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  1. Thank you for the feedback and the compliments! I actually haven't played the SA much in a long while, and I'm curious as to how different player interaction is without the humanity/bandit system.
  2. As part of an anthropological study, myself and two other researchers have studied social structures in DayZ. What we found was too numerous and detailed to fit into our short film, but one prominent feature is the degree to which DayZ encompasses both extreme individualism and egalitarianism within groups. Feel free to share your thoughts. I wanted to make it a lot longer but we had length guidelines. Keep in mind that none of us have made a film before. :D I played DayZ before we started this project and only enjoyed it more after studying it anthropologically. You can find me in-game as 'Drew' or 'Drew the anthropologist' on US434.
  3. Drewbles

    Seeking clan for anthropological study

    Our study has completed and we produced this short film:
  4. Drewbles

    Seeking clan for anthropological study

    No one wants to help us conduct scientific research JUST by playing DayZ with me? :(
  5. Greetings DayZ survivors, We are three American anthropology students (one PhD student and two undergraduates) conducting an ethnography of communities in the DayZ world. As anthropologists we are interested in how players interact, form social norms, why they play the game, and other similar questions. We would like to embed me--a DayZ enthusiast--in one of your clans to play with you for several hours and just play with you, as well as interview some of your clan members anonymously via Skype. What We Are Looking For We are looking for a clan, or members of a clan, to play DayZ with as you normally play the game, as participant observers; this means that one or two of us will play the game with you for a period of about 4 hours total (though more is fine). One of us will be recording with DxTory video-recording software to compile the footage into a short film on the research. We also need participants who would, in addition to the above, agree to a 30-60 minute audio interview via Skype or similar service in which we will ask more detailed and direct questions concerning your approach to the game. So basically, we just play the game with you while on your teamspeak/skype/steamchat/etc like we're anyone else, and then you get to have a conversation about the game, and do so with the knowledge that you are contributing to producing knowledge that will benefit humanity--even if you're a bandit! Requirements for Participation For legal reasons all participants who sign up and are interviewed must be 18 years of age. We are interested in demographic data (age, ethnicity, geographic residence) but no real names are required so your identity will remain anonymous. We can make ourselves available for your group's normal gaming hours so as not to be an inconvenience, and play whichever mod you normally play. About Us I have put about 250 hours into playing DayZ (not counting Shooting Range mod, vehicle tutorials, and FrankieOnPCin1080P videos) and consider myself a competent player. I have been interested in applying my professional lens to this hobby for a while now, and am excited to have this opportunity. My colleagues are interested in youtube communities and video game worlds, respectively, and are fascinated, as I was, by the no-rules nature of DayZ. We are located in the Central Time Zone in Houston, Texas. About the Project -The finished project may be published on YouTube, and/or turned into an academic paper for publication in a journal, or a presentation for a conference. -There will be no financial or other remuneration for participation. -Participation in the project must be completed within the next 10 weeks due to project deadlines. Feel free to ask any questions below. If you and some members of your group might be interested, please private message me so we can consider moving forward.
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    Woman Clothing

    Haha. Well played, Sir. Well played. :thumbsup: I just wanted to point out that this is still an issue, and should be even more of one as time goes on.
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    Woman Clothing

    I love the devs for this game and I know they are doing all this work on their own time and I appreciate it very much. But in my opinion this is something that should really be rectified, especially given the wider criticisms of gaming these days. Plus, I just really want to play a female character who looks as badass as the male models! The skin right now is clearly unfinished, and although it's better than many other game portrayals of women, it's BS that if we want to play as a female we don't have access to other clothing options or the hero/bandit skins. I mean this really shouldn't even have to be said - both genders should have the same wardrobe options, period. That's pretty basic. And the fact that people are suggesting ("jokingly" of course) that the female models all be sex objects is further evidence of just how important it is for developers to counteract gaming's endemic sexism with respectful portrayals.