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  1. Stable Branch - 0.59 Discussion

    This did not happen for me. I could fill it and put it inside my inventory.
  2. 23 members online

    Hello old sweats <3 I miss the times when this forum was the first page I opened in the morning. I hope you all are doing good. It's nice to see your "faces" or usernames still around. It's been a while. It's late at night and I have drunk a bit, so here's one for you all. Cheers! :D
  3. DemonGroover (THE Unofficial Random Thread)

    This thread is gold... <3 It's even got Fraggle in it :')
  4. Exp Update: 0.55.127129

    Giev dysentery :/
  5. Exp Update: 0.55.127059

    Yeap the big circle thing is quite intrusive.
  6. Mosquito/Nat/Fly Sounds. - TAKE THEM OUT.

    What mosquitoes? Also yes, it is a sim. At least I hope it will be. :P
  7. New duping glitch 0.54

    Made me lol. :D Beans sir! :beans: :beans: :beans:
  8. Here, Devs, a word in your shell like..

    The trick is not giving a shit about your gear. Everything is more enjoyable with this mentality. Hit that respawn button!
  9. Need some name ideas for my upcoming YouTube channel!

    Evening Hairy Beast? (Abend = Evening, Wookie = HeeHaw) :P
  10. Vilayer servers?

    "We are sorry about the interruption we were working on a scheduled control panel update. Which has now just revealed the cause of the recent ACP problems which we are now fixed. We hope to have this fixed very soon." Classic Vilayer. It's up and running now. It's not that they take down the server for fixes etc. it's that they don't notify about it at all or just a few hours in advance.
  11. Vilayer servers?

    Yeah same here, Status: Unknown. Just sending in a ticket now, see what they are up to. If this mediocre service continues I'm definitely going elsewhere next month.
  12. Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    I think I saw someone!
  13. I just finished watching the vod (again) of the 5th installment of that holly epic event that is the Survivor GameZ. Since Hicks and some other members of the dev team worked hard to make the awesome build of DayZ to accomodate the GameZ it'd be really fitting if they also released it to private shard servers available to the admins to select. It could work like a separate hive that could be selected, so that normal characters can be kept. Player spectate would only work in this mode, so as not to be exploited by server admins in normal play. It could also only work when the whitelisting system is enabled via BEC so as not to bog down the server with yet more connection requests when the round has already begun. These would be awesome for communities running whitelisted private shard servers. Of course I'm not sure if anything like this is possible, just throwing the idea out there. On the other hand I'm not quite sure how a Battle Royale-esque "game-mode" would impact server performance, taking into mind that more loot is required (?) so that play can be viable in a smaller area, though loot in the unused areas could be removed completely. I'm also not sure how it'd impact player "mindset" since many would wander off to that quicker "flick" of adrenaline. That could also be good in some cases though. What do you think? PS: I may have just opened Pandora's Box... Not very fond of the whole game-mode thing myself *cough* H1Z1 *cough*
  14. Persistence has a few new problems with the last patch. Things don't seem to be working properly. I'll see how it goes on my server and post the progress here and on the bug-tracker.
  15. It's the Pirate Life for Us

    Looks like Wasteland to me :3 You remembered to answer a bit late no? :P