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  1. DayZ Stable Update 1.0

    Ah it's a good day! Great job!
  2. Yup since 2014. There were no animations at the time for picking apples and we just spammed F and got a million apples haha =D
  3. My apples brings all the boys to the yard!
  4. Girl Vs Girl Event , Sisters of Cherno

    15 girls, one cup
  5. Status Report 24 October 2017

    Great stuff!
  6. Shoot , Kick and Slap out of the Car

    slap...? lol This?
  7. DayZ - "Afterwards" - A Short Cinematic.

    Nice work dude, beans!
  8. OrLoK requests backup!

    It's true it can be annoying at times, but as someone who likes to help others I find moderating forums fun most of the time. I've been moderating forums for the past 2 - 3 years. It's true though, you don't get a single "thank you", unless you directly help someone. Being a moderator isn't tedious or hard, however, being Lead Moderator and picking who to trust for a position of power is the most difficult thing. I agree with you though that we'll need some more mods here at some point. I volunteer =P
  9. .63 ETA ?

    Haha, best thing I've seen today.
  10. OrLoK requests backup!

    Haha, gave me a good laugh! Beans for you my good sir!
  11. Python Coding - Help Me Please

    Indeed, only started a week ago.
  12. Python Coding - Help Me Please

    Alright guys, it's working! Thanks everyone!
  13. Python Coding - Help Me Please

    A friend told me to do it and I just left it like that =D I'll try to redo it with the info you provided in mind =) Replacing str(int(Money)) with int(Money) gives an error =/ Thanks guys, I'll let ya know if it works =D