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  1. Red_Ensign

    Trading Post

    anybody need anything? I'm taking orders and willing to take potatoes in exchange.
  2. Red_Ensign

    How was your Day(Z)?

    ran into somebody else being chased by zombies. he ran into a house and closed the door in front of the zombies, and they were outside going ape. this time instead of attacking the zombies, I went inside with him while they were away from the door. he just looked at me and I waved hi. LOL. then I skipped over to the door and let the zombies in. 🙂 we brawled them, and after they were dead I went one way and he went the other. neither of us a said a word.
  3. Red_Ensign

    How was your Day(Z)?

    so today I boredom respawned (ate a bullet) and I woke up in elektro. I'm in a building and I hear shots VERY close. no bullet impacts near me though so I decide to investigate. I'm come around a corner and a guy comes sprinting past me with half a dozen zombies on his tail. as he passes he yells RUUUUUUUUUN MAAAAAN. the zombies totally ignored me and ran right past me after him. he shut himself up in a building and I decided to be a hero and threw myself at the zombie hoard, armed with my... plum. dude, I tried.
  4. Red_Ensign

    Official Cinematic Trailer

    kind of disappointing that they're promoting it as pure pvp. it needs a fucking disclaimer: 'you can also live in the woods off of mushrooms and deer and seldom even hear a shot fired'.
  5. do you think I'd be posting if that were the case? it's nighttime on the local official servers when it's the middle of the day now.
  6. can't think of any other problem in the game that's as effectively killed my interest in playing. I don't have all day to feel my way from building to building, and I don't have all day to search for a server where I don't have to.
  7. Red_Ensign

    How was your Day(Z)?

    I ran into a random guy in a building who thanked me for not killing him. maybe I was the first person in a while that didn't shoot at him, I dunno. he liked my helmet so I gave it to him.
  8. Red_Ensign

    Key Binding

    if you like to change bindings you're gonna want to check your bindings each time you log into the game. some bindings revert to the default every time you leave the game.
  9. yeah I see them in industrial buildings pretty often
  10. Red_Ensign

    State of the Game

    want a fun creepy experience? go to a night server, put on a headlamp, and explore a town.
  11. Red_Ensign

    Fired it up today

    I'd say more than half of my random encounters have been non-threatening. I just give a quick wave and take off and they usually don't bother following me. I don't even have a mic on 99% of the time.
  12. Red_Ensign

    OREL Police Pants pattern color changes

    I noticed it once maybe a week ago, but I put on a different pair today and they stayed blue. so I dunno. must only happen sometimes.
  13. Red_Ensign

    Stable Update 1.0.150192

    are they ever gonna fix the server list so servers that are pitch black night don't say daytime? it's the most annoying thing ever for people who actually don't wanna fumble around in the dark.
  14. Red_Ensign

    Looking for a game! HELP!

    command & conquer red alert maybe? can't think of anything else.
  15. Red_Ensign

    .63 Combat System

    in another game forum people like to say 'everybody' hates a certain mechanic, yet all the polls anybody has ever posted show 2/3 of the players are fine with it. just saying. I myself really don't like what I've seen of the new changes. I agree with things taking a proper amount of time to accomplish, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with being able to drag and drop items together. having to put things in your hand first and then hold a mouse button down until it finishes is just unnecessary tedium and turns me off in a big way. I'll give it a try though. and I've purposely stopped playing .62 months ago to hopefully make the difference less jarring. I tried a stress test and I couldn't set keybinds (bye). maybe that's fixed now. but I'll just wait til it goes live.