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Nice job guys, looking great - might finally login again after a few months away to try this out. It's all going in the right direction, I love the heavy survival aspect now. No more periphery dots = WIN

Edit: Matt the changelog is really hard to read with my eye condition, any chance you can repost as list? nevermind

I like this one best: [FIXED] - Variable spelling mistakes hsould be corrected now.

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It all sounds good, but there is one thing I am worried about. I currently have an ALICE pack, which is full, after the patch goes live and the ALICE pack's space becomes smaller, will I lose some of my stuff in there?

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wow that's an amazing update! boiling water? different blood gain for different animals? dear god this is awesome! :D

* [FIXED] - Variable spelling mistakes hsould be corrected now.

The irony ^

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still no servers with up ... just 1.7.5, where you can not play with ..... go go go server admins :)

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What is this infection stuff???

Bloodbags can give infection...

Uncooked meat can give infection...

Unboiled water can give infection...

What kind of infection???

Do I become a zed?

Do I become sick (ie need antibiotics)?

What will happen to meeee???

Also... will Box of Matches be more available (read: less rare)?

Right now the number issue I have in the game is finding a box of matches... I find hunting knives all over, hatches all over, tin cans all over... I find everything I need, but never matches to actually make a fire.

Will there be optional ways to create fires ? Sticks and thread? Short circuitting electrical cables? Using a magnifying glass? What about a simple Lighter instead of matches?

Need more fire!

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I'm on a whitelist server, but I moved over there recently from the public server they had. No idea what a fresh spawn starts with.

I've been to 3-4 different supermarkets and never found matches.

I find tonnes of food (carried over 20 food recently, but ate most of it to get blood back), as well as Watches x lots, some drinks, Makarov mags, sometimes an ALICE pack (which I have already) and other thingamajigs of little use.

Matches are my unicorns... I hear about them but I can never find them...

And I don't wanna be infected (whatever that does...) :(

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