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  1. Your Best and Worst Memories from DAYZ SA

    Best would probably be my first kill I was looting around Berezino, sneaking, being very cautious. Suddenly I hear footsteps, and a guy sprinted thru the building I was in, then he did a double-take and noticed I was in there. He said "Hey, wanna fight?" and came in swinging his axe. Terrified, I brought up my pickaxe and said "I don't want to fight!" I was so panicked that I forgot how to stand up, so I was crouched swinging at his head and somehow killed him. He went down, I took all his stuff and that was my first kill. Worst: I think it was the .58 experimental and I was walking in the woods by Myshkino town when I noticed about 4 full gear people run to the well. They were sitting there drinking, so I thought I'd try a cheap shot with my repeater. It was about 150m shot and I missed the stationary targets twice. They all started chasing me, so I ran with my tail between my legs. I thought I was a safe distance away and they'd just forgot about me when I went up a deer stand. While I was at the top, I heard several footsteps surround me. I tried telling them to let me go and stuff but they wouldn't have it and shot me through the wall of the deer stand. I was unconscious and one of them came up and said "This is my doing." and finished me. Probably the most pathetic I've felt playing a game.
  2. This is the first I've heard of a "supporter edition." Aren't the people who bought the original Early Access release and posted on forums/feedback, supporters?
  3. Stable Update 0.62.142963

    If you don't care, don't play. This salty bitterness on the forums isn't helping anyone.
  4. What song are you listening to right now?

    I've been a big fan of this band and song recently, it gets a lot of flak for sounding sloppy and having awkward transitions, but that's part of what I really enjoy about it.

    I agree with this, they hardly ruin clothes now let alone break bones. I would much rather be scared and sneaking around than easily walking 20 ft away with one looking at me that still doesn't aggro. This would also make dispatching zombies more of a priority when entering towns because you could not easily loot around them, and I for one appreciate dispatching zombies.
  6. I've heard that if you're logged on the server while it restarts, you will be out of the house once the server starts back up. Besides that, I've seen it happen several times and nobody's been able to get out of it other than by suicide. Good luck.
  7. Sometimes it feels like DayZ just proves that Early Access as a concept is a bad idea, if a game needs a huge amount of time to release things, can an audience really be expected to play a semi-functional version of the game with no new content and not get frustrated? I would love to see a list of all the EA games that have broken their initial release dates. I'm guessing it's in the high 90% range.
  8. For people that say the coast is dead now...

    I would like to agree, but there's still not a group of 7 freshies running frantically around Cherno police station
  9. think about it.

    Yea you have a point. I just worry about how much value mods will actually bring to the game. I hope it's a lot, and I hope DayZ will be awesome as possible to open up the modding world to crazier possibilities.
  10. think about it.

    Whoa calm down there cowboy I'm just expressing my viewpoint. I get a lot of people have faith in mods and I know for a fact that they can be great. All I'm saying is that I am looking forward to an awesome base game, one which will make an even better starting point for modders. Also, talking smack like that doesn't fly around here. If you're unlucky enough to meet me in Zelenogorsk, you will know that I am the best. THERE'LL BE A BLACK SCREEN TO PROVE IT!!!
  11. think about it.

    I'm 1000% percent more excited for the finished build than I am for modding. Mods are usually clunky and pandering in my experience. Personally I'd be ok without mods at all (though I know most wouldn't be)
  12. Why don't we spawn along the southern coast?

    I actually had lots of interactions (and more interesting ones) when there was a wider variety of the map regularly being used. Places such as Novo and Cernaya Polana and its scrapyard in the North were good places to find people, not to mention the hell-on-a-stick city of Chernogorsk. Now everyone seems to be more concerned with Stary Sobor and Gorka PvP zones. I think a wider area of spawns and useful locations would help, not to mention higher server capacity.
  13. Why don't we spawn along the southern coast?

    I don't think a simple quote from a status update is enough to answer this post. I think it's a 100% legitimate concern and the status update post doesn't do it justice. Why have the huge, bustling, beautiful town of Chernogorsk if nobody spawns anywhere near there? It takes at least 15 minutes to get there from most spawn points. The glorious town is a ghost town now. I get that there are quite a few good spawn points around there, but is it really the end of the world if a few people find SKS or aks74u? Right now the northeast is BARREN as far as viable loot goes and balota is a lootsplosion of pistols, shotguns, and 22 rifles. I often wonder why this is and my guess is because nobody wants to go down there so all the good loot builds up there.
  14. Mouse Buttons

    I like the zooming idea, I was trying to use my mouse buttons for combat-specific actions but my hands usually get too shaky in combat to press the right mouse button lmao
  15. Mouse Buttons

    What do you use your mouse buttons for in DayZ? Do you actually use the mouse buttons while you play? I've been trying to think of something that would be practical to use the mouse for. Currently I have a Razer Deathadder and I use the 2 buttons on the side for increasing/decreasing zeroing and I use the middle button for throwing. I use them but it's not often that I'm zeroing or throwing something.