.61 has been the best update yet, thank you for the overview.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

This entire year has been the best for DayZ so far.

So many huge changes, they really outdid themselves.


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6 minutes ago, DannyDog said:

This entire year has been the best for DayZ so far.

So many huge changes, they really outdid themselves.


I couldn't agree more, the new renderer was a very welcoming addition, and the fixes to server desync and no more random leg breaking, instantaneous vaulting and hotbar in 0.61 is very welcoming as well :D

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In my rookie opinion, dayz has made massive strides this year. That new engine alongside the recent map developments, tied in with the amazing new sound system... Ah...

Glorious things coming... glorious things indeed.

Thanks Baty for the compilation of awesomeness.

Edited by camcantrun

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Hello boyz and girlz!

This year have seriously been amazing!!

I mean.. there is just so much.. New engine, new rendering system, new sounds, wolfs and so much more..

Its litrally insane!!

Im so happy for all of this! Every update have been better then the last :)

I have one small consern when i saw "what have been going on behind the scenes" Stamina in Dayz? I mean i get

that you want to give the vehicles a more importent roll in the game. but i think some people just dont want to be in a vehicle..

it sounds lound, you feel vulnerable.. I like to travel by foot.. see the nature, taking long runs, run from town to town..


But then again.. What do i know, I havent even tryed it.. Right! It might be awsome. who knows..

Everything else in Dayz is awsome so why wouldent stamina be that. :D


Merry Xmas!


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DayZ has really come far this year. You guys have done an amazing amount of work on the game. I cannot believe there are still people out there accusing Bohemia of forgetting about DayZ when the game itself is proof that you guys have been working super hard to make an awesome game for all of us to play. Thank you, thank you very much!

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    • By Baty Alquawen

      Survivors, has it been two weeks already? We had the first internal multiplayer play-test of vehicles, Eugen is going to tell you more about it. He also talks about the hit registration issue, which is one of our priorities right now. Adam wants to introduce some changes related to gamma abuse, and Boris shows you how to prolong the burning time of torches. 
      Dev Update/Eugen Dev Update/Adam Dev Update/Boris  
      Dev Update/Eugen
      Dear survivors. Let’s start with something that definitely needs addressing. While I’m happy we've released the PC server files, in regards to the both the PC and Xbox versions, there are some serious flaws that we need to look into.
      Priority Issues
      For one, hit registration has been quite a problem recently, and I want to talk about what we know so far. While for most you, it seems like your bullets are not registering when hitting players around you, there might be (and probably are) multiple causes to this behavior. From magazines spawning and having ghost bullets (server and client think there is a different amount), through network messages not being sent, to maybe the armor system working incorrectly on specific items and configurations.
      We’re looking into different angles. So far, with the use of bots, we are able to reproduce the issue when there are multiple corpses around. It seems like a network issue, so we’re starting with this to eliminate the possible low level cause first. It is also the first course of action because if we can confirm some network messages are not being sent in certain cases, it probably causes much more than incorrect hit registration.
      We’re still in the process of debugging when exactly it happens and how. But having a sure way to see it in game helps us a lot. So if by any chance you know how you get your character/weapon/magazine/bullets in desynchronized state, please do report that through the Feedback Tracker.
      The second thing I want to mention today is the inventory implementation on Xbox. We know it needs to get our love and attention. We will soon be reaching out to you and we'll be interested in your feedback.
      Other than that, we are preparing a patch for the PC Experimental branch, ideally containing the fixes to the hit registration issue, as well as other smaller changes based on your feedback. From log upgrades to the ability to set a Steam query port for ease of DDOS setup when hosting a server, and some more.
      Progress towards Experimental BETA
      We've recently had our first multiplayer playtest of vehicles on the new implementation and the first results are promising. Once we have more to share about the patch, we will do so, both here and other channels. But the current state leaves us with two major, risky features in terms of overall update stability: vehicles and base building. The rest are going through rounds of intense QA testing to make sure we’re not missing something game-breaking.
      So let’s get back to work and see you in game once we're ready for further Stress Test.
      - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer
      Dev Update/Adam
      Nighttime in DayZ should be dark and terrifying. It should force you into using any light source you have available. Having an ability to light up your surroundings should be just as vital as having enough water and food. Shutting off your light should only be required in case of an emergency. Also, when night vision goggles make their way into the game (which is something we still want to do in the future, but not in BETA), they should be a rare, powerful thing that can turn their owners into potential predators, not a laughing stock for people avoiding night-time by turning the night into a day by cranking up a gamma slider (be it through drivers or display settings).
      The removal of the in-game gamma slider was but a first step towards making the very frequent gamma abuse more complicated to do. In today's status report, I'm going to present another step towards making the night-time a en equal playing field for everyone (at least as much as we're actually able to do that).
      A survivor scouting Myshkino military camp using flashlight mounted on his AKM, unaware of a danger hidden in a shadow.

      Please keep in mind that this is still very much experimental feature and we will be tweaking it based on your feedback (once it hits public branches). We have also taken a look on the global light config again (adjusting some dusk and dawn values), boosted up brightness of all available light sources and we will be taking a closer look at the CE setup to make sure there is always enough light sources within the game world.
      -  Adam Franců / Map Designer
      Dev Update/Boris
      Greetings survivors! Lately, there has been some effort invested into improving night gameplay across multiple departments (Adam will share more on that as well). So I'd like to report on one of the contributions I did in this regards, which is a refactor of the craftable torch.
      Firstly, the torch now contains an attachment slot for rags, which allows players to prolong its burning time by adding more than one rag on it. You can also refill its stock while it's burning, which means you don't have to craft a new torch after running out of fuel for the current one. The latest Experimental branch on Steam already contains this change so you can try this out for yourself.
      Additionally, in BETA, refueling will be possible to do through a crafting user action without the need to open inventory. As usual, this will be done through a quick bar or an interaction with a relevant item on the ground.

      Refueling of a torch 1
      Secondly, you'll be able to even further prolong the burning time by coating the torch with animal lard. Such upgrade is mainly useful for base builders, as it allows them to craft a long-lasting source of light that can be placed anywhere without the need of frequent refueling. 
      Using gasoline as fuel is being considered, but currently, it's not implemented yet.

      Refueling of a torch 2
      Lastly, the amount of fuel on the torch will be represented by its quantity bar, so you will always know how much time you have left before it goes cold.

      With these changes, this basic item is more interesting to use while giving it some connections to other activities like hunting, base building and collecting clothes or rags.
      - Boris Vacula / Scripter
      Header image by Sp1kerZ.
    • By Baty Alquawen

      Hello everyone,
      I am really happy that we've made the decision to separate the Community Spotlight into its own day - now we have more space for you creativity, and also more information from me!
      We were shooting a Dev Log video last Thursday in our motion capture studio in Mníšek pod Brdy. It was a really long day but we are satisfied with the result. I can't promise you when this video will be out, but I have some behind the scenes pictures and a bunch of short Instagram stories on our Instagram account. I've added the stories to our archive, so you can watch them without any limits.

      I hope all of you know our best screenshot-er DrDeSync. This screenshot looks really creepy, and I am afraid to ask if these guys are friendly. Because I don't think they are.
      Another nice screenshot is made by pizzausfree. Thank you for sharing!
       rumski called this screenshot "Dropping Gear and Stuffing Faces Because...Running…". It is not needed to collect everything you find, man!
      Meet Michael and the trailer he's living in. It looks like a cozy place! Intruzo posted his experience from a role-play server on Reddit. He said Michael was really friendly and he invited him to his trailer for dinner. I like players like Michael, they make the DayZ experience more interesting for other players.
      This screenshot comes from the Xbox community. Wilson80121 and his squad are ready to go to Tisy.
      This is a nice edit from kakshiOG called "Fallout Storm". Good job!
      ZomboCZ really cares about DayZ. He likes to share every detail he can find in the game. Last week, he posted a bunch of new assets from the Experimental branch on Reddit, which he thinks could be interesting for the community. I am going to share it here with you. A train station is now enter-able, you can see all details of the building HERE.

      He also focused on the new R-105 Soviet military radio. If you don't know how it works - you can use it the same way as a regular walkie-talkie, but the voice transmission, so it's very useful for role-players and friendly survivors.

      You maybe don't know it, but we have new fruits on the Experimental branch. You can find plums and pears now. Here are detailed shots from ZomboCZ.

      If you still have a problem to find a new fruit, I think this can help you a little. You can find pears under these trees:

      And plums here:

      The first video is by Rene aka BarelyInfected and he gave us a story about hunger. When you are dying of hunger in DayZ, are you going to kill and eat your buddy? It is all about choices.
      This is not a friendly encounter. It is pure PVP action, fast and deadly:
      When you join some server with increased infected spawn, you should expect some trouble. But never give up, man!
      Check out this great DayZ cinematic by mov3ax!
      This video is probably some part of role-play, I really did not get what happened there, but The Syndicate group isn't friendly at all. A lot of players died in this video.
      Uncuepa is a great buddy from the community and if you know him, you can ask him some questions, because Boydy will record an interview with him. Ask your questions HERE.
      People are fighting over water, food, ammo. But sometimes, the reason to kill is simply just a jacket. Damn, it had to be a really nice jacket though!
      This is also a funny video. Xbox player O_Ambulo_O got trolled by his friend. It is hilarious! Click on the picture for watching:
      Let's talk about modding or game changes you made!
      Xxkabalxx is probably working on winter in Chernarus, because he shared a first sound test and I can feel the cold from it.
      ThePyrotechnic developed a BEC plugin to display the number of players on your server. You could be interested. More info HERE.
      Someone could want more spawn points on his/her server. If you don't know how to do it, here are instructions.
      I know, I know. Everyone already heard about the DayZ Battle Royale mode. We are working on our own Battle Royale mode called the Survivor GameZ, but untill that's ready, you can try this community mode. 
      And mov3ax is already working on airdrops. What do you think, guys?
      ZiltoidTheHorror doesn't care if we have an auto-run button in-game. Real PC players use coins, matches or papers. Console players are using hair rubber bands. 
      Yolikus is living in the real Chernarus aka Ústí nad Labem. And this is the view from his flat compared to the game. Awesome, thank you for sharing!
      And the last part of the Community Spotlight is the location riddle. 
      The small building is located near Gorka:

      And the winners are:
      souffiane mechri Lunar Cyril‏ Felix‏  Molly Magoo Tweedy Jonny K Astro
        Good work guys, thank you!
      And the next location is:

      Send your answer to our Twitter account with the #DayZriddleTime hashtag.
      That is all from me, thank you for your amazing content and see you in two weeks!
      Header image by Memorix Gamer.
      - Baty Alquawen/Community Manager
    • By ImpulZ
      We have a small update today, it is focused on fixes for the general stability of the game.
      The update for the server files is available as well.