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  1. Why did BI Remove Faces from the Billboards?

    Might have something to do with GDPR or some other legal stuff. Dunno though.
  2. Weapon name inconsistencies

    It is merely a guess. Can't imagine another reason for item names to be different on two different clients.
  3. Weapon name inconsistencies

    It is not really that complicated to do if it really is licensing/legal. It is done a lot, especially in Germany, which is particularly touchy in this area.
  4. Weapon name inconsistencies

    Most likely some sort of a licensing issue.
  5. Please add something to xbox

    Alright, this is the second time I performed some cleaning here. This is a final warning before locking the thread. Stick to the topic, be civil, don't provoke other users in the thread. Thank you!
  6. How To Actually Quick-Reload With "Y"

    Good evening lads, please try to not insult each other, especially when someone's just trying to help. Even if it may be stating the obvious. Sometimes stating the obvious is necessary. Not everyone can be a genius like myself. Ta, A.

    Seeing as people still aren't cool this topic can no longer continue. Right? Right!
  8. i was giving a warning for my feedback. i have every right to make the content and post it up because yall are asking for feedback on twitter, DayZ forum, and in the game itself. The DayZ announce acouple of updates ago saying they fixed the weapon bug such as bullet the registering and magazine-reload issue which still  have not been fixed at all and many players who really enjoy the game like myself are dying off of BS. (We are shooting blanks out here) (We have to ditch or weapons) (We cant Reload or magazines) 

    Please resolve this issue with the DayZ team ASAP about the weapon magazine and the bullets not registering to targets. Once players know the weapon bug issue is fix,  it will give them a much better experience to "keep playing the game." 


    "We do not choose our destinies.

    Yet we must...

    We must do our Duty, No? Great or Small,

    We must do our Duty."

    -Stannis Baratheon



  9. Status Report - 25 September 2018

    Theyre working for me fine. Seems like a problem on your end.
  10. Wherever it is that you bought it.
  11. Exp Update 0.63.148743

    DayzTS, I'm beggining to see a pattern in your posting history. I am however unsure what you think this will accomplish. I suggest you start actually contributing to discussion rather than plastering the same thing on the forums. Consider this a friendly warning.
  12. Anyone got space for one more?

    Alright that's enough lads. I'll just lock this one and let everyone walk away. In future, please be civil and try to sort out your diferences without name calling. Cheers, Acco
  13. A Scotsman in Chernarus

    Ah a wee lad fae Aberdream. How cute.
  14. Are people losing their minds?

    Internet allows the stupid minority to become extremely vocal. The main problem is people aren't educated to be skeptical (on the internet and in general) and are instead told they are special, their feelings matter more than anything else etc. That's a recipe for disaster. Like all the women following some stupid advice about giving birth at home while kneeling with a wet towel on their head or whatnot they got from their joga instructor. Then they sue the doctors who tell them it's a bad idea, because they obviously know better No idea why that came to mind. As for the war part, I blame globalism. /rant
  15. Can confirm. Also that is the most interesting porn opening I've seen in my life.