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  1. terrvik

    All you Hardcore players packed it up and left?

    Just got burned out with DayZ in general. Played since the first month of the mod... there's only so long you stay interested with the same game. Will return in the future but there has to be some major changes before that.
  2. terrvik

    Most frustrating way you have died?

    Survived with a friend for hours on experimental, on the brink of death a few times but managed. Found a military tent full of loot. Stepped on a land mine. Frustrating part was that my friend didn't even see or hear the explosion so it wasn't even a cool way to go!
  3. terrvik

    0.54 Issues

    A bit of twitter investigating pointed me to the feedback tracker (http://feedback.dayzgame.com/). Haven't generated a chrashdump myself yet so don't know how it looks but if there are multiple files I would guess zip 'em and upload the compressed file? Maybe? :)
  4. terrvik

    0.54 Issues

    Should the crashdumps be uploaded to the feedback tracker or posted somewhere else?
  5. terrvik

    refund please

    Yeah, it can still work, but you shouldn't expect it to or be surprised when it doesn't. What's the issue? Might be something else that can be fixed.
  6. terrvik

    refund please

    System Requirements MINIMUM:OS: Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 SP1 From the Steam Store. This has been the case since the early access launch, it's not a sudden change.
  7. Return of the zig-zagging zombies.
  8. terrvik

    The reason behind KoS: ?

    Why is "for fun" the only one in quotes? Is it a less legit reason? Anyway, I voted "for fun".
  9. Would you mind providing a link where I could do some research?
  10. If you are talking about the connection message (Global Ban #xxxx yadda yadda) that's just someone with a global ban trying, and failing, to connect. It's not a ban being administered right then.
  11. terrvik

    i am vary cofuse and brtoher is angery also

    Join a server. The "main menu character" is stored locally and has no effect on the actual character when playing.
  12. Not at all. Very rarely used them before.
  13. terrvik

    DayZ Developer AMA: Chris Torchia

    Remember that this wasn't really an "official interview", at least not to my understanding. Chris was kind enough to take some of his free time to answer questions when asked to do so by a hard working community member. The questions asked was what that group of people was interested in knowing. Just a shame that such a nice gesture (by several people) causes such moaning.
  14. terrvik

    Status Report - Week of 27 Oct 14

    So, two hands? Should I get excited?
  15. terrvik

    Shoes in experimental

    I like it. Of course it is mostly an unbalance annoyance at the moment but that's fine, I like the core design of it. I hope there will be more of a focus of maintaining your gear in the future rather than just sprinting around switching it out until you have it all.