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  1. Shadow Slayer

    Simple scripting

    This might help. LINK
  2. You can spray disinfectant spray on food to poison it.
  3. Shadow Slayer

    Reducing Multi-Server Exploits

    Yay, now I can lag even more on my poor internet because there's more people! Great idea...
  4. Shadow Slayer

    Food poisoning

    you can't get to healthy status if your sick. So in order to regenerate blood, you need to be cured first.
  5. Shadow Slayer

    Simple ingame fix to KOS

    Why make a solution when there is no problem?
  6. Shadow Slayer

    Finding a Mosin

    Am I the only person who found one in a barrack?
  7. Shadow Slayer

    Discourage career bandits

  8. Actually, if you log when handcuffed, you die on whatever server you join next.
  9. Shadow Slayer

    Looking to start a DayZ Standalone Gang

    Sounds great. If I'm in a clan, can I still join? If you're in need of a teamspeak, I'm sure I could get a few channels in my clan. Also, I know most of the tricks of the SA, so if you need a tutor I'm all in.
  10. Shadow Slayer

    New Player, Looking for group to game with

    Welcome the DayZ! Here my clans post, read if interested: http://forums.dayzgame.com/index.php?/topic/157652-military-type-players-wanted-for-stand-alone/
  11. Shadow Slayer

    Port Forwarding? (Server Interaction Issues)

    Sounds like a bandwith problem. One way to get around this is the re-ping the server (by clicking on it) and if the ping changes by more than 20, find a different one. My internet sucks (low bandwith) and this is how I can sometimes get in a server. EDIT: ALSO: Don't move, it'll lag you further. ALSO ALSO: If your hot bar appears, and you still can't open doors 30 secconds after that, then you are completely disconnected from the server. Leave and find a new one.
  12. Shadow Slayer

    Blood VS Saline.

    I think they should make the saline bags ware off. It's not real blood anyway. This would make blood bags a bit more sought after.
  13. Shadow Slayer

    Where is the danger?

    Currently zombies are only generated from server restart. They plan on adding spawning eventually. For fun, do what everyone else does: Go to the coast and kill or save the newspawns.
  14. Shadow Slayer

    Anyone know what this means?

    You should wait longer before re-joining, as the server was trying to save your data. Or the server may have had some problems connecting to the database and failed to save your character. Either way, this is the server hosters fault. What server was this on? I only play on GameServers because I've never had a problem with them (after my character was reset twice, but with no warning).
  15. Shadow Slayer

    Is it possible to destroy items? (duping)

    You could try dropping it in the ocean or a lake.