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    Check out my idea for a new competitive DayZ game mode focused on long term survival - https://forums.dayz.com/topic/236934-idea-for-a-new-dayz-game-mode-seasons-long-term-survival-tournament/

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  1. Hmm, that leads me straight into another idea. A server setting in which you can adjust the ratio of players:zombies. People looking for a more intense PvE experience can set up and join servers with a smaller player cap but with much more zombies. Of course, it's easy for me to sit and type this but as deadnome said writing the code and implementing it is another story!
  2. So, I engage in conversations about DayZ every day on Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Steam, and even Facebook. This is an idea that sort of popped up, i'll give the context: On reddit in this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/6n7lw7/questions_sosince_063_is_the_beginning_of_the/ Someone was asking about the future of DayZ. I talked a little about what I know about Enfusion and beta and mentioned that with the Enforce script working so much more efficiently than legacy, we could reasonably expect a larger player, zombie, vehicle count, etc. Someone chimed in and said Mr. Hicks said that the zombie count will remain roughly where it is now, as available bandwidth will be directed towards a higher player count as a priority. Here is my response in which the seemingly obvious idea jumped out and presented itself to me: Well, here ChickenMan805's reply first: And my reply: Well, a couple players responded positively and one said that I should "tell the devs", I thought "why not?". I'm SURE you guys have probably thought of this by now, but it makes sense and actually creates kind of an interesting side effect: Want PvP? Go into a full server (obviously). Want PVE? Go into an empty server! This will also dissuade people from hopping onto empty servers to get easy loot and then switching to full servers. Seems to have no real drawbacks, server owners could adjust the feature to their liking, shouldn't effect performance since it's using the bandwidth that would normally be reserved for extra players to fuel the hordes. Only real issue I can think of is what happens if people start logging in? Well, I guess any zombie that is not in LOS or within a certain range of a player could de-spawn proportionally to however many people log in. What do you guys think?
  3. Sounds almost identical to the ACE 2 stamina system, which was IMO the best system :)
  4. Actually, one of the hallmark features of standalone from the begining was an MMO style engine that gave more authority to the server side of things to prevent easy cheating. This is part of the reason that desync has been an issue. In the mod, nearly everything was handled client side making it extremely easy to cheat in. With .63, the Enforce script and new network code along with all assets being re-worked for the new physics module and other new mechanics such as efficient loot spawns should help with desync and other server related issues.
  5. Probably to discourage any kind of cheating. Can always jam a good ol' nickel into your keyboard.
  6. Can you tell me how you found this information? Thanks!
  7. It's better to approach this game as "Oh, this is very challenging! I want to test myself and see if I can overcome this adversity". Once you become a master of this game you can then scoff at your friends who play CoD and look down your nose at them ;)
  8. Cool man! Welcome to DayZ. I'm glad you're getting the hang of it. Good luck finding a group. Personally I like to move alone. You have much more control that way and are much more stealthy. I find the most rewarding aspects of DayZ are the various possible interactions that can occur with people. Sometimes you must defend yourself, but you can also be friendly :) Hey be nice dude, maybe he is ESL :)
  9. I was poking around Krasnoe today on DayZ Underground. It was night, I was in a house searching around and the wind was blowing. I heard footsteps and immediately someone came into the house, fully geared and looked right at me. I had my CZ 75 with a supressor aimed right at him. It startled me and I didn't know if he was tracking me so I put several shots into him and knocked him down. I felt that he was probably just as scared as I was, and felt pretty bad so I patched him up and ran out of there. Not exactly banditry but from his perspective certainly a better experience than just being killed and looted.
  10. Interesting, do you remember where you heard that?
  11. Yeah, I was thinking either monthly or seasonally. I like the monthly idea because then you'd always be able to play, but with 4 events per year each event would carry more weight in terms of hype/preparation, etc. Maybe each "season" could last 4 months, like, well, a season. That might be dragging it out a little too long though.
  12. Yeah... I see what you mean, however the idea was intended to be a competitive platform to showcase all of the various features and strategies within DayZ. I envisioned it as something that people could tune into and keep up on, similar to the t.v. show "Alone" but with combat, of course. I feel this kind of competitive atmosphere would be great for building the DayZ fanbase. Keep in mind however that with food scarcity and the primary need to always be searching for food will severely limit people's ability to go around and kill people. Consider that a strategy may be to live a very stealthy existence, avoiding all conflict (which i'm sure many people would do). You won't see people running inland and going to Tisy or NWAF just to kill people. I mean, you would see those folks but that may not be the best strategy as those areas would possibly be extremely dangerous. But yeah, in the end it IS designed to be a long term survival tournament. It would differ from a normal server with a perma-death mechanic in that it will have a clearly defined goal (survive to the end/be the last person standing). Player conflict is a huge part of DayZ and this tournament would showcase that aspect of the game as well as the survival elements.
  13. You mean, once you die you can no longer play on the server? lol. Yeah that could be interesting... but the "seasonal" cycle would keep it fresh and interesting every month. I mean, it would suck to spawn in, lose connection, die by a zombie and then never be able to play on the server you have the best connection to ever again. And once everyone dies... then what? The server shuts down? Thanks for commenting, love to hear different ideas! Yeah... I thought about that too. One thing I really like about the "seasonal" formula is you have neatly divided... well, seasons and finite resources. Once the resources are exhausted, or all of the players are dead, the world resets and the statistics are saved. If you make a mistake, you can always play normal mode and then come back in the next season, perhaps with several friends who you've been working out survival strategies with. It will also make it easier to chronicle for histories sake. People could say "Oh man, I played in the legendary year 1 season 3 where so and so happened", etc. Also, it would be much more devastating (and therefore meaningful) to lose a friend during a season. You know that was it and they couldn't just come back next week. Thanks for your input!
  14. Idea for an official game mode or mod: This would be different from Survivor GameZ in that it's more of a long term strategy and survival contest rather than a free for all brawl, and could be played by players who are able to log in once every couple days or so. It would make use of all of the features DayZ has and put survivor's total skillset to the test. Basically it's a month long or season long tournament. You would sign up with a server a week/month or so in advance. Then the "season" begins. Anyone who's registered gets one life until the end of the season. If you die, you're out and you can't log back in for that season. The items that initially spawn are the only items available, but they do not decay (or items spawn at a low rate to encourage travel, but seemingly simple items could be extremely valuable). Wood harvested would permanently fell a tree. Bodies would stay visible unless buried with a shovel (doing so would create a grave mound and could still be searched to identify the victim) and apples would be a finite resource set during server launch or non existent. Common actions such as skinning, crafting, chopping wood, etc would have longer, more realistic action times to increase player vulnerability and exposure - or - doing actions would consume varying amounts of calories/water to simulate time spent, or a combination of the two could be implemented. How it would work is your hunger/ thirst is a persistent state that ticks while offline. The specifics can be determined later but let's say if you're completely hydrated/ energized you can log off and you would die of dehydration/ starvation in 48 hours (allowing people to play who aren't able to log in every day). So, you have to log in to get food/ water. Players would spawn in moderately full and hydrated. Hunting would be the most reliable source of food (you'd have to expose yourself to hunt/ skin/ cook meat). Another possible mechanic is something like a sleeping bag indicating the general vicinity where someone is logged (not sure how I feel about that yet but would create potentially interesting strategies and dynamics). At the end of the season you can view various statistics on each participant. Perhaps a log with information such as "May 5th 2018: Joe shot Dave in the left leg from 211 meters away with a trumpet" and stats like "2018 Season 3: Joe survived 13 days, cut down 8 trees, crafted 26 arrows, 3 bows (etc) and achieved 4 kills with 22.6% accuracy and 1 headshot and ate 21,500 calories worth of food and drank 9 gallons of water. Joe was the 28th person to die and took 72nd place out of 100 players", etc. Previous seasons statistics could be viewed online and overall individual statistics would be kept where players could build reputations for various characteristics. A point system could determine ranking - 1 hour spent logged in = 100 points, 1 deer steak eaten = 50 points. 1 player kill = 200 points, 1 zombie killed = 20 points, distance traveled = 10 points per km, being the last person standing = 10,000 points, etc. Perhaps rotating zones could be a mechanic: "Today, additional food can be found in Stary Sobor" accompanied with a few deer spawned in to drive conflict and interaction. These messages could possibly be broadcasted on certain radio channels, making a radio very valuable. Perhaps some sort of prestige reward could be given to winners, such as the ability to spawn with a unique clothing item, or even cash prizes. There could be various server settings on the hunger tick rate such as an ultra hardcore mode in which you would go from fully energized/hydrated to death by starvation/dehydration in 24 hours, and a more casual mode for players who can only log in once per week, where you go from full to dead in 1 week's time. Another option or mode would be Team Seasons (10 teams of 5? 5 teams of 10? Etc.) This could be accompanied by a feature that makes your character persistent while logged in a sleeping animation, vulnerable to attack. Players could then have various roles such as nightwatch and strategies including attacking when the enemy least expects it. Players would have to make hunting trips and perform other jobs and duties such as collecting firewood, gathering, fishing, etc. This mode would lend itself to more of a group focused combat game style whereas the previous mode would be more focused on survival. What do you think?