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  1. This was something you could do in the mod. I do not think it is currently possible. Eh, Zod doesn't play regularly anymore I think.... Wait? You're playing DayZ??? I mean.... the devs don't even have DayZ so, did you create a time machine? What we have here is FAR from DayZ and the way you prefer to enjoy this borked frankenmodpatchenstein may not be a viable playstyle in Vanilla. This will NOT be the mod+. Ready for stamina, item weights, a whole new character controller? Everyone who keeps playing like this is how the game will be in the future will eventually rage at some upcoming change that was planned all along. It's like they fall in love with a pretty girl and once they get to know her, they realize they don't actually understand her at all.
  2. You're most welcome anytime! Nice find on the forum avatar. :D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today's 8+ hour session featured emuthreat, starvingart, ThurmanMerman, ColdAtrophy, Baroness (formerly MamaB3ar), fing, Luc, IMT, Hell, and the addition of Scipio (I think that's everyone). Finding vehicles was no problem but military tents seemed to have been severely reduced in number or are spawning somewhere completely different than in the past. Usually in such a long play session we would have +/- 10 military tents and we ended up with 4(?) total. I struck out on a solo mission to Myshkino tents (wrecking a V3S in the process) to check the few containers there but found no tents. Leaving North out of the tents I found a pack of wolves which I try to lead back to the tents so I could kill them from the Hesco structure. They did not follow so I tracked them out to a shed and only after I was basically cornered did I realize I had dropped my shotgun when I swapped to the MP-5! D: They started coming through the shed door and I started firing, the wolf models were bugged, stuck twisted to one side while sliding and it was nearly impossible to tell from where they would attack. I could see the wolf sliding towards me but before it closed the distance on my screen I would get struck from the side! I killed 2, wounded a 3rd running out of ammo, and then resorted to my hatchet = You are dead. Back on the coast (Elektro), I looted my way North before running into emu with his bus. I left camp and met up with Thurman and that's when we passed a 4x4 so he spun around and the guy plowed into us while also trying to hail us (I heard him call out over direct, Thurman did not), on my client I did not see the collision. emu and IMT then came to our locale and immediately was fired upon, this did not end well for the driver.... Collisions with animals seems turned off for now, or roadkill steak would have been on the menu. During our hunt for tents we continued to track these guys, who apparently had the poor choice of Cherno for their home (where we wanted to check shipping containers). Here's a screen of the aftermath of art kill trade. When I passed the doorway the player was in my frames dropped drastically and I only caught a few frames of him before art started trading fire with him. We have a plan for some stunt driving exhibitions, courtesy of emuAir, I'm guessing we'll be posting those results soon. "Where'd the tents go!?"
  3. Man, I wish you had witnessed the shot I took on a retreating wolf. At about 50m you could clearly see the impacts, which for the moment completely obscured the wolf model but somehow every shot pellet seemed to miss, no stagger, no whimper, no red.... it's possible I couldn't see the hit but I doubt it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Awesome post. I'm glad to hear that they seem to have at least gotten a close to accurate reproduction of shotgun performance with current placeholder settings. I would personally very much like to see a full range of shotgun shells from salt to slugs.
  4. Wait, why is it my fault the thread is open? You can't read for yourself? Posting at 1am I can hardly be blamed for merely opening the thread I saw active.... GG in the filthy stable casul kill.
  5. Stay out of Thurman's tents, you mooks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I had a long evening/night session, no crashes until I tried to close DayZ from the red X on the task bar. Nice to meet @MamaB3ar, glad we could help you get off the coast, and glad to have the help working on these Experimental builds. I hope I don't forget anyone so here goes, emu, Thurman, starvingart, IMT, Luc, MamaB3ar, sanguine, GirthBrooks, Hell, and myself gathered vehicles and tents while intermittently fighting wolf packs. We also made contact with a recurring player on the server who will likely join us in the future, Bubba. *I believe Buckshot at range should be more effective and possibly have less dispersion at 50 meters.
  6. Maybe invisible infected is due to client and server desynch/discrepancy as to where the infected/infected hitbox was when you shot it. On the client you killed the infected so the body drops but the server thinks you merely wounded or aggro'd the infected so the invisible representative of the infected is being tracked by the server chasing you. The client has the hitbox on the ground so the invisible infected is effectively a ghost and you must attack the corps to silence it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A few more snaps from today, Luc and Hell in a Hesco structure this afternoon. Running with Hell this evening....
  7. Read this, new guy. I hope you feel like a massively ignorant asshat after internalizing this, if you can. From your tone and level of expectation, it's obvious you need to take a long long long break and come back in 6-12 months. Please?
  8. Hi Eugen! I heard you like cats. This is my roommates cat, Boo! He's a great cat friend. :3 Thanks so much for this bit of helpful insight as to where exactly we've arrived in the dev cycle. I am fascinated and excited to see how all the changes transmogrify our favorite game into the sleek modern AAA beauty she should be. Cheers!
  9. I played a couple hours earlier and had no crashes in x64 but I did experience slide show like frame rates while I was passenger in the bus with 3 other passengers. It happened directly after bringing up the game options overlay used to adjust in game volume. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I killed a few wolves and then met up with emu and eventually Thurman and fing. At Tisy emu managed to axe a wolf to death and it was very entertaining to watch. I only wish I had thought to take screenshots..... Later on at NWA emu accidentally killed me with the bus due to poor communication and I spawned as a black woman in Solnichny. After absentmindedly jumping a sedan into the ocean, I looted a medical clinic and became Nurse Shaniqua Novotny. When I tried to warm up by a fire I drew aggro but then once warm I ran east to emu dragging my friends with me. Ducking into the gas station I was thinking I could punch out the 3 infected on my own but that was a bad idea and I died right before emu arrived. I once again spawned near Solnichny (with my proper character model) and when emu met up with me again, I intentionally threw myself in front of his bus as I had wanted to log for the night anyway. ^The last desperate moments of Nurse Shaniqua Novotny.
  10. *Pro-tip: Do all the things when you can. Sac up, and try. Life = way too short and the only score keeper is YOU.
  11. That's great but may I suggest you read and read and read and read and read some more to try to get up to speed. 99% of the player base are not properly educated about DayZ dev when they join the forum and it makes their contributions mostly pointless and adds to clutter on the forum.
  12. 1,000 now? Wouldn't dynamic imply the number rises and falls as people enter towns? I honestly don't think there are any static infected on the map anymore..... Numbers regarding legacy infected populations would only be applicable to the old and now defunct server spawned system. I too would love to see all those numbers laid out as well, relevant or not.
  13. Cold chillin' with @ColdAtrophy 2 small packs of wolves, many zombiez, and a few tents raided to bulk up our own supplies, with enough time to chew the fat.