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  1. vandal gab

    DayZ Mod 1.8.2

    I did wonder that whilst shouting to my friends I got a black vest blue shirt on don't shoot! bang bang bang LOL
  2. vandal gab

    DayZ Mod 1.8.2

    I wasn't thinking straight haha it's been a long week, great update very much looking forward to playing! would it be possible to add the feature to select your characters colours before spawning i.e. black vest black shirt?
  3. vandal gab

    DayZ Mod 1.8.2

    Question =) [New] - "town generator", which spawns litter/rumble/wrecks inside 500 meter bubble around the player. Will my squad see the same litter/rumble/wrecks if we are within 500 meters of each other?
  4. Sorry if this has already been posted mods please delete if so =) very interesting video full of great info!! Thoughts??
  5. vandal gab

    FR 34 / FR 129 RAID WINE Servers Thread

    That's what I thought thanks for the reply ;)
  6. vandal gab

    FR 34 / FR 129 RAID WINE Servers Thread

    Any news when the new patch 1.8.2 is gonna be live on FR 34? Cheers to all that run this fantastic server :thumbsup: :beans:
  7. vandal gab

    DayZ Mod 1.8.2

    I did see the files are available to download for a manual install but it's looking like my home server FR34 is waiting on the steam release but I could be wrong :D :beans:
  8. vandal gab

    DayZ Mod 1.8.2

    Thought that there may have been a chance for a Bank holiday release but any ways thanks for the Ultra fast reply R4Z0R49 as I've said your hard work and dedication to the mod is much appreciated looking forward to 1.8.2 and the improvements ;)
  9. vandal gab

    DayZ Mod 1.8.2

    Any news when the update is gonna be live on steam? Cheers for the hard work guys much appreciated!! :thumbsup: :beans: edit.. I know it's out of your control just wondering if bis has replied to your inquiries ;)
  10. vandal gab

    DayZ PS4 Discussion

    On the CPU side I thought only Six jaguar cores and only 5GBs of RAM is available to PS4 devs the other two cores and memory is reserved to the os?
  11. vandal gab

    DayZ Mod 1.8.1

    It would be nice to have the update out for the coming weekend, fingers crossed the issues with steam will be resolved. Understandable that the Mod is not a priority of bis anymore, it's just great it has the support of the community devs that are continuing to work hard improving this much loved mod, cheers guys!!
  12. vandal gab

    DayZ PS4 Discussion

    I love DAYZ no seriously I do, but at the moment my enjoyment comes from the mod, does this mean production values have changed for the SA, and are we about to be able to play a more complete game?
  13. vandal gab

    DayZ PS4 Discussion

    Hmmmmm It's good for the DAYZ brand but I fear a rather nasty back lash from us guys who have supported DAYZ for a long time and would like more focus on completing and adding features to the PC version. It's great for Bohemia Interactive, I only hope this decision will improve an produce a better game for all.
  14. vandal gab

    FR 34 / FR 129 RAID WINE Servers Thread

    Yeah Trouble getting on FR 34 tonight but no issues with FR 129?
  15. vandal gab

    Too late to start playing Dayz Mod?

    FR 34 & FR 129 are great vanilla DAYZ Mod servers =)