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  1. oh this is a different issue then. when I get stuck punching it's when I first log into a server.
  2. I spawn in punching a lot too. haven't had the gun problem because I don't dual carry. the gun problem would suck. it'd aggro all the nearby zombies and alert all nearby players that you were there. you can solve killing your friend by unloading your gun before server hopping, or not having the gun in your hands.
  3. for those who use my public camp, it's not there anymore. someone took all the barrels two days ago. I moved what was left to another server and then everything there was taken the same day. so I can't use that location at all anymore. I'm pretty sure it was someone who sent me a friend request two weeks ago. he said he'd followed me when I was hunting, which immediately made me think he might've also followed me to the camp. and being on my friends list, he would've seen what server I went to when I moved the camp. after the first camp was raided I removed this guy and other unproven additions from my friends list, and then the new camp vanished. so yeah, pretty sure it was him. probably not setting up a new camp this patch. I need to research new locations. for the forum police, I'm posting this here because the public camp was a sort of trading enterprise. it was self-serve trading.
  4. *quiet
  5. - more chance to BE a kos player on the coast - simple add to enrich kos game experience on the coast - in the zombie apocalypse the only weapons people would leave behind would be ones they ran out of ammo for - get off the coast
  6. characters had a lot more value before persistence. death had consequences because you lost everything you owned, and I miss that because fearing death makes the game better. I maintain a public camp, but I prettymuch stopped keeping a personal stash for the above reason.
  7. NICE! thanks man holy hell the signature restrictions are outta control though - only one picture allowed and a emoticon COUNTS as a picture now? just wow
  8. if you're around in about 7 hours I can arrange a barrel you can use for a few minutes. (I'm working til then)
  9. yeah I can't figure it out either. if anyone knows how to edit signatures in this new forum, can you tell us how? thx
  10. are signatures back, or coming? [edit] oh snap, there it is
  11. I'm so calling my first novel 'wolves use the stairs'. XD
  12. you need a proper weapon. go cut a stick from a tree, aim center mass, and at the most they'll be able to hit you once in a fight. if you come up behind one before it aggros they usually don't even get to hit you once. if you run, it's possible you may aggro more and then you just multiply your problem. it's possible to lose them, but it's tricky now.
  13. err... someone told me. why no, I don't know where the neighbor's yappy dog went.
  14. would be really nice if wolf pelts were tannable too. killing them for meat alone is just gross because... well it's prettymuch dog. and there's no spices in-game to fancy it up.
  15. how about now?