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  1. got all excited when I saw 'inventory wipe' in the title. thought .63 was here...
  2. wait for winter?
  3. to be clear, if a player shoots at you and then logs out, yeah that's 'combat logging'. but if he was minding his own business and logs when you spray bullets at him, that's just having no interest in your kos bullshit.
  4. can't store a pumpkin in a pistol. /thread :-)
  5. uhh is that a dead guy on the ground at 2:00? somebody ain't friendly... ya know, this video reminds me of a robert howard story, "in the forest of villefere"...
  6. pointy stick. - beautiful utility for the space it takes up - useable as melee weapon, cooking tool, fishing rod, pumpkin storage, bow, arrows, or firewood - kills things through windows which a lot of melee weapons don't - available immediately and everywhere
  7. should've let your friend deal with the zombie he aggro'd. he'll learn to stop setting them off.
  8. you owe me beans for making me watch that
  9. damn. :-/ sending you a pm.
  10. you almost certainly don't need a whole new pc. with the secondary pc you can swap in parts to test what's fried and what's not. [edit] I also have a pile of spare parts
  11. video

    nice video. I set a number of rules for myself for the sake of immersion, but geez full-on rp looks like a lot of work. hats off to people who can do that.
  12. "noooo I'm not a white supremacist - I'm a different kind of complete asshole.". lol
  13. yeah violence and aggression changes absolutely nobody's mind - I dunno who antifa thinks they're helping. assuming they're trying to help... as for the neo-nazis and racists that are all out of the closet now, I think it's just sad. ignorance is sad. living in the past is sad. just... ignore their little dress-up parades. sad.
  14. sounds like the night watch :-p rangers, builders... don't remember cannibals in the watch though. I think you may have Than infiltrators
  15. I think little finger should leave town. all under one roof there's someone who knows all his secrets, an assassin with room on her list, and sansa (god she's boring).