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  1. Weyland Yutani (DayZ)

    News regarding the 2019 roadmap

    So you want to do this in the open now? Not very professional Max. Why should thousands of players stop playing DayZ? Because they're looking for answers about game-breaking issues they should take a break? Is that really what we need right now? Do you think Marek Spanel would approve of his forum moderation staff telling thousands of players to take a break from playing his IP? Wait, you have a question about something that makes the game unplayable? No we won't give you an answer, take a break instead! Staff here has set a precedent on aggresive behavior/swearing/etc and if I'm openly taking a break, then Lt. Master should be taking a break too and he should be notified here openly. He's swearing and being rather aggressive. I simply told him to stop talking crap the most benign way possible. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.
  2. Weyland Yutani (DayZ)

    Nespesney just quit DayZ...

    You just said you're mean, petty, and willfully insulting. Ok, got it, thanks for clearing that up. Why would I get worked up on you...did you call me immature or paranoid? Looks like bait to get me banned, which you erroneously did anyway. Quoting to keep this from being edited. On any forum since the dawn of forums its not the moderators position to ignore complaints about other moderators, thats a job for the administrator. You're moderation habits are corrupt and not fit for duty. Your job is to forward those reports to an administrator. Police policing the police never works out, common knowledge. The sedan aka Olga 24 was added in 2015 dude. The red golf has been done since 2016 (https://trello.com/b/5yzeFpo2/dayz). All of those guns are old too. Clothing was done by Black Element Software late 2014 to mid 2015, again: https://trello.com/b/5yzeFpo2/dayz. Your syntax is wrong, the word you meant to use was readded, NOT added. Development has ceased, are you not paying attention? Thats what 1.0 means, 15% new features and 85% bug fixing...right out of Brian Hicks (former Producer, former Creative Director) mouth. DayZ 1.0 or any game 1.0 means FEATURE COMPLETE, DayZ is NOT FEATURE COMPLETE. The party is over and it's time to stand up means exactly that, it's time to stop being a fanboy (I did) and act like a customer who doesn't like being ripped off. Complaints make the world go round. Look at what the 400k reddit complaints did for Star Wars Battlefront 2...it had a DIRECT IMPACT on the IP and certain features were nixed. It is what it is? Well, what is it? I'll telling you WHAT IT IS. You don't have to eat the steaming alpo they're giving you ya know. Several servers, for several years to be exact. Deep and going nowhere, jeesh thanks for the support. I haven't enjoyed playing DayZ for 7 years, not even close. I quit enjoying DayZ several years ago. Ask any solid DayZ admin how much they enjoy DayZ and they'll tell you the same answer and if they say they love it...they're lying. Man, I really enjoy sifting through logs catching hackers, glitchers, dupers etc. Thats the best part of DayZ is doing a job that I shouldn't have to do, due to the game being broke for years and the devs restricting your tools. Now with GDRP nonsense, our job is 3x as hard. Got to have RCON running 24/7 on multiple machines in-case action needs to be taken because GUIDs are encrypted. Staleness doesn't exist for something thats not even on the shelf yet. The dough isn't even baked so how is it stale? This isn't a real 1.0, this is beta. Please stop arguing....like whats in it for you? Actually, I'm adding you to my ignore list so we don't argue anymore, it isn't productive. Thank you for your time...I guess (because I don't want to get banned just yet). Back on topic... I'm starting to think Nespesney was fired. As soon as I tweeted and asked him why he quit he favorited my tweet which I thought was interesting. He's updated his Twitter info and to me it looks like he might have been fired. "Freedom of choice has consequences" wasn't there before...
  3. Weyland Yutani (DayZ)

    Experimental Update 1.04.151915

    Can we get an update on the critical game-breaking issue's listed below please? Thank you Tom. Combination locks not working Cars randomly blowing Cars randomly despawning
  4. Weyland Yutani (DayZ)

    Private servers on xbox

    WRONG SECTION!!!!!!!!
  5. Weyland Yutani (DayZ)

    News regarding the 2019 roadmap

    It's not just a game, this isn't parcheesi...this is business. When you start paying taxes, it's no longer a game kid. I represent thousands of players in my community that have invested a lot of their money and time. I'm the guy you should be standing behind, not fighting with. What are you the CEO's mother or something? Do us all a favor, keep it moving and quit talking out of the side of your neck...hope that is CRYSTAL enough. PS, welcome to the ignore list.
  6. Weyland Yutani (DayZ)

    Nespesney just quit DayZ...

    Prove that they are working on implementing those missing pieces. You can't and thats a fact. Look man, I'm not just representing myself, but thousands of players that are part of my community. I am their voice, I'm not laying down, and I'm fighting until the end. Stop being a cheerleader for these junior year drones. I did it for 7 years, the party is over and it's time to stand up. Look at my posts and content, all positive until recent. You're the new kid and town so take a seat sir.
  7. Weyland Yutani (DayZ)

    Nespesney just quit DayZ...

    Wrong. There is no roadmap.
  8. Weyland Yutani (DayZ)

    Chris Torchia just quit Bohemia Interactive Simulations

    Your information is wrong. This is not false information. If he left in 2015 for BIS, then why was he working on A3 which is an IP owned by Bohemia Interactive as well as pushing DayZ content to twitter in 2016? Proof below. While you're here, whats the word on conbination locks and cars blowing up randomly and cars despawning randomly?
  9. Weyland Yutani (DayZ)

    Nespesney just quit DayZ...

    He's the one keeping the fire lit, not me. I've been insulted multiple x and I have never once insulted nor called Orlok a name. Orlok is obviously under a lot of stress in his real life and that effects people, trust me - I've been in the same position as him...worse actually. I'm sorry he's going through that with his folks...I really am, but taking out on me isn't cool. Times change, people change, and I'm being called names...thats wrong Max. There are plethora of other options than immature and paranoid. I've contributed quite a bit and I feel like I'm continiously being treated unfairly since I've questioned the motives of the direction with DayZ. Discussions on why devs and additional staff are leaving is important for people to know that are investing their precious time. I don't want this topic locked due to it taking a different direction, but it's not me doing that. I never made this personal and that's a fact.
  10. If anyone remembers this video... It really looked like Torchia was trying to get fired from DayZ...I said that to several people. One month later, he was literally reassigned to Arma 3 as well as Bohemia Interactive's sister company Bohemia Interactive Simulations. Expect an official statement (or not) in the coming days. On Twitter he's still listed as being employed with BIS. This is not the case. Torchia is now the Director over at http://www.planacollective.com Note from Moderator: Changed title to avoid confusion, see comment below.
  11. Weyland Yutani (DayZ)

    News regarding the 2019 roadmap

    Absolutely not. Whats the difference if it's Linkedin or Twitter? It's not true though, it's a fasle claim. Furthermore, it's not just a fucking game, man. I've invested over 333 days (over 8000 hours) of my life in game-play alone and a lot more in community building, server hosting, video editing, world editing, question answering, fund raising for server fee's, etc etc.
  12. Weyland Yutani (DayZ)

    News regarding the 2019 roadmap

    The OP claims this on his Linkedin... ◼ significantly improve the broken developer/customer communication They've literally shut coms down and this thread is a testament to that in his own literal words. Does anyone feel RaptorM60 has improved developer/customer communication?
  13. Weyland Yutani (DayZ)

    Nespesney just quit DayZ...

    I'm not blowing anything out of proportion. Everybody has left, down to the moderators. It's not the way you type, it's the content of your thoughts. You literally said I'm am paranoid, those are the words you chose to use and thats an insult. Right here below you call me immature. Dress it up however you want to make it look like you didn't say that but you did in fact say I'm being immature when I'm clearly not. Since mid 2012, I've followed everything about DayZ with a fine-toothed comb. I'm real life friends with Bohemia staff from before Arma 2, long before you were here. No I won't give you his name. Almost everything I post is carefully calculated. You're from the old England and I'm from the New England, literally. Nuance wise, we speak the same exact language and that's a fact. In fact, I have a language degree so I'm a bit of an expert in the field. Many mods left because DayZ is a long standing joke since pre-alpha. Devs would run to Musty crew when they ran into coding blocks and Musty would fix it. Prove me wrong. On leave? They've left! They're here 0%. Relatively recently y'all have added forum staff. Hello Games, jeesh. I'm gutted to see you say that. Sean Murray duped the public and got destroyed over it. I followed that IP for years and was the first person to post (when NMS hit Steam Store on Day 1 I noticed no MP and immediately started posting) on why No Man's Sky pulled MP on various platforms before the shit hit the fan. He even tried blaming Sony, made up lies about his Twitter getting hacked, drunk emails to media outlets, you name it. Hello games is a literal joke led by a scoundral who duped the public and stole the Superfomula for NMS from a company called Genicap. Associating them in any way, shape, or form with Bohemia/DayZ makes me very sad. You know whats really interesting? Martin Čulák literally claims to have significantly improve the broken developer/customer communication with DayZ and it's customers. Do you believe that?
  14. Weyland Yutani (DayZ)

    If you want an evenly balanced game, you must remove NV from it!

    NVG's are a bandaid for poor night play. I've removed them from my types.xml.
  15. Weyland Yutani (DayZ)

    Nespesney just quit DayZ...

    I'm immature, and now I'm paranoid? Wow, you got me completely figured out now! Sean Moss, Steak and Potatoes, Kich, DemonGroover, SmashT, BoneBoys, AmberHelios, Inception...where they at now?