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  1. wordplayuk@gmail.com

    hey, been away

    Appreciate the heads up.. On a last note, what are tents like now? I remember talk of 'underground storage' before I left.
  2. wordplayuk@gmail.com

    hey, been away

    lol, oh wow. Guess it's time to crack open that mountain dew I was saving. Are there animals in game now? New mobs?
  3. wordplayuk@gmail.com

    hey, been away

    Been away two years, but I'm back. Anyone fill me in on whats new. Any old faces still bout?
  4. wordplayuk@gmail.com

    I will never adopt the kill on site mentality

    What's funny is most people that feel the need to say they wont KOS haven't played that long. Play a little longer and you'll realize there is just staying alive or dying. I don't kill everything I see but I'm considered a bandit because you have to kill to stay live. You will KOS doesn't mean your an ass hole or even a mean player, just a true survivor.
  5. wordplayuk@gmail.com

    Tents and Vehicles in

    Yes this is happening and has been for sometime since the last patch. Though as people have reported reverting and still having the problem, I'm inclined to believe it's more to do with id numbers than the patch. Either way the chances of your stuff consistently saving are slim to none right now, for best chance save within the last ten minutes before a server reset.
  6. wordplayuk@gmail.com

    Better vehicle protection

    I think this mechanic would add to the game, it's been suggested before and I don't see the problem with it. More dynamics, more secure vehicles, win win.
  7. wordplayuk@gmail.com

    Livestreaming come and join me

    this is a death sentence dude, you better hide the server well
  8. wordplayuk@gmail.com

    Ways To Gain Negative Humanity

    Yeah I clicked a moment after I posted that, you're very observant.
  9. wordplayuk@gmail.com

    Ways To Gain Negative Humanity

    It's 4.46am here man, I've read over it again and I can't even see the mistake you're referring to (but I can believe it's there). Edit: ...in my damn sig Cheers. Yeah I think so.
  10. wordplayuk@gmail.com

    I've seen players with 20+ days survived...HOW?

    Don't even live in the woods, am active 3 or more hours a day. But it wasn't a cake walk, believe me.
  11. wordplayuk@gmail.com

    Ways To Gain Negative Humanity

    At the moment the only way I'm aware of is murdering a survivor. I'm a bandit but not an indiscriminate psychopath, by that I mean I don't just murder anything that moves (that's not the definition of bandit), but I'm gonna have the best gear in a 'legit' way and if that means killing well equipped players or raiding camps then I'm on it. At the moment gaining humanity is pretty easy, even as a bandit you are going to give other bandits transfusions and humanity goes up by itself quite quickly. This means to stay a bandit (keep from 'yoyo morphing') you have to kill often, which is psycho behavior, not criminal. I'm an outlaw like Salvatore Giuliano, not Dexter the monster. -- So do you have any suggestions for more ways to gain negative humanity? I understand the majority of ideas will be beyond the scope of the mod currently, but may with the stand alone become possible. Here's a few to start with. Theft - This could range from 'pick pocketing' to tent raids. Not so easy to implement yet but definitely seems plausible in the future. Vandalism - Destroying vehicles, buildings, camps. Shooting someone - Harming someone lowers your humanity, if you've ever had to shoot or stab someone it doesn't matter how noble your reason, you know it lowered your humanity ("The quality or condition of being human; human nature.") for a while. Would also account for when you 'train' someone, shoot them in the leg and leave them to be eaten, and other acts of leg breaking trollery. Lack of interaction - With the the addition of dogs it would be interesting to consider the possibility of needing companionship, can you stay a compassionate human being by just totally avoiding any and everything, or would that actually grind away at your humanity rather than nurture it. Could be you need to be around other players or at least have a dog so as not to lose your humanity rather than gain it (just throwing suggestions out there).
  12. I like it, although as a bandit it would just mean I have to kill more as a countermeasure. Its too easy to gain unwanted humanity, it shouldn't go up over time, or it should take a lot longer to go up in my opinion. Maybe trade the time without killing = humanity for more ideas like this.
  13. wordplayuk@gmail.com

    Private hive section in forum

    You posted in the best place for this topic imo. I agree with you to although as they still aren't officially supported, I'm not sure if this will or should happen yet.
  14. Many of our players are in fulltime employment. The age ranges from about late teens - 40s. We have two US servers. Check us out http://worldsendgaming.com/forums/
  15. wordplayuk@gmail.com

    Any bandit group/clan to mount with?

    Check us out we're are a diverse clan from around the world (mainly UK and US and Belgium but not exclusively.) http://worldsendgaming.com/forums/