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  1. Donald Trump

  2. Map Boarders

    Q: Will the actual size of the map ever increase? A: Unfortunately we are limited by the physical size of map that was set at the Chernarus for Arma 2 (15.360km x 15.360 km) long time ago, perhaps in the future we will find a way to extend the border, but right now talking about it too early.
  3. What song are you listening to right now?

    This mashup is great. Woof.
  4. "A trigger is an abstract game entity that will wait until it's condition block returns true, then carry out the On Activation string." e.g., Condition: Player is within 300 m, On Activation: Spawn zombies. A dynamic event can be something like helicopter flying overhead and crashing. So it could be activated via trigger. Or it can be something like the regulated spawns of the police cars, heli crashes, etc.
  5. As I said, it was a while ago that they did not seem to have "DayZ" tag accessible on this search menu.
  6. For example, a few months ago, I want a list of all the feedback tickets for DayZ... okay... Go to feedback.bistudio.com. Click on project "DayZ". Alright, now I have two seemingly relevant options: "Watch Project", and "Advanced Search" for the "Recent Activity". Advanced Search option doesn't seem to provide any useful results, I can "Include Users" or "Include Projects" but no search and doesn't display tickets? Only comments on the tickets? So I guess I go to "Tasks", now there's something called "Maniphest". And it displays the open and closed tasks. Woo! But wait... these are all tasks for ARMA 3. I want the tasks for DayZ. So looking around, hm, let's go to this button up right, titled "Edit Query". Ah, it's an advanced search under a different name! And now I can include tags. Include tags, "Type a project name or function". Yay. I type "DayZ". Hm? This isn't a valid project name? So what do I type to get the DayZ tickets!? Eventually I figured out that to see DayZ tickets I had to add the tag, "Not in: Arma 3". Wow. (Looks like they have since added a DayZ-specific project tag. So there's that, at least.)
  7. My Observations On Various Firearms

    Standard attachments: AKS74U dispersion = 0.00295 (10.1 MOA) AK74 dispersion = 0.0018 (6.2 MOA) Best attachments: AKS74U dispersion = 0.00279 (9.6 MOA) AK74 dispersion = 0.0012 (4.1 MOA) AKS74U may have equal or greater inherent precision but will have a larger dispersion value since it has a smaller sight radius and doesn't accept any optics. But dispersion is too much right now. So-called "AK101" (vestigial mislabelled AK74M) and AKM have only 0.0015 base dispersion, compared to 0.002 for AK74 and 0.003 for AKS74U which doesn't make sense either. IIRC according to some tests it would seem you can consider dispersion value as about equal to extreme spread of average 5-shot groups. For comparison the .380 version have approximately 1/3 higher recoil impulse than the .32. 5.45 mm 7N6 above, .45 ball below. Currently the DayZ .45 has over 150% of the 5.45's base damage, and it's about 90% of the damage of 7.62x39. In ARMA 2 1.62+ and its DayZ mod "blood damage" of these rounds used to be like this (damage of rounds roughly based on energy): .45 ACP = 1389 5.45x39 = 2722 Using DayZ standalone hit values it would have looked like this (damage of rounds roughly based on I don't know): .45 ACP = 4500 5.45x39 = 2880
  8. This map sucks!

    Just keep going.
  9. Melee attack while sprinting

    It's not that bad. It depends on which weapon you are holding as well. Doesn't matter at this point, the entire melee system is being drastically changed/replaced, and we've already been shown previews of the new system.
  10. Checked a few frames for shots. Desync aside, how many of the shots were actually hitting, and how many of those hit arms or weapon?
  11. New Katy Perry MV—"Hey Hey Hey"

    Yesterday Katy Perry released a music video for the song Hey Hey Hey off her album Witness, in which she serves Joan of Arc and Marie Antoinette. Via Instagram: "Hiya. I'm writing you from Miami, prepping my last Witness: The Tour show of 2017. I'm reflecting on a year that has redefined what winning means to me. And the definition of winning for me this year was simply happiness and gratitude. This year has made me more appreciative than ever for my listeners, my KatyCats - whether you've been with me since "I Kissed A Girl" or if you only started to "Swish Swish" with me. I'm humbled that you still give me your nights out to connect with you live all over the world and remind me of the place in your hearts that you hold for all these songs. After a year of peaks and valleys (remember, it's all a journey), I wanted to end 2017 with a fun, triumphant piece of pop candy. Just think of it as a glam little stocking stuffer from me to you. "Hey Hey Hey" is one of my favorite songs from "Witness" and for me, it embodies the fighting spirit I always want you to be able to find within yourself, and to see in me. So ho, ho, ho; and hey, hey, hey; and happy holidays. Yours, Katy"