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  1. Stress Test vol.35

    I have not found a Suppressor NATO, if it's even still called that.. ? Only suppressors I have found atm is the Pistol Suppressor, and of course, the crafted Improvised Suppressor. I am liking the progress being made with the 0.63 stress test build. Client-side performance has been amazing, and server-side perf seems to be getting better (?). Though I never stopped playing DayZ, I can definitely say I am playing a lot more lately..
  2. Stress Test vol.34

    Just drag the fuel (firewood, sticks, etc) onto the already inplace fuel on the fireplace. I've made the basic fireplace a number of times now using the bandages + firewood, and the bandages + sticks, and both will let you add more fuel more fuel (firewood or sticks). just drag it over the fireplace inventory area until you see the icon for the fuel turn the Amber color..
  3. Stress Test vol.33

    My understanding is that there is a separate team working on the Xbox version..
  4. Stress Test vol.32

    is anyone having an issue with not having ANY keyboard controls while ingame (server)? Keyboard seems to work at the menu, I can type into the search filter, etc.. But once I join a server, Experimental also, I have no KB controls. Mouse works fine.. I can look around, punch, etc. I've tried to reset the presets in the menu, changing presets, no luck. I've also deleted the config files.. ? Update: Fixed, well, a workaround I had to do was to disable Discord's in-game overlay. No issues with it disabled.
  5. Stress Test vol.19

    Welp.. It's official. I cannot go back to 0.62 anymore. I just can't. Thanks DayZ devs. :P
  6. Stress Test vol.17

    And then when the general public plays the current experimental build, and/or the Stress Test, they get pissed off at its current state.. then rant, and rant, and RANT some more about how it's so "unplayable" and "broken", etc. lol.. Most of the general public is pretty much blind when it comes to what is going on behind the scenes, in terms of DayZ development. While they want the game now, and expect to have it now, and when they get it now, they complain at the current state it's in. Oh well.. Soon enough we'll have it. And like I said previously, I am just going to remain patient until that day comes.
  7. Stress Test vol.17

    This would be nice, but I kind of understand (maybe?) why they have not made the 0.63 Stress Test available 24/7, or at least keeping the servers up for an extended period.. i.e., the weekends or what have you. I'm sure there are a handful of reasons why this has not happened, and most likely will not happen until we see 0.63 released to the Experimental Branch. While I have enjoyed the @#$% out of the Offline Mode for 0.63 Stress Test and SOOO happy the devs made this privilege available to us. Yes, the privilege to be able to check out and test 0.63 in an Offline mode. The devs did not have to do this, but i guess found it necessary due the 'leaked' or unofficial mod for 0.63 Offline mode that became available. So the devs released the official 0.63 offline mode to play, as it was intended to be played (no teleporting, loot spawning, etc). Many of us, including myself, do not have the opportunity to test the 0.63 Stress Test during the small window during the day, Monday-Friday.. I work Mon-Fri at a 9-5 jobbie-job, so yeah.. I never have the opportunity to test the 'online' portion of the 0.63 Stress Test. It's disappointing, sure. But, I do understand and was grateful for the Official offline mode becoming available. For the devs, DayZ developement is their 9-5 Monday through Friday job.. for most of them anywho I'm sure. So, after they go home after a long weeks work of making DayZ the game we all want, and will soon have. The weekend comes and the development/testing/etc goes on 'hold' over the weekend. Anywho, while I would love to be able to play/test and 0.63 Stress Test with my friends after a long day of work, and/or during the weekend. This would be @#$%*&$ outstanding! I loved it when we all had the weekend for the Stress Test.. I figure that I've been this patient over the years with DayZ, watching the development and being a part of it.. watching it grow and become the game we've been wanting. I will continue to be patient and look forward to the day that DayZ is, done.. (even though it really won't be technically done. From what I have experienced with 0.63 so far, even in this very unfinished and unpolished form, is quite amazing.. I myself have had a real hard time going back to 0.62 after playing the 0.63 Stress test.
  8. Stress Test vol.17

    Wish the devs would do some weekend testing again.. <ahem>.. hint hint. lol I never get to participate in the weekday testing due to my 9-5, M-F jobbie.. Although, I do feel a cold coming on all of a sudden. Funny how that happens sometimes..
  9. Stress Test vol.11

    I was playing for some time, then CTD'd.. after loading back in, I am now also getting the "Character locked in database." error.. tried switching/making a new char, no luck yet.
  10. Exp Update 0.61.136670

    I kinda miss the way Exp builds used to be played by everyone.. never really had to worry about being KOS'd. Now it seems you have to watch your back and go back to trusting no one. lol. And these players without mics, COME ON, MAN! Please get a mic... please? Pretty please?! I still find myself pretty much avoiding anyone who does not use a mic.
  11. Exp Update 0.61.136670

    Still running the NVIDIA 373.06 on my 1080 (for Folding@home reasons) and DayZ has been running buttery smooth still. Though, I don't think the devs have implemented into DayZ's engine that would require the driver to be tweaked to work with it.. Not yet anywho. Can't wait until the devs bring in the character aging feature. One of the small things I can't wait to see ingame.
  12. Exp Update 0.61.136670

    Well, at least x64 seems to be a lot more stable for me now. I was having a CTD every 10-15 mins with 0.61.136593. The last two exp builds seem to have made x64 pretty stable on my end.. so far. /knockonwood Really like how fluid DayZ is starting to feel.. far from the 'clunky' feeling from the past. @sneakydudeI was having the same issue with some of my mates I was running with, with weapons not showing up in their hands, or the wrong weapon showing in their hands if they were double-carrying. And the rare occasion not being able to loot a dead players body. You know, the player we killed who was KOS'n bambies and everyone else they came in contact with. Not that, that has anything to do with it, but.. just saying. :P
  13. Exp Update 0.61.136468

    I can happen.. right? I mean.. what's the problem with this? :P Meanwhile, back at the ranch.. I wonder what the "Christmas Patch" will bring this year.. ? Looking forward to seeing what surprises come.
  14. Exp Update 0.61.135961

    True.. but, the Sporter in previous versions of DayZ was a little too quiet IMO. While I don't own a Sporter, I do own a Remington Model 597 HB .22 which my son now uses.. while it's definitely not the loudest rifle out there by far, it's quite a bit louder than portrayed in DayZ previous to the 0.61 update. Seems like it still could use some tweaking in 0.61, but it sounds a lot better now.
  15. Weapon Slings/Straps

    Well now.. I guess I make it 256. lol No matter.. just 2¢ more into the pool of suggestions I would love to see added.