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Greetings Survivors,

As we wrap up 2016, we'd like to take a moment and look back on what has been done so far, and what is to come. 2016 has been a pivotal year for DayZ development, both on the public Steam branches, and internally. For those who haven't followed development closely, lets start with the changes that have made it to Steam this year.

New Renderer:


Anticipated for a long time coming, 2016 saw the introduction of the new renderer for DayZ onto Steam's stable branch. An ongoing task throughout DayZ's development, this update to the engine powering DayZ was one of the most complex changes for the development team. The legacy renderer was originally intertwined with the engine side simulation going back to the earliest dayz of Real Virtuality. Seperating this, ensuring that no core systems or mechanics were broken, and introducing the new renderer technology to DayZ while ensuring a 1:1 visual fidelity was the base goal for introducing this to Steam. With the addition of volumetric fog, and the massive improvements to client frame rate the whole team was elated. 2016 took that one step farther with .61 tackling the issue of dynamic lighting and shadows, finally removing the thorn in the side of night time gameplay by preventing light sources from ignoring structure geometry, players, and so much more. Add into this dynamic lighting changes to .61, and light sources such as camp fires, flares, and more finally became viable for night time survival.


Randomizing attachments, loot spawned in containers, and on infected:


While it may seem like a small part of the larger puzzle, the "looting" side of DayZ's gameplay is integral to the experience, and should not be ignored. Adding in support within the Central Economy and item configs for arrays with multiple classnames, as well as having the infected themselves be a potential source of loot added a much needed boost to the search for those critical items survivors need to deafeat the obstacles within Chernarus.

Dynamic Spawning of Infected:



Throughout DayZ's development we have spawned a large amount of infected globally, spread throughout the world in an effort to reduce the meta-gaming and systematic learning of the mods script based trigger spawning based upon player proximity. Unfortunately, this led to us never really creating a feeling of dread or danger from our infected, as while they massively outnumbered players - they were spread throughout a huge 256km2 landmass. Utilizing the dynamic event system that powered things like helicopter crashes, and police car spawns to increase infected density in cities, towns, and villages that are within the 1km network bubble of players has reintroduced that long missed feeling of the infected citizens of Chernarus being a true threat within gameplay. While server optimization moving forward into beta will allow us to slowly increase these amounts, as well as beta itself allowing us to continue to improve the threat they offer - 2016 saw a reintroduction of a core element of DayZ gameplay.


Network Synchronization Improvements:

As long as DayZ has been on Steam, one of the most frustrating bugs for users to encounter has been the seemingly random breaking of legs, death from running over a small rock, or experiencing crippling desync within a player versus player encounter. Our gameplay programming team introduced with the first builds of 0.61 an architecture change on how our client/server networking communication occurs. Addressing approximately 90% of all known issues related to client/server position desync, and finally putting a nail in the coffin of the sudden "broken legs" while navigating larger structures. In addition, overall client/server communication throughout gameplay was improved, and a significant improvement of responsivity was the result. While beta will see continued iteration and improvement in these areas, this is arguably one of the largest and most impactful changes to the playability of DayZ Early Access, and we think you'll all enjoy it.


Predator AI:


Talked about initially in the early years of DayZ development, 2016 saw 0.61 introduce the first of DayZ's predator AI in the form of wolves. Known to roam the northern and far western reaches of Chernarus, wolves have introduced an off-road threat present even when no other players, or infected are to be seen. Traveling in packs, and stalking vulnerable players these enemies have quickly become a reason to save your shotgun ammo.


Eden Sound Engine:

Thanks to close cooperation with the fantastic team working on Arma 3, the DayZ development team were able to introduce the new audio technology that powered the Arma 3 Eden update. Allowing the DayZ Audio team to begin work on expanding the impact of sounds of gunshots within Chernarus. Beyond just proper volume attenuation, this update allowed a massive injection of immersion and paired with cooperation of the gameplay programming team, a much needed focus on addressing issues with gunshot sounds playing for all players, and a fantastic side effect of drawing players towards each other through gunshot sounds resonating through the hills and valleys of Chernarus. Moreso in 0.61 than ever before, the choice to fire a weapon in Chernarus has become a multi faceted one. Concerning both attracting large numbers of infected, and the unwanted attention of other and potentially more dangerous players. Moving into Beta and onto 1.0, this technology will allow continued improvement in all areas of the DayZ soundscape.


Server Login Queue & New Server Browser:


At the tail end of 2016, 0.61 saw the introduction of both the first iteration of our new server browser, and the much requested server login queue system. The new server browser is the first step towards our drive to properly presenting the official, vanilla experience as the first thing new players see, and will continue to evolve as we move into beta. On the ease of use side, the new server login queue removes the need to hammer that connect button, and beyond that - addresses critical vulnerabilities present in previous builds when large amounts of players try to connect. A huge gain for server side performance (and thus stability, and playability) the server login queue was originally slated for beta, but pushed up to address server stress after the 0.60 experimental push.

As exciting as the changes that made it to Steam are, even more work was done internally behind the scenes that aren't quite ready to hit Steam. Lets take a look at the things that were done behind the scenes internally on DayZ development in 2016:


Design Team:




Its no secret that the development team halted the addition of new mechanics, weapons, and most content on the old SQF language, animation system, and so on. While work pushed forward on mostly engine, and infrastructure changes (as well as the design work required to properly configure them), the design team have been hard at work on both moving over all of the gameplay systems written in the old SQF scripting language (Approx 90% completed so far!), as well as creating and supporting new mechanics flagged to come in our beta milestone such as electricity, base building objects, and more!


Animation Team:




The animation team has had a mountain of work in front of them for 2016. From working hand in hand with the programmers responsible for creating DayZ's upcoming new animation system, to collaborating with designers and artists on all of the required new animations for new content, mechanics, items and so on. Not to mention redoing all the animations for existing gameplay mechanics, and items created on the legacy system from 0.28 to 0.60. With progress examples including but not limited to:

  • 90% of all required animations for our Beta milestone completed
  • 44 Weapons redone (Each about 10 anims per weapon)
  • 24 new weapon unjamming anims (2 anims each)
  • 2 New Vehicles (Approx 35 anims each)
  • 2 New Gestures (Approx 9 anims each)
  • 30 New Combat Anims
  • 24 New Action Anims
  • 1,744 Adjusted, Refined, and Exported Anims

As we move past 0.61 in the tail of the year, and the bulk of the team is focused on our beta milestone, their work internally has paid off extensively, as the team can now begin working with our final animation system and the fruit of their hard work over the last year finally begins to make it to the main DayZ internal branch.


Sound Team:

Over 2016 the SFX team have been working hard collaborating with gameplay programmers, and support from the Arma team to introduce our new audio technology, as well as hand in hand with Art and Design teams to further the depth of audio simulation across the terrain and inside the buildings of Chernarus. From everything to new ambient SFX, infected audio, user actions audio, and so much more. 
Within 2016 the Audio Team were able to complete over 95% of all new player sound assets, introduce new gun SFX tied with the new audio system, internally complete new ambient sounds, prepare for additional improvements on melee SFX, and focus on new vehicle sounds in preperation for completion of new audio technology support for vehicles. Beyond that the team has plans for improvements to footstep sounds, and foley SFX based upon player gear as we move past Beta and into 1.0.


Art Team:


The art team is leading the charge into beta, and over 2016 has created a large amount of new content for the beta milestone. Including, but not limited to the CR 550, Mini Uzi, OTs-14, PKM, PP-19, Scout, PB 6P9, Saiga 12, Improvised Fence, Electrical Generator, Watchtower, Crop Duster, ALICE Pack, Recurve Bow, Biohazard Showers, Metro Police Station, Civilian Sedan, over 20 new characters for the new player/animation system and so much more! 2016 also saw significant improvements to the layout and structure of Chernarus as a whole, with extensive map changes and redesigns throughout the year such as the cities of Cherogorsk, and Elektrozavodsk, as well as villages like Tulga and Staroye, and railways throughout the country. In addition, they wrap up the new year working on finalizing the revamped "Chernarus HD" wilderness with the environment team for 0.62.


Engine & Gameplay Programming Team:


DayZ's Programming teams have had a massive amount of work on their plates for 2016. With a massive amount of the technical responsibility of preparing for Beta and 1.0 milestones, they've tackled the implementation of the new renderer, iterative improvements including dynamic shadows, improving client side performance, supporting increased view distance for light sources, and much more. Beyond that they've taken on introducing the new sound technology from the Arma team, addressing legacy peer to peer issues from Real Virtuality, Transfering ownership of every entity within the gamespace to the server, transfering to fixed time step simulation (which helps address synchronization of player position enabling much more reliable server responsivity to player input), Removing legacy mechanisms in player simulation and entity updates (allowing the simulation of more entities in the same frame), Introducing the first 64 bit client builds to Steam, Improving physics and vehicle simulation, implementing dynamic AI spawning, introducing the server queue system, and focusing a significant amount of work on the new player controller, animation system, and damage system. With even more plans for impovement, and optimization in these areas moving into the new year.

In closing, 2016 has been a difficult but fruitful year for DayZ and the development team. We've overcome many obstacles, and the successes we have achieved have been a huge step in the direction we'd like to go with DayZ. The support of the community, and engagement through our official forums and feedback tracker have been a massive assistance in the march towards Beta and 1.0, and we couldn't be more excited to share that journey with you all.

Edited by Baty Alquawen

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Wooooo, happy new year!

Great report, Baty!

So much is changing so fast, I'm excited for 2017!

23 minutes ago, Baty Alquawen said:

over 20 new characters for the new player/animation system

Does this mean more characters for players to choose from?

So we won't all just be generic white guy #5 anymore?

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Thank you for sharing this with us, always nice to get some insider information. DayZ has seen some massive changes in 0.60 and 0.61 for me and slowly but surely we're going towards the game we like to see. 2016 has seen some great changes for DayZ, no doubt. But I'm sure 2017 will see even more changes and I can't wait for that.

Take the deserved rest and recharge yourselfs to go fit and full of energy into 2017.

I wish everyone of the DayZ Development Team and the community a merry Christmas and an happy new year!

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Skimmed through most of it but this is awesome! I knew you guys had done a ton of stuff behind the scenes that most people didn't know about and it's great to see some of that here and lots of coming soon to the game. Keep up the good work you guys!

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2016 was DayZ SA's best year thus far. I really cannot wait for the new animation system/player controller.
Can't wait for the Beta phase with vehicles, barricades and modding tools. I really do hope DayZ is gonna be the game we all've been dreaming about for years.

Merry Christmas and best wishes to the whole Dayz Dev team, you guys are great and your hard work has started to show.


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Bin following Day Z for years and its finally starting to shine like i hope it would. Thanks to the whole development team for the hard work, it deff shows. I do hope you guys will focus a bit more on the Infected in 2017 and make them rly a much bigger threat for all of us.

Wish you all a happy new year


see you in Chernarus!

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Thank you for the update, Baty. Although I have been frustrated with how long it is taking for updates to come out, I always tried to temper those feelings with the thought that the backend transition was a huge undertaking and was the cause for the delays. Posts like there make me feel quite a bit better, knowing that is the case and the devs are still putting in the hard work that it takes to get to Beta and beyond. .61 has been a VERY welcome update and I'm really pleased with it. 

Keep up the great work, Bohemia! 

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Not to plug myself, but for anyone interested in a recap of previous years to get a sense of development from beginning -> now, I did a 3-part series on this around the holidays last year. I'll put links below :)


Part 1: http://imgur.com/a/aEnbM

Part 2: http://imgur.com/a/naNwq

Part 3: http://imgur.com/a/Y0dZC

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2 hours ago, AmazingAussie said:

Great work Bohemia :) 0.61 has been the best update yet, thank you for the overview.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

This entire year has been the best for DayZ so far.

So many huge changes, they really outdid themselves.


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6 minutes ago, DannyDog said:

This entire year has been the best for DayZ so far.

So many huge changes, they really outdid themselves.


I couldn't agree more, the new renderer was a very welcoming addition, and the fixes to server desync and no more random leg breaking, instantaneous vaulting and hotbar in 0.61 is very welcoming as well :D

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In my rookie opinion, dayz has made massive strides this year. That new engine alongside the recent map developments, tied in with the amazing new sound system... Ah...

Glorious things coming... glorious things indeed.

Thanks Baty for the compilation of awesomeness.

Edited by camcantrun

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Hello boyz and girlz!

This year have seriously been amazing!!

I mean.. there is just so much.. New engine, new rendering system, new sounds, wolfs and so much more..

Its litrally insane!!

Im so happy for all of this! Every update have been better then the last :)

I have one small consern when i saw "what have been going on behind the scenes" Stamina in Dayz? I mean i get

that you want to give the vehicles a more importent roll in the game. but i think some people just dont want to be in a vehicle..

it sounds lound, you feel vulnerable.. I like to travel by foot.. see the nature, taking long runs, run from town to town..


But then again.. What do i know, I havent even tryed it.. Right! It might be awsome. who knows..

Everything else in Dayz is awsome so why wouldent stamina be that. :D


Merry Xmas!


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DayZ has really come far this year. You guys have done an amazing amount of work on the game. I cannot believe there are still people out there accusing Bohemia of forgetting about DayZ when the game itself is proof that you guys have been working super hard to make an awesome game for all of us to play. Thank you, thank you very much!

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    • By Baty Alquawen

      Two weeks have passed, and we're bringing you the latest progress from the Dev Team - the usual setup got a bit of a twist with Eugen traveling this week, but we've got a whole lot of news nevertheless! Let's keep it short, and do some reading, survivors! It's good for you.
      Contents This Week
      Dev Update/Martin Dev Update/Peter Dev Update/Viktor Dev Update/Adam Dev Update/Filip Community Spotlight  
      Dev Update/Martin
      Hello everyone! As Eugen is traveling this week, it's my turn to contribute to the Status Report (after quite some time), and provide some summary of the past two weeks in the DayZ Dev Team. With February in full swing, we're approaching the moment where with each week, the 0.63 experimental release is becoming more and more likely. We're about to start team-wide play-tests to get our internal servers as full as possible in order to get proper data on server synchronization and performance. With that said, there are still elementary parts (like swimming and vaulting) of the game that are very much work in progress, and for that reason, we are still not feeling very comfortable talking about any potential 0.63 Experimental release dates publicly.
      Considering some feedback we got under the last Status Report on Twitter, we've been looking ways how to still communicate the state of things more clearly, potentially as a progressively updated online task list. Together with Eugen and Baty, we've compiled a to-do list of sorts (basically our Experimental goals from the BETA Status Report) where we want to provide a simple overview of the current state of each key part of the 0.63 update. We'll check if and how we can publish it (we still need to work out some specifics with our team leads, also during the play-tests I mentioned), but suffice to say - there is a lot of work in progress, and less things that we would already be able to tick off as "ready for Experimental". 
      While we don't want to give in to some unnecessary rush, there is also the other side of things that kind of makes us want to progress towards the 0.63 Experimental PC release as fast as possible. Our release schedule for this year is pretty tight. The main goal is to have the PC BETA and 1.0 all happen in 2018, and we're also getting much closer to bringing DayZ to console players. Our good relationship with both Sony and Microsoft opens interesting opportunities for cooperation, and since we've always had our focus aimed at the existing PC community of players first and foremost, it's in our own best interest to bring you solid PC releases ASAP so that we can also satisfy the large audience waiting for DayZ on consoles. 
      Despite the not-so-huge amount of work going into our console builds of the game, we're basically able to run our regular PC 0.63 builds on both consoles with no major issues in gameplay or performance, and so the progress towards PC releases of 0.63 Experimental and Stable is critical also from this point of view - not only we really want you to have something to play already, we also want to grow our community further. 

      Let's see how that works - we'll keep you posted! Meanwhile, see you in Chernarus! (Or on the forums, social media channels, and Reddit!)
      - Martin Čulák / Brand & PR Manager
      Dev Update/Peter
      Our first working implementation of the new melee combat looked great, especially with predefined combos chained by attacks flying through the air. However, after applying a rule set to it and passing some internal play-tests, we have confirmed that it would be really hard to wrap our intentions of melee combat around these predefined combo attacks.
      As gameplay is the most important thing in DayZ, I don’t want to compromise on possibilities. Ideally, players should be always able to choose which attack option at hand they can use. Considering that predefined combo chains were composed of different attack types, players were not able to choose between light and heavy attack types. Since their order was firmly determined, it made melee combat feel like something that's a bit out of your hands, which made it less interesting in the end.
      We have decided to try one more prototype, in which the player is able to freely choose which attack to perform - a light or a heavy one. Immediately after the first play-test run, it was clear that’s the right direction to make the melee combat more "controllable". We will continue to iterate and improve the melee so that we finally arrive at the final implementation. It's safe to say that despite the shift from predefined combos, the new melee combat will still maintain visual variety in terms of movement, as there are still attack variations from both the left and the right side, and for both light and heavy attack types. These variants are seamlessly blended together, creating a continuous flow of attacks that simply looks nice.

      The infected AI that you know well from 0.62 and older versions of DayZ was kind of always limited, and it never met our expectations, nor came close to the behaviours we defined in the design team. Currently, the infected AI is being heavily re-worked, incorporating the new animation system. We are cooperating closely with our programming team to achieve all the intended features.
      The primary goal is to make the infected feel better on every level you can imagine. May it be more clever use of sensors to strengthen stealth, luring and aggro, adding search behaviour around the last known position of their target, or simply much improved readability of infected AI, utilising transitions like lost interest, target confirmed or target lost between their states. There are some significant changes coming to their melee combat as well, with jumping attacks making a comeback.  
      Don't end up feeding yourself to the infected... see you in Chernarus folks!
      - Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer
      Dev Update/Viktor
      Hi everyone. The entire team is still really busy implementing the remaining parts of our animation system overhaul, so today, I would like to at least quickly share with you a couple of fresh GIFs from the development. After receiving the implementation of the new ladder climbing from our programmers, we are currently applying some final touches to ladder animations and behaviour. We're finally able to enter/exit the ladders in a rather smooth way, and also climb and even slide down the ladder. There's still some polish and fine-tuning to do before we can make ladders experimental ready, but we're getting there! The team is also busy with weapons, player turn animations and unconscious animations:

      - Viktor Kostik / Lead Animator
      Dev Update/Adam
      In this Status Report, I would like to talk about another map feature of the upcoming 0.63 update - Tourist Trails. The Chernarussian Tourist Club (also known short as КЧТ) is responsible for a wide network of the tourist trails in the Republic of Chernarus. In South Zagoria (province of Chernarus that we have in DayZ), they maintain roughly 200 kilometers of tourist trails. From the northern border mountains, through the central fields to the important destinations in coastal towns. Connecting many of the historic and natural landmarks, but also showing perhaps not often visited places in South Zagoria. All that to make your travels easier and safer.

      The idea of having the tourist trails on Chernarus has been floating around since early Arma 2 days. It was brought up again at the start of DayZ development with more details fleshed out. But given the rapid iterations on Chernarus+ map, it was not really feasible to start with the actual implementation until the map was in a more stable state. With the release of the update 0.62 (which introduced a total vegetation overhaul along with the western border rework), we felt that the map has finally reached a somewhat stable state that would allow us to finally return to the idea of tourist trails.
      We have re-visited the original plans, made several improvements and re-designed the planned trail network to support all the map changes that happened over past couple of years. A result of this task is an overwhelming, 200 kilometer long trail network - so what helped us getting there?
      4 different color markings to mark the trails you will find these on trees, rocks, poles,...
      in real life, you would also find arrow versions of these markings, but to avoid too much duplication in data, we had to design every hard turn of the trail without the arrow markings.  
      93 custom directional crossroad signs tailored for each trail crossroad, any important place (stops), and for the start/end of each trail crossroad signs contain the local name and mark the crossroad's elevation above sea level (in meters) individual plates cover every possible direction you can take, along with the travel distance (in kilometers) to three following crossroad/directional/trail signs same as traffic directional signs and settlements signs, everything on these plates is written in Russian (Cyrillic)
      2 types of the actual path models for the trails we use these models when the trail goes through the meadows, fields, and forests roughly 60% of the whole trail network is covered by these models - because as in real life, trails are also using the existing road network (excluding major roads so tourists are not in a danger of a serious car accident)
      2 types of tourist shelters to make bigger trail crossroads more interesting and believable brand new assets that serve as shelter for players during rainy weather, or when you just want to get a bit of a rest before continuing your journey
      In addition to these, we also have one other supporting asset that may or may not make it into 0.63:
      Map stands in real life, these are present mostly on major trail crossroads in order to help tourists to get a bigger picture and plan their trip we've got several prototypes so far, but still ironing out the best shape, size and the map coverage (if it will be the entire map or, for example, quarters) there will be a "you are here" sign on the map to help you pinpoint your current location Overall, tourist trails gave us a nice opportunity to improve our landscape - many improvements were done to it while the network itself was worked on. Additionally, it also gave us an opportunity to revisit all the locations names and make them actually visible directly within the environment.
      We hope that they will prove to be a useful feature when navigating through our 225 square kilometers of environment, and that you will have great encounters with other like-minded survivors there. We certainly enjoyed building the network and we hope that we will meet some of you there when this feature hits the live servers!

      -  Adam Franců /  Map Designer
      Dev Update/Filip
      Hi everyone!
      Over the course of the past two weeks, we continued our work on footsteps and cloth rustle sounds. It's kind of a tedious work because we have to implement these sounds into all animations - and the number of animations in DayZ is pretty overwhelming :).
      Another big task ahead of us is represented by an update of ambient sounds. We intend to create a more dynamic and realistic soundscape than before. We do not want to relate only upon flat 2D ambient sounds, but rather want to use as many positional sounds as the audio engine will allow us to have. Within the next couple of weeks, we will see how far we can push it!
      - Filip Čenžák / Sound Designer
      Community Spotlight
      Hello Survivors!
      I would like to start a new tradition - answering some of the community's most asked questions in every Status Report and post it to a special thread on our official forums.
      So, let's check out what you want to know:
      Will DayZ be released on consoles? Yes, Xbox One version will be out this year in the Xbox Game Preview program. We are also working on a PlayStation 4 version and want to provide more details about that soon!
      Can you give us some modding tools already, goddamnit?! Not right now, we can't. There are ultimately two main reasons for that: we're simply not ready to legitimately support modding until we have a solid foundation in what is a game functional on an elementary level. We also need that game to be in YOUR hands and we need you to be able to run your own servers. That will not happen before 0.63 hits Stable. In addition to that, we're also still evaluating how far along will DayZ be moddable, and how we can best support modders with all the necessary modding tools. 
      How long do we need to wait for the 0.63 Experimental? We want to play it so bad! I know, we want to let you play it too! Right now though, it just really needs more love from the DayZ Dev Team. It's not fun to play yet. All the teams are working like devils now, trust me - I am sitting right next to them in the office, I can see it all happening and I want to play it with the community as bad as everyone. But 0.63 still needs more time!
      Yes, the base building is also not ready yet but we know how much you are looking forward to trying it. An example is Axel, who made this cool base building concept.

      We have a DayZ Tip by NomadGaming. We know vehicles are sometimes pain in the ass in the current version, and you can get them stuck pretty easily. But don't forget - if you can't unstuck them, just destroy them with a matchbox, and they are going to re-spawn!

      We had Gaming Roach Entertainment here before and they are back with another cool cinematic. It is a story about mother who wants to protect her daughter from dangerous people in every way she can. Another good job Gaming Roach, you amazed me again.

      What about some DayZ in real life? BarelyInfected has done a short video, it is nice to see his face again!

      Do you know RDiddy? He is the Australian streamer who loves jumping with cars in DayZ. This is the best jump he'S ever made! GG RDiddy!

      Let's check out some more screenshots.
      dayz_bron sent a beautiful screenshot to Reddit and I want to share it with you.

      Another amazing view from Green Moutain by DrDesync. Be careful, I was shot standing there like this!

        And now is the time for your favorite riddle!
        Who answered correctly last time?
      Jakon $€i¥ablitz Jeff Day CryDoXz Polski.Tytan TheReverned 14400bps is enough Dmitry Mirnyy‏ Uncuepa Boio Summer vini True DayZ pros!
      I asked our map designer Adam for a hard location this time. Can you guess where it is? Send the location to our official Twitter account and be on the wall of fame next time!

      Thank you for all your content and enjoy the Valentine's Day. And don't forget that we love you! <3
      - Baty / Community Manager
      Header image by Watchman.
    • By Baty Alquawen
      Will DayZ be released on consoles? Yes, Xbox One version will be out this year (2018) in the Xbox Game Preview program. We are also working on a PlayStation 4 version and want to provide more details about that soon!
      Can you give us some modding tools already, goddamnit?! Not right now, we can't. There are ultimately two main reasons for that: we're simply not ready to legitimately support modding until we have a solid foundation in what is a game functional on an elementary level. We also need that game to be in YOUR hands and we need you to be able to run your own servers. That will not happen before 0.63 hits Stable. In addition to that, we're also still evaluating how far along will DayZ be moddable, and how we can best support modders with all the necessary modding tools. 
      How long do we need to wait for the 0.63 Experimental? We want to play it so bad! I know, we want to let you play it too! Right now though, it just really needs more love from the DayZ Dev Team. It's not fun to play yet. All the teams are working like devils now, trust me - I am sitting right next to them in the office, I can see it all happening and I want to play it with the community as bad as everyone. But 0.63 still needs more time!
      More answers coming soon.
    • By Baty Alquawen
      We're keeping it short, but sweet this week - we've got some changes in the team, and so along with his regular dev update, Eugen is taking the time to thank some of his team members and to say goodbye. Since we're at saying good byes, Peter is finally done with having apple tree and stone texture spamming in the game, and hints at our new dynamic ambient loot spawning. Finishing off the dev part, we have Mirek teasing bits about the infected movement, and our Audio Designer Filip sharing his latest and greatest. As always, Baty adds your awesome community content, and the ever famous Status Report riddle! let's get to it, survivors.
      Contents This Week
      Dev Update/Eugen Dev Update/Peter Dev Update/Mirek Dev Update/Filip Community Spotlight
        Dev Update/Eugen
      When something ends, something else begins. As I mentioned in the Year in Review video, it's always hard losing team members, but it's a necessary part of the development cycle. Lots of people have joined the team over the last four years, growing from a strong core into a large, two-studio production with almost 80 developers full time. Some are moving on to new challenges, and I wanted to thank them for their contribution to what DayZ should be. A monumental undertaking that all these people were part of.
      My thanks go specifically (but not exclusively) to Andrej Sinkević (who is moving back home to take care of his family) for overseeing the creation of new weapons sounds, environment sounds, and making sure we are expanding upon the options available.
      My thanks also go to our Environment Designer Senchi for making Chernarus exciting again, for his passion, for thinking outside the box and for trying new things.
      At the same time, I would like to introduce Filip Čenžák, who will be taking over the DayZ responsibilities in our Audio Department, and will be sharing what's coming here in Status Reports :). Good luck, Filip!
      Even though we've said a couple of good-byes early this year, the work hasn't stopped and we have progressed significantly. So let me go over the updates that we have seen on our internal build - there are some exciting things we have been working on:
      Prone Combat
      We've had a prone review meeting last week in order to look over what's next for the feature, and we have started tweaking the turn animations and bugs with collisions in different parts of the prone animation.
      Ladder climbing
      Right now, we're working on a script implementation to make ladders available ingame, as most of the stuff is almost ready. We will definitively come back and check the data and overall ladder setup again once this part of the game becomes testable.
      Melee Combat
      Another iteration of melee combat is now available in-game, with new heavy and light attack modes, new evades, bug fixes for targeting, and animations for melee with ranged weapons - those are ready to get into the animation graph for quick tests.
      Dynamic Spawning
      We are trying to unify the spawning in-game to use one spawn function, and we're refactoring dynamic ambient spawning system for specific situations around the player. Peter shares more about this in his part.
      Work has again started on vehicles, as the Enfusion Engine hierarchy for entities gets further in its development. Our focus is on the refactor with creation of locals pace, and real player character being in the vehicle rather than a dummy character. If you remember, there were issues like entering a vehicle and crashing, which would teleport you back to where you entered the vehicle, simply because the system didn't really allow for something being inside of a vehicle - it was all dummy characters and lot of improvised hacks.
      The camera has progressed further through several bug fixes, and we are starting to go through ingame data and collisions to fix objects with wrong collisions, which of course benefits more features than the camera itself.
      The Infected
      We have finally started again the work on the infected, as the player character features are getting in better shape. Mirek has started a refactor on sensory mechanics, jumping, and combat, and we are going to have a longer discussion on our expectations tomorrow.
      Besides the specifics above, the weapon team is getting through the expected list of weapons for experimental at a steady pace, implementing the new features for every weapon, adding all the animations and making sure everything works as intended. At the same time, we have people tackling issues of the last inventory implementation or looking into the server browser back-end.
      And I'm going to shut up now and get back to work! ;)
      - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer
      Dev Update/Peter
      Search for apples, now something of an iconic user action is gone forever. The same goes for every other search action present in the old DayZ!
      As you know, search actions were added as a placeholder to broaden the possibilities of survivalism, and promoting the hermit playstyle in terms of gathering food and other useful nature resources - may it be rocks, sticks or feathers. Driven by a random number generator, which I’m really not a fan of, it was nearly impossible to balance the outcome of these actions. They were open to abuse by limitations of the old animation system, and they also didn’t make sense from a visual point of view.
      Now, the part of Central Economy which deals with dynamic spawning is able to also spawn such ambient loot as apples, rocks or mushrooms. Dynamically spawned ambient resources are linked with static objects in the map, for example apples are linked with apple trees and rocks with stone paths or bigger rocks.

      As mentioned these items are spawned dynamically around players, and they are capped from the side of a linked object, as well as by a total maximum amount available of that specific loot type (e.g. max 3 apples per tree, 100 apples total). Once a player leaves the area, ambient loot is despawned when its lifetime ends. Of course, as it’s part of Central Economy, it’s all properly synced, and all players will see the same ambient loot in any given area. Our solution is also friendly to server performance.
      I’m really happy that we were able to finally add such feature as it puts emphasis on our physical approach to design, and provides a more authentic feel to the overall experience.
      When you see it, you can take it... see you in Chernarus, folks!
      - Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer
      Dev Update/Mirek
      Hello survivors, not much has changed since the last Status Report. We're still dealing with pretty much the same tasks as last time, there's just one little change. We've started the work on improving the infected a little bit earlier. Currently, we're focused mostly on improving stealth mechanics, which means adding some new features for AI sensors and tweaking their parameters. Together with AI sensors, we're adding some new animations for movement. Here's a small teaser of three new movement variations. You can see that the movement is still not ideal, especially when the infected is making sharp turns, but rest assured, we will improve this - the animations are already prepared, we just need to spend time on the implementation.

      - Miroslav Maněna / Lead Gameplay Programmer
      Dev Update/Filip
      Hi all, Filip here! As Eugen already mentioned, I'll be taking over most of the audio-related tasks from Andrej - and that includes writing the Status Reports for you!
      The sound department is focused on character sounds now. We could finally implement footstep sounds with the animation system as we intended. That meant creating a new animation event for every footstep in all animations. It took a while, but now we can synchronize footstep sounds with animations with much better accuracy. There are still some technical issues that have to be solved, so we hope that the programmers will find some time for us in their busy schedule.
      The second major feature we are working on now is attachment sounds. That means cloth rustle, backpack or weapon sounds when the character is moving. We have a working prototype, which will allow us to have different foley sounds for different types of clothes or other things you can wear. For example, it will allow us to have different cloth rustle sounds for shirt and leather jacket. In the final mix, the sonic differences will be small, but still noticeable and should create bigger immersion for players.
      - Filip Čenžák / Sound Designer
      Community Spotlight
      Hello Survivors,
      You are important to us and we are glad to see all your content. We don't want to keep it just for ourselves, so let's share it!
      Do you know BIBIX? He is a streamer from France and a true DayZ fan. He decided to visit the real Chernarus this week and to come greet us in Prague on the way. He took a photo with Peter Nespesny and visited Stary Sobor. We hope you enjoyed your trip, BIBIX!

      When I visited the DayZ Steam community, I have found this nice artwork by Mr. Boogie. Simple and beautiful.
      Check out more of his work here.

      Eiemoja is a loyal DayZ fan with more than 2900 hours in the game and is also an enthusiastic artworker. If you are interested in his work, here is his Steam collection.

      This picture by M.J.D. shows the last moments in the life of the owner of a village pub from Chernarus. I like hidden stories like this one.

      And when we are talking about stories, I fell in love with this one. It is romantic and sad at the same time. Good work!
      "Close to retirement, an older couple, Archeologist and Chemist, traveled to Chernarus to look for out-of-place artifacts when they are hit with the outbreak. They stop at nothing to remain together through it all."

      I know we had M1NDR here last time, but this is one really entertaining video! He met Jessica the medic. But he didn't know how much she loves blood…

      We can see a lot of Snapchat filters on DayZ characters lately. There is a Reddit thread dedicated to it and people are adding their creations.

      Snap face is really freaky ...

      Let's solve the riddle.
      The answer to the last question was "Kumyrna". It is an old, abandoned town on a mountain plateau directly south of Guglovo.
      The wall of fame:
      Spaggie Bryce Johnny K CryDoXz Jake JoK3R Habu BigRig Johnny Bravo goof3y KalleK Tyler TheReverned  
      Question of this Status Report:
      Near which town is this place located? Send me your answer to our official Twitter account!

      Thank you for your amazing work everyone and see you in two weeks!
      - Baty / Community Manager