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  1. sausagekingofchicago

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    Please remain on topic and do less insulting. Cleansed. Thank you.
  2. sausagekingofchicago

    Poll: Favorite City to Visit

    Sinistok. It's generally my last stop before I hit the dirt square at the NW edge of the map for a suicide (an old tradition I've had throughout the many builds).
  3. sausagekingofchicago

    It's snowing

    Let's remain on topic please.
  4. sausagekingofchicago

    @Bohemia big security problem

    If you know of a potentially game breaking exploit, please report it to the feedback tracker and mark it to private. DO NOT post about it here or hint at what it could be. Thank you.
  5. Maybe I missed it but where did the devs say SurvivorGameZ would be part of 1.0?
  6. Heh, that Avatar seems familiar for some reason.

    1. kichilron


      I don't really know why. :-)

  7. sausagekingofchicago

    BI Needs to Postpone 1.0

    Please do not spread false information. Hicks was not fired.
  8. sausagekingofchicago

    DemonGroover (THE Unofficial Random Thread)

    He looks familiar... but I don't know why.
  9. 16k?  You're clearly overrated like me in my good ol' days.

    1. OrLoK


      always, but I am *amazing* ;)

    2. sausagekingofchicago


      Your avatar hasn't changed in years.  How amazing is that?

    3. sausagekingofchicago


      I can finally add a nice picture header to my profile.  I am now amazing too.

  10. sausagekingofchicago

    The DayZ (Unofficial) Modders Discord

    In like Flynn.
  11. sausagekingofchicago

    Bases and switching servers

    Your base will remain the server you built it on.
  12. sausagekingofchicago

    Stress Test vol.33

    Guess what? I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more Stress Tests.
  13. sausagekingofchicago

    Meeting up with friends SHOULD be more accessible in .63.

    People have asked for this since the mod without considering the negative impacts this would have.