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  1. Games running amazing for me atm. I also messed with Sweetfx. I found out how to increase FPS today too Msaa off, and AA off for the graphics. Nothing changed but the FPS went up. My msaa was 8x so turning it off felt good. I like the game boneboys, and trying to learn the SL role. I wasn't to happy they changed the roles at first but i am getting used to it. Otherwise very stale forum people, many trolls. Today alone i put down 2 hackers, fully caught the accounts and sent them to the dev's hopefully soon we can slow down the UE4 cheats. Otherwise i too have 120 hrs in or a few less then boneboys and it is money well spent. Its so early in EA i cant really recommend it yet, but after the patch of connections it runs very well. I was trying to also get some medic changes addition of a role x2 iron sights and red dot. This might help keep people active on the medic side.
  2. sneakydudes

    ArmA 2/3 Veteran. Any Tips?

    I did too
  3. sneakydudes

    ArmA 2/3 Veteran. Any Tips?

    izurvive.com, is one Searching others posts is most likely your best best, as information keeps changing. Wiki sites, experimental posts. Otherwise its pretty much 1 shot 1 kill in some cases and watch your back all times. High military zones are filled with all sorts of dangers.
  4. sneakydudes

    Make the infected afraid of fire

    come to speak of it, aren't we doing the same as the infected? gathering all this food hahah Too many beans for you! :emptycan:+ :emptycan: = :beans: ? or does :emptycan: + :emptycan: = :emptycan: answers to follow =D
  5. sneakydudes

    Make the infected afraid of fire

    Actually how do we know this? Because if i am not mistaken movies are now starting to shift towards changes with zombies being under the water. Should we also say that infected would be exactly like humans with the drive to eat. How crazy are they? should they keep following you off a cliff, or follow you to the depths of the water. If they drowned they had no clue being so mind crazed as it is, the drive for food is so intoxicating they keep going. Fire should be the same, they have no reason to stop and turn around. If you remember, the walking dead still used imprints into the minds of the infected. They still went back to their last location of death, or where they knew best. It did not stop them from running through a saw blade wall, or trying to squish past a couple tightly together transport trailers. Did fire actually turn them away ever in a movie we knew of? infected or zombies? I have always known it to be the drive for food.
  6. sneakydudes

    Enough with the guns already....

    And another reason to explain what you need everyone to test out and report bugs on? Without full knowledge what you need done, we will never know. Playing a half made game at this point is not really that good for us. Some do it for the testing to keep moving forward while others just play the game like a finished game. Its perfectly ok to do both, but we still should all be notified of whats going on, and what you expect us to test this round of patches. See what we need to do??
  7. sneakydudes

    Enough with the guns already....

    Have you played arma 3 yet, Jon? It has many assets to the game. If i predict what is happening here is a complete package like arma 3. They need to build assets for the game plan. I wont pretend to know that's exactly the plan, as nobody has said anything yet. Road map was changed awhile back wasn't it? For now, i would be ok with some extra ammo to test these guns out, and the ability to find them. Being so rare is not worth it for alpha testing phases. If someone isn't able to log on loot one up, and test it out then why make it so rare? We do need to fully test products out with different types of problems, like painting, detecting parts, and the list goes on. Since it is alpha we should have no reason to be as restricted, as we are. I've always said that since the older patches. Prior to a new engine. We shouldn't be so restricted. Modding is going to happen regardless if they make it hardcore. Scripts will make the server exactly what it is. So making it so uber hardcore rare doesn't make sense at this point. If jon wants to go hunting, he shouldn't be restricted carrying a hunters backpack, Hunters rifle with scope, and a good amount of ammo. We all have been there searching houses for so long it does get repetitive now. The team can always make the official servers hardcore, all they want around beta.
  8. sneakydudes

    Stable Branch - 0.59 Discussion

    YOu where told not to say ZOMBIE!! hehe /who the hell cares anyway. It chases you and feeds on your flesh, seems pretty close to me.
  9. sneakydudes

    Survivalist Training Camp

    Frying pans, lots of small houses usually not near a large city. Vybor, north of cherno those small towns. Most times those are not looted.
  10. sneakydudes

    Nights are way too bright.

    Yup always been an issue. Someone goes out and buys a super gamma monitor for gaming and they out perform everyone else. Not worth trying to worry about the base game for this. It would be best to allow moders to fix their own servers and try to enforce it. I doubt it will ever happen nobody will play fairly due to losing gear too quickly. Forget you even brought up the topic because they cant override the system. Monitors have too many adjustments now. Mines asus gaming monitor and i used to fix my gamma for AAPG. Sometimes it was dark where others could see me so i corrected that, so i could see them in the dark
  11. sneakydudes

    What is your honest opinion on the future of DayZ

    Ill never be able to relive my days past, when the first time i logged into Everquest 1999, and in nek forest the evil sounds. but dayz does give the feeling of being watched. Which is a good thing.
  12. sneakydudes

    Dayz Private Servers-Allowed or no?

    They did mention this, also it wouldn't be until the game was pretty close to beta/release. First things is first and i totally agree, get the stuff working the base engine. Then make the server files, mod tools. We all asked this too, after the first blog, video by the team. There is a video of Hicks letting everyone know out there. Until then either rent, or play on public hive servers. Also there is no reason why you cant run with friends on any of those 0/50 servers. So So many of them. your choice, private or public. Don't feel you need to go rent a server to farm or kick either, cause one of us will clearly hunt you down :) jking
  13. sneakydudes

    What is your honest opinion on the future of DayZ

    I am too.... and so is 99% of the rest. Even Mr. Hicks is confused. The only 1 person that isn't?? is the guy they hired sitting in the kitchen eating all the frigging donuts... and the funny thing is? They still don't know his name!!!
  14. sneakydudes

    Gun fights

    Desync is a horrible weapon. Someone usually wins being out of sync, and its usually not you. Throw a few Infected in the loop, and maybe some hardcore laggy buildings and volla you have yourself a warping good ole time. Its not your fault, it comes with practice but you cant practice against desync unless you try to aim 1/8th arm length ahead of them. When they are weaving just aim straight not to the left or right. You might be surprised you will win.
  15. sneakydudes

    Police Station Stairs

    1. Always make sure you have nothing at this time in your hands. 2. Don't run up or down the stairs as its a common problem with stairs. Eventually all stairs will be fixed, with something in your hands.