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  1. THEGordonFreeman

    Experimental Update 1.0150627

    This is the third post I've seen on reddit that talks about persistence still wiping bases since the "workaround". I am just reporting this reddit thread as it seems persistence is still not working.
  2. THEGordonFreeman

    Stable Update 1.01

    Anecdotal reports of bases and tents continue to wipe. And for those that believe the Devs were under pressure from BI Management.... From the 11/6/18 Status Report: Are you pressured from the Bohemia management to go for the release? There is pressure of course, that's a natural part of game development. We've just spent five years in Early Access. That said, Bohemia Interactive is a privately owned company under no pressure from external investors. It is our decision to meet our deadline, and there are no business people standing behind our backs forcing us to do it. Bohemia is a family of like-minded people who want to make games without publishers calling the shots. https://forums.dayz.com/topic/240625-status-report-6-november-2018/
  3. THEGordonFreeman

    Stable Update 1.01

    I'm curious.... is BI aware this is a RELEASED game and not EA? Why are they reworking the Inventory UI now? Why are they releasing Stable builds that are more broken than the previous. Zombies glitch through doors and fences like crazy. You can enter a base STILL with the plank exploit? You can't even build a base correctly half of the time because you don't get the options, and you can still easily tear down and access a base in 5 seconds flat. Not to mention that cars are nerfed as hell. If persistence breaks you lose 30 minutes of work. No matter how good performance is, you now have a release that is literally and figuratively WORSE than before. Seriously, What the hell?
  4. THEGordonFreeman

    Stable Update 1.01

    Am I missing something? Why can't I see the hotbar on the main screen? I only see it on the inventory screen. Is this by design?
  5. THEGordonFreeman

    Experimental Update 1.0150505

    or trolled, jury's still out on that. According to reports here, If the persistence is only saving every 30 minutes and a crash occurs, that's 30 minutes of work lost IF it automatically recovers. That is what they call "A workaround". A work around actually overcomes a problem or issue. This doesn't even qualify for that as someone STILL loses stuff when a crash occurs. This is simply to buy time. I'd like to hear where people actually were working on a base and rolled back to a save 30 minutes old and see how happy they will be about those results. Is this an effort of trying...sure. But it's real design is to BUY TIME. Something they gave up when blowing through a one month BETA phase for no reason and going straight to release. Hell, it is not even the expectation set forth by BI in no way shape or form. From the KEY FEATURES section on the DayZ Steam Page: You cannot truly have a persistent open-world experience without the "persistent" part working FLAWLESSLY. Played three solid days in Ylands (a BI title in EA) and it never failed. Played a couple of weeks in Atlas and it's still EA, and it works FLAWLESSLY. We even have 4 Atlas servers using ONE database on ONE server using REDIS. And the bigger hives have as many as 200+ servers all talking to ONE REDIS DATABASE! How's that for stability? If the information released by those testing this is true, then it's just a step better, but it's not fixed and it's certainly NOT a workaround.
  6. THEGordonFreeman

    Experimental Update 1.0150505

    Would it be too much to ask what the plan for the permanent fix is? I mean, it's not like this is the single biggest factor in having, I don't know, a persistent world.
  7. THEGordonFreeman

    Experimental Update 1.0150505

    @ImpulZ Since I don't see any mention of Persistence in Notes, are you guys saying the "workaround" puts the issue to bed?
  8. THEGordonFreeman

    Experimental Update 1.0150408

    A few of us called it that we would be delivered a half-monkey’d workaround. That is bullshit. So people can lose 30 minutes of work? That is not even a workaround. If anyone loses anything it’s still fucked. I’ve been playing the shit out of Atlas. Guess what? I haven’t lost a damn thing on any of our servers. Nothing. It just fucking works. Played Ylands a few days ago. This is a BI title, now. Over the course of three days didn’t lose anything. How can the same company make persistence work well in one title in EA and have it utterly fucked in a much larger FULLY RELEASED title? Persistence should just work. This wouldn’t have been an issue had you guys had a REAL BETA phase. But oh well. That’s where the other half of the monkey ended up.
  9. THEGordonFreeman

    Experimental Update 1.0150408

    Exactly as I feared. This is a no-go. I'm not even kidding.
  10. THEGordonFreeman

    Status Report - January 2019

    So what does hindsight tell you about the one month beta mistake?
  11. THEGordonFreeman

    Status Report - January 2019

    ^^^^^^^THIS.... SO MUCH THIS!^^^^^^ and persistence!
  12. THEGordonFreeman

    Status Report - January 2019

    I understand what you are saying; however, you are neglecting the elephant in the room. the ONE MONTH BETA. That, by far, was the biggest faux pas development has made. Missing deadlines, promising this feature or that, cutting this feature or that, was NOTHING compared to having Beta for one month. All of the other could have been handled better, but you guys are missing what the community is truly upset about. The fact that you were in EA for years, and you had a one month beta, then went straight to release... ARBITRARILY, if we are to believe what Eugene has said that the Dev team were under no obligation or duress to do so, that it was a "team" decision. If that is to be believed, then THAT decision was the biggest blunder, everything else is window dressing. There is no way in hell, no way IN HELL, that kind of decision gets made on other projects by other software development houses and someone doesn't get fired twice from their position. The laundry list of major game breaking bugs that SHOULD NOT have been there had you had a real BETA phase is too long for me to recap, but the number one item on that list is PERSISTENCE. There is literally no excuse for not dealing with that prior to going full release. You guys have known about it since at least .62, it was reported again, and again DURING THE ONE MONTH BETA, and you did nothing to fix it. Zilch. Zero. Nada. Eugene said you were not aware of it and you couldn't reproduce it in house. I'm sorry, I don't buy that. It was reported on the bug tracker since .62 was released. It was posted on social media and on the DayZ twitter, and in the very forums and on reddit. It became the hot button issue almost immediately when Beta hit, and NOTHING was done. You still went full release. Persistence is an advertised feature on your steam page and it's broken. How could this not be the single most important issue to resolve before full release.... oh, that's right, BETA was ONLY a month long... right, right. There are a lot of things I could say about that and the 'WHY' ultimately, it'd be speculation on my part, but I will say this. By not talking about things, you have gone the opposite direction, you don't have to be specific, you can be open without spoiling things. Right now, I refer you to Dead Matter. Those guys are developing their product IN TANDEM with their community. I have seen few development teams willing to do that. They don't give away the store, but they talk daily with their backers and people that just want to know what's up. And they tell people straight, like if an idea sucks or not, or is just not right for their game. They don't beat about the bush. That kind of honesty is refreshing and frankly, they won't have a pissed off community because feature A didn't make it in their game, or feature B got nerfed. They have been open and told the community long before expectations got out of whack. Having trouble filling those servers up on Exp.? Yeah, closing them down was smart but telling, the community is no longer willing to test when it was plainly obvious from the one month beta, that whatever internal testing that was done was INADEQUATE. Eugene said you couldn't hire enough people to test this kind of game. And he asked the community for help.... funny enough, two people on one server were able to expose a problem in persistence after about an hour of messing with it. Managing expectations is nice and all, but being open and willing to provide information and engaging the community to talk about these things OPENLY would do way more for your credibility and restore trust and willingness to want to help in Exp. As was seen by Eugene asking for specific help.... be OPEN. I want DayZ to succeed. I want you guys to deliver a great experience, but shutting off the community at this critical time and completely ignoring glaring concerns and issues is not going help, it's just going to further divide us. Not being forthcoming with REAL straight answers is also not conducive to trust. You guys have a credibility problem right now within your own community. You should own up to it and make it right.
  13. THEGordonFreeman

    Status Report - January 2019

    Our crew and community have been DayZ patriots since early 2014, after the decision to cut Beta short and release the game with non-working persistence as a full release, well, that was the last straw. We have moved on to Atlas, which funny enough has working persistence, epic base building, and seriously fun ship battles. And our hosted servers don't crash. It reminds us of DayZ alot, only it works with fewer glitches. I can't accept what we have in DayZ , none of our community can, actually. Like so many other long time members of this community, we have moved on, maybe DayZ will be something one day, we will continue to watch, but as much as I have personally worked toward bringing Persistence to the forefront over the last several months, and warned everyone that without persistence, the game is toast, the numbers don't lie, total number of players continue to tank, and dedicated communities continue to close. I suggest Atlas as a really fun diversion, it will remind you how great DayZ could be.... one day.
  14. THEGordonFreeman

    Status Report - January 2019

    I'm glad to hear you are working on persistence, but in this status report, I didn't really learn anything new.
  15. THEGordonFreeman

    Stable Update 1.0.150192

    I apologize for the incoming wall of text, but I have a lot to say about this comment and persistence in general. First of all, persistence is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE. Without it, DayZ fails...period. Bases and storing gear in a persistent world is what really made the mod popular when it was added. SA was built from the beginning with persistence in mind, it's in the DNA of this game, hell they even market it as a persistent world. As can be seen by community and server owners without persistence working properly, there is no game loop, and therefore, players will not spend time playing the game other than playing call of duty mods for it. In short, the game is broken in a way that cannot be fixed without properly working persistence. Regarding CFTools, I'm sure it's great for the less than 30 percent of DayZ server owners that have root access to their servers that can use it. The majority of server owners do not have that luxury. It is a cheat, a workaround of the issue. In nearly everyone of these discussions we hear someone mention CFTools or get good admins that do backups every 30 seconds, or whatever. It's all excuses and doesn't resonate with server owners that just want to play the game correctly and build their communities accordingly. So all CFTools does is MASKING the problem, it doesn't correct it. In short, great for the few who can use it, the rest will continue to work with BI to fix the issue as it affects a greater portion of the DayZ community. After saying all that, BI finally acknowledged that the problem is not just because of crashes, a regular, normal restart will cause the issue as well. We have been saying this for a long time, but once again, they say they have no data to look at the issue. So they acknowledge it, but say they have no data. They have a ton of official servers that the problem will happen on, and they have no data. Think about that as you read this tweet conversation...