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  1. OfficerRaymond

    Something I must get off my chest....

    This is what I was talking about.... Someone posts something bad about this game, and everyone cries to the mods for a lock. All this does is prove that this community can't handle criticism, regardless of what type it is. I'm not coming in here insulting anyone, nor am I looking for a flame war, trollfest, or a lol. What I'm looking for is discussion on the topic of this game and why YOU think it isn't bad. If mods indulge a lock without allowing discussion, it really just confirms what I've said about bias. I've not broken a single rule in posting this topic, thus it does not warrant locking.
  2. OfficerRaymond

    Something I must get off my chest....

    With the forums search function I'm assuming? Don't get me started on that. As for research, I googled 50 different variations of the phrases "Dayz updates", "Dayz changes", "Dayz reviews", "Dayz bugs and problems", and "Dayz development status" and really didn't get anything more than people answering the questions presented by people with the same concerns as I with "the gaem is alpher", or similar to your "do your research" post. What little useful info I did find came in the form of patchnotes that didn't really answer my questions. Maybe instead of a generic (and kind of lazy) response, you could provide links for me to find this information and supposed answers, instead of adding one more generic "answer" to the google query.
  3. It has been a long time since I have lurked this forum, and until just recently I had honestly forgot it had even existed... Some of you may even remember me. Anyways, just last night I was browsing my steam after taking an extended absence from gaming for quite some time, and I happened across the copy of DayZ I had bought right after launch. I can't remember the last time I played, and honestly I hated every second of it the last time I did. I decided to give it an install, and after just having put 3 hours into it... I still loath this terrible game. Before you all rip my head off with "Ermagerd the gaem iz still alpher!", I have some questions... Legitimate questions. 1) How can a game, with a ridiculously amazing amount of hype and humongously enormous following for an indie game, be in an extended alpha for OVER 2 years after grossing $90 million+ total in sales... Still have some of the bugs it started off with on it's day of release? Or even better yet..... STILL BE IN ANY FORM OF ALPHA?!?! 2) This is a game with "zombies", right? Or infected... whatever. In my 3 hours of play I saw a small handful of Zomfected, and not once were they ever an actual threat. 3) Why does it seem that the game has lost features? It seems as if last time I played, picking up items was easier, the names were listed on pickup, and the inventory system (while crappy) was far easier to use. I picked up like 3 items that I couldn't equip (despite being items that, well, are equipment), and another 2 that I couldn't even get to register to pickup in the first place. I just cannot seem to wrap my head around it. I used to love playing the mod. I ran a server for 3 months, a popular one. I dedicated a few hundred hours of my life to surviving all the PvP, chaos, and insanity the mod had to offer. Hours I will never forget. I met people that have been some of the coolest people I've ever met online. All of it culminated in 2013, when it was all shat on with the release of a game that is one of the biggest disappointments (and tbh, one of the worst games I've ever played) in my life. I log in once every 5-6 months, and every time my hopes are dashed to oblivion when I find out it's still a broken, buggy, lifeless, boring, and truthfully pathetic excuse for a game. This is obviously all my opinion. Some of you may be "hardcore" DayZ players. But take my opinion for what it is. a severely critical analysis of DayZ by someone that has been with it since it was born in the mind of an ambitious developer working for one of (IMHO) the greatest underrated publishers in gaming. For the love of god.... don't mention the alpha status. Also, mods... Please don't prove your bias. This isn't a bait nor a topic meant to spark flame wars.
  4. OfficerRaymond

    Really? Still this bad?!

    Just started playing again, and I have to say... more disappointed in this game than I have ever been with any game. There are so many things wrong with the game 7 months into release it's not even funny. Hacking still occurs. Random noises play everywhere you go (lolwut). Zombies glitch through everything. The weapon system is bugged. What has changed since I quit playing 5 months ago? the game has some new items and a cooking system. So amaze! Much awesome! WOW! I've been a member of the community and playing DayZ Mod for about 2 years. I can honestly say I have lost faith in DayZ, near completely. The lead developer is abandoning his "pride and joy". Updates, which should be rolling out on a weekly basis, come once a blue moon. And now we have a split community where half has quit, a fourth is hating on it, and the other fourth is in "its an alpha herp derp!" denial. Why does my opinion matter? It doesn't. I'm just a guy that enjoyed a game and was really excited for its outcome that is now shaking his head in pity and disappointment.
  5. OfficerRaymond

    Where are the updates? **crickets chirping**

    You hit the nail on the head as to what is wrong with this community. Nobody that plays the game and is a fan can withstand any shred of criticism about things such as updates and features. The minute you say something bad about it you're a moronic CoD player, followed by an influx of "ALPHER" posts. It is a very cool aspect. Not a ton of game devs have massive open alphas. But if you're going to release an alpha, at least try to get updates out on a regular basis and keep the pace. Give your community something to fucking test if you're going to label the game a god damn testing phase.
  6. OfficerRaymond

    Where are the updates? **crickets chirping**

    I just love all the people defending the crap points about this game over and over and over again. I've lurked on the forums since I quit posting, at least twice a week, and see clear-cut cases of complete fanboyism. The sad part is I used to be in the corner constantly up in arms ready to defend the shortcomings of this game again and again. Face it people, this game is not on track the way it should be. There SHOULD be more people working on the game. There SHOULD be more updates. How many people have bought the Standalone? Last time I checked, it has sold 1.5 million copies. Do the math and that's 45 MILLION dollars not including the 50 dollar donation package. Where's all the money going? How many new developers have been brought on to the team since release of the alpha? I've stopped playing SA. Why? It's not because it's a bad game. It's not even because it's mindlessly boring compared to the mods that are out there (which is hard to get past), It's because it's disappointing as fuck. Wow... so it's been a month and 11 days since the last patch as opposed to 2 months... the game should be seeing WEEKLY patches. Go ahead and continue being in denial and throw the "alpher alpher alpher alpher" comments at me. Fact of the matter is that I was a huge supporter of this game for a very long time. Now I could care less about the SA, as the mod is where it's at.
  7. OfficerRaymond

    New Mobo/Cpu Combo

    Again, that comes down to squeezing FPS out of a rig. With a high end GPU there will be on average a 3-4 FPS difference between the two, and at most 10 FPS. AMD gives you the advantage of the extra cores. For gaming, no difference will be noticed (for now, until games move up to supporting more cores in the next few months/years). This lets you do multi-tasking, video editing, rendering, and a slew of other things at a pace that Intel Quads couldn't dream of. As for power consumption, well.... It really doesn't make a big difference when you have a quality 80+ PSU. Your motherboard is also not going to make a huge difference either. Unless you're an idiot you're obviously going to opt for quality in both.
  8. OfficerRaymond

    Graphics card for dayz. Please reply soon

    You definitely are going to want to buy a new motherboard soon. You'll actually spend only a little bit more. PCI cards are MUCH more expensive and overpriced than PCI-E cards. The card in question you're looking at is around 90 bucks in PCI form, and in PCI-E, it's only 30. I'd suggest you get a cheaper mini-ATX motherboard and a PCI-E card. You're in desperate need of a new computer in general, yours is becoming a dinosaur.
  9. OfficerRaymond

    Is it hard to stream pc games with twitch?

    THIS! I just installed and recorded my first YouTube video today with OBS. It's easy to use, and best of all, free.
  10. OfficerRaymond

    New Mobo/Cpu Combo

    You know, I'm not sure. If a game only utilizes something like 2 cores, I imagine it would only recognize those two cores and draw from them. Like when I'm playing World of Tanks and it only utilizes one core. My CPU usage still goes very high, even though I have a quad core CPU. Therefore I can assume that the game is only recognizing the one core and taking advantage of it, and the other cores are going unused. Although with this I'm not sure at all. Many of those conversations you see are heavily biased towards Intel because all of those people are completely obsessed with every single frame they can squeeze out of their rig. You may sacrifice a few FPS in some games when going with AMD, but you gain a lot more.
  11. OfficerRaymond

    New Mobo/Cpu Combo

    When people ask for a CPU for gaming and budget, I always recommend AMD now. I used to be Intel all the way, but to be perfectly honest the 8350 is a serious contender when it comes to gaming vs. the i5 series. It also gives you something the i5 never can, and that is the extra cores that dominate when rendering and editing, and decimate the i7 in price.
  12. OfficerRaymond

    Your Opinions On GPU Prices

    Like Enforcer said, nowadays you can buy a high end card and have it last much longer. We're reaching a 'golden age' of tech where games are getting so detailed that companies practically can't put anymore graphical awesomeness into them. Until stuff like virtual reality and monitors with insane amounts of pixels hit, I don't see people needing much more than a single 780Ti (even standard 780) to run most games. A few years back we just went through such a transitional period where games advanced so fast, that the tech couldn't stay new. These days it seems that this is becoming much slower paced. To be perfectly honest, I'd have no problem dropping 2 grand on a PC and being comfortable with it for the next 5 years. As long as the parts remain functioning. Hey, wait a second.... I AM doing that. :D
  13. OfficerRaymond

    New Mobo/Cpu Combo

    This should work out quite nicely. It will overclock well, and can SLI. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2BA40
  14. OfficerRaymond

    the Beast of Berezino

    I find it funny that people still fall for these trolls.
  15. OfficerRaymond

    What HDD should I get?

    Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB. Thank me later.