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  1. Looking for a game! HELP!

    command & conquer red alert maybe? can't think of anything else.
  2. .63 Combat System

    in another game forum people like to say 'everybody' hates a certain mechanic, yet all the polls anybody has ever posted show 2/3 of the players are fine with it. just saying. I myself really don't like what I've seen of the new changes. I agree with things taking a proper amount of time to accomplish, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with being able to drag and drop items together. having to put things in your hand first and then hold a mouse button down until it finishes is just unnecessary tedium and turns me off in a big way. I'll give it a try though. and I've purposely stopped playing .62 months ago to hopefully make the difference less jarring. I tried a stress test and I couldn't set keybinds (bye). maybe that's fixed now. but I'll just wait til it goes live.
  3. Where is the DayZ population?

    waiting for .63 stable. playing kerbal.
  4. If the 'healthy' status returns. Stews / casseroles

    sounds like a suggestion from someone who plays in a large group already. as a largely solo player I'd say your idea to gimp solo players is dumb.
  5. Key Bindings

    in the stress test I couldn't remap the keys. sounds like it's still an issue. hope it gets sorted out before stable. [edit] oh, it's fixed? ok well good. ot reinstalling until stable but glad it's fixed
  6. Few questions about 0.63

  7. yeah lots of players aren't much more than more zombies to deal with - they grunt and run at you flailing like they have rabies. even the ones that call themselves bandits aren't much more than that. it's disappointing.
  8. Status Report - 22 May 2018

    AAAAAAAAAAAAH it's a bee! don't let it get meeeeee!
  9. .63.. Some changes are for the worse.

    yeah I have to agree with the new stamina system too. someone carrying 100 pounds of gear should NOT move as fast or run as long as a new spawn with nothing. I'd also like people who've been wounded recently to be slowed down for a while even after throwing on a splint. maybe they'll get around to that. it's a survival game, and it should be about decisions and consequences. that may be less fun for a while because nobody's used to that, but in the end it'll be a richer game experience.
  10. Status Report - April 25 2018

    house looks like the red house at 097,075
  11. Favourite DayZ YouTube Content Creator survey

    I don't bother with pvp videos, so some questions I had to answer with 'don't know'
  12. Thinking about coming back?

    yeah I wish I'd known. this was my first early access game. I've played something like 4,000 hours and I'm kinda over it already, and we aren't even in beta. :-/
  13. Thinking about coming back?

    every game has a finite period when it holds your interest more than other games, and over time that interest wears off. I'm realizing that the downside of early access is that my interest in a game can wear off before it even hits beta. I'm starting to feel like early access is cheating me of enjoying the future finished game fully, because by the time it's finished it'll be like a re-release of a game I liked years ago. maybe game developers shouldn't offer early access until beta. just a thought. that said, I will be checking out .63. maybe it'll grab my attention again.
  14. We are shutting down Experimental servers

  15. Ball to play football/soccer

    lol I can imagine legs snapping and characters dying when they touch the ball. :-D