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    are people trying to make the SA to friendly?

    Please do not resurrect five year old topics.
  2. A little old, this one. You are welcome to open a new one, but this one gets locked.
  3. Max Planck

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Any further postings of White Power bollocks here will be dealt with severely.
  4. Max Planck

    Midgets with Rags

    We don't do the 'metagaming' thing here, it's unfair and leads to pointless forum drama. Let's keep the fights to the servers, yeah?
  5. Max Planck

    How was your Day(Z)?

    Sounds like my first Tinder date.
  6. Max Planck


    Since the resident necromancer is 'confused', I'll explain myself, thusly: If a topic is three years old but you still have something to say on the subject, it is better to make a new topic on the issue than resurrect the old one. The reason for this is that information given in the thread may be outdated, and that people seeing it for the first time might respond to other posters expecting an answer that will never come. So, for clarity, we tend to lock topics that have gone past their expiration date. This is one of those cases. I know it's a judgement call, and I'm making it. Do look into my eyes and tell me I don't have the face to pull it off.
  7. Max Planck


    Dude... Locked.
  8. Max Planck

    1.0 and what i hope for.

    Please dial back the insults and aggressive posting a bit. A large bit.
  9. Max Planck

    No Status Reports, No Updates, Hello...???

    We are going into a downwards spiral here and ImpulZ has already answered the OP. Hence, I'm locking this topic. Goodnight all.
  10. Max Planck

    man bug my car in safe zone

    You need to talk to the administrator of the private server, we can't help you here.
  11. Max Planck

    Do not trust list 4173

    No metagaming here, please. Let's keep the fights on the servers.
  12. Max Planck

    What Is The Best Movie Ever Made ?

    I'm tempted to say 'Bicycle Thieves', mostly because it's the only movie I can think of that really got stuck in my craw emotionally. Not necessarily my favourite (I don't like being sad for days after watching a movie), but really well made and with a powerful delivery of its message. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0040522/ My favourite movies have good songs in them. Or spaceships.
  13. Max Planck

    Stone Fireplace

    Regarding the 'beanz' issue: Since back in 2012, beans has been a way of saying 'thank you', 'good post', 'I agree' and such, with a single button press. It gives positive forum reputation, and it's a friendly gesture. For a short while, way back when, we had a button for giving negative forum rep too, it was represented by an empty tin can if I remember correctly. Let's just say it didn't work out so well, lots of conflicts over tin cans back then. After that was sorted, we had only 'Beanz'. In the newest iteration of the forums, you have different options for reacting to posts. I'm not sure I like that, but it is what it is. That aside, beans mean the same thing they always did. I hope that clarifies it some.
  14. Max Planck

    HTTPS Certification

    Should be fixed now.
  15. Max Planck

    How to do you attach a local image to post

    This, this is how it is done. I'm going to lock this topic as it seems to be going into the widening gyre, and that's no good. I hope everything was answered to everyone's satisfaction, otherwise my inbox is always open*. *Answer not guaranteed, also, I take no responsibility for quality of advice.
  16. Max Planck

    War at solinchiy factories 4422

    "Dear diary... " Recruitment area for recruitment, please. Locked.
  17. Max Planck

    everyone please read this *this needs to be fixed asap*

    The devs are aware of the issue. Telling everyone how to do it isn't going to solve the problem faster, it is going to make it worse.
  18. Max Planck

    I'm sorry if I killed you, but safety comes first.

    Though I am a firm believer in providing a creative outlet for the gifted, I think this topic has finally completed its arc. Repressive tolerance will only take us so far, it seems. Let's file it under 'dear diary', shall we?
  19. Max Planck

    Content is #1 Priority, Not Persistence.

    And you got them. Two pages of them, no less. Time to let the fishes sleep.
  20. Max Planck

    Pistol Whip or Butt Crack

    You had me at butt crack.
  21. Please make this the last flamebait topic from your hand, or you'll be forcing mine. Enough trolling now.
  22. Max Planck

    Playing piano... But how?

    Hello! I was wondering if any of you have any experience in learning to play the piano using online sources? I have recently bought an electric piano with the intention of learning to play, but have neither the time, nor the money to take actual lessons. I know basic music theory, and I play the guitar and trumpet at beginner-indermediate level, but have no experience with other instruments and a horrible sense of rythm to boot. I've been checking this guy out: as I think he has a pleasent way of teaching, but I would love to hear from someone who've been down the same route, or just happen to know about the subject. Thanks, Max
  23. Max Planck

    6 hidden barrels full of duplicated loot

    Dear diary... Topic closed.
  24. Max Planck

    PS4 Release?

    Moved. Please pay attention to the forum structure, everything has its place.
  25. Max Planck


    Right here, the PS4 forum area.