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  1. Those are way older than the video. Date is November 8, 2016.
  2. Hi, Is it possible to get the post number on the top right of the posts back? Where the 'share post' icon is. I don't think people know what that icon means. Like if I give someone a link to a thread it would be cool to say check out this thread and go to post #18. Thanks!
  3. DayZ is currently $34.99. The only sales I've ever seen was 15% off. It's not worth it for them to sell units at a lower price atm. DayZ is very much worth $34.99. Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access? “The price of DayZ Early Access will increase slowly as development moves closer to 1.0 (Releasing from Early Access). With the final price of DayZ at 39.99 EUR / 49.99 USD SOURCE: http://store.steampowered.com/app/221100/
  4. Yes, Advanced Barricading and Underground Stashes. You'll never be truly safe though so it comes down to hiding your shit like a jewel thief would. My advice, it might be a good idea to read up on the game instead of asking in the forum. Forum goers are looking for a progressive experience and not to hold your hand to an easier tomorrow. Everything you need can be found here in this forum with the SEARCH function.
  5. They aren't the same...you're right. SA population is far less mature. Side Chat, RIP dear boy...
  6. Beans for poopy pants (y)
  7. Side-Chat was hated in the mod and used more for evil than good. I have a broken leg in Cherno need help... show up to help... ...sniped from the treeline. /the end Walkie Talkie is better imo.
  8. I can't move laterally and avoid the swipes lately. They only way I can prevent getting hit lately is if I time my spear or attack as an intercepting blow.
  9. Wouldn't it be cool if the infected got a hold of you and started biting? Maybe even knocking you down for a mount? The windmill arm attacks are a bit limiting imo. Grab and bite, with a counter attack of pushing them off or etc. Just a thought!
  10. From what I remember, there was a bunch of complaints and the infected AI got nerfed. My opinion, seems like it's feast or famine (polar opposites in strength) with the infected AI. Maybe the AI needs to be rewritten? One thing that needs to be rewritten/adjusted is if you get an infected on you and they get too close, it seems impossible to them to swing and miss. It's a swing and auto-hit. Once they get close, they're going to hit you 100% of the time (or so it seems) and draw blood 80% of the time. I want to draw them near and make them miss with skillful play. Also, they're ruining gear way too much (even the leather gear). Leather gear should be more resilient to infected swipes.
  11. Private Shard

    We've disabled the whitelist.txt on US-2 temporarily (certain hours only) to boost our population and let folks get a taste of the true DayZ Colony experience. Come on down and check us out! We were about 40/50 last night. Not where we want to be, but a good start nonetheless.
  12. AR's are all over the place. You got the military check points that are scattered across the map and NWAF + Tisy are always loaded. The problem is civilian weapons...those are rare and that's the exact opposite of how CLE should be working. You might hang out in the woods and shoot stuff, but you are the vast minority. Most players get the gear and head to combat area's or grief freshies on the coast/coastal towns. I'm thinking more about value and it not being enough to just find the gun. Find the gun, clean it up, maybe a bit of maintenance...nothing too crazy. Just looking to slow the PVP down and have a more rewarding experience. I understand what you're saying, but there is a tipping point of whats fun and accommodations have to be made for the sake of the gaming experience. Hicks has been quoted regarding Peter Nespesny wanting too much realism...too much realism doesn't make a fun gaming experience and I agree with that. If we had literal authenticity, DayZ would lack lustre. Characters would never need food because people die rather quickly, etc etc.
  13. I humbly disagree. I was on our DayZ Colony US-1 server last night and ran into two guys far removed from the coast. One had a bow and spear and the other was a no0b with a pistol. The new guy kept pointing his gun at me then turning away like he was trying to get me comfortable with him pointing a gun in my face so he could plug me when my defenses were down. I got 50 bucks that says he was going to plug me...I got that gut feeling. I told him to stop pointing the gun in my face because he's making me nervous. The guy with the bow said his friend is new and just testing out the gun (I guess he shot some random bullets). He told his friend to chill because they didn't have many bullets to waste. The guy with the bow felt bad his friend was pointing his gun at me and made me a spear. That experience made me think the lack of ammo does in fact shape how players act in-game. Their plan was to save the bullets for a threat, not waste it on some entertaining role-player that just made his way up from the coast. The idea is to delay the inevitable with several methods, not just one. Limit bullets and guns are just one way. Next is base building, missions, advanced community efforts, my idea for better melee that includes the breaking of hands on hard helmet surfaces, mods, etc. There is no one fix, but a combination of fixes that can alter the mind of an established bandit as well a new player with a shooter mentality.
  14. One of the biggest problems for DayZ SA is the way loot respawns and the road to power. Guns need to be finite (easier said than done...conceptually) and not respawn so much like they do now. The current road to power is this: get gear, lets go kill. What if getting gear took longer and had a value attached to it? Wouldn't that make the experience...more? Check this out... Weapons are finite and don't respawn (unless griefed like thrown in lakes or oceans or etc), but get rusty and ruined. But not ruined to the point they're unusable. Lets say you find a dead body with a gun on it and its pretty damaged, rusted, etc. Now it's off to find tools to fix the weapon and bring it back to its former glory. Weapon cleaning kit...sure. Or maybe piece the parts out as well that are in those kits (so the end result isn't just finding a kit)? Guns need to be finite and more rare than they currently are (as well as ammo which can be crafted). It'll slow down PVP because the road to power has been extended. Just a thought and by no means a finished idea...
  15. That's the problem: one shouldn't play only to get items. DayZ is about the journey not about the gear. The problem that SA has/had/etc is the road to power is short. Even when the road to power is long (like DayZ Mod), the end mentality is usually the same which is murder. Gearing up in SA doesn't take long and then the CSGO/COD mental midget mentality kicks in. The only real savior is modding. Customizable mission/quests mods, advanced and active communities, story driven map additions, truly advanced AI (what is SARGE doing these days?), etc. A big problem in DayZ is loot and the spawning of loot which leads to the exploitative mind. It's not exactly realistic. Loot should be finite. Loot should NOT despawn when thrown on the ground. Maybe after a few weeks in the rain when it gets rusty and ruined (imagine finding a gun all rusted and you bring it back to life with in-game mechanics? WHAT A REWARD!!!), but the current timer is blegh and arcadey. The result is people destroying camps for the lulz. Hey lets drop all this camps gear on the ground and boy will they get mad har har har. That sort of griefing makes players quit. I see it all the time. A can of beans should have MASSIVE value. Lets say the date of infection started with the date of the mod (I read Dean Hall saying that but can't find it)...every last can of food would be gone besides those secret long forgotten stashes. Most places would be looted, air fields should be covered with zombies and the reward is military loot. Military zones shouldn't be so empty. Same goes for big cities...make them impossible to ransack and have a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. But the current infected count which is 500 destroys the experience. Where has everyone gone? Chernarus population is down to 560 from how many tens of thousands? I'm not implying we needs tens of thousands, but something that resembles something in the realm of reality. DayZ started with way more than that on the old engine. We get a new engine and can only handle half the infected, wth is that? We NEED thousands upon thousands of infected. The problem is the current game design. There needs to be some serious reconfiguration for DayZ to really work. Loot should rarely respawn. If some trolls want to throw weapons in the ocean, lakes, debug, etc...then it should respawn. Weapons rust to ruined, respawn. Otherwise, let the journey begin. Hoarding is reality and if you were in this environment for real...you would spend time looting and saving the loot for survival. Players should have to find camps and loot stores for survival and in the meantime...use the game mechanics to survive off the land. Players will complain at first, but once they get a taste of the risk vs reward...they'll dig it. The real reason why players don't value their characters is because the player mentality (along with the current game configuration) is broken. It's either griefing or an over abundance of PvP that gives them their jollies. This is mostly because of DayZ being in Early Access. If we would have gotten a finished game from the beginning the player base mentality would be much different...like DayZ Mod was. It's a double edge sword because DayZ needed Early Access to blow up into an enigma and without it there would be no new engine, renderer, etc. Truth is, players don't know how to play DayZ and its up to advanced communities to give them new ways to look at the experience, but the experience itself needs modding so advanced communities like DayZ Colony (=P) can make their idea's a reality. We also need people like Frankie back making content. Most of the DayZ YouTubers getting hits are lame content of PvP at the airfields. Cookie cutter trash imho.