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  1. WHERE'S MY KIWI, BITCH? err, I mean have some beans.
  2. what do you think the bluerock boots are named after? :-p things are really laggy because... I figure every pretty waving tree is costing us about a tenth of a frame per second... oh, is that just me? come to think of it, the rock was probably just waiting in line to render.
  3. she bought post-it notes
  4. 3 crashes so far this morning. that's 2 more than in all of .62 before today... [edit] make that 4
  5. RIP my pristine kiwi collection. :-( gotta go farm more deans.
  6. probably a known issue, but found out this morning that tanning is broken. hides and fertilizer turn into... empty freakin barrel. lol I killed 2 cows for nothing. poor cows. :-(
  7. shhh you don't even have a band of merry men
  8. nice catch maklo
  9. I have a worn pair of beige gloves if you want em
  10. hitlerz reacts

    hitler's right. he should go back to COD or CSGO.
  11. ditto. if I'm fired at I don't even shoot back, I just book it. nine times out of ten I get away and that's good enough. Ive even killed cows with a bow (no, not in one shot), but my weapon of choice lately is a sawed-off because it makes such nice short work of wolves (now my choice source of hides).
  12. give a man a fish and he's fed one day. teach a man to fish and his wife is free on weekends. XD
  13. op, you claim to be this badass 'bandit' king and you can't kill yourself a CHICKEN? maybe stop kos'ing and learn the basics of the game. and your userpic looks like that jihad john idiot from isis. you might wanna fix that. you might get friendlier responses
  14. welcome to .62. it's PRETTY, but all the work went into the pretty.
  15. yeah he doesn't even have a kiwi