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  1. .63 ETA ?

    Still don't think this game will ever be finished. At this point it's past it's prime. Plus too many games coming out. I'm really just disappointed in their progress.
  2. [ADD] AutoRun Hotkey ,

    Autorun is a must. There's no reason not to have this. if you don't like the feature, don't use it. If you need the feature b/c of a handicap, then it's a good idea. Holding down Shift + w no stop just doesn't make sense to me. If the maps were cod size maps, it does make sense not to have it.
  3. .63 ETA ?

    Now isn't good. there's too many other good games coming out. SW:BF2, COD, Destiny 2. I'd like to play them all but it's impossible.
  4. It does not take 7-10 years to make a pc game. the engines used now days are pretty simple straightforward plus the differences in tech from day 1 to year 10 would be too drastic. Problem with Dayz is they seem to focus on minor things when instead they should have focused on major.. ie. vehicles. I started playing PUBG and although there are no zombies, no sickness, hunger, thirst and overall not a real survival game, I can tell whoever made it was a fan of dayz. vehicles are what they should be. I seriously doubt I will come back to dayz when/if it ever goes "live". I think they've just taken too long and most have lost interest.
  5. .63 ETA ?

    As EA always says....SOON
  6. My Visit to the =UN= Trade Center

    what server is this on
  7. Reasons for "Mostly Negative"?

    I have not played PUBG and won't. I've liked Dayz from the moment I accepted that it was alpha and still after ~1400 hours later. But with that said, I believe the game has been in Alpha too long and that being in "Alpha" is now, and has been, used as a canned response to every player who has a complaint. I know the devs have changed the engine (a few times?) and are always working, but I really hate to admit that I believe the novelty of Dayz has worn off and that many players have left because of bugs that never seem to be fixed, or vehicles that really don't function right. I still enjoy playing the game, but I just don't think I'll be in to it as much once, if ever, it's released as a stable (non alpha/bata) version. just my 0.2 cents worth
  8. Player Assistance Team

    that is cool. how can you do that? I can help out with whatever. Feel free to add me on Steam => Plasmar
  9. Way too many birds

    I feel like I either posted about this or was going to . I do feel the same. Too many different bird calls in the same area.
  10. smoke grenades, ammo, jackets, pants, assault vests, some gun parts... and did I say smoke grenades. I could be wrong but I think the VSS ammo only spawns in the Russian crash sites..
  11. Memory crashes and Bugs

    well I've tried both ways now and I'm still crashing. At least once every 30 minutes after comp restart. Once it starts crashing I can't join any servers until I reboot my computer.
  12. Memory crashes and Bugs

    someone mentioned running the game through the steam library instead of using shortcuts.. have you tried this?
  13. Stable Update 0.62.140099

    Weird the shortcut would cause the crash.. But I'll try your method and report back..
  14. Stable Update 0.62.140099

    I actually had to restart my computer. Once it started crashing, no matter which server I joined, it would crash right as I loaded in. This has happened twice now, and like I said, restarting my computer fixed it. Next time I'll try just steam and rofl.. i just respawned on top of the camo netting at the military base. Luckily I didn't die or brake my legs when I fell off.
  15. Stable Update 0.62.140099

    On my 6th crash in 35 minutes. Come on DAYZ.. lately this has been 1 step forward and 3 steps back 7th and 8th..