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  1. Thanks for being on top of feedback. Wish I could contribute more at the moment. Just found that part of my issue stemmed from my wife's security settings being set to high which was causing Battleye to be treated as malware. After creating exceptions for it in defender I'm getting less issues with rubber banding etc.
  2. Still on the wife's laptop but I started experiencing issues with battleye not wanting to launch. Once I was in game vehicles started behaving strangely. When driving they would suddenly spin to face zed agro then get stuck spinning in circles around that location. I could leave the area in the opposite direction but could not pass the point where this occurred. The vehicle appeared damaged so I'm thinking maybe it blew up when hitting the zed even though the zed did not appear to be in the area until afterward. I hopped in another vehicle and again experienced the issue with it turning toward zed agro against my input but died shortly after due to messing with the car while zombies attacked. I think I'm out of this build until my new power supply arrives and I can test it with my regular system.
  3. @DannyDog possibly, I'm willing to deal with it until we see how the new player model interacts. Im not experiencing this on the current stable even on the wife's laptop.
  4. Not getting any issues at all with joining but I'm getting an issue with being rolled back into a house I already left. This only only seems to happen when I draw agro while inside the house. I'll exit before the zed arrives only to be rolled back into a corner of the house being hit by the zed in question. This is is preceded by what appears to be a small peak in my performance where I seem to run smoother and faster. I imagine its my client taking king over and not synchronizing with the server but I haven't been having these issues on stable. Im on my wife's laptop using my wifi so that may be a big factor (waiting on a replacement power supply for my usual rig).
  5. OK, if I encounter it I'll send that info. Currently my folder is 198 MB I think I'll clear that out and only send you new things unless you really want my Experimental RPT from 11/28/2014
  6. What is the extension on the dump file?
  7. I miss my Old Man face from Arma something fierce.
  8. I let Deadly know so hopefully he and his followers will help with reporting.
  9. So far I am unable to reproduce although I was having some crashes yesterday that I traced back to a faulty install on my nVidia driver update from a few days ago. I'll try a bit more later there aren't many servers staying full this early after maintenance night.
  10. Thanks, I had linked from the "Similar Discussions" at the bottom of the thread I was reading prior so didn't realize which category I was in.
  11. Will do. This is on stable branch correct? Edit: Nevermind, just saw the discussion category I jumped here from another discussion.
  12. Great topic. I personally dislike shared hives due to ghosting as others have mentioned but if we are to have one this change will make it a better introduction to the game than the current state of affairs. If there here is a public hive it should not have private management.
  13. Updated: Same vehicle. Ran around doing some heli crash hunting and hit a fence when the car rubber banded during a turn. This blew out the front tires which showed as pristine and could not be changed. The car drove just fine. Checked another heli crash at NWAF and that's when things got strange. As I was placing items in the car inventory my character began sliding around in random directions. After a minute of this I relogged to find the heli crash had been deleted. Then proceeded to drive to the opposite end of the airfield where I got "you are dead" followed by a game crash. Logged back in alive but the car was non operational. While testing I got into and out of the car and again died, this time the effects were permanent.