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  1. Max Planck

    Suicide Fires

    Keep your homophobic language off of the forums. Locked.
  2. Max Planck

    How to join a vanilla server?

    Vanilla means 'without mods'. The normal DayZ Standalone is vanilla.
  3. Max Planck

    How do I recover my non steam account?

    Maybe if you tell us where you bought your copy, we will be able to help.
  4. Max Planck

    add kill feed scrip

    Only the two of you are speaking spanish, please take this to personal messages. Locked.
  5. Max Planck


    Okay. But since you aren't coming back, there is nothing here to discuss. Please keep these outbursts to Twitter in the future. Locked.
  6. Max Planck

    Lack of fps servers

    Successful flamebait. Locked.
  7. Max Planck

    "DayZ development team in a nutshell"

    Topic cleaned, and someone is on a long break. Thanks for reporting instead of responding in kind.
  8. Cleaned a bit. And please, be reminded that the maternal progenitors of fellow posters are not the item of discussion here. Leave those magnificent mammas out of it.
  9. Max Planck

    Xbox hot Mic

    Yes, by the people involved... EDIT: More cleaning done. Personal attacks and bickering stops now. If it doesn't, don't reply in kind. Report. Thank you.
  10. Max Planck

    Xbox hot Mic

    Cleaned. Jesus Christ. And nobody's an astronaut.
  11. Max Planck

    Editar pbo sin error.

    English, please.
  12. Max Planck

    BCR RCON??

    English, please.
  13. Max Planck

    m4 spawn rates on ps4

  14. Max Planck

    dayZ need to be fix end update asap ps4

    I've merged your topics.
  15. Impulz and Baty handle pretty much all the customer facing stuff. So yeah, the latter. Except in writing, more than verbal.
  16. There is an official Discord. I'm not sure how to link it though, because I'm rather old. Maybe like this? https://discordapp.com/channels/130030068377452544/130030068377452544
  17. Max Planck

    I have no words...

    I don't know, let's ask @ImpulZ
  18. Max Planck

    DayZ Steam Discussion Ban

    That would be the mods of the Dayz forum on Steam.
  19. Not you, I've edited my post to make the intention more clear. I fully agree, on principle. Though sometimes a topic can generate so much anger that it becomes unsalvageable. In those cases I find it better to close it and let the discussion start anew elsewhere, instead of handing out a bunch of warning points over words said in the heat of the moment. But it's a fine line, and I'm a happy amateur.
  20. Max Planck

    I have no words...

    His mum was never much at sewing.
  21. Max Planck

    I have no words...

    Could be Jabba himself in his ninja suit?
  22. Let's all keep the personal remarks out of the discussion now. Otherwise this topic will be going rancid real fast, and I will have to close it. And, despite all evidence pointing to the contrary, I don't like doing that.
  23. Max Planck

    I have no words...

    That's exactly what they want. They didn't build that thing to sit around and drink tea in it, they want people to try to raid it. Please don't reward these cheating bastards by giving them your time and attention. It only feeds the problem.
  24. Max Planck

    DayZ Steam Discussion Ban

    Contact the moderators of the forum you were banned from. It's nothing to do with these forums.