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  1. I'm talking about a visual noise which is pixle related. When standing still the world is fine, as soon as you move the camera or run its like a million pixles swimming around. Practically unplayable. I've got a 980ti and an i7 5820, plenty of ram, good monitor. Messed with all the settings. Battlefield 3 did something similar and it sucked. The tree's do it too when at a certain distance.
  2. Do the devs plan on turning down the noise (pixle) on the grass? Very annoying tbh.
  3. Using OBS studio as well as Dxtory and getting black screen on recordings. I'm not streaming. Any idea's, thoughts, etc? Thanks!
  4. You're not wrong. I got a lot of time in the mod and Karma was in it as of August 2012.
  5. Thank you so much! This tool is really helping with ban appeals. Please don't turn your site off!
  6. Actually, that's not entirely true. Our servers have the crosshair off but there is a cross hair in 3PP during combat. My vote is to remove it completely. People in 3PP have a massive advantage when shooting from 3PP. I play in 3PP but combat in 1PP because it feels natural. The advantage is this: Players in 3PP during combat and move quicker side to side. 1PP you move slower. An experience that DayZ offers should have no crosshair and force players to go into 1PP during combat. I believe this would have an massive impact on PVP. I see videos of players in 3PP with an SVD during combat shooting side to side abusing the intention for the weapon. The SVD isn't a CQB affair. There needs to be a balance. Jmo...
  7. Handcuff yes, poison...no.
  8. The goo.gl is a url shortner tool so instead of getting a large url that's long and hard to remember, we've set it up to something shorter for your convenience. It should bring you to Discord. Hop onto Discord and head over to the Text Channel called #us-3_tipline. Might be a good idea to stay in there so you have access to admins on a moments notice. I wish we had a bot! Our admin/moderators are streaming logs on a 2nd screen so we get live updates.
  9. 1. Change Logs 2. Better Status Reports 3. More Transparency from Developers
  10. This poll is about Chernogorsk, not Chernarus.
  11. Private Shard

    Let's work together on this. I'll message y'all on Discord for more details and we'll get some guys over to these area's. Keep an eye on your DM.
  12. Which Chernogorsk do you prefer, the old Chernogorsk or the new Chernogorsk? Feel free to leave details as to why you chose one or the other. Thanks!
  13. Hello, Old mod player here. Trying to remember a mod I used to play...can't find it on searches. You had to go to the power grid in Cherno and Elektro and do some repair animation to them. Then it was off to Green Mountain tower to do something there and then there was some message or morse code audio thing. Anyone remember this mod? Best, -Weyland
  14. Those are way older than the video. Date is November 8, 2016.
  15. Hi, Is it possible to get the post number on the top right of the posts back? Where the 'share post' icon is. I don't think people know what that icon means. Like if I give someone a link to a thread it would be cool to say check out this thread and go to post #18. Thanks!