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  1. -Gews-

    Time to run across the map?

    The sides of the map are 15.36 km, so that means a 21.722 km hypotenuse. At sprinting speed covering 21.722 km would take about 56 minutes and 15.36 km would take about 40 minutes. However, being on PS4 lacking the typical PC no-stamina servers, you can't sprint forever, and on either you won't run on a flat surface, nor in a perfectly straight line. At jogging speed it would take about 63 minutes to run 15.36 km.
  2. -Gews-

    Serious question about combat logging..

    Nope, that's way too short. Even if you sprinted towards an enemy the instant they DC'd, you still would not be able to reach someone that was only 75 meters away before he disappeared. Most combat logging seems to happen when someone is trapped in a building or hidden behind some other kind of cover. Can you reach them in only 10 seconds? You probably don't even realize they're logging off inside their room. Longer is better. It used to be 30 seconds. But even better is a decent basic time, plus a much longer combat timer when certain actions have occurred nearby/recently, such as shots fired, damage taken, etc.
  3. DayZ is unbalanced but the night vision goggles are particularly so, and I think they don't really add much of value to the game either, just lets you kill essentially helpless people. Apart from that famous "Predator" trolling video. My solution would be to find the goggles during the day and pwn scrubs at night. They removed the L85 thermal sight from the mod for balance purposes and the night vision goggles are arguably worse than this, if the target can't see you at all. They could "improve" them by making them much worse: can't aim down sights (use an IR laser instead), grainy, limited range, etc... On the other hand, it's DayZ. And that Predator situation will always be cool.
  4. -Gews-

    How is height measured?

    That's not height. Your height is 509.688 m above sea level.
  5. -Gews-

    The real reason why there won't be a Roadmap...

    Well, we already have been given several roadmaps, the problem is they got thrown in the toilet too. Actually worth it honestly
  6. -Gews-

    Nespesney just quit DayZ...

    I was told Peter Nespesny is the 5th lead designer to move on from DayZ...
  7. -Gews-

    Nespesney just quit DayZ...

    So who replaces him, and are they continuing with the same design goals? Please don't tell me we'll get some PS4/Xbox-oriented guy with a lot of ideas of broader appeal, arcade-fun mechanics and streamlining taking his place (lol).
  8. -Gews-

    Could we get working wrist watches in the game, please.

    To keep things realistic, half the time the player must find a battery, and most of the time the player needs to set the watch to the correct time himself.
  9. The problem is that this would make it even more "in your face" that there's an "artificial" light source attached to you.
  10. -Gews-

    Engine models' similarity in all vehicles

    Found a pic of the Civilian Van (Skoda 1203) engine.
  11. -Gews-


    Piece by piece...
  12. -Gews-

    Why is it so difficult to drive?

    Here's one from Reddit just today (lol)
  13. -Gews-

    Why is it so difficult to drive?

    I don't have A3 installed but I remember I specifically enjoyed the offroad pickup and kart. The sedans were crap, turned too jerkily. You could slide the pickup pretty well, which is nice for adjusting when you only have WASD to control it, and the kart is a kart. It's not much of a driving simulator but it was a big improvement on A2. Not looking at the entire car config, but DayZ actually has the proper gear ratios input IIRC. Not that this means it works correctly.
  14. -Gews-

    Why is it so difficult to drive?

    I disagree, ARMA 3 driving has been a lot better than what I experience in DayZ. I got pretty good, I think, at driving the pickups in KOTH, entering Kavala at near 200 km/h and sliding around the streets. In DayZ I just avoid vehicles altogether. Btw, ARMA 3 does indeed have engine RPMs, torque curve, etc. Somewhat more advanced than it appears on the surface. A lot of A3 vehicles sucked, but some were pretty nice. It depends on their config. But they can work very nicely, and DayZ I haven't experienced that. And I don't expect to see DayZ kart-racing anytime soon. Feels a lot more "authentic", or whatever, than DayZ, simply because I can actually decently control my vehicles. Of course, it would be nice to have both, but having good control of the vehicle, is to me is more important than having manual transmission mechanics. By the way, sure it has the manual gear-shift mechanics, but DayZ driving really isn't very authentic in the end. Proof? Plug in a wheel, and prepare to cry...