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  1. dallas

    Prior Military

    Sorry, bad joke.
  2. dallas

    Prior Military

    Just keep OPSEC/PERSEC in mind when posting.
  3. dallas

    Aftermath (WarZ Devs Game)

    Diamond earrings or lingerie?
  4. dallas

    Aftermath (WarZ Devs Game)

    You can quote me on this, this time they really seem to be legit!
  5. dallas

    Belly/Lower back fat.

    Thanks! I'll stick with my bike for now and try to add some mileage like you suggested.
  6. dallas

    Belly/Lower back fat.

    I'm in a similar situation as OP, although I'm not 17, but 41. I'm pretty happy with my current health and fitness level, but would like to get rid of the last reminiscence of my pot belly. I'm just in the process of debating, whether I'm willing to make the sacrifice in my diet to appease my vanity. Don't really think, it's noticeable to other than myself. @BioHaze I'm riding a hybrid/mountain bike 5 days a week, 5km back and forth on average, a few days 10-20km, but I've begun throwing longing glances at all the racing/carbon bikes I meet on the daily commute. You got any suggestions or advise for someone, thinking of getting into more cycling as an exercise, rather than as a means to commute?
  7. I just hit 75, which means I've dropped 20 kg in a year. :)
  8. I loved playing State of Decay, but maybe it was just my subconsciousness, that loved it. :o
  9. dallas

    So I Found This Photo...

    Where there's a choice between a gaming headset and a black permanent marker, there is no choice. Marker obviously.
  10. Was hoping for a GTFO!!! from the dad.
  11. dallas

    Ban the person above you

    Banned only because the rules of the thread dictates it and I play by the rules, also he's an asshole.
  12. Don't get me wrong. I've got no problem with Chernarus, I just know it too well to get that good old lost feeling. I'm not making any demands, I'm just saying, that I'm done with the East European theater. Which is why I'm looking forward to Rocket's next projects and happy he's not suck in a single franchise.
  13. Comgratumalations Hestaine, I can confirm, sometimes life's a chocolate cake sandwich and you can't wait to take another bite! :thumbsup: :beans:
  14. dallas

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for banging Tango's sister.