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  1. I know it's not really what we are testing but the weather is so good these last couple of builds. Between the the incoming storm winds, the torrential downpours, and the heavy fogs I've had the most enjoyable experience from the environment alone.
  2. Spawned inland at Black Lake with no rock surfaces. No sharp objects Couldn't make rags, fireplace or rope. Still raining. Stayed alive by heating a cooking pot on pot on a gas stove and wearing it in my hoodie while picking apples in Olsha. Wasnt enough to keep me warm but it kept me from completely freezing. Made my way way back to Sverograd hoping to make a stone knife on the beach from some rocks I mined at the crashed car South of Olsha. Ran into to a stranger there. Traded his ability to make fire for a can of sardines I couldn't open. Had to log. Looking really good but suggest the ability to craft stone knife by striking two stones together in addition to at the surfaces since most inland stone surfaces have been removed with the map changes.
  3. Spawned in 3V, it's raining. Warmed by the fire before heading inland with just my flare. No food to be found. I find a couple of sodas on zed I take out but the pickings are slim and I'm having to stop at every house with a fireplace to warm up. Still no food. I find a sedan but promptly slide off the dirt road and high center on a log... these things weren't meant for muddy roads. I make it to mysta but I'm too cold to try picking apples and I'm loosing blood from starvation. I get cornered by this one so I have to fight her off. She has a can of peaches on her. I cut it open with my stone knife and raise one to my mouth as I fall unconscious. This build is just about perfect. Loving the visuals, no issues with performance so far.
  4. Thanks was about to check the tracker.
  5. Although tanning leather now works trying to dye leather clothing with nails now deletes both nails and clothing.
  6. Berry bushes are working again. Keeps me from having to enter towns while I'm out searching for game. Now now if only they'd give me an advanced leather tanning option that didn't require some form of spawned loot I'd be a happy woodland hermit.
  7. Liking the color changes so far. Was getting a slight stutter early on which went away after a few minutes. Couldnt tell for certain but it seemed like it might be related to changes in wind direction. Will I'll continue to look for a pattern when I can find time to hop on.
  8. On the subject of grass flattening. Would it be be too taxing on the system if running through grass caused the flattening? Not walking or jogging, just running. It would be an awesome way to track and would give the cautious and careful a way around being tracked.
  9. Something is definitely wrong with this patch on my hardware. It keeps freezing up within moments of launching but it's not crashing so I'm not producing any dump files to send in. Going to do another clean install and see if that does anything.
  10. Not necessarily. Buildings would amplify sounds due to echo and with no civilization to drive them out the animals would quickly return to the abandoned towns.
  11. What about a blue boonie?
  12. Same here. Crippling desynch issue. I hope it's due to load on the servers due to the large amount of people trying to download exp patch and not a greater underlying issue. It's been happening every 2-3 minutes for me. Going to take a break and see if it's still going on in an hour or two.
  13. Anyone else unable to use pumps without a container? Nevermind... some serious desynch. Relog fixed it.
  14. Pushing updates takes time. Patience padawan.
  15. Nah. I have 4 myself. I tend tend to collect them to use for quick looting after I kill an animal. That way I'm not sorting inventory in a field. Others take take them for ghillie suits.