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  1. Item sizes don't make sense in many cases. I don't think stock and pistol combined should take only 2 slots inside inventory when the pistol alone takes 4. The stock/holster should have to be its own clothing item to give a storage advantage.
  2. Breaking Point?
  3. On one hand, why not, we can carry double-carry sledgehammers, etc. On the other hand, why not two of any projectile weapon? I suppose don't have a real problem with the improvised bow going in melee slot because it is a 'pointed stick' + rope and also in a different class from firearms gameplay-wise. However, the crossbow, no. Not unless the other long guns can also be placed in the second shoulder slot.
  4. It's been over a year without beans, no?
  5. Uh... there are no rack and pinion physics, it's just synced animations. Seems like you misinterpreted this quote: Status Report, 24 January 2017: "About the new player controller - we are finishing network synchronization of our new animation system. The next step will be the ability to control vehicles using the new character. This will be another big change, because now you are controlling the vehicle directly and character inside vehicle is controlled by vehicle simulation. This change will simplify vehicle synchronization and can also introduce some more options for modding." By "response time" I assume you are referring to the delay as the character turns the wheel. I believe that is there to allow users of WASD or arrow keys to drive a bit more smoothly (in theory). From ARMA 3 devs: "[. . .] pressing turn keys gradually turns the steering wheel, which prevents over-steering the vehicle." If I understand correctly, you have assumed the player gives the input "steer" to his character, and the character then steers the car's wheel, and that is the reason for the delayed steering—but that's not the case. Hopefully the end result is more controllable. A party bus is supposed to be fun!
  6. Your OCD will love to know that 'pristine' items in DayZ often spawn with a significant amount of wear and tear on them, with no way to tell. Heh.
  7. Some info on buckshot: Buckshot currently has the following stats: hit = 6 hitShockHead = 20000; hitShock = 400; hitBlood = -200; hitHealth = -200; bleedChance = 2; airFriction = -0.00096; initSpeed = 404; So first off, hit value, the main damage figure. It sits just above the .380 ACP. The 'standard' American ballistics for .380 FMJ are 95 gr, .355" bullet at 955 ft/s from a 3.75" test barrel, the muzzle energy is 192 ft lb. A single pellet of 00 buckshot (.33" diametre) weighs about 54 gr and gives a nominal 1,325 ft/s from a 30" test barrel, for 210 ft lbs of energy. They both have adequate penetration (20+ inches in bare gelatin). So, the damage value is placed appropriately relatively speaking, maybe a bit high, but it has less hitBlood (-200) and slightly less hitShock (-400) than regular bullets, which (all except the .22 LR) have -500. The hitShockHead and bleedChance values are the same. So with those complicating factors it's tough to say. The main problems: The airFriction is too low, it's a copy-paste, probably unintentional, from the 7.62x54R. So this gives the DayZ buckshot a G1 ballistic coefficient of around .45 over 50 m... for comparison the .308 M80 (real life) is about .39, the 5.56 SS109 is about .30, etc... pretty silly (edit: for comparison, real life 00 buckshot would be approximately 0.04 G1, although that drag model is not appropriate). The airFriction for a 00 buckshot pellet should actually be around -0.008! A pellet of buckshot is the ballistic equivalent of a Wiffle ball. Lead round balls bleed off their speed horribly. At 50 m a 00-size pellet starting at 1,325 ft/s has lost well over half its energy. That will lower downrange damage in DayZ, but since that's based on v/v0 and not (v/v0)² it won't be too terrible. Patterning: the old rule of thumb is that buckshot spreads at 1" per yard. Like most rules of thumb it's just a very rough estimate and the actual patterns depend on the type of buckshot, the gun, choke, etc. Rule of thumb tends towards the larger sizes at typical distances (25 yards or less). Anyways, for comparative purposes, one inch per yard comes out to 1.59 degrees. The shotguns in DayZ have a 3 degree spread (6 degrees for the sawn-off IZH43). Within the typical effective range, the outside dimensions of the patterns are significantly larger than real life, particularly for the sawn-off version. Here's one test of various makes by Shooting Illustrated But shotguns in DayZ have a semi-fixed pattern and fire 11 pellets (as opposed to the standard 9-pellet, 2-3/4" 00 load). The DayZ pattern consists of one central pellet and two rings. The outer ring has six pellets and the inner ring, four. The impacts are fairly evenly spaced. Not very realistic and needs extra consideration. Here's an example pattern placed on a running figure. The left pattern is the spread of MP133s and the full-sized IZH43 at 25 m. The right pattern is the spread of the sawn-off IZH43 at 25 m, or the spread of the other three shotguns at 50 m. After a certain range the outer six pellets are completely useless, but the inner five stay useful to a good range. The shotgun has a large dispersion (which is a separate value from that which dictates pattern size), so the central pellet is not accurate (3 foot circle at 100 yards). However, that's still accurate enough to have a good chance of using that pellet to hit an exposed target at surprising distances, if you aim.
  8. Trump Returns To Campaign Trail After A Month In Office Never let it be said that President Trump waits until the last minute. With just 1,354 days until the next presidential election, Mr. Trump kicked off his re-election campaign here on Saturday with a boisterous, sign-waving, slogan-chanting, patriotic-song-singing rally that lacked only an opponent to run against. Gathering thousands of cheering supporters inside an airport hangar, Mr. Trump put aside the stress of Washington governing and returned to the campaign trail, where he reprised many of the same greatest-hits themes and lines from last year, and drank in the adulation of the crowd. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/18/us/politics/donald-trump-rally-melbourne-florida.html
  9. Hey there! Question for you: where in the files do I find good, solid stat numbers for each weapon in the game? What about ammunition?

    I know where to look for information on clothes, food, etc. but weapons seem to be a bit different.

    1. -Gews-


      They are in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\DayZ\Addons

      The main ones are:

      projectiles.pbo (damage, speed etc)
      weapon_supports.pbo (stocks, handguards, bipod etc)
      weapon_muzzles.pbo (silencers, compensators etc)


    2. Tatanko


      That's what I figured, but last I tried to view any configuration files there I was unable to gather the data I was looking for (but found plenty of other information). Perhaps I just need to look a little harder. Thanks!

    3. Tatanko


      Hey again! One more question: where might I find data on player health? More specifically I am looking to update stat numbers and effects for things like Energy, Hydration, Health, diseases, etc.

  10. The scope is not calibrated for a particular cartridge, the 'zeroing' system automatically calculates the required launch angle for the weapon and range in question. At long ranges the 'zeroing' system may become inaccurate, depending on the cartridge. In this case the slow 7.62x39 ceases to work after 600 m. It should work fine out to 800-1000 m for the faster 5.45x39, 5.56 NATO, and 7.62x54R. Here's an example of the nominal zeroing range versus the real ranges at which the bullet strikes the point of aim using 7.62x39: (did not test at 900 or 1000 m) No. The in-game magnification is close to the nominal figure, at 4.14x, but the reticle is improperly scaled. Here's a table for using the stadiametric rangefinder on a standing player character: In real life the three lower chevrons are intended to be used at the following ranges with the elevation turret set to 1000 m: 1100, 1200 and 1300 m. Those ranges are not relevant to DayZ combat so I doubt you are asking if the chevrons are correct at such distance. The trajectory will (of course) change depending on the selected range setting, so the 3 lower chevrons can mark 120 possible ranges for the AKs and SVD. Are the ranges they provide useful? Not so much, in my opinion. Here's a rough estimate with the 7.62x39 and a 100 m zero: ZERO............100 Chevron 1......390 Chevron 2......560 Chevron 3......670 Those are the lowest ranges the lower chevrons will provide with AKs or SVD. I don't like the jump from 100 to almost 400 m. Personally preference. I would run with it set to 200 m for the AKM, and at either 200 or 300 m for the AK-74, so-called 'AK-101' and the SVD, so as not to miss a headshot at the maximum ordinate. As far as I know the accuracy modifier doesn't change depending on the attachment's condition.
  11. Yes, it is. My first wolf encounter was fatal. As my body fell to the ground, the monitor showed 4458 health and 2815 blood. According to WOBO's tests there is a hidden stat (most refer to as 'bone damage', 'spinal damage', 'skeleton damage', etc) and if that stat is too low it can result in death.
  12. Quite a few mentioned in this thread from 2014: http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/rock-albums-that-begin-with-acapella-singing.350588/