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  1. Console Peasant


  2. Console Peasant


    Imma smart boi. Cities are always a nono. I'll just stick to the woods and giggle at the ghosties.
  3. Console Peasant


    I could! I probably should've down ages ago! I just never really felt the need nor had much of the reason. I could've spent some decent money on one.... but then I got a one x.
  4. Console Peasant

    The Main Problem with Consoles

    All we can do is wait and see. Either way, one of us is gonna be proved wrong.
  5. Console Peasant


    If most of us get in through the sign-up, and maybe some of people already playing can come, we could all meet up at Devil's Castle! We can stick together and maybe go on a looting spree... until well, someone fires a round and everything goes into chaos.
  6. Console Peasant

    DAYZ (Game Preview) BUG REPORTS

    Shoe stealers.
  7. Console Peasant

    no announcment?

    Angry bunny is excited.
  8. Console Peasant

    The Main Problem with Consoles

    You're being way too negative and over-dramatic. Just because there is party chat, doesn't mean people are going to stick with it. Games like Sea of Thieves and Ark Survival have more people in game chat, rather than party chat. I know I'm gonna stick with game chat, and I have plenty of other friends who are gonna do the same.
  9. Console Peasant

    Why I'm excited.

    Didn't say things will be super amazing. Just chill. I understand that most servers will be constant KoS, but to me, it's gonna be fun tracking those kind of people down and ruining their day before they can do it to somebody else. My expectations aren't massive. I know I'm gonna die. A lot. I know bugs will ruin shit for me, maybe fuck up my day, but still DayZ is gonna be something new. I want something new in this wave of the exact same thing.
  10. Console Peasant

    Why I'm excited.

    I'm more optimistic! I think the people who don't use mic will eventually get phased out, or ya' know, keep the game alive. Consider no mic's bandits. People will talk though, I know it.
  11. Console Peasant

    Why I'm excited.

    I'm getting bored with battle royals. I'm getting bored with being forced to kill and move, bored with the competitiveness and everything being in rounds. I'm craving the feeling of winning a fire fight and just being able to chill with a can of beans, not worrying about some dumb circle forcing me into something that I ain't ready for. I want the interaction of running into someone who isn't forced by the game to kill me and maybe buddy up. It's weird to say but the idea of DayZ is kinda chill to me, in the way of not really being forced to do anything other than keep your needs up and that seems relaxing to me. Sure zombies are a thing, and hostile players, but with what I've seen, people hardly run into each other. DayZ will probably be my first game where I can just sit next to a campfire and just, ya' know, look at the scenery and enjoy the idea that someone could either kill me, or sit with me. Anyway, to make this into a proper thread; what are ya'll most excited for? Experience or game-play wise.
  12. Console Peasant

    DayZ Xbox Closed Alpha. Inventory bugs

    Hm. Good point. If I get in, I'd probably have to sacrifice all my totally badass clips to make space for bug clips. Eh, it'll be worth it.
  13. Console Peasant

    The Main Problem with Consoles

    Considering battle royal, after battle royal has been released on Xbone, looking at Vigor, the damned radioactive storm, and lack of mic, console peeps are stuck with KoS lodged in their minds because those games force PvP. DayZ doesn't, but it's gonna take some time for console peeps to learn that.
  14. Console Peasant

    How do we get in the close preview

    https://i.gyazo.com/fbd6ef4d394dbea31f661b8d7e0e15e1.png There. Try and look through the threads n' twitter, your questions will probably get answered.
  15. Console Peasant

    How do we get in the close preview

    They said they will be sending out some sign up thing sometime in the near future where they'll select some more testers. Probably before Gamescon. Just have patience, I've been waiting for years, I imagine we can wait a little longer.