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  1. As i wrote before, look at Take on Mars (Beta), please, do it! I was an big fan of BI since Operation Flashpoint, they allways delivered, but now? The only working product is Arma, Take on Mars (Beta) got one patch in two years (only minimal contend, NOT ONE bug was fixed) I bet that dayz SA (BETA) will be the same unfinished bugfest like Take on mars (Beta). There will be "applause" from some peps, nice, we are in BETA and all is cool, okay, there is no bears, no bikes, no ...nothing ..BUT HEY, we are in BETA ;) i am done with white knighting BI and Hicks and Harton are the Problem, not the solution. Take an look at the last SR in 2016, what happend? With some changes it is an copy/paste of this SR, shame.
  2. look at take on mars (Beta) and you will see what broken **** will be dayz SA (Beta)
  3. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    yup, and TADAA 7 VIP´s online on this server...
  4. the plan was to bring .62 on exp. in the second week of April....... 4 weeks later we get an post...sorry....we did all we could but it was not enough. SR are only candy and nothing to believe. where is base building? electricity? helis? huuhhh...will be proudly brought to you in 2k?? The biggest communities closed their servers, on exp. you are totaly alone and on stable you will see an other player after weeks of playing. but hey, its dayz...it will be the best survival game of the decade....greetz, but without players
  5. Status Report - 2 May 2017

    in short words, everything like it was..nothing new to tell you. the servers are empty, the biggest communities closed their servers and the last masochist streamer "deadlyslope" cryed for help with his video. but ok, i am patient and i will be the last guy who plays dayz when it is finished. I was allways an defender from BI since OF, but Hicks statement about "dayz will be supported for 5 years after finishing it" is the same like the devs from "take on mars" stated on an sticky in the steam forums. since take on mars is "beta" nothing, NOTHING happend to finish this little project, and now i am not sure if the same will be happen to dayz. sorry for my bad english and my pessimism, its on you to deliver what you told us. its not enough to talk about this accidently happend and this will be great when its done, NO, now its time to deliver. Push .62 broken as it is an experimental, make new exp. servers and push .63 on it! then all players are able to see how far you are, not talking about tit and tat every 2 weeks without any proof. sorry for my rant, wish you all good and the best for all players
  6. Exp Update 0.61.138458

    i am taking an break from testing on exp. because i don´t like vehicles in dayz (since the mod) and i will start again with my help for bugfixing when bikes are in. sorry, but i am here and on your side.
  7. Gear durability question....

    They get damaged when you get hit by zeds or bullets. Also falling down from some height will ruin your boots/pants with all the items in that part of clothes. Since the last patch its recommended to carry an sewing kit with you to patch your badly damaged clothes back to worn after you fight zeds.
  8. Itens with highlight/border when very close

    don´t drop your shit in gras...problem fixed use an backpack or clothes for that no need to make it arcadish
  9. Stable Branch 0.61.136821

    you to put the binocs in your hands, raise hands (spacebar) and right klick on your mouse. wihout raising your hands it will not work
  10. 2016 In Review

    thanks for the overview and for the great work in 2016. i know it is hard to work when many peps raging about timelines. and thanks baty, since you are there it feels like we are closer to the devs, good job
  11. Exp Update 0.61.136821

    you guys are very busy short before xmas, thank you so much
  12. Exp Update 0.61.136796

    the weapon on back "clicky clucky noise" has found his way to female chars.
  13. Exp Update 0.61.136770

    exp. servers going offline for an update. yeehaa..lets hunt bugs boys
  14. Stable Update 0.61.136770

    are there any changes about getting hypothermia? or will it be brutal for the players which have not played exp.? And thanks for the hard work devs, time to met your families and nice xmas holidays
  15. Exp Update 0.61.136770

    indeed, bullets and sound travels on the speed like in real world (ok, bow arrows are to fast) but yes, at hte end it is an simulation of real world