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    No Face Hitbox

    Saw this one posted to the DayZ subreddit. Seen a looot of complaints about these helmets but not yet such an explicit demonstration.
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    No Face Hitbox

    It doesn't, helmets are currently only visual. Helmet is an item that applies protection to the entire head. Helmet model doesn't exist to the bullet, only its damage reduction.
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    Unpopular Opinion

    "Czech independent games developer Bohemia Interactive, has recently acquired a decommissioned T-72 Main Battle Tank. The tank has been stationed at the one of the studio's offices." (jk, jk)
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    Thoughts on QnA Dev. Stream yesterday

    Crossbow is easy-peasy, it's just like a gun, only needs animations. And look, the mod doesn't even have its own animations (but remember modders can't do animations yet anyways). Someone can do that crossbow mod easily. Bow is hard because it's not like a gun. Bow wasn't great before, janky, a little better than some gave credit for. But apparently they want to make it, for example, pulling back more = more power. Or some stuff like that. Needs its own code.
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    Why is it so difficult to drive?

    Automobiles first introduced to DayZ in 2014, still flying into the sky and suffering undriveable lag or desync in 2019. For some reason I didn't have any unreasonable problems in ARMA 3 even sliding my pickup through cities at up to 150, 200 km/h or however fast it goes on the high-pop KOTH servers. But DayZ SA the vehicles seem almost unfixable? (Of course sometimes ARMA 3 has its small issues too)
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    No Face Hitbox

    It's proved right above you. Lead Designer Peter Nespesny (/u/psychotron42) says in the reddit post: "Helmets nor vest never has any fire geometry when attached to a player character" and "damage system tells that head hit zone is protected with helmet and damage to the zone is lowered accordingly". He also says "both issues are on our to-do list". So in fact, the truth is that there is no helmet hitbox, and that equipping a helmet simply reduces damage to your character's entire head. For the time being.
  7. -Gews-

    No Face Hitbox

    More info and apparently these issues described are on the fix list. So it's quite true, as in the video, there's no ability to shoot a "weak spot" at the unprotected face right now as helmet equipped protects entire head and brain (again as seen in video, even then helmet protection values can use a lot of lowering).
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    No Face Hitbox

    From u/psychotron42 in response to Halfblood's Reddit post: Which doesn't tell us much of anything, we already know there is no specific "face hitbox", Halfblood is obviously referring to the portion of the head hitbox that is not covered by the helmet model (the portion of the character model which contains the eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, chin and forehead commonly being referred to as the "face"). Previously this "face" was shootable and helmeted folks shot there died. Organs all deactivated + bullet health damage dropped to just 1/3 of initial 1.0 levels also explains much elsewhere too...
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    No Face Hitbox

    Video maker @Halfblood informs us also that bullet damage, at least against players, no longer drops off. In older versions of DayZ, the bullet damage decreased over distance as the rounds slowed down. Same thing in ARMA 2, ARMA 3. Same thing even in unrealistic Battle Royale games like PUBG. I mean, even the likes of Apex and Fortnite have this on their weapons. But apparently (I'll trust Halfblood's on this one) the DayZ devs, when overriding the old damage system, didn't code this feature in! gg!
  10. I was wondering how many of the avid DayZforum users of 2012 are still playing DayZ in 2016, either standalone or mod. Many people who once posted daily now don't post at all. Some well-known communities have long since broken up or disappeared (e.g. Balota Buddies). Here's the list of members with over 3,000 posts who joined before January 1, 2013 (minus me): OrLoK Fraggle Steak and Potatoes boneboys Inception Hetstaine kichilron Mos1ey smasht DemonGroover Derpy_Hooves gibonez Max_Planck Michaelvoodoo25 dallas applejaxc Maxgor Darryl Dixon Covance enforcer1975 Katana67 Rage VG ☣BioHaze☣ GOD™ -Macabre- sausagekingofchicago TheCreeper colekern leviski Are you guys still roaming Chernarus?
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    A new modelling section? That "Start the first topic" button is too tempting. Small-bore rifle, made in Blender 2.79a with subdivision techniques, high-poly model. Next step, low-poly model...
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    Do a BattleRoyale

    No, he didn't ask for a Battle Royale game, he asked for a Battle Royale mode for DayZ. This is DayZ suggestions subform. There was an big battle royale called the "Survivor GameZ" promoted by Bohemia themselves but it was a special event for streamers. Build a Twitch fan base and you too can join. I don't think they will be adding any battle royale mode. Not happening. I'm sure someone will make a mod, though.
  13. -Gews-

    Do a BattleRoyale

    This is the PC section of the DayZ forums, Vigor is a different game on a different platform. They don't plan on bringing it to PC so it might as well be as far removed from DayZ as Fortnite, PUBG or Apex Legends.
  14. -Gews-

    The best pistol for you

    For all I know this might be the correct answer. I didn't check myself, but I've heard Fidov didn't balance his guns against vanilla weapons, so his Makarov ammo is more powerful than the Mosin...
  15. I'm not a fan of the inky black night, yes, it might be fun occasionally, but 99% of the time I have zero interest in wandering around with a flashlight only able to see a short distance. That type of gameplay is not what I play DayZ for. At all. And if I don't have any light? Bahaha. Forget it. And simply watch the servers empty as it turns black. But "personal night light" is a terrible solution. Why keep introducing silly stuff? Just do the moon compromise like we had before. This is a perfectly playable darkness under the old full moon, open field (also note how it's the original ARMA greyscale night, compare to the the crappy-looking, unrealistic saturated-colours night that replaced it). You could even go a lot darker and remain playing no problem. And this is an unacceptable darkness: But no personal night lights please. So far the process has gone like so: too dark. Add full moon. Remove full moon. Too dark. Add... "personal night light"? What a workaround!
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    DeSpawn to Respawn CHEATERS!

    On PC I only play the "private hives" and there's either zero hopping or limited hopping and if you could catch it you could often report to server admins. But Xbox it's of course only the public hive. And devs said no plans for private servers on Xbox. Ghosting and hopping problem has been around since DayZ existed, but it's always been ignored, the most that's been done is lengthy respawn timer, which isn't much (and has been greatly reduced).
  17. -Gews-

    DeSpawn to Respawn CHEATERS!

    Why not, though? This is a design choice. They could have made characters server-locked, or created a more advanced spawn system in an attempt to prevent or mitigate ghosting. But there's nothing along these lines.
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    That's not the way it works on any forum I've been a part of, nor would it, in my opinion, be beneficial to discussion and debate. Eg: User "Bamb3eKill0r" makes thread asking for full-auto modes and hunting scope on pistols. I try to reply, but find he's blocked me for shooting down his previous "spawn with M107" idea. No thank you.
  19. ARMA and DayZ have always been known for relatively realistic combat and ballistics. Unfortunately, thanks to recent changes, DayZ no longer has any form of 'realistic' ballistic values. This needs to be fixed. I noticed some weird values in the projectile config and going through, I realized that DayZ's realistic ballistics have been changed into complete nonsense! Here are some examples: 1. Shotgun pellets have a muzzle velocity of 350 metres per second, but even if you point the gun high up in the air, the pellets hit the ground after only 75 m due to crazy airFriction SIX TIMES higher than realistic. 2. The 7.62x54R has an airFriction that is over SEVEN TIMES higher than the .308 Winchester. 3. The 7.62x39 has an airFriction that is over SIX TIMES higher than the 5.45x39. 4. The 9x19mm has an airFriction that is over DOUBLE that of the .22 LR. All of these are brand new values, so it's not like they changed the .308 and left the 7.62x54R alone, and that's the reason for the difference. Nope, both were changed but one was given seven times higher airFriction. Those are just some of the most obvious examples. Almost every single round has incorrect ballistics. What makes this more annoying is that they already had decent values. Way back in patch 0.34 they fixed many of the incorrect placeholder ballistics. It seems with patch 0.63 they've gone and unfixed them! To be fair, I don't know if they've changed how this part of the engine works. That being said, there is no engine in which you give a 7.62x54R SEVEN TIMES higher airFriction than a .308 Winchester. The shotgun pellets DO ONLY GO ABOUT 75 METRES, which roughly matching my calculations that are based on how the game worked before. So I'm going to make the assumption that the ballistics works more or less the same, and that whoever put these new values in made some big mistakes. [EDIT] Did testing, confirmed airFriction works the same as it always has. Suspicion was correct. See reply below. Based on the above assumption, here are three crazy facts about 0.63 ballistics: Fact 1. At 2,000 metres the .308 Winchester would still carry half its energy. In real life it loses half by 350 m! Fact 2. Buckshot pellets would lose half their energy after travelling 3-4 body lengths (only 6 to 7 metres). Fact 3. At 1,000 metres the 5.56x45 would have over FOUR TIMES the energy of the much larger and more powerful 7.62x54R. To show how bad the changes are, here's a graph which compares predictions for the 5.56x45 in 0.62, the 5.56x45 in real life... and the 5.56 in DayZ 0.63. I have no idea how they came up with these values, most of which are pretty specific. For example, .357 Magnum at -0.000599. Wow, -0.000599 instead of simply -0.0006. We're talking a small percent of one percent of difference there. I can tell the devs did some research for the initial muzzle velocities and weights, but not always thoroughly. For example, the 5.45x39 has been given initSpeed/typicalSpeed of 880. Well, that's the nominal velocity out at 25 metres from a test barrel. Someone looked that up, either Google or checking ARMA 3. But the bullet starts at the muzzle, not at 25 metres, and from the weapon's muzzle it should be 900 or more. Here are some values I came up with, which are fairly realistic. Some of these could be further fine-tuned, and I will add missing rounds like 9x39 later. SUGGESTED VALUES Ammo type, initspeed/typicalspeed, airFriction 12 gauge 00 buckshot, 404, -0.008 12 gauge slug (Brenneke), 415, -0.005 5.45x39, 900, -0.00117 (for 7N10) 5.45x39, 900, -0.00125 (for 7N6) 5.56 NATO, 940, -0.00124 (for SS109) .308 Win, 853, -0.00101 7.62x54R, 845*, -0.00096 7.62x39, 730✝, -0.00144 9x19mm, 360, -0.0023 .45 ACP, 260, -0.0008 .22 LR, 380, -0.0025 .357 Magnum, 445**, -0.0026 *average of Mosin/SVD **compromise value of revolver/carbine ✝compromise of various weapons Feedback tracker: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T133383 Related thread from 2014: https://forums.dayz.com/topic/157148-correcting-sa-ballistics/
  20. -Gews-

    DayZ ballistics have been ruined!

    The OP is whiny and condescending, but was reacting to some quite nonsensical changes. They may care, or may not. In any case, they don't have the time to spend, nor do they care to the extent, that some obsessives do. I'll always point out where it can be improved. Not sure why this annoys you, pretty common stuff in ARMA forums or other similar games.
  21. -Gews-

    DayZ ballistics have been ruined!

    Clearly it doesn't bother you whether it's realistic, semi-realistic or unrealistic, so I don't see why you'd be bothered either way. It seems the devs currently wish these numbers to be realistic, having gone to the effort to base them on ballistic tables from a Czech ammunition manufacturer. Unfortunately they didn't spot the instances where the manufacturer has provided incorrect numbers, so I'm pointing them out. I will probably make a separate thread re: 1.0150408 tweaks and changes. I consider such dismissive responses as trolling. It's not even providing an argument against such changes. Adds nothing to the discussion.
  22. -Gews-

    DayZ ballistics have been ruined!

    It doesn't rely on those physics. Separate system from physics items. I agree. Who is this OP to complain about stuff or give constructive criticism? If he doesn't like their numbers he should not say anything and make a mod for it, or alternatively, acquire funds and attempt to set up his own game studio.
  23. -Gews-

    DayZ ballistics have been ruined!

    So, the ballistics are now closer than before, a couple are good to go, but many are still worse than they were in 0.62. A couple of the values are a little odd, as well. For example, the 7.62x54R is now set to 790 m/s. Why this odd 790 m/s, when Wikipedia (not always accurate but most people's first go-to) clearly says the PKM is "officially" 825 m/s, SVD is 830, and Mosin is 865? Acting on a hunch, today I checked the website of Czech ammunition manufacturer Sellier & Bellot; I believe they have based their new ballistics on the figures given on S&B's website. Two problems with this: Problem 1: low-quality data Unfortunately (like many manufacturers) S&B figures are not particularly accurate themselves. You can tell by comparing to other reliable sources and finding large discrepancies for the same type of bullet. For example, they claim their .45 ACP has a ballistic coefficient of 0.093. Way too low. Every other manufacturer gives significantly higher. Nothing special about S&B bullets, simply a bad number. It's going to be more like 0.19. Another example of bad data: they claim their .223 55 grain FMJ has a ballistic coefficient of 0.300. Too high! Should be more like 0.24 (and their tables give an even higher result than 0.300! The ballistic coefficient figures S&B give sometimes do not match to the velocities given in their tables, either). This bad data is partly a result of insufficient testing at short range. Can't make truly accurate ballistics off it. Problem 2: inappropriate loadings It's weird for military SVDs and PKMs to be using 174 grain Sellier & Bellot civilian ammo. The largest source for 7.62x54R ammo is military, and military surplus. It just makes way more sense to model the properties of the standard military/surplus rounds than that of a certain S&B target ammo which uses a much heavier lead-core bullet. Coincidentally (don't place much importance on eye candy) this is what is shown on the 7.62x54R box—military steel core light ball—and not coincidentally, this is how it used to be—ballistics from 0.34 to 0.62 were accurate for standard steel core light ball. Another example would be the 5.56 ballistics set (or intended to be set—it's not correct) for 55-grain ammo. As mentioned above most all nations use 62-grain ammo since the 1980s as this is the NATO standard.
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    DayZ ballistics have been ruined!

    New experimental update, new ballistics tweaks. Review! Won't bother typing it all again so:
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    Retexturing the Great Helm

    This is just a text file, you're looking at a binarised version. Can't apply motorcycle helmet's maps to great helm. There's a examples of ARMA super shader rvmat and how to use on this page as well as previous link: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Super_shader You want to point to great helm's _nohq, _smdi, _as maps in the appropriate stages, change specular, specularPower and in Stage6 the fresnel values, and for a world map you want to replace ARMA 3 environment map with "dz\data\data\env_land_co.paa" in Stage7.