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  1. Experimental Content Update

    Yeah.. I'm sure that the current jumping mechanic will be modified and changed to better suit different situations, i.e., standing next to a climbable fence or wall. Where I can see this would change the jumping action to a climbing over type action. The current jumping action seems like it was just a rough version just to get it in the game and have something 'usable' in the meantime.
  2. Stress Test vol.45

    I don't see the problem here.. shotgun is intended to do bodily harm/kill people. Which it did, it would seem. Great success! ;P
  3. Stress Test vol.45

    Well now.. I guess I know what I'll be doing in a bit. Now, I have to wonder.. are the helo crash sites in the same locations as before?? Has anyone found one yet that can confirm? Anyone? Hello? oh my bad.. have to submit this first..
  4. Stress Test vol.44

    Hey bud.. Are you using Discord and have the in-game overlay function of discord enabled? If so, disable the Discord In-game overlay in the settings and try it again. :) I had this issue as well..
  5. Stress Test vol.44

    Welp.. I'd figure if you've been playing DayZ Standalone for 5 years and 4 months, you'd have a better understanding of the why behind the what. And I'm sure you realize that many of the changes/update to the Stress Test server cannot be tested internally by the devs themselves.. That is where we, the DayZ community come in and help out and test the new builds until we get a build that the devs are happy with and any priority issues are addressed. Sure, it's taking a good amount of time to get this current crashing/kicking issue fixed, but.. I do have a feeling that once it is fixed, the devs will get the ball rolling on the new content coming back into game. No point bringing new content into 0.63 in it current state.. New content brings the possibility of new bugs/issues, and that is a good reason bringing any new content in right now should not, and is not, a priority. All this has been explained before though. Only advice I can give to anyone who cannot deal with the current state of the game, come back later when it's officially in beta, or later. Not when DayZ is going through a pretty major overhaul stage. Experimental/Stress Test builds are not meant to be casually played and treated as though they are a full release of the game.. which there are way too many people who do think this way and play DayZ have way to many expectations, unfortunately. Anywho.. How is this build treating everyone? About to hop in finally and check it out.
  6. Stress Test vol.43

    I was only able to play for about an hour and a half or so, but during that time.. no issues. Everything was buttery smooth, for the most part. Did experience a tad bit of lag and delayed actions in game, but very short lasting. Hoping to play test more tonight.
  7. Stress Test vol.42

    No, no, no... THIS, is the.. nevermind. damnit. Here's to some good luck on the kicks/crashes! I'm goin in...
  8. Stress Test vol.41

    I haven't been lucky enough to gain access to the underwater lakes levels beneath Chernarus.. Hopefully when the time is right, my access will be granted as well.. Someday.. In the meantime, Had a good day on the topside of the world of Chernarus. Only time I was kicked today on US NE 2-1 was for the regular server restarts. Good day to be a gangsta.
  9. Dodging 0.63 Battleye boot, with Vibram outsoles..

  10. Stress Test vol.41

    I was playing for a few hours, minus the reg server restarts, no issues.. Now I am also getting the "Database connection timeout". Just going to keep trying.. :) The server queue for NE 2-1 is cycling pretty fast.. looks like others may be having the same issue. Update: Just got back ingame again. :)
  11. Stress Test vol.41

    So, there was this.. And then this.. Which was very constructive, how? I am not going to bash you for expressing your 'opinion', but.. If your going to nag on another community member about a non-constructive post, you might want to do the same yourself.. Hope this makes sense. :) Really shouldn't have to remind anyone what the purpose of the Stress Test branch is, and why it's available for us to test the latest build of DayZ. I still don't understand why people are getting so bent out of shape about a non-stable, Stress Test build. One of the reasons the Stress Test is available for everyone to test/play is simply to test new features, etc. You really shouldn't go into playing the Stress Test build of DayZ expecting it to be stable. That is why we, the DayZ community, is here to help the devs in finding issues, and maybe most importantly, reporting any issues you come across in the DayZ Feedback tracker. I'm quite sure the devs are working feverishly to get the Battleye kicks sorted out and any other issues that need attention.. and I am completely confident that the devs will take care of business. Patience is the key word.. again. :)
  12. Stress Test vol.41

    Aww! Does this mean no more Parkour? Time to test that! That's a good thing though and glad it's being fixed.. There were a lot of people using the jumping ability to jump into certain areas making them invulnerable to being shot/killed, while the said person was still able to kill anyone at will. While this was not happening a lot yet, given more time more and more 'kids' would have been doing this.. surely. Thanks for the hard work devs!
  13. Stress Test vol.40

    Not sure if you're serious.. wait, are you serious? Well, anywho.. you're initial post did say, correct me if I'm wrong, "And why exactly is my character wiped?" Pretty much implied that you didn't know why and that you may have been annoyed by the fact that your character was wiped.. Sorry you took my comment as stepping up on a high horse (lol, huh?) and coming across as snobby.. Just to add, I was not being snobby, I was being snooty. Snooty on my High Horse.. Hey, I like it!
  14. Stress Test vol.40

    Character wipe is a reality you must get yourself accustomed too.. Don't get attached to your gear, especially on the Stress Test build. I still remember my first character wipe.. ahh, yes. Like it was yesterday. Such an emotional moment for me. As I'm sure it was, and has been, for you. I can still smell the blood on my.... oh, my bad. Nevermind. Disregard, and completely forget I said anything at all. Please, and thank you.
  15. Stress Test vol.39

    Not happening on my side.. I am sure the hell not going to stop playing on the count of the pace of the game development. As a matter of fact, the devs can take whatever time they need, in my opinion, and the devs will take care of business. You are more-or-less asking us to boycott playing the game just because of the speed and progress of DayZ development? If that is what you're implying for us to do, no thanks.. you go ahead. I've stuck with DayZ this long, not going anywhere now.