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  1. i am taking an break from testing on exp. because i don´t like vehicles in dayz (since the mod) and i will start again with my help for bugfixing when bikes are in. sorry, but i am here and on your side.
  2. They get damaged when you get hit by zeds or bullets. Also falling down from some height will ruin your boots/pants with all the items in that part of clothes. Since the last patch its recommended to carry an sewing kit with you to patch your badly damaged clothes back to worn after you fight zeds.
  3. don´t drop your shit in gras...problem fixed use an backpack or clothes for that no need to make it arcadish
  4. you to put the binocs in your hands, raise hands (spacebar) and right klick on your mouse. wihout raising your hands it will not work
  5. thanks for the overview and for the great work in 2016. i know it is hard to work when many peps raging about timelines. and thanks baty, since you are there it feels like we are closer to the devs, good job
  6. you guys are very busy short before xmas, thank you so much
  7. the weapon on back "clicky clucky noise" has found his way to female chars.
  8. exp. servers going offline for an update. yeehaa..lets hunt bugs boys
  9. are there any changes about getting hypothermia? or will it be brutal for the players which have not played exp.? And thanks for the hard work devs, time to met your families and nice xmas holidays
  10. indeed, bullets and sound travels on the speed like in real world (ok, bow arrows are to fast) but yes, at hte end it is an simulation of real world
  11. when you logg out/get disconnected/mem crash while wolfs are aggroing on you, you will be fresh spawn. like when you logg out while uncon. or restrained. don´t know if it is intendet but happen two times for me today. after combat logg..the new killer is wolf logg^^
  12. i don´t know...about such little things i don´t care
  13. yes and yes
  14. @hicks wolfs don´t do damage like zeds EDIT: some of them do damage but not much
  15. forgot to wipe...but now servers go down again and i bet we will be back on the beach hurry up guys ;)