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  1. video

    Ah a wee lad fae Aberdream. How cute.
  2. Internet allows the stupid minority to become extremely vocal. The main problem is people aren't educated to be skeptical (on the internet and in general) and are instead told they are special, their feelings matter more than anything else etc. That's a recipe for disaster. Like all the women following some stupid advice about giving birth at home while kneeling with a wet towel on their head or whatnot they got from their joga instructor. Then they sue the doctors who tell them it's a bad idea, because they obviously know better No idea why that came to mind. As for the war part, I blame globalism. /rant
  3. Can confirm. Also that is the most interesting porn opening I've seen in my life.
  4. How am I to give you beans if you don't categorize your thread properly?
  5. The one true king is back. For these forums are dank and full of spammers players.
  6. Ah, I see that the feedback website has been update since last I used it. I apologize, I didn't realise that. I can't really make sense of the new layout I'm afraid (looks like I'm missing a few buttons). You can simply PM one of us with the info and we'll pass it on to the devs, as I've said earlier.
  7. You can submit a private report on the feedback tracker, which makes it visible only to the devs and yourself. Alternatively you can message one of us and we'll pass it on.
  8. Thanks for reminding me of this
  9. Play nice people, or I'll make you stop alltogether.
  10. The reason for that was that there were some concerns about crash dumps sometimes containing potentially sensitive information. Mantis only allows you to restrict access to all of the attachments (you can't specify only a certain type to be restricted) and that is why they were all restricted to only be accessible by the ticket creator and the moderators/devs.
  11. fun

    Banned because we don't choose our destinies.
  12. What is your GPU?
  13. I'd say that pointing out facts is not really defending anyone. You will notice that the dev team never states that something will be done on [insert date here]. They give vague estimates because it is in the nature of game development that things go wrong or not according to plans. One would think that people would have learned by now that taking a rough estimate as a definite target date is not really a good idea. Not giving out any dates on the other hand is an even worse solution as then people would complain that there are no dates being released. You are free to think what you will of facts, that doesn't mean they stop being facts.
  14. Do you really not see the difference? I thought the difference was... night and day.
  15. The client/server infrastructure was clearly reworked though (eg. it doesn't accept scripts like the mod did so hacking isn't just a matter of running a script engine). I dont doubt Destiny feels validated. I don't think he's capable of feeling otherwise :)