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  1. Zombies need to be scary and dangerous

    Have you seen the footage of the Infected hammering down a door? Hopefully this is an idea of how the Infected will be in the future.
  2. Things I have yet to see in 0.62

    Haven't seen a Plate vest in a long time...press vests as well for that matter
  3. Status Report and Walkie Talkies

    I like the idea
  4. Status Report - 16 May 2017

    I do like the idea of spawning with a radio and making batteries last a bit longer....at least to test it out and see what happens!
  5. Forum vets: are you still playing?

    Yeah i play every day or so when i am home. I unfortunately cant play (or even visit the forum) when i am at work. I mainly stick to 1PP private hives. Always jump on when a new Exp is out.
  6. Another reason

    If you want a discussion then make a thread that isnt just bait. Saying you have uninstalled and leaving isnt really conducive to a mature discussion. I am going to lock this thread as it will achive nothing. If you want to dicuss some of the issues you raised, by all means do so but do it constructively. And you other lot! Let him speak and then retort...nicely!
  7. [Infected AI] Grab + Bite

    Be great if a whole lot of zeds just jumped on top of you, dragged you to the ground and starting ripping you apart.
  8. Absence of formal sidechat in DayZ SA is a pain.

    Sniper on Sniper Hill! Anyone in Cherno? I just died on a ladder. Yeah i miss those comments.
  9. New forum format/style

    Did i say that? Shame on me.
  10. Home

    I hope that nothing is truly safe. I should always be able to steal or at least blow up your stuff.
  11. Problems and ideas for dayz (.61)

    I remember back in the day when zombies used to climb ladders. Scared the crap out of me when i first played and realised hiding up top of the Cherno crane wasnt a good idea.
  12. Better Logs

    And here i was thinking you were going to complain about the logs burning too quickly ingame.
  13. ideas for additional in-game features

    Be able to use all those bed sheets and cut them into rags!!
  14. Individual Hand Slots

    Torch and pistol would be great...they do it in the movies so it must be realistic.
  15. New forum format/style

    FInally! I can log back into the Forum. I have missed you guys. Reddit just ain't the same.