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  1. Roll it out to steam Azeem, I'm ready.
  2. yeah.. that's generally what body armor does.. it absorbs the impact. Kevlar is a weave and is not something reused after serving its purpose.
  3. Probably not. I wouldn't recommend playing Experimental as if it was a stable build. If you're trying to build a camp it should be for testing purposes.
  4. .62 is like putting on a brand new pair of your favorite underwear.
  5. The content displayed as "unread content" should be the content viewed when a user clicks "Activity". "Unread Content" should be more specialized to the user., their groups, friends, etc. I suggest this now before mods or beta arrives and the tab most visible to users shows only a long stream of beans given. Edit: edit timer should also be removed or reduced.
  6. Flight/space sim seems to be the bread and butter of VR atm. As neat as it may be with FPS/FPThrowing Items, it just doesn't have the same feel as flight sims imo. There's something there and I hope the tech keeps carrying over. So much gear and gadgets to buy....
  7. How much of a difference is there between designing A2/A3 maps to desinging a map for DayZ/Enfusion? Are the file formats and tools different enough to warrant current map designers to abandon their works entirely or should they carry on?
  8. Orlok has promised to send me a VR setup with all screws actually in place. Such a nice guy. I hope he doesn't wreck his Lambo on the way to the post office. Super love him.
  9. safe;

    The quality of the structure and door should obviously impact the ability to break through it. That said, 2 hits, or 20, or even 200, it will be broken into. Magic safes and buildings should be for mods, not for hardcore vanilla. Traps should definitely be supported though. Traps should not be some preset location where a smart player could look into a building from another window to determine if it is safe. That fancy advanced placement should be used with shotgun tripwires and such to allow creative challenges. I'm also still a fan of removing a plank in any house to make a stash that doesn't have a change in texture for the removable plank. I'd be happy to bury a single gun with mag under a bed in any of the smaller houses with wooden floors. If not added to vanilla, this will be one of my mods. Oh, and as for hackers, that stash should not show up locally in client unless you're practically on top of it.
  10. I wouldn't hold out for the game "working flawlessly before beta". That simply isn't what Alpha is for from what I understand. edit: I just realized my tagline/status doesn't make sense now that my "ago" carries over. Lame. Fixed
  11. I spy a lot of newbs. Seems legit.
  12. Concerns should (not "must") be met. If anyone attempts to please everyone they'll find themselves in an endless spin. With DayZ, as I've seen new players constantly join the discussion on various boards, the devs would be in an constant attempt to provide both undead zombies and infected... because.. you know, the concerns of the consumers MUST BE ADDRESSED. I've obviously made a silly misconception into a massive disaster of development there but... you know... which "concerns MUST be addressed?" That is an endless cycle of failure. Allowing the majority of a "community" to design a game will lead to financial ruin.
  13. I'm feeling like Activity Spam should be limited.   Just my feedback and all.....