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  1. how are boars coming along? :-) I miss portable bacon.
  2. finding antibiotics at a clinic would cure that in minutes. for a while I tested using a sewing kit to heal wounds and you get infected wounds pretty often doing that. you probably got infected by using rags that were dirty. only use pristine ones for bandages. you can make dirty rags pristine by using alcohol on them. (lol ninja'd by imt) if you get infected or sick again and can't find antibiotics, post here: or add me on steam (same name). I'm usually carrying antibiotics and charcoal tablets.
  3. - only drink from wells, or water you've purified with water purification tablets - don't eat raw meat, burned meat, or the wrong (blue) berries - lol don't drink the alcohol. or the windex. or gasoline - basically same rules as real liife how to make a fire and cook: - knife in hand, walk up to a tree - take 2 bark, and 3 branches - with the knife, cut 2 of the branches into thirds (giving you 6 sticks) - combine 1 bark with 1 stick to make a fireplace, then add 4 more of the sticks to it - combine 1 bark with the last stick to make a drill firestarter - place the fireplace somewhere - put the firestarter in your hand and use it to start the fire - this fire will last long enough to cook 3 pieces of meat - put food (meat etc) on the long stick you have left and hold it to the fire - go to your inventory screen, and watch the meat - when a piece is cooked (the change is obvious), swap it for a raw piece - don't let it burn, because burned food may make you sick (smaller chance than raw but still a chance)
  4. kill a chicken, make a fishing hook with the bones, and go fishing. endless supply of food.
  5. we have wolves for that
  6. stronger yes, laws of physics not applying to them, no.
  7. tried swimming away from two zombies. not only do they go in the water after you now (don't think they did before), but they RUN on the ocean floor at full dry land speed and will beat you to the opposite shore. ...really?
  8. haven't seen a single mag, except in that one fal I found on a private server, which does you no good. one of the guys who shot at me the other day sounded like he might've had a fal with a mag, but I wasn't inclined to fight him for it.
  9. met tatanko and he knighted me! a little too hard, because I died, but whatever. I'm a knight! enjoy the me steaks lol adding him to my sig list because he didn't technically shoot me in the face :-)
  10. dear devs, see what happens when boars are gone too long?
  11. FAL for trade. stable branch 3pp. pristine gun, worn stock, no mag. I have 2 guns and don't like dual carrying. I'll throw in a stack of ammo and a teddy bear. looking for two kiwis. must be pristine, because damaged kiwis make everything in my pack sticky. ok done waiting, dropping the gun
  12. *sneaks up behind you with a fire axe*
  13. you know by actually repeating this, you added about 6 years to the timeline. way to go. :-p personally I'd be happy if they could just make the f'ing black head bug go away within 8 months. instant death of immersion, that. :-/
  14. video

    congrats on being a universal donut :-)
  15. did servers get warmer since the last maintenance? suddenly I'm always hot, and my clothes and activities haven't changed at all.