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    Cheating you've encountered

    i had a guy that was shooting from the ground. I wouldn't say it was glitching into walls, because he was literally IN the ground, unable for me to see except the tip of the gun, it's a similar noclip hack in WarZ.
  2. mark3236 (DayZ)

    Blood Test Kits In Med Bags.

    Well if you want to talk about realism, everyone knows what their blood type is. I mean, don't you?
  3. mark3236 (DayZ)

    Static Character(s) Until they Die.

    it will be like WarZ all over again. Please don't. A) separate characters per server -> private hives are already like that. Hence the name 'private' B ) multiple characters per account -> worst idea ever. C) Workaround for multiple characters: Steam Family Sharing (but it's in beta, not many people know about it, and.. yeah.)
  4. mark3236 (DayZ)

    There are jerks camping spawn sites

    It was so funny because I gave you beans hence you receiving beans cause it was hilarious.
  5. mark3236 (DayZ)

    If anyone needs to respawn,

    saying "there's a bug" usually results in shielding fans coming at the post saying "It's alpha, devs are tired and they have more important things to fix" so I'm just getting the best out of this bug before they fix it. I always spawn on cherno.
  6. mark3236 (DayZ)

    If anyone needs to respawn,

    I have this assumption that saying "Guys, if you go to this server, you can respawn anytime!" will fix the issue faster than saying "Devs, please fix resetting servers, my character got reseted :( :( :( "
  7. mark3236 (DayZ)

    If anyone needs to respawn,

    go to FR 4-682. (Seriously, these reset servers need to be reported and be forced to change their name to "DO NOT ENTER")
  8. mark3236 (DayZ)

    So.... you snipe people up this safe roof on cherno?

    Two .357 to the head, he didn't feel a thing.
  9. mark3236 (DayZ)

    So.... you snipe people up this safe roof on cherno?

    Well I did feel it was too much of an easy kill. Probably was an amateur bandit looking for fast action :)
  10. mark3236 (DayZ)

    Servers that reset player

    Some servers aren't whitelisted yet which will lead to resetting. I used to frequent those servers when I had no cliffs to fall from, or zombies to hug to respawn, but all those servers went down. Care to tell me which servers you used? :p
  11. First off, yes I know that Naughty Dog is way, way more funded and have more people. Yes, I know making a game like that in a scale of DayZ will require players to load the game every time they move 1km. And yes, I know the genres are quite different and cannot be compared. However, who else just fuckin' LOVED the zombie and skill system? God, even 400 zombies in DayZ couldn't scare me more than one clicker. Sure when I got the flamethrower, it was easy-but before then, wow. Just wow. I know zombies are work in progress and this is 'alpha', I'm not trying to slash this game. But personally, I think the devs should improve zombies in a 'last of us' approach rather than a 'L4D2' approach. I would love to be afraid of zombies like I fear creepers in minecraft or clickers in last of us. And skills. I know it shouldn't be gamebreaking, but I think they should implement it like in the last of us. It shouldn't affect pvp, but when attacking zombies, decreasing infection rate, or if the devs introduce things like clickers and shiv to kill it, increasing the shiv usage time would greatly increase the value of character itself aside from the loot it carries. Just my two cents, don't matter if they implement it or not, I'm no longer a civilian after 3rd of February, so who cares-next time I play it, the game will be past beta :p
  12. mark3236 (DayZ)

    Bodies don't disappear!!!

    i tend to not post screenshots on general discussion
  13. I don't mind kos at all, and never participated in such posts, but I wonder if people have figured out the correlation between combat logging and KOS. I've come across like 5 combat loggers when I tried to hold them up, so I'm thinking about just kos-ing everytime now that bodies don't despawn. Just wondering if people do know that more combat loggers will make the gameplay more hostile.