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  1. Anyone having an issue with certain 'bugs' not being fixed yet, just be patient.. It'll get there. I'm sure the more pressing bugs that need to be addressed are being worked on and a fix will be coming soon enough.. Don't we all wish the bugs and issues that come up with each update are just a matter of a few quick keystrokes of code and wham-o! Bugz haz been squashed! Does quite work like that, unfortunately. Either way, hang in there.. The devs will take care of business. @HeutenCZ Not sure what is causing your issues bud. I don't seem to have any real hard fps drops in the areas that you have mentioned, but I also have a i7 CPU and a GTX 1080 Ti.. so performance is not an issue at all really, on my end anywho. In any case, I am trying to replicate the fps drops in those areas. With your system specs, you should be running pretty good though. What is your CPU usage, and GPU usage while you are in the areas in question? And is this happening on all the servers you join? There might be the possibility of some process running within Windows that is causing this to happen too. Maybe have a look at the task manager, mainly the Processes and Performance tabs, while you are having the hard fps drops and see if something there is causing it.
  2. antykain

    Stable Update 0.63149365

    Nice!! Congrats to the dev team for getting DayZ to this point!! Beta! Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for DayZ.. and the DayZ modding community, can't wait to see what is to come!
  3. antykain

    Stress Test vol.56

    I'm pretty sure I remember seeing 'booty shorts' in the apocalypse, last time I remember. As a matter a fact, I frequently wear them whenever I think the apocalypse is about to happen.. Wait, my bad. Disregard that last line above. Someone must have hijacked my keyboard while I wasn't looking. Unread that please.
  4. antykain

    Stress test vol.55

    Is it Christmas already? Sure feels like it! ??
  5. antykain

    Stress Test vol. 54

    I would think it'll be up soon.. but how soon, just depends on when it's ready. According to the DayZ SteamDB page, the stress test branch has not been updated yet (at the time of this post). The internal playtest branch has updated just a few hours ago. Update: Nevermind.. Baty just chimed in with the great news while I was typing. ?
  6. antykain

    Stress Test vol. 54

    Outstanding! I'll be testing this new update in a few hours, after work. Looking good!
  7. antykain

    Stress Test vol.52

    So, now that we have vehicles back in the Stress Test branch, wondering when the good 'ol Jerry Can will make it's triumphant return. And the gas station fill-ups.. or are gas stations already functional again?? Haven't tested this yet since the Lada was reintroduced.
  8. antykain

    Stress Test vol.50

    So.. it begins. Again.. I guess I know what I'll be doing after work this evening!! Thanks for all the hard work devs!
  9. antykain

    Experimental Content Update

    Yeah.. I'm sure that the current jumping mechanic will be modified and changed to better suit different situations, i.e., standing next to a climbable fence or wall. Where I can see this would change the jumping action to a climbing over type action. The current jumping action seems like it was just a rough version just to get it in the game and have something 'usable' in the meantime.
  10. antykain

    Stress Test vol.45

    I don't see the problem here.. shotgun is intended to do bodily harm/kill people. Which it did, it would seem. Great success! ;P
  11. antykain

    Stress Test vol.45

    Well now.. I guess I know what I'll be doing in a bit. Now, I have to wonder.. are the helo crash sites in the same locations as before?? Has anyone found one yet that can confirm? Anyone? Hello? oh my bad.. have to submit this first..
  12. antykain

    Stress Test vol.44

    Hey bud.. Are you using Discord and have the in-game overlay function of discord enabled? If so, disable the Discord In-game overlay in the settings and try it again. :) I had this issue as well..
  13. antykain

    Stress Test vol.44

    Welp.. I'd figure if you've been playing DayZ Standalone for 5 years and 4 months, you'd have a better understanding of the why behind the what. And I'm sure you realize that many of the changes/update to the Stress Test server cannot be tested internally by the devs themselves.. That is where we, the DayZ community come in and help out and test the new builds until we get a build that the devs are happy with and any priority issues are addressed. Sure, it's taking a good amount of time to get this current crashing/kicking issue fixed, but.. I do have a feeling that once it is fixed, the devs will get the ball rolling on the new content coming back into game. No point bringing new content into 0.63 in it current state.. New content brings the possibility of new bugs/issues, and that is a good reason bringing any new content in right now should not, and is not, a priority. All this has been explained before though. Only advice I can give to anyone who cannot deal with the current state of the game, come back later when it's officially in beta, or later. Not when DayZ is going through a pretty major overhaul stage. Experimental/Stress Test builds are not meant to be casually played and treated as though they are a full release of the game.. which there are way too many people who do think this way and play DayZ have way to many expectations, unfortunately. Anywho.. How is this build treating everyone? About to hop in finally and check it out.
  14. antykain

    Stress Test vol.43

    I was only able to play for about an hour and a half or so, but during that time.. no issues. Everything was buttery smooth, for the most part. Did experience a tad bit of lag and delayed actions in game, but very short lasting. Hoping to play test more tonight.
  15. antykain

    Stress Test vol.42

    No, no, no... THIS, is the.. nevermind. damnit. Here's to some good luck on the kicks/crashes! I'm goin in...