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  1. Incompetence at Bohemia Interactive's Infringement Dept.

    This is one of the complaints from a person who never had an experience on the server or with me nor staff!!! How does that indicate a valid complaint that we were abusing approved monetization?
  2. Incompetence at Bohemia Interactive's Infringement Dept.

    Hello, I have proof that we've been in contact with Karel Novak as well as Vojtech Dvorak on multiple occasions from the 30th of June and on. All of my correspondences have been in reply to their correspondence. How can we accept donations if your office shut down our monetization completely? June 27th Please read this one very carefully, Vojtech said that complaints from the community is proof enough that you (me) do abuse the system. There is no due process there. We have been in good standing and deserve a chance for our side to be heard especially considering the amount of records we keep for situations like this! 18th 20th 24th 25th As seen in the below picture, this is what started the entire fiasco. The woman involved's husband lied about the incident. LIKE I SAID, we've NEVER abused the monetization that we were approved for...ever. We keep extensive records of all ban review fee's. I would like our general monetization reinstated as well as our ban review fee reinstated. I would also like a public apology broadcast across all three of DayZ Colony servers saying you office was in error, because it was in error. And why would the department disable BattlEye anyway? Also, why is our US-1 and US-2 being hurt over a fiasco that only concerned US-3? Wife admitting to breaking our rules on US-3
  3. Incompetence at Bohemia Interactive's Infringement Dept.

    Yes, that was very mature of you. We were authorized and the complaints were/are unfounded. You're one of these guys that thinks that if something is on the internet/reddit its true. This is 2017 dude, witch trials ended a long time ago. You played a part in where we're at so for that, I'm not talking to you. Is this because you got denied for whitelisting because you tried blatantly breaking our whitelisting rules by giving us a fake FB account? Actually never mind, I'm putting you on ignore. I'm just getting started. Wait until you see what's coming next.
  4. Incompetence at Bohemia Interactive's Infringement Dept.

    I'm out of cards obviously. Bohemia is acting out of line.. That guy you sent our way was a jerk that went apeshit on our Facebook Timeline. I think he got killed at NWAF and lost his mind because he thought he was going to get RP at an AF. High risk = high reward. He started making wild accusations about the Marshals Service which was explained to my satisfaction. Ever think there is more than your friends side of the story to consider? You're the exact type of mentality thats creating this problem. We've got 6,000 bans...you don't know what it's like to sit in my seat and deal with people at this volume. Am I banned from the Official Forums? "Two days later he messages me about how your admin was blasting him on FB using obscenities, because he left the group after deciding the server was not what he was expecting--finding more KOS than he was looking for." Total bullshit about the Facebook thing. I got his chat pulled up. You also sent me some little kid with a Vac Ban too. When I checked his Steam friends list I saw your name on there.
  5. Incompetence at Bohemia Interactive's Infringement Dept.

    I'm not talking to you anymore. I read what you said about me on Reddit. Not cool dude.
  6. Incompetence at Bohemia Interactive's Infringement Dept.

    Hey Max, thats for stopping by and giving us some great feedback. Rest assured that whoever killed you got banned. We'll be sticking around, it's just going to be more challenging staying afloat. I'm glad you've had such a great experience with our Marshals Service. They're really the best role-players I've ever met. Thanks!
  7. Incompetence at Bohemia Interactive's Infringement Dept.

    Hello, Like I said before...full transparency! Our Ban Appeal Review Fee was approved with zero problem or stipulation. Thanks for stopping by!
  8. Incompetence at Bohemia Interactive's Infringement Dept.

    Sort of, but not entirely. My PvE vision is No-Kill, NOT No-Kos. Believe it or not, you can kill a player with a single punch, melee hit, bullet or etc. All of which are bannable offenses. If you punch someone, banned. Hit them with a crowbar, banned. Shoot someone, banned...etc. We have a Tipline and a Marshals Service for players to report crimes/incidents/etc and if you want to get whitelisted you'll have instant access to admins on Facebook. When we're home and in front of the computer, bans get dealt out in less than 3 minutes sometimes. Players swear we're running bots but we're not. My moderator 'Polar' has two screens and streams logs off Fragnet so when in incident happens he's on it instantly. Nobody and I mean nobody has a faster response time in DayZ history. Yet here we are, fighting to stay afloat over a bunch of cry-babies that can't handle rejection. We were the first project (because it was my idea) to ask for ban review fee's. Bohemia Interactive had ZERO PROBLEM giving me that green light. They never said it was on the border of anything.
  9. Incompetence at Bohemia Interactive's Infringement Dept.

    Great questions. Thank you for responding and asking for clarification! No, the complaints were that we were abusing our monetized ban review fee. Our US-3 'no-kill' server is a one of a kind. We started the entire concept of 'no-kill' to give the player base the truest form of PvE. If you punch, shoot, melee, or harm a player you will be banned because someone can die from a single blow. There are scheduled server messages that go off every 3 minutes that indicate the rules, our Steam group has those rules, forum, and website I believe. Sure there are accidents and we have internal provisions set up for such cases and we have removed a few bans if given the required proof. Unfortunately, players tend to try and exploit the incident of "accident." The dog ate my homework if you know what I mean? This is why we require satisfactory proof. To qualify for a ban review fee there are very strict requirements and probably something obscene like ~5% of bans get considered. All of this takes a great deal of work. We have to sift through the Ban Appeal section of Discord and trust me when I say "sift" lol. Find the log in our GSP, run the Steam64ID of those involved. Get them in chat, get them talking, look for deception, look for proof, etc etc. Each Ban Appeal takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes, that's a lot of work! Time cost money, man power costs money, servers cost money. Ban fee's can be less than a cup of coffee after the due diligence we pay...up front. Our server costs exceed $1,2000 US dollars quarterly (every 3 months). Every single red cent we get in donations go to paying for our Lambo's server costs. Nobody on staff gets paid because we're not turning a profit. We're barely staying afloat. Mind you, every donation we take in, I have to pay taxes on it...it costs ME money! Did I answer your question? =)
  10. Incompetence at Bohemia Interactive's Infringement Dept.

    Of course I understand why they're doing it and I read the thread on reddit as it was put up. I was very proactive about it as stated. The "complaints" were unfounded and are lacking proof. We never abused Monetization ever and can prove that as I said ^. I am being persecuted for abuse, they've literally said I'm guilty. Those two topics weren't the first topics on DZC. If you think thats the first, you're late to the soirée my friend =) Our ban list is bigger than the top 10 combined and thats a fact. When we were at 2,000 a rep from some co-op the top 10 had asked me if I wanted to share my ban list and be part of the co-op. They boasted how they had over 200 bans. I did 200 bans that MONTH catching dupers back in the .4's. I reported the first hacked server project with their scripts and software and made a lot of enemies along the way. I know what is effecting my population. I started my first DayZ server in September 2012 so I've got quite a bit experience. I would love any of the GSP's I use to contact me because I have an awesome working relationship with staff on both ends. If they contacted them this issue would have been resolved weeks ago. What you read is this... If you get enough people to complain you can shut down any server you don't like. That IS modus operandi of Bohemia Interactive. You want active admins that give a shit? Tough, you ain't getting it because they're hated by the community and when the community says something is true, its true no matter how false it is.
  11. I can't believe I'm reduced to posting in the forums, but here it goes! Before anyone asks, prior to posting here I messaged Baty (did what she could which was little but thank you all the same!), Brian Hicks (too busy saving seals and whales), Ivan Buchta (unresponsive), Orlok (tried to help but went unresponsive), Karel Novak (ugh), Vojtech Dvorak (ugh), Hwk @ DayZtv (unresponsive), Kichilron (responded but couldn't help), Marek Spanel (unresponsive), BattlEye (unresponsive), and Jan Hovora (very helpful). Bohemia Interactive authorized my project to implement a ban review fee. We only used this on our PvE No-Kill server and for only the mildest of offenders. There are several requirements to qualify. We keep extensive records in-case there was any question or concerns. Recently, we banned a woman who blatantly and admittedly broke the rules, she was offered our monetized fee. Her husband went apeshit and made up lies (saying it was an accident) about what she did even though we have her ban appeal (she said she did it on purpose and was being "playful" and that she thought we were running false incentives to get traffic) in our Discord telling the complete opposite story. Husband goes to reddit and continues to lie about what happened. Camcantrun (low level content creator) got on board because we banned him for blatantly breaking the rules and it should be known he went nuts because he was banned. He even made a little lame-o video and tried smearing our good name with slanderous accusations. Anyway, he put up the infringement department email in the reddit debacle and I guess a bunch of folks sent emails in. Our ban list is 6,000+ so we've got a lot of haters that will go to the ends of the Earth to hurt what we do. All we're doing is being active admins and giving players exactly what they want...a cheater-free, exploit-free, hacker-free place to play. It should be noted that since we started our monetized ban review fee we've made maybe 20 bucks and everything that gets donated goes to server costs which exceed $1,200 usd quarterly. So far we've spent approaching $20,000 usd which I'll have to pay taxes on out of my own pocket. The ban review fee served two purposes. A deterrent for rule breakers A way to fund our project Anyway, being proactive I emailed the Monetization Department. I have nothing to hide and am completely transparent. Unfortunately, they found us guilty with zero due process and zero proof. They said because DayZ is a community driven game that the community has spoken and we're guilty. Mind you, there is ZERO proof. All of the proof is in my possession because of the level of records we keep for situations just like this. We have 6000+ bans with 2,800 bans having 6 fields of data each so thats 16,674 entires not counting the entries for the remaining 3,200 which is almost 20,000 entries of ban data!!! Thats what it takes to keep three servers clean. We also have tons of logs online as well as offline for consumption as well as a ban list.txt that shows all of the bans (many with acronymed details). We offered our databases and every bit of data to prove our case but the Monetization Department (Karel Novak and Vojtech Dvorak) won't hear it because they said there was an overwhelming amount of complaints. That is impossible because we haven't done many monetized ban review fee offers. Less than 50 is my guess and thats probably being generous. They gave us an ultimatum to remove our ban appeal fee donation buttons which we were unable to do because we're in the process of debugging new features on our website. I made them aware of the following... Problems with newly coded features and our .htaccess file was preventing me from getting into Wordpress and my coders Aunt who served as his mother recently died at 59 in her sleep...with zero warning. My coder has some disabilities and went from not working for 10+ years to working 3 jobs just to make ends meet. I told the Monetization Department there would be delays in removing the buttons, but in the mean time I've taken action in our only area for Ban Appeals which happens on our Discord. We use Discord because messages remain with time stamps and serve as a living breathing record. We put up daily messages that Ban Appeals were disabled. Someone donated for a ban appeal unsolicited (which is super rare) and was refunded. We had detailed conversations with the donor in Discord so there is a record of the incident. Recently I've sent 17+ screenshots of varying degree's proving everything to Karel Novak, Vojtech Dvorak, as well as Marek Spanel (he got more screens of emails...maybe 25+?). The Monetization Department never responded to my email so I naturally took this as leniency. On the 18th they said because I wasn't compliant that they were removing my monetization completely (with no warning) and that I needed to get ALL donation buttons off our site and in the meantime they removed my BattlEye protection (really?) until that time. They're also putting BattlEye messages on all 3 of our servers saying we're infringing and that the admin (me) needs to contact the office (lol) in a very malicious tone. We're in compliance, and we've been in compliance, and I am in and have been in contact with the office!!! I've sent everything to the proper channels and they're just rolling us over the coals for unknown reasons. I luckily got hold of my coder on the 19th (because I didn't check my email on the 18th so I did it as soon as I read it) and he got me into Wordpress. I removed everything. Basically, the Monetization Department is saying we can't accept donations AT ALL to fund our servers because of false accusations. We are a donation driven project. Without donations, we can't pay our bills. BattlEye is still down and not a single soul has responded to any of my emails. I have sponsorships and affiliations that could be effected by these slanderous accusations and not only that, why would you make your ever dwindling player-base pay the price over a dispute with a server admin by turning off BattlEye protection? Hackers could do as they wish and the people that pay is the player base which is approaching all time low numbers yet again. I find it alarming that if you get enough complaints with ZERO PROOF that Bohemia Interactive will take action against a project thats respected to the point that people swear we're using bots because we're so active with keeping the servers clean. There is a thing called DUE PROCESS that was invented to protect entities from libel and slander. Bohemia Interactive is acting very unprofessional, juvenile, as well as criminal...literally what they're doing is illegal. They know that anyone NOT in Czech will have to fork over 5k-10k to get started with a legal representation that deals with internet law as well as international law. That's awesome! Also, why is my US-1 and US-2 getting BattlEye messages about infringement? Those servers never had a monetized ban review fee, that was strictly US-3. I find it sophomoric that those servers should be effected when they're not part of the issue at hand. Here we are 7 days later after doing EVERYTHING the Monetization Department told us to do (despite how bitter the pill has been to swallow) and we're still being dragged through the mud by entitled little kids. I really don't understand how Bohemia Interactive expects a community to survive operating like this. I have proof we've never abused Monetization. I am transparent, beyond concerned, and willing to put all of our ban data (which is MASSIVE) into the proper hands. We deserve to be compensated for being unlawfully attacked. We deserve an apology broadcasted on all three of our servers. We deserve to be reinstated. Bohemia Interactive needs to be clear and concise with Monetization Requirements. The entire documentation is ambiguous and lacking. If you're wondering why the game is taking so long to get made, maybe the ^ wall of text on how they operate should shed some light on their internal processes. I know there are people who will defend them no matter how many bowls of steaming Alpo they put in front of you, but come on...this is ridiculous.
  12. Exp Update 0.62.139808

    I'm talking about a visual noise which is pixle related. When standing still the world is fine, as soon as you move the camera or run its like a million pixles swimming around. Practically unplayable. I've got a 980ti and an i7 5820, plenty of ram, good monitor. Messed with all the settings. Battlefield 3 did something similar and it sucked. The tree's do it too when at a certain distance.
  13. Exp Update 0.62.139808

    Do the devs plan on turning down the noise (pixle) on the grass? Very annoying tbh.
  14. [0.62 EXP] Black Screen During Recording

    Using OBS studio as well as Dxtory and getting black screen on recordings. I'm not streaming. Any idea's, thoughts, etc? Thanks!
  15. Why it is harder and harder to have interactions ?

    You're not wrong. I got a lot of time in the mod and Karma was in it as of August 2012.