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  1. Street Lights

    I understand that. I was giving that link as an example so people know what I'm talking about. Thanks for the support though! Light can be turned on because the devs had one street light on per town in early DayZ SA so it's possible.
  2. Street Lights

    Looking for a script for Street Lights like this old one: https://opendayz.net/threads/dayz-street-lights.9112/
  3. Missing Items, and zombies in Experimental version server.

    I'm sure you'll get a better result if you post this in the Modding section. https://forums.dayz.com/forum/154-general-discussion/ Good luck.
  4. Do we always spawn in Stary?

    Hasn't happened to me and afaik know there has never been a Stary Spawn. The pre-alpha testers has the bridge south of Vybor that people still will get every now and again, but Stary...never. BI wouldn't for the simple fact that there was a vehicle and mil weapon spawn there. Are you operating a modded server?
  5. Where is my Blaze 95 at?

    But seriously, I would like an answer from a dev or etc. Sorry I'm not a YouTuber will a 100k subs.
  6. Persistence?

    Found my real account. Great idea on the BI web builder to confuse the shit out of everyone. You shouldn't be allowed to use your Arma forum account on the DayZ forum.
  7. Newsletter Registration for Server Owners

    When will this be starting, roughly?
  8. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Hello Baty, Any news on when server owners can switch to EXP? Nine days ago Eugen said: Thanks!
  9. [Modding] Code or UI?

    Thanks for the response! Yes, UI as a User Interface or Editor for modding. To elaborate, I think he was saying as well that the UI in ARK can be problematic and not as easy as code and it's a case of redoing things a bunch of times to get the desired result whereas if it was code he could get it done right much easier/faster/etc. I can ask him for more clarification. I think a combination of the two would be great to be honest. I remember modding my DayZ Mod server and for someone with zero coding experience I encountered several hurdles. I was able to overcome those hurdles, but I really put my nose to the grindstone and it felt like I was taking a University level class. I had to read 65 reply pages of SARGE AI on opendayz.net, take notes, and ask a bunch of questions to the developer (who was super cool) to get it running the way I wanted it to. I think most people would have turned back after a while. I do remember the CLE tool and liked it. But it does look limited to my brain which is someone ignorant to all area's of coding (meaning I don't have all the facts). I've been saying for years that if BI can figure out a way to put modding into the hands of people with zero modding knowledge, they would dominate the landscape. But I couldn't get my head around how they could do that with lets say turning on street lights in towns. Could that really be done with a UI? Also, is there any word on a 3D editor like there was in the mod? We really really need that. I spent an entire Summer of 2013 in the 3D editor.
  10. [Modding] Code or UI?

    I was talking to a coder from the mod and he was concerned if modding in SA will be done with code or will there be a UI like Ark? I guess this is a pretty big deal or no?
  11. Has hacking been fixed on DayZ standalone?

    I already did that and got a response saying they're having a problem shutting it down. Why can't a call be placed to Valve saying we need to block such and such an IP from the server list?
  12. Has hacking been fixed on DayZ standalone?

    Are you sure DayZ Standalone issues VAC and Game Bans? We've got the biggest ban list of any server (almost 8k now) and we talk to quite a bit of banned players in our ban appeal section (we don't allow any bans on our servers and have staff checking players on our servers daily) and never once have we heard someone say they got a VAC or Game Ban from DayZ. Not saying it isn't happening, just figured we would have gotten someone by now (3 years in SA and 1+ years in the mod running DayZ servers) with one. It's usually CSGO, PUBG, or some version of COD where they got their VAC or Game Ban from. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my questions. I really appreciate that!
  13. Has hacking been fixed on DayZ standalone?

    That was my mistake. I meant the 'server-client architecture'. I apologize for the error. “The last remaining chunk before we do the alpha is the server client architecture,” Hall explains. “What that does is move DayZ from using the Arma 2 engine to essentially just sending your keystrokes to the server. Your client does virtually nothing. That helps with client performance and it also virtually eliminates all serious hacking. The only hacking that can then occur is like aimbotting... we have Valve anti cheat for stuff like that.” -Dean Hall SOURCE: https://www.pcgamesn.com/audience-dean-hall-dayz-fuck-you-everyone-who-said-modding-wasnt-important I still have a few questions if you don't mind? 1. Why didin't the server client architecture work like it was intended to with hackers? There was hacking very early on and still the hacks are floating around. Public hacks are indeed quelled, but private hacks are out and about. 2. Valve has a visible indicator of someone that's gotten hacked which is present on their Steam profile, DayZ doesn't. Server administrators and server owners have no idea who has a BattlEye ban and who doesn't in DayZ Standalone. PUBG for instance, BattlEye bans appear as Game Bans on their steam accounts, fully visible like VAC bans are. Why is BI not visualizing hackers on Steam? 3. Why are hacked servers allowed to run openly on Steam still to this day as I type these letters? Not only are the hacked servers up and running through Steam, but they're also monetized visibly on their website. Just seems weird to me. Thank you for your time...
  14. Both are related to character positioning in an area. Can somebody explain to me the differences?
  15. Has hacking been fixed on DayZ standalone?

    Good question. I thought the network bubble was supposed to prevent hacking or am I mistaken? I do remember Dean said they had something to prevent hacking and that was before Enfusion was even a thing when they were on the old Take on Helicopters engine.