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  1. slap...? lol This?
  2. Nice work dude, beans!
  3. It's true it can be annoying at times, but as someone who likes to help others I find moderating forums fun most of the time. I've been moderating forums for the past 2 - 3 years. It's true though, you don't get a single "thank you", unless you directly help someone. Being a moderator isn't tedious or hard, however, being Lead Moderator and picking who to trust for a position of power is the most difficult thing. I agree with you though that we'll need some more mods here at some point. I volunteer =P
  4. Haha, best thing I've seen today.
  5. Haha, gave me a good laugh! Beans for you my good sir!
  6. Cool stuff =D
  7. Indeed, only started a week ago.
  8. Alright guys, it's working! Thanks everyone!
  9. A friend told me to do it and I just left it like that =D I'll try to redo it with the info you provided in mind =) Replacing str(int(Money)) with int(Money) gives an error =/ Thanks guys, I'll let ya know if it works =D
  10. Hello, I only recently got into coding in Python and I've got a problem I can't solve so I hope someone might be able to help me here. =D I want my simple piece of code to say that if you have over 8000 it responds with that you can pay the rent. If you have under 8000 I want it to respond with that you can't pay the rent. I've pretty much got it working after a few issues being fixed, but if the input is 30 it says I can't pay the rent for some reason... Anyways here is the code, and thanks for any feedback or help =D (And yes I know like 5 and 7 are not needed, but they fixed some problems when I put 10000 as the input it said I can't afford to pay the rent for some reason =P) def Money(): Money = input("How much money do you have?") str(int(Money)) if Money > "8000": print("You can pay the rent!") elif Money > "10000": print("You can pay the rent!") elif Money == "10000": print("You can pay the rent!") elif Money == "8000": print("You can pay the rent!") elif Money < "8000": print("You can't afford to pay the rent!") else: print("Error") Money() def exit1(): #Exits program after question has been answered exit1() exit()
  11. Good stuff =D
  12. As stated above this is not a good idea, this is what I think of when I hear this:
  13. Yo, where the mods at? Are they dead?

    1. franzuu


      Hey man, heard dayz is about to get good! Might play soon if I get money for a new gpu.


      Yo, where the mods at? Are they dead?

      Don't know what you are talking about, sorry.


    2. franzuu


      ooops :p haven't used the site in a long time. Saw notification and had no clue what was going on, nvm,


      Take care!


    3. DMentMan


      Yo! I might play as well! It will be like the good old times.

  14. 653 Hours spent on the standalone.