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  1. GoverningNick

    13-15 DayZ Orgins (US)

    As you can see in the title, I'm forming a DayZ Orgins group. We will have objectives and work towards them. Just so you know, I am a brony, some want me to put that out there, My skype is GoverningNick. If you join, have fun!
  2. GoverningNick

    Chernaruse Squad (13-16) (US)

    May, may take a while, and it says tell me the loot retard.
  3. Hello! You have hopefully clicked on this because you wanted to join this squad, no? Well here we follow something we call CHAPS. Cars are only taken with permission, Helos only for me and predetermined others. Help may not be ready instantly. Assholes get kicked out. Please tell me all loot you find. Shut up about Harlem Shake. So there are the basics, as of now I only have a completely vanilla littlebird, thanks to the awesome admins. So it will take a while to get geared but it should work. If you want to join contact me on skype as GoverningNick.
  4. GoverningNick

    Looking for people age 12 - 16 to play with.

    Hey Miles! Remember me? Add me on skype mate!
  5. Name: Nick Age: 14 Location: USA Skype: GoverningNick Mic?: Yes, Turtle Beach X12s. Island?: I run well on anything other than Tavi and Chern, my computer hates both for some reason. Why join?: Well, I don't want to gloat. I like to shoot, I have a bit of trouble with snipers, I have great luck with surviving things and looting, and I have United Operations pilot and vehicle training. Bandit or Hero: I switch between the two, some servers hero, some bandit.
  6. GoverningNick

    DayZ Suggestion (Small Ingame Stories 'Easter Eggs?')

    I just want this to happen, to be wandering on a road to see a house, look into the house and see a dead man in a chair, shotgun in his lap, and his brains on the wall.
  7. The "wasteland" you are talking about in the north is probably the debug plains, to do this it would require a small update that would replace the map texture, but the map was designed for missions around the area, not smooth rolling hills.
  8. Welcome, to the creation of the Sons of the Downfall (Group name is WIP) Here, we follow simple rules. 1. Follow Orders 2. Shoot only with orders to do so 3. There are assigned pilots/drivers 4. Must have decent frame rates, no one can shoot running 7 frames 5. Must tell CO about what you see/find Now we have the basics. Being extremely immature will get you a free kick out. Same goes with racism, watermelon jokes are fine, but if you pull in slurs will get you a free kick out too. If you want to join please contact me on skype at GoverningNick
  9. GoverningNick

    Group Recruitment, Ages 13-15, Skype

    Thanks Inception, I am 14, athiest that does not approve of /r/athiesm, fox news, I play the class on TF2 that needs to be classed, and I love flying blackhawks wihout their tail rotor for fun.
  10. GoverningNick

    Tell us about your most recent kills!

    Just happened on Panthera, my friend killed a Shilka driver and we were sorting the loot of the mtvr and shilka (convoy) and we hear a UAZ. I hop into the gunner seat turn around to hear him yelling "Friendly Friednly" I put 90 AZP-130(?) shots into the side of the UAZ, thing moved 15 feet to its right and instantly blew up. Thanks for the M107 with no ammo Tryan!
  11. I am parking the Shilka in the woods as I type this. My friend Iggy and I have found an amazing private Pathera hive. We are looking for members and have guns and shit ready to go. Contact me on Skype: GoverningNick. We do not have a base as of now, we are searching for base supplies. The server is calpis Panthera.
  12. GoverningNick

    Bandit passion

  13. GoverningNick

    Treasure and Money

    Fallout 3 is best one
  14. GoverningNick


    I want this with a train. Now to get my top hat and monocle.
  15. GoverningNick

    New Water ideas

    Or purification tablets, they are actually common at sporting stores in the camping section