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  1. Sorry to interrupt the beautiful images contained herein, but as population comes back, you and your friends are welcome to play with us, or against us anytime you wish. Hope all is well.
  2. Stamina

  3. names of friends overhead

  4. names of friends overhead

    Thanks for proving my point. Nonsense.
  5. names of friends overhead

    I'm glad the forum/thought police showed up. But my question stands.... why would anyone want to do this? just because you can do something doesn't make it a great idea.
  6. names of friends overhead

    Why would ANYONE want to do this? Why can't people just go play COD and let DayZ be a more realistic survival simulator. Stop this nonsense.

    Come one.... Come All!

    Big Event TONIGHT! Get geared and come to Southeast Quadrant of map. Watch Server messages for details.
  9. The server is often raining, how to cancel

    My intention is to disable the rain completely for now. It's always raining on our server...sick of it. Once they get things fixed, we will just let the default go, but for now, it's kinda rediculous.
  10. [TMI] The Misfit Inc are Recruiting| 25+ YO|Mature Gamers

    We are looking for older gamers that want to join a community of like-minded players. If you have any coding skills or are familiar with modding in Arma and are over 25 years old, we are definitely looking for you. Many in our group have been around for 3 or 4 years, we play together, laugh together, and are basically one big online family. Come check us out.... https://discord.gg/VN8KEnS

    Our event will be taking place in the SouthEast Quadrant of the map. More information will be given during the event.
  12. The server is often raining, how to cancel

    Which file are you guys editing? I have the same problem.

    Come help us break our server this Saturday Night @ 9 PM CST. The event will be in the SouthEast section of the map. Get geared and bring your A-Game!
  14. [TMI] The Misfit Inc are Recruiting| 25+ YO|Mature Gamers

    We have an event coming up this Saturday Night. If you are 25+ and would like to join a group of older gamers growing a multi-game community, you've found your home. We don't do drama, we play games to leave life's drama. Use this Discord Invite and give us a try.... https://discord.gg/VN8KEnS
  15. [TMI] The Misfit Inc are Recruiting| 25+ YO|Mature Gamers

    Our 25+ YO rule is a hard rule, we are looking for the older, wiser folks who understand the meaning of LEAVE DRAMA AT THE DOOR. We don't do it. So, if you are tired of the same ol', same ol' we're a fun group looking to build our membership and develop a one of a kind DayZ experience. We have awesome events Saturday Night, come and be a part of a friendly mature gaming community. Discord invite in the first post.