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  1. BI is Making it Harder to be an Admin...Why?

    They charge per server? So without a discount, 4 servers costs 40/month?
  2. BI is Making it Harder to be an Admin...Why?

    You pay for $10/month for premium?
  3. My first and last post

    DayZ has sold less that 500k units on Xbox broham. 4M is a PC figure. The 500k number being pushed by devs is a loaded number. 500k people is a combination of players that downloaded the initial free EA release, as well as those bought it, additionally with those who played another free period most recently. If I was to guess, they probably sold ~250k units on XBL.
  4. Is this the extent of Basebuilding?

    Just curious if they plan on adding more basebuilding options.
  5. DayZ Launcher is Inefficient

    I forgot about that. Thank you both for the reminder.
  6. BI is Making it Harder to be an Admin...Why?

    There are those silder driven profiles in the main window for setting different character profiles presumably for different servers. I thought that would set your name in-game, but I guess its either a case of just character management, it doesn't work like it's suppossed to, or another GDPR provision. Considering how far they're going with GDPR it could be related to that.
  7. BI is Making it Harder to be an Admin...Why?

    philippj, thank you for taking the time to post that link here. I appreciate the support. We use a GSP...Fragnet in this case. I spoke with Fragnet staff about automated backups and they installed (reinstalled actually) a tool that does them. Problem is, it's only 1 and anything more than 3 is putting a load on the server or so they say. Also, the system works like this: hit back up button and the server stops (if you decide to go past the prompt) to take a backup. Considering wipes happen when you shut down or restart (I don't care who says what...thats what happens and it happens everyday) the possibility of getting corrupt data is too great for the system to work properly. What I do in the ACP is zip the storage folder and download said zip so I don't touch anything. Haven't had a bad experience yet.
  8. BI is Making it Harder to be an Admin...Why?

    If you're an active administrator on a DayZ server you'll know they scrapped GUID's and Steam64id's for a new ID. The problem is if players don't set their in-game name through a launch parameter -name=yournamehere (which is a really silly hoop to jump through) then every player will show up as a denomination of survivor. For example: survivor, survivor (1), survivor (2), survivor (3). When survivor (3) leaves the server and someone new joins, that new person is now survivor (3) and the ball keeps rolling. If there is an incident and someone needs to get banned or handled in anyway adminstratively, you get an unreadable id that looks like this: fr4TQ4iWoAnTe261R9/GUpo2Wkkj8wE0PHy/i5pQib0= If that person logs out before an admin gets to the issue is at hand, they get away. Only way to find them without RCON is to stream logs and HOPE you're watching your screen when they logon. That's NUTS!!! The ONLY way to find out who that is by running a 3rd party RCON application like Dart or EPM. RCON tools show IP's and GUID's. You can take a GUID and convert it to a Steam64id if necessary. If there is an incident on your server, you have to cross-reference the time of the incident in the logs with the timestamp on the RCON tool. We have two servers via GSP and each one is running a different OS version for some reason. One of which is giving us an 8 minute delay from real time to logs so we have to add that into the equation...an additional hoop. I spoke with Eugen about this and he said it's GDPR related. I had to Google what that was. GDPR doesn't make sense becuase you're STILL giving out an identifier that anyone can use to get General Data. BI would have to ban ALL RCON tools to effectively not get sued over GDPR. Without BI's ID, I can't cross-reference it with RCON tools to get that information. I help run a No-Kill PVE server and I need logs with usable data that I don't need to jump through several hoops and add a mathmatical equation to and hope I get a result to do my job effectively. As it is my team is taking 2 sets of backups every 4 hours because of wipes, BEC is crashing so I have to restart that several x/day. I got to restart the server MYSELF every 4 hours and take an additional backup('s) just so players can see the world their playing in (nights), and deal with endless complaints of collateral damage in restoring backups due to basewipes. A lot of players look at me and direct their complaint at me like it's my fault. This is very frustrating. We need help and the current system is NOT helping. At least scrap the survivor (3) thing so we can see an in-game name or give us some conversion tool for the new ID. Something, anything. Thank you for your time.
  9. Why is it ALWAYS NIGHT???

    BEC is bugged and crashes so servers aren't restarting like they should be and the result is a 12 hour night which sucks but nobody listens to me and I get banned for having valid complaints. Don't swear too much or you'll get the hammer too.
  10. Why did BI Remove Faces from the Billboards?

    I recently noticed that the billboards have been purposfully besmirched. Anything with a face on it seems to have been destroyed to the point you can't really recognize which one is which. I did a video on the billboards on who was on them (devs mostly) and the translations. Is there some sort of legal reasoning behind this like worry of being sued? I liked those billboards...they're cool I mean, why even have them up if they're 80% gone?
  11. DayZ Launcher is Inefficient

    Just so people reading this know, I run a few servers in SA and had a server in DayZ mod back in 2012-2013. When 2013 started I installed rMod for my server which was a mod that unlocked everything in Arma 2. This was a client-side modification that players needed to download and install manually in order to play the server. Most of the board here is presumably well versed with mod installation so you're going to have to take OFF your thinking cap for this to make sense... Getting players to download a .rar or .zip file and decompress it for rMod, then take the contents (folder with .pbo's) and put it in the appropriate folder (Steam>Steam Apps>Common>DayZ) was a living hell. There might have been a launch parameter too, can't remember. Trust me, the vast majority found it extremely difficult to accomplish without several levels of help. FFW to DayZ SA... I saw the Winter Chernarus mod by Crazy Mike (thanks Mike!) and I just had to have it installed for the community. Not only did I announce to my community through the proper channels and platforms that we were using a mod (1 mod), but I also indicated they needed to download a mod in the server description (in caps) to make the transmission even easier. The result was population dropped by two 3rd's. The vast majority posted they couldn't join and had received kick messages they were missing x,y,z. When in the server personally I saw people trying to join but getting kicked for missing textures/pbo that were required from the mod. Instructing players to the proper pathway for installation (DayZ>Workshop>Find Mod(Winter)>Subscribe) and enabling the mod through the launcher (DayZ>DayZ Launcher>Mods(left-sidebar)>tick box for Winter>Play) is simply too many hoops for the average player to do...especially organically (w/o external help). Not only that but you have to start the game in some cases for the download to start which can cause a lot of confusion believe it or not...maybe not you, but others do find it very confusing. I remember Dean saying at one point he wanted the launching of mods in SA to work like Space Engineer's did. When you click on a server to join, Steam automatically downloads and applies the mods in the background. Find>Click>Play...thats the algorithm for success. As it is currently we have...Click>Find>Click>Find>Click...then...Click>Click>Find>Click>Click>Click. We removed the mod and back to vanilla. There are a few more mods I want to get in there, but I'm apprehensive due to additional hoops for people to jump through. Is the launcher going to be updated or is this finalized? Getting on to a modded server should be hassle-free and I believe the current system doesn't execute efficiently like Dean wanted it to. The system should work like: Find Server Click to Join Server Game Downloads & Applies Mods On It's Own Play a Modded DayZ EDIT: I find it not only very atypical, but also annoying that I have to wait 60 seconds to make an edit to my post after posting. I often make typo's due to my typing style.
  12. Server Browser is Broken

    I'm no longer using the feedback tracker. It's broke 80% of the time I go over there and I can't take it anymore. I'm posting all bugs here. I put IP in, apply, crickets. I did this with 2 server IP's. Typed a word thats in my server name, crickets for almost 120 seconds, server finally shows up. Favorites don't work. Scroll through the pages to find it by name doesn't work.
  13. We've Only Got 2*+ Years of Dev Support Left

    I've removed the word s**tshow from my original post. Orlok, you could have at least let me edit before locking. Now there is no reason to lock this post. Yes, source material is from 2015, but that doesn't mean things are moving in a better direction. QUESTION: The final release is coming 1.0 at some point. Do you see yourself adopting more of the Minecraft model of 1.0 happens and then we just keep going on? Or do you see it more as we hit 1.0, the game is done, we’re going to continue to support it with patches and bug fixes, but do you see the content continuing to trickle out after that? Brian Hicks: What the company does is not specifically up to me, but I and I believe Mark, the CEO, both agree on this, is the development continues on DayZ long past 1.0. I’m not talking just bug fixes. We’ll flesh out more types of vehicles, we’ll implement things that we might not have been able to get to in the early access development. We will continue, but hear me, we’ll continue developing DayZ past 1.0. How far past 1.0? I don’t know, but I know when I’ve spoken to Mark, he was passionate about at least two to five years. Source: http://www.dayztv.com/post/dayz-interview-brian-hicks-engine-mods-hordes-beta/ Mark is Marek Spanel (CEO) and the source material ^ is from 2015. In earlier portions of the same article ^, Hicks also says: I don’t think we’re looking at any severe delays. I think, all in all, when you look at the scope of the project, we were looking at originally a 2.5 to 3-year development cycle. I think if we don’t hit that 3-year, we’re going to be damn close, I honestly believe so. With all of that said, Hicks said Marek Spanel (CEO) is interested in developing 2-5 years past 1.0 when they believed 1.0 was going to happen by the end of 2015. A very valid argument can be made that we've got 2 years left. Devs (Eugen) currently say (Status Report) that DayZ has another year of development left which reduces that figure to one year. Will they go over the 1 year mark of final development? Probably. Predicting the future has never been BI's strong suit so if we look at the bottom of the bottle here: We'll be lucky if we get what was promised on the roadmap(s). I wouldn't expect anything extra. In 2015, I bet sales were much better than they are now which opens another can of worms: is it profitable for BI to development another 2 or 5 years after 1.0 at these buy rates? I know for a fact sales are stale. I've been tracking units sold since the beginning through 3rd party sites (which are no longer available). If I'm not mistaken it took BI ~2 years (March 2017 - December 2018) to sell ~500k PC units (possibly counting console by varying percentages). A company simply can't afford to support an IP when the money dries up. Devs said that since EA on XBL there has been 500k units accessed (using my own word here, can't find source) meaning 500k people is the number of people that have played DayZ for that free week as well as those who bought a copy combined. How many played during the free week that are being pooled into this number that didn't purchase a unit(?)...no idea. But I think we can all agree that it's a significant amount otherwise they wouldn't even mention it. Maybe how DayZ got to 4M units sold is due to console and console alone. Nobody knows because sales tracking has been down for several months and two possibly important articles are currently offline (looking for source on the 500k bit). https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-20-november-2018 https://dayz.com/blog/xbox-development-briefing-30-11-2018 https://dayz.com/blog/xbox-development-briefing-november-16-2018 TL;DR There is a strong air of uncertainty that DayZ will reach the end of the roadmap(s) that's been discussed. We'll possibly be feature complete, possibly not. Sales are down and 1.0 is far less than what we expected (still really buggy), how long will Marek support 88 devs at a cost of 3,500,00 - 5,000,000 (guessstimate based on 50kx88 equalling 4.4M which is how I got to 3.5M - 5M as some are presumably making more or less than 50k/year) annually just for salary (I didn't include other costs which I'm sure are really significant).
  14. Guess when helicopters will be in

    I think thats very early. I think August of 2019 the earliest.
  15. [404] 3 DayZ Links Are Down

    All of these linked articles are 404 atm. https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-20-november-2018 https://dayz.com/blog/xbox-development-briefing-30-11-2018 https://dayz.com/blog/xbox-development-briefing-november-16-2018