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Rolling Changelog: Stable Branch: 0.32.114557

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OMG YES!  I knew the next patch was ganna be a big one.  I could sense it


Very excited about the private shards beginning to show up.  Lets admit it.  Server hoppers suck.  Yay for the DayZ devs for getting this going quick.  Now maybe a Bike or two here and there?  :)


OH and Suggestion with the spray paint!  Since you added this very interesting feature I have an idea for it.  Can you make it so we can Graffiti up the world?  Being able to tag your clans tags around Cherno and stuff would be really fun.  Or tagging someones dead body or something.  Great fun could be had with this system.  Great idea!

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Wanted to go for release to experimental today (and we nearly did) but Brian correctly identified there were some significant database changes needed to be released with it, and we didn't want to do that late on a Friday. So Monday it is. Nobody supposed to be working this weekend, under strict orders to take a break!

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  • Added hacksaw into the loot spawns

  • Added shotgun into loot spawns

  • Berry picking
  • Added Hacksaw into loot spawns
  • Painting Mosin now supported w/ spraypaint
  • Added spraypaint can into loot spawns

  • Coastal harbor town of Svetloyarsk (and surrounding areas)


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Why do you dislike sharded sub hives?

Uh-oh Fancy Pants is on me!



....Smell....funnny? :D

Honestly I have no problem with them, people can do what they please on thier servers. I'm just under the impression (and I may be wrong) that it waas going to keep those things seperate so that people could play their way and not worry about others jumping from a private hive onto a public with tons of loot etc etc.

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What kind of savage would paint their Mosin Nagant??

*looks up from her pink mosin* Say what now about painting?


Really excited that Hacksaws and spray paint is in game now :D

Does that mean we can tag buildings now?

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Just watching streams as I’ve got a 2004 PC. New rig later this year.


Anyway I’d be interested why the Mosin guns seem to fire so random due to being damaged. Is it not wrong to assume most fire arms while not pristine are in good working order? It seems total guess work shooting just now and not rewarding covering your friends. If you are in a fire fight and get badly shot and killed then yes I can see a weapon could be hit and damaged but when first looted not on a player I just cant understand why they would be so badly damaged most of the time.


 I’d just love the guns to be spot on. I stopped playing a game years ago (Football manager) because it brought in a fancy new system dealing with player injuries. Yes the system worked well but had one flaw the developers were so impressed with it they deemed necessary not to go realistic but impose unrealistic numbers of players getting broken legs and bad injuries and it got to the stage every week just because you had hard training on you the game felt you needed taught a lesson and killed a players.


Just because you have a nice damage system does not mean you have to go over board damaging everything so players appreciate it, less is more kind of thing.

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nice update,


but one thing really bothers me:


  • Dead character cleanup performed at 10 minutes past death


this makes it almost impossible to retrieve your gear after dying far away from the cost.


also, findig corpses is one of the most important aspects of exploring imho  :(

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