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  1. I think little finger should leave town. all under one roof there's someone who knows all his secrets, an assassin with room on her list, and sansa (god she's boring).
  2. "you have a red dot on your head. hold still..."
  3. I'd spend good money getting quality motherboard, psu and processor, and for the time being use the old video card I have on hand. then upgrade the video (and add ram) when money permits. that way I'd end up with quality on all the important things and no corners cut (and not need all the money at once).
  4. the existence of twitch has made reviews pretty irrelevant. so does the existence of trolls. why read someone's opinion with no context when you can go watch someone play and decide for yourself if the game looks fun.
  5. ah. been shopping around for a new video card.
  6. what video card are you currently using?
  7. 51 years old - Canada - willing to help with infections and sickness, and some basic equipment. 2,800 hrs in-game. (playing on public 3pp, but with a bit of notice I can equip myself and help on another hive)
  8. op, I think you need to go find where the whaaaaaambulances spawn. vehicles are fine. they work just like real-life ones - don't drive like an idiot and you stay on the road.
  9. the dark side doesn't give refunds, silly
  10. that, and less interest in using it to kill people who have nothing or aren't a threat. sure they'll feel all manly murdering their first bambi, but they may spend the next 2 hours wishing they still had bullets. that's the game I'm hoping we'll end up with.
  11. game's not finished yet. when it's finished, I imagine bullets will be too rare to waste on pvp. problem solved.
  12. waste of space - bandana can't store a fish hook. (boonies can)
  13. it's okay - viagra now spawns at clinics
  14. so people are hacking or something and you can't kick because you can't type in russian letters, right? not sure how the admin stuff works, but don't you see their ip?
  15. dayz changed my life too. can't walk through a hardware store without doing a mental checklist of things I've killed zombies with. :-p