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  1. I agree with most of what you have said but I dont like KoS scuds on experimental. PvP sure that's fine really its an integral part of the game. BUT, I see the KoS addicts that lurke near the coast so that they can rack up esy kills on New spawns that dont have a pot to piss in as much the same as the KoS clowns that lurk on experimental so that they can rack up kills on folks that are otherwise engaged in testing and finding bugs for the community. 1) I almost never go on experimental 2) I like PvP But I don't like gratuitous KoS vs easy targets. PS I am a retired USMC 1812 (Tanker) and I support the death penalty only for slime that commit crimes against innocents and the weak (Children, old folks, and women in general). I am also against elective war against the weak for economic or political gain. One look at folks that have been ripped to shreds by gunfire or explosives makes me tend torads an anti war stance. This may interest you a reenactment of a speech given by a Marine general officer in 1935. and....thank you for your service and enjoy them that beans
  2. Do you think that PvP and KoS belong on experimental servers? Good point! Do you believe that KoS and PvP belong on experimental servers? A tracking system for KoS geeks that operate on Experimental servers would be acceptable along with a wanted DEAD ID system page so that we gamers can hunt them down and kill them off more easily. But we have to remember that with respect to normal servers the risk of getting around the map is somenthing that KoS clowns do provide.
  3. The crying about PVP and KoS makes me sick. I'm not a fan of either activity but from a realistic standpoint both would exist in survival scenario. Knowing that there are assholes out there that will kill you on sight makes the game play more intense and leads to not assuming that an area is safe. They make the game play more realistic. Wanting a 'safe place' to fight for survival is an absurd notion. It reminds me of what a pathetic leftist politically correct snowflake would want. I do not want the PvP and KoS aficionados to be banned I much prefer blowing them away. Some of my best DayZ gaming experiences are the result of being set upon by a KoS crew and getting away after ventilating one or more of them. The best times in DayZ are when you are in danger of being sent back to the beach by other players or a horde of infected. I however do not believe that PvP or KoS has any place on experimental servers because the boys and girls that roam those servers are engaged in a useful service for the entire community. They are the ones sending in the bug reports and good suggestions. I would just like a method of Identifying the KoS clowns that have tagged other players or you on experimental servers so that they can more easily be hunted down across the servers and killed in game. On normal servers getting sent back to the beach for having your head up your ass is completely acceptable.
  4. Framed Chernarus Map

    You lucky dog Enjoy them thar beans
  5. PSA: Beer will get you killed in Tisy

    There is nothing wrong with that JBURNS489 an ice cold weiser is a fine lubricant. But at $50.00 skins a bottle a 2oz shot costs about 4 bucks a Bud that has 1.5 oz of alcohol costs about a buck / 12 oz. either one will suffice OR take a shot of scotch between a few beers. You have some beans hombre
  6. PSA: Beer will get you killed in Tisy

    Well said sir the DayZ Buzz you can get from sipping a couple of shots of Glenfiddich, Glenlivet , Oban, Laphroaig or any fine single malt is vastly superior to beer for greasing zombies and PVP cuntz. I'm not saying that Beer especially a dark one wont do the trick but there it is. Enjoy those beans Solopopo
  7. Asmondian, Good commentary and enjoy the beans you so richly deserve. Note: Your English is just fine sir
  8. PSA: Beer will get you killed in Tisy

    True I am a product of the USMC as well. Enjoy those Beans
  9. PSA: Beer will get you killed in Tisy

    a shot or two of single malt scotch is more rejuvinating than beer.
  10. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I guess you don't understand what I am proposing. The research team are not actually NPCs any more than the 'statues' that would sell you weapons for gold bars in the MOD were NPCs; they were essentially vending machines. No need for a Helicopter, a Lunar Excursion Module or your Own speed Boat. Besides that any unidentified boat or helicopter approaching the ship would probably be (should be) shot down or blown out of the water by the ships security force (uerringly accurate AI shooters). As for how to get to the ship I was thinking of a boat parked at the end of a pier and a guy that is a bit like Charon The Ferryman that will transport you there. Just a guy wearing heavy (Impentrable) body armor and wearing full MOPP 4 gear with an automatic weapon that is supported by another silent guy in the same kind of gear but armed with a SAAW. Bang you're dead. Genuine Interaction with members of the research and their security team would not happen. Once you've forked over your cargo of infected you could use a computer terminal to peruse a list of items that are available. Once you have selected the items you want and can afford those items would be in the boat when you leave. You would probably need to carry an empty back pack to gather the items. I really don't think that: 100 rounds of .308 (5 slots), a few empty magazines (3 to 6 slots), 5 MREs ( 10 slots) New Item OR 10 cans of Baked Beans water purification tablets, (1 slot), a pack of Antibiotics(1 slot), 5 tranquilizer darts (5 slots) That would be too terribly bad or unproductive. Would it? And then you could also pack a thirty five slot carry bag (new item) in your hands that could hold up to a 7 x 3 weapon with 14 slots to spare. If you went shopping with an empty mountain pack on your back and had a duffel bag you could carry over 60 slots of gear away. Carrying loot back from the ship would be nothing since you could stash the bulk of your gear before you head out to the ship with your drugged and fully docile zombies in tow and ready for sale. On your way to the barter area in the ships hold you would see some infected in cages running around and beating on each other, a dumpster full of corpses, through a viewing window see a zombie being cut up on a slab, or whatever. But real interaction with NPCs other than zombies No Way!!!! (who in the hell would want that?) The goal is to give players something to do other than engaging in PVP and KoS activity . And Lastly no one knows what the DEVs would or wouldn't do not even you, or me, or anyone but the DEVs. And I seriously doubt that an End Game scenario you suggest is in the offing so forget that it won't happen. That's what is great about Day Z your continued survival is the game and ultimate goal. You have no asshole quests to accomplish and you will not save the world..Ever! One problem I see is how much would infected test subjects be worth? Should Military, Civilian, Farmer John, naked old geezer, and Dress and Dyke zombies all have the same value? and what should that value be? 100cr to 200cr? Should value be storeable in the form of an ATM card or a stack of UN money scripts? What should the various weapons and items cost in UN credits? Another problem is a good thing really and that is getting hijacked after you have loaded up been put ashore and are heading to your hideout to redistribute and cache your extra gear. There is great potential for good gun fights. Thanks for your commentary! You have been issued one can of beans
  11. DayZ Realism Help - Advice From Experts

    Yeah I agree the hyper speed growth cycle of crops is absurd; it's ok but its absurd. I would like to see cattails, wild onions, leeks, wild pumpkins and a variety of tubers take a little more precedence. Hunting and gathering was the way the Chemehuevi Indians in my corner of the Mojave Desert made a living. (That's hard to imagine in the Southern California high desert {29 Palms area}) but there it is. Yes in a survival game living off the land by knowing what you can and cant eat and the difference between good water and bad water should be central. Sometimes bad water can be crystal clear (arsenic spring) and good water loaded with wiggling life forms that can kill you. There are a lot of books lying about in Day Z at least one of them should be devoted to beneficial plants and herbs of the area. And the very fact that too much canned food is available gives the PVP & KOS clowns the opportunity to spend their time taking out new players and experienced players that are spending their time hunting gathering and crafting. Its a good thing most of those morons can't shoot for shit. Have some beans on me
  12. I think it would play better as a multi player thing.
  13. My suggestion is to create a research ship that sits off the coast of Chernarus Its location is variable. The ship’s purpose is to support a small team of scientists and medical personnel that are working on a method of controlling the infected or possibly even curing them. But to do that the research team must have live infected subjects to study and dissect. The egg heads on the research will not round up infected themselves thats where the players come in. The researchers will barter for live research subjects and even severed heads of the infected if they are fresh. players that have subdued and captured infected and wishes to trade them for goods such as Antibiotics, Ammunition, Weapons, Food, Tranquilizer Bolts, Injectable Sedatives, Tasers, Pneumatic Tranquilizer guns and darts, Co2 cartridges, Clothing etc. You would have to subdue infected subjects by hitting them with a dart fired from a crossbow that injects them with a drug that will force them into a passive state for a day or so, cuff them and transport them to the floating lab where they can be bartered off. In the course of the transaction you would be dealing with an analog of Dr.Logan (Dr. Frankenstein) from George Romero’s Day Of The Dead. And his lab and infected containment area should be loaded with chained up subjects and grisly trophies and exhibits. The Good Doctor Tools of the Trade ........... Syringes could be fired from a C02 gun or with a little crafting fired from a sawed double bbl shotgun or used in conjunction with a simple spear or improvised short bow. Once skewered The Infected could then be bound, gagged, blind folded and led off at the end of a rope to the ship or your groups holding pens . Note if you dart another player there should be about a 50% chance that the drug will kill the player outright. Even the Stun Drug could be crafted (cooked up) by the players from natural sources such as poisonous berries and herbs. There are may possibilities including using gold and silver coinage to purchase items from the research team but the gold standard would be live test subjects $$$$. And the ship and any manned UN compounds would be safe areas where weapons are deactivated. In any case thats the idea / suggestion
  14. Three Things YOU Still Want

    I agree on all accounts sir. As for my three wishes they are: 1) A low magnification illuminated dot sight and mount for the AK 74su 2) All military rifles should have both semi - automatic and full auto capability. 3) Allow players to climb/vault over chain link fences and low walls like the infected can with the possibility of damaging your clothing. Note: if your clothing is damaged while negotiating a chain link fence with barbed wire across the top the damage should be if it occures. Pristine drops to Worn Worn drops to Damaged Damaged drops to Badly Damaged Badly Damaged drops to Ruined