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  1. dallas

    Any plans for 3PP immersion?

    As a long time 1pp player, that's what I've always said. The fix to low 1pp populations isn't to break 3pp, but to fix 1pp.
  2. dallas

    Any plans for 3PP immersion?

    Not realistic, but an authentic feel, the distinction is subtle, but applies here. As you'll know, DayZ developers shy away from using the word realistic, but uses authenticity instead. They know they are not creating a 1 to 1 virtual experience of the zombie apocalypse, just like Bohemia Interactive didn't aim for the perfect first person experience in their military simulation. For you third person breaks the immersion, for me it doesn't. I enjoy seeing my own character interact with the beautiful game environment, but I also accept it can be used against me and therefor I adapt my play style in response to these risks. I constantly follow three lines, often change direction at every house corner, limiting and minimizing my exposure to all directions. In cities I use back allies, I always keep on the move and I definitely don't expose myself to open spaces and to the most obvious sniper nests on roof tops. It's often pretty easy to bypass the most far reaching overwatch positions and these positions often forces the sniper to stay stationary. If you give movement routes a little thought and keep on the move, you'll do amazingly well even in hot spots. However BI allows server admins to dictate difficulty setting, but as long as 1PP prefer to playing 3PP servers, the 1PP population suffers.
  3. dallas

    Suicide button

    What is survival Alex?
  4. Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, but whatever you do, don't give him an effing loaded gun. -JFK
  5. dallas

    killing new spawns

    There's actually quite a few people like me with psychopathic personality structures, who play DayZ in order to roleplay a friendly and unselfish person. Please don't stereotype.
  6. dallas

    killing new spawns

    They are actually doing you a favor, they are teaching you to be a little wary about your fellow survivors, while you still haven't got much to lose. They are also teaching you to run for cover and to zig-zag and how to die repeatedly.
  7. dallas

    Any plans for 3PP immersion?

    I've been a casual since 2001, but no matter how you twist and turn it. 3rd person has always belonged to Operation Flashpoint. 3rd person has always belonged to ArmA, ArmA 2, ArmA 3, the DayZ mod and yes also DayZ.
  8. dallas

    Does swimming still cause one to lose gear?

    Back in the mod, they turned it into a difficulty setting, you could enable/disable ItemDrop server side.
  9. dallas

    Any plans for 3PP immersion?

    Correction 7 feet, because you spent half the time in first person, looking through your own neck. I actually played a whole lot of Armed Assault and ArmA 2 in first person, I endured it and even liked it, but it was always clear that ArmA was designed as a hybrid game and not as a pure first or third person game.
  10. dallas

    Any plans for 3PP immersion?

    The solution isn't to break third person, the solution is to fix first person. As long as the first person experience is unpleasant and clunky, many of us will chose the more pleasant third person experience. It's easier to accept the exploits of third person, than the uncomfortable and unimmersive first person.
  11. dallas


    Please no name calling! ;) +beans for the beard. +beans for the celebratory dance with the dog.
  12. dallas

    R.I.P. Character (wiped by server)

    Did you try to relog or try another server?
  13. dallas

    DayZ PS4 Discussion

    If you've been around for a while, this does not come as an surprise. Rocket's always said that this will hit other platforms, he's also said, that it wont take priority and that it probably wouldn't get developed in house. I believe he said something to the effect of: If someone wants to develop a DayZ version for other platforms, be it Casio wrist watches or Tibetan wind chimes, I'm all for it, but it wont be me and it wont be at the expense of the PC version. Some of you guys seem to have forgot that when you bought the Standalone in December, it said in ALLCAPS: ALPHA and it also said "wont reach beta for at least a year."
  14. dallas

    Chernarus is starting to look empty

    I seriously pray and hope, that Ivan Buchta is hidden in a secret underground lab, creating a new map for when DayZ is fully developed in a year's time. By that time, we've been playing DayZ/ArmA 2 in Chernarus for six years and the standalone for a year and a half. If DayZ aspires to stay alive after it's completion, they really need to breath life into it's playerbase by offering a new and unexplored environment.
  15. dallas

    Tips please

    Trust everyone you meet.