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  1. Introduce yourselves

    Hi all, ive just come back to dayz from a very long break, im looking for a clan/guild that i can join to start playing with again am so board of runnung about on my own having to relearn the map, and help would be most appreciated, please get back to me asap as im ready to rock n roll. many thanks, ShadyUK - Mr Friendly
  2. Auto Bloody Run

    guys can anyone help me with this bloody auto run ? no matter what i try it just doesnt seem to work so am always having to hold the run key down everywhere, it used to work fine in the mod, but just come back to SA and it just wont work and its doing my bloody nut in. if anyone has anything i could try would really help me out. many thanks
  3. i shall take a look lads. im only just getting back into DayZ as ive been away for a long time hope tthis is ok ?
  4. Read my Application, im from England UK and wanting to join buddy :) Shady
  5. In Game Name: Shady Age: 32 Country: England Languages Spoken: English & Slang :P Your Roll or Skill: My Role is a Hero going around helping the Infected and Bambinos of the game survive along the coast before them medling Bandits come across them and hunt them down like dogs evan before they get a chance to get any decent gear! Why you want to join: I would like to join up with you guys cause i would like to get rid of these Bandits that spoil the game for newbies! i got my friend to get this game but now he wont play because hes always getting gunned down by bandits before he gets a chance to evan experiance the whole of DayZ and what it has to offer in the terms of fun and Great Friendship between Survivors of this game, My Game Experience how long i have been playing: Ive been playing Dayz Since it first come out as a MOD tbh with youy and im just so excited that SA is Finally here with us maybe not fully but its out there now and Im great at flying the little birds and vehicles and know where alot of Snipers like to hide out to try and catch there Pray, well i am here to put a Stop to this and Unite with you guys to Kick some Bandit Arse!! I really hope to hear back from you guys soon i have a headset and working mic so Teamspeak is np for me :) Anyway i hope ive givin you enough information and hope to catch up with you soon :D

    what your player base Dennis ?