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    day transfer to xbox

    I assume you bought the game from Steam. If you have played less than two hours and owned it for less than two weeks, you can get a refund through Steam. It is not possible to exchange it for something else, especially not xbox games as Steam doesn't sell those.
  2. Max Planck

    The Chernarus Grand Prix!

    I was half expecting all the cars to simultaneously leap into the air at the start of the race.
  3. I was, you didn't watch it? The pilot was very well received, but we had to wait for ages for the next episode. Then the series changed director mid-season, twice, and nobody is really sure where it's at, at the moment. I've heard it got approved for a second season though.
  4. It's sort of implied in here: https://forums.dayz.com/topic/244356-news-regarding-the-2019-roadmap/ The survival mechanics were supposed to have been expanded upon in 1.02, but didn't make it in. Thus, we should see them changed in a later patch.
  5. Max Planck

    Server discriminating based upon ethnicity.

    I'm just going to lock this before going to bed, as it is going to turn sour real soon in my experience. @ImpulZ can maybe answer the OP. The server forum area is not the place for discussing race though, I do know that.
  6. Max Planck


    I have a hard time parsing exactly what the OP is about, but as far as I understand there was a disagreement with a moderator on reddit. That really doesn't have anything to do with us.
  7. Max Planck

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    Some people want the devs to be more active on the forums, some want to insult them every time they show their face. My function is supportive of the former group. That was a friendly warning.
  8. Max Planck

    is there a serious server in europe?

    Try 'the village'. No mods, 1PP, active, good community.
  9. Max Planck

    is there a serious server?

    Indeed. Locked.
  10. Max Planck

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    I love my (real) job, but I still expect to get paid. Otherwise, I'd have a hard time buying food, clothes and shoeshines. Whatever you do for a living, you do it for a living too. The rent doesn't pay itself.
  11. Max Planck

    Questions - found top end stuff and scope

    Take cover! At least that's the lesson someone taught me recently. I was fairly fresh off the beach, and had only found pink clothes and broken can openers thus far, when I happened upon a pile of good loot in some random house. "Wow", I thought, "it's my lucky day". But it wasn't my lucky day, it was the day I took the bait. I didn't even hear the shot.
  12. Max Planck

    I think i know why.

    Yeeees, you are right, it was me all along! And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids. By day, I'm closing duping topics under the guise of a timid, softspoken gentleman. But, by night, I'm duping stashes in my secret volcano lair while laughing maniacally and twirling my moustache. Bang to rights, you got me. Now that the plot has been revealed, your liberty should be safe from my draconian grip. But before I fade back into obscurity to plan my next move, I have just one thing to say, one final piece of exposure typical of my villainous self: "A tinfoil hat can indeed be screwed on too tight." Carry on.
  13. I type with my nose.
  14. Thanks pilgrim, that's very... helpful. I'd like to add though, that the moderating team (blue names) have duties of a more janitorial nature, such as dispensing sarcasm and closing perfectly valid topics, whereas the community managers (red names) are Bohemia employees who knows practically everything about the game. They are also in close contact with all departments of the dev team, are very friendly, have great hygiene and only rarely hit people with their keys. I'd suggest trying one of those.
  15. Max Planck

    Idea to give basebuilding some sense

    This one is good, I think: https://forums.dayz.com/topic/242300-the-village/ No mods at all, 1PP and well managed.
  16. Max Planck

    News regarding the 2019 roadmap

    I'd like to ask why, when seeking direct feedback on a certain issue by way of a poll, the dev team is using Twitter instead of their own forums? It seems an odd choice to me, and it makes the practice of providing feedback on the official forums look rather pointless.
  17. Max Planck

    Idea to give basebuilding some sense

    You could play on one of the privately hosted servers? Private servers with vanilla settings do exist, I'm playing on one.
  18. Because it would most certainly be misused to bring ingame/personal conflicts unto the forums, and that's not where they belong. The rules are what they are, and they are the same for everyone. If you wish to discuss it further you can PM a community manager, but no more topics please.
  19. Max Planck

    Finding Dupers

    Yep. Locked.
  20. Max Planck

    Dayz dead?

    We already have an 'is it dead?'-topic running, over here: https://forums.dayz.com/topic/244235-is-this-game-officialy-dead/ Please use that. Locked.
  21. Max Planck

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    I guess I'm mainly here because the forums are sort of my 'home on the internet'. I've never used facebook or twatter or whatnot, so this is where I socialise digitally. There might also be some nostalgia involved. As for contact with the devs, I don't really have any. I can give feedback on the forums like anybody else. Which I do, occasionally. I'm not sure I qualify for the 'fanboy' label though as, from closed testing till today, I have only amassed an astonishing 200 hours in DayzSA. I don't consider the game a 'trainwreck', but I'm not sufficiently involved to get agitated anyway.
  22. Max Planck


    Let's keep the fights to the servers please, no calling people out via the forums. Casts magic lock +5 (key required).
  23. Max Planck

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    I'm not a wizard either 😉. EDIT: Just received certificate, am now wizard.
  24. Max Planck

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    I think that's a bit unfair. The post that drew your ornery reply was written on a Saturday for starters, and I'm actually here every day trying to make the forums at least slightly better. I do believe though, that the relationship between employers and employees should stay professional. That means compensation according to contract. If not, workers will have to engage in a race to the bottom, and working conditions will suffer for all. Look at the 'crunch time' practices in the software industry as an example. I think what you really want is information, and I don't know anymore than you do. And, as I said, I wish the devs would engage with the forums more often. In their working hours, that is.
  25. Max Planck

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    I think you have misunderstood both my post and my role on these forums. So, let's get it clear. I am not part of the dev team and I have no contact with the dev team, besides community managers. I am a forum user with an expanded toolset, expected to help clean up spam and keep the peace. This is voluntary and unpaid, and I am allowed to have my own opinions. I do really think that no one should be pressured to perform tasks for their employer in their personal time. I do not think that developer communication is adequate and I have voiced this at regular intervals over the last seven years. Any questions?