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  1. New Zombies

    Yes that's quite a nice idea - have an anchor/reset point that they go back to when aggro wears off (like in DOTD where they are always drawn back to places they hung about in before they died),
  2. New Zombies

    Yes I do think it's a simple fix. See the black script error boxes at the top of the screen? That's your clue the behaviour is still scripted, so then it doesn't take a genius to work out that you can alter the behaviour and destinations with some basic trig. Did I say the devs are "dumb" or "aren't aware"? Perhaps try to stay on topic (zombies/ai) instead of telling people what they are thinking. By posting just sarcasm; essentially, you are contributing nothing -I'm posting in here as I would like better zombies/infected, not about tit-for-tat point scoring and pointless sparring with other forum users. Anyhow, I think I've said all I need to here.
  3. New Zombies

    What so I shouldn't give an opinion if it is a critical one? Maybe you like Benny Hill zombies but I don't.
  4. New Zombies

    The path planning doesn't look any different to the mod AI to me. I bet you can still evade them by running in circles. The problem is they move to where you were, then re-plan their path, not where they think you will be. A quick calculation based on current player velocity and current player distance from zombie could easily sort that out.
  5. Vehicles - driving, shooting, hitting

    Everything that BA does in this video.
  6. Has a lack of UI actually decreased immersion in DayZ?

    In BI games this is UI editor: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/User_Interface_Editor_%28Arma_2%29 So any displays you look at or dialogs you interact with are UI. This includes (but is not limited to) messages, menus, on-screen pictures. HUD is a term misappropriated from the military. If you cannot recognise players, then why not ask for customisable faces or something practical. Why link to this thesis about on screen UI? How do you think it is applicable to "player recognition elements"? Your initial post is very vague. If you are strawman, it is only because you have set yourself up for it using a FPS thesis as basis for your arguments.
  7. Has a lack of UI actually decreased immersion in DayZ?

    It only "improves attachment" to 13 year olds. Player progression is in the player stats screen so why duplicate the info in front of my crosshair while I'm playing the game? That's my opinion though and I'll take that over Dices. The messages they put all over the screen are there to massage your ego and serve no particular purpose. If anything, they ruin certain parts of the game (you unrealistically always know when you have killed someone etc) Re: chess & tetris. You don't need a ui for those. A lot of versions of it put pointless ui in to make it look prettier. You can still play without ui. Read my point about if it is NEEDED or not. Re: Thesis. It's okay. They're obv clever guys but I don't lend too much credence to it as it's opinion-based. You should google them as well. Neither of them works for a (big FPS) games studio. One makes and sells apps, and the other makes and sells apps. http://www.hellothere.se/about-us/people/erik-fagerholt-interaction-designer/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Magnus+Lorentzon&hl=en_GB As previous poster mentioned, your requests seem confused. You want more immersion but also want names magically hanging over peoples heads?...
  8. Has a lack of UI actually decreased immersion in DayZ?

    Shame they didn't explore "killing immersion through spamming retarded on-screen messages" in their thesis suppression assist 10 last man in squad killed by [x-killah-x] spot bonus 25 squad spot bonus 25 squad suppression assist 10 and so on.... You can't quantify immersion. It's like trying to quantify anger or happiness. An "immersive" game is one that sucks you in because you forget you're sat in a room playing a game. Their thesis falls apart if you transpose it to any game that isn't FPS. Tetris and Chess? No on-screen UI as such and totally absorbing. UI should only tell you what you NEED to know. Nothing more, nothing less.
  9. Royal Blood

    Yeah they're pretty good lots of noise for a small band - worth checking out live if you get the chance.
  10. Guide to 1.7.7

    Good first post :)
  11. functionality trumps pretty
  12. Rhinocrunch's latest video

    Hmm. That man has no patience or respect for others. The video was like one of those flaky YT conspiracy theory things. And he nicked the "gag" at the end off 'Mr Plinketts Phantom Menace Review'. Lazy.
  13. The meaning of love

    DIdn't realise it was a spam-bot. Thought it was a drunk guy or something.
  14. The meaning of love

    The path of roadside love is often marred by traffic.