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  1. I like the zooming idea, I was trying to use my mouse buttons for combat-specific actions but my hands usually get too shaky in combat to press the right mouse button lmao
  2. What do you use your mouse buttons for in DayZ? Do you actually use the mouse buttons while you play? I've been trying to think of something that would be practical to use the mouse for. Currently I have a Razer Deathadder and I use the 2 buttons on the side for increasing/decreasing zeroing and I use the middle button for throwing. I use them but it's not often that I'm zeroing or throwing something.
  3. I think the justification people usually use is that the players are "immune" and most people in the world weren't, so when we get hit by zombies (which happens often) we would become sick if we were regular people.
  4. I've 100% noticed desync issues, kill trades a-plenty, shooting a tree right in front of you and the bullet hitting 2 seconds later. It feels like .60. I am very confused (and frustrated) on how it went back to this level since it was so good at the beginning of .61. I play exclusively on high pops and it's pretty bad. I killed someone yesterday and after I saw the him ragdoll, 5 bullets hit me within 1 second without hearing the gun or seeing his gun get raised.
  5. bro that looks spooky as fuck. I am legit spooked. I would get out of there asap if I were you. spooky spooky spooky this patch is great 10/10 keep up the awesome work I love this game!
  6. I actually still think the cold is underpowered :3 but that's just me LOL. The main problem I have is that the temperature changes are unrealistic atm For one, people don't drop 2 degrees of body temp every second they stand still and somehow magically maintain body temperature simply by sprinting If you've tried sprinting in cold weather you would know it gets exhausting and your lungs get cold fast
  7. Yeah, I got knocked out by zombie while 3000+ blood a couple weeks ago, but my character was status bugged (idk how much that happens now) so I never woke up. Also idk but I still notice 1 hit kills on zombies are weird, it seems like the deciding factor is whether or not they're aggroed. Shooting a zombie in the head w/ .22 while it's not aggroed is a 1 hit kill but if it aggroes it seems headshots don't even work. Same thing with lon wooden stick, improvised spear etc. I'm guessing it's not intended.
  8. Stick is OP on players ;)
  9. I was sneaking around Zeleno taking out aggros with my stick when I run up on the military base and see a dead zombie on the ground. I sprint around to the back of one of the double door barracks and sit there silently, then I hear a light shuffling of feet on the inside of the barracks. I stayed still until he ran out and since I was only armed with a derringer, sprinted off. A few seconds later I hear 4-5 AK shots and no return fire, probably bait. I make my way to Myshkino tents and loot quickly. Running around tents eventually got 7 zombies on me so I decided to have a bit of fun and take out all the zombies with my Derringer. I headed to Myshkino town and do some looting and found a CR527 with magazine and scope. Just as I'm about to leave, I hear steady barrage of shots in the tents area, so I decide to double back and see what's up. I scoped from east hill and sure enough there were several dead zombies around, he probably headed to NWAF. I head back up eastern hill and see a guy in a tree ahead. It was the AK man, organizing what would soon be my loot.
  10. Yeah the zombie blockading thing seems to be a bit OP at the moment. I got trapped in a house by zombies and shot 3 of them to clear a visible path but it seemed the zombies to my sides were also somehow blocking me and I couldn't get out.
  11. I've heard multiple people who have tried PVE only servers say that it is the most boring way to play the game. Personally I just like to make goals like assemble a ghillie suit, hold someone up, or just playing with friends. I agree there needs to be more focus on PVE because the end game of killing people with the loot you've acquired is silly for a survival game. Clearing towns of infected should be a big and fun ordeal. But hey if the game is not doing it for you then stop playing. There's nothing that turns people off more than feeling obligated. Maybe check back later to see how much it's changed. I feel like the new animation system is going to help out melee and zombie combat so I'm eager to see that.
  12. Yeah the game is much better, my only advice is stick to private servers, hi pop public servers suffer multiple performance issues which nobody seems to mention here. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.
  13. I played on a private today and performance seemed really good. I didn't get status bugged 2 out of 2 times logging in as well, so that's good. I don't know how much difference there is between pub/priv servers but I guess it's gonna have to be like it was on .60 where I only play on private servers. I dunno, public servers just have so many issues and idk why :/
  14. I keep being status bugged no matter how many times I relog into a server, mostly on hi pop publics it seems like. Desync is alive and well also. Veeery bad desync on some full public servers you can shoot at a tree right in front of you and 2 seconds later the bullet hits the tree. Some servers are better than others but all of them seem to constantly be status bugged and I only play on servers under 100 ping.
  15. Seems like statuses are bugged more often than not on high pop public servers. Can't say what it is for other types of servers, but it is pretty game breaking because people who are status bugged don't bleed out and don't wake up from unconsciousness and never need to bother with the hunger stat.