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  1. DaveB

    DayZ and its future

    Everything has been said and i agree with all of it. Let's just hope it will be taken in consideration by the right persons.
  2. DaveB

    Status Report - 23 October 2018

    What a disapointing SR, this game really is a rollercoaster ride from start to finish. For my part, i think 1.0, the way it is going now, will have quite a bittersweet taste to it. I too feel let down with missing ''Flavor features''. Fishing, hunting(bow), throwing, horticulture, and all those other goodies listed by IMT and other players is a huge blow to the game. All these are not flavor features but CORE parts of the game. A lot of old and new players awaits the 1.0 to come back and the spotlight will be on the game. You cannot let down those returning player or new player this time around. Please consider post-poning 1.0, i know you promised 1.0 by the end of 2018, but releasing it the way it is will hurt the game more than post-poning again..
  3. DaveB

    Exp Update 0.61.138043

    Likely, you will have to wait 0.63 with the new engine parts to be merged in before this bug is squashed.
  4. DaveB

    Exp Update 0.61.137826

    Had a quick session last night on 0.61.137813. Drove around in v3s with somewhat good fps (60-70) at beginning in 3pp. But the fps after some time start dropping as low as 12-15 fps. If you play in 1pp fps keeps good. Did a barrel roll with V3S (intended) and went through the ground (not intended) lol sorry it is soo dark.
  5. hey m8, water off ducks back...... attitude to way game is progressing hasnt changed even now with last update the game is so sticky after a few mins, the infected hit from a distance. its so annoying, not to mention the memory leaks and crashes, keep thinking it my pc till i play another game.... frustrated is not the word. i know they will get there but that dont help lol. rage quit earlier as was fully kitted out, m4, akm fnx, alice bp..... game got so sticky got attacked by infected and was unconcious and couldnt even move as it was stuck so long.


    thread closed so cant reply there

  6. DaveB

    Exp Update 0.61.137517

    Hey man, i'm glad to see you back with a different attitude. I'm sorry i insulted your videos last time we spoke on here.
  7. DaveB

    Stable Update 0.61.136770

    Just quoting you on this, for future reference. So salty..Alright, I'm done arguing with you.
  8. DaveB

    Exp Update 0.61.136887

    Anyone knows if we can still hear gear shifting from miles away like before? Everytime i played exp, it was near empty.
  9. DaveB

    Exp Update 0.61.136887

    Omg thank you devs for pushing this exp so late and before Christmas holydays, it is much appreciated.
  10. DaveB

    Stable Update 0.61.136770

    Well if that means no more crappy videos from you for a while, thats great news ! Now, how does it feel?
  11. DaveB

    Exp Update 0.61.136593

    From OP: We're still working on improving server performance, which when poor can cause the following issues: - Infected reaction speed may be reduced - Character modifiers/status can become stuck or not update properly
  12. DaveB

    Exp Update 0.61.136562

    Pressing R works for me.
  13. DaveB

    Exp Update 0.61.136541

    I believe it is because our community manager is sick.
  14. DaveB

    Exp Update 0.61.136505

    I wonder if that would fix the shadowplay issue where video is all black
  15. DaveB

    Exp Update 0.61.136468

    So much this please.