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  1. hrdrok

    DayZ 1.0(2018) VS DayZMod(2012)

    I think some people need to go back and play the mod. Nostalgia is a dangerous drug my friend. You think it's the greatest until you actually live it again, and realize it's not what it once was.
  2. hrdrok

    Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Well, actually it appears to be...
  3. Someone who joined in 2016 wants to complain about bugs lol This is a major improvement. Not dying from most falls is seriously the greatest thing ever. I have wanted this since the Mod. Same with most of these animation fixes, like moving while doing actions. It really added a bunch to the game.
  4. hrdrok

    Stress Test vol.28

    Just an update, moving to experimental fixed the issue for me.
  5. hrdrok

    Stress Test vol.28

    Played about 5 minutes, then was kicked, and character is locked in database. Any known workarounds?
  6. hrdrok

    I miss my Dayz

    Ya just waiting with the rest. It's been almost 6 years, whats another couple months.
  7. hrdrok

    So, hey, It's been a while...

    Glad to see another Mod player making their way back. I too had a couple kids from the time I started here. (One is 2 the other 5 months). Check out some of the player ran servers in the server part of forums. Not as KoS as public servers, but still happens so keep your wits about ya, and welcome back.
  8. hrdrok

    This game sucks (the life out of you).

    Click baited. Didn't get the usual satisfaction from realizing your not complaining. 1/10 Edit: Wasted my 300th post on this to boot. 0/10
  9. hrdrok

    Trees at distance looks TERRIBLE!

    https://trello.com/c/wEQy4IqL/146-visual-update-forests They are reworking forests in general.
  10. hrdrok

    0.61 Experimental: A V3S Adventure

    Always love your screenies. Looked like a nice night ride.
  11. Honestly the shift+w works great for me. It makes close encounters very fluid (well fluid for dayz) and is very easy to toggle. Off topic, @-Gews-, I find it odd that anyone would argue with you about this game. Few have put the time to test and science this game like you have. For what it's worth (very little probably) I appreciate the tid bits of information you have found out over the last 4-ish years.
  12. hrdrok

    Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    I have a 965 black edition at 3.4 ghz, and my performance is very similar to yours. I have a gtx 760 though. I have no complaints, but I do get a fps drop once in a while.
  13. hrdrok

    Premium Autoconnect-Tool for Exp 0.60

    Straight up kicked the doors in. Really pretty neat, and majorly jealous (can't get it!).
  14. hrdrok

    Good Recording Software for DayZ?

    I use shadowplay currently because it seems to least effect performance (you get performance loss with all recording software). I used FRAPS forever and to anyone unable to use shadowplay I would highly recommend it. IMO all others are subpar either in terms of performance hit to computer or quality of video.
  15. hrdrok

    Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    I missed servers by seconds then :P Hopefully they will return soon.