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  1. Tutorial 3D model?

    Sounds like you want to create from scratch? Use any appropriate 3D program to make it, use any appropriate program to texture it, then import it to Oxygen/Object Builder to get it set up for ARMA/DayZ. -high poly -low poly -UV -textures Blender is the most popular free program, Max, Maya, and Modo the most popular paid. Look for the tutorials on subdivision modelling specifically. There are tutorials for bringing items into ARMA 3 which can get you started on that.
  2. Asset

    First 'in-game' view from Buldozer, got the materials to look... alright, but not sure about that shading. Would be pretty easy as replacement textures, eg: engraved 1911. Maybe with bone/ivory handle etc.
  3. Hold LMB= RSI

    It's not that bad for drinking cans, etc. Certain long actions it's pretty annoying, but they aren't that common. However, it's less convenient than clicking, and I see no compelling reason to keep it and avoid click-to-start and either click-to-stop or sprint-to-stop or start-another-action-to-stop, all of which would be a QOL improvement.
  4. Hold LMB= RSI

    Going by requirement to hoooooooooooooold the mouse the entire time you perform an action, I'd say the next step is requiring the player to tap "W" every time he wants his character to take a step. W, W, W, W, W, W. W, W. Not a big deal unless one is a filthy casual, as you'd only need to press "W" about 3500 times to get from Elektro to Cherno.
  5. Running around vs guns

    First there are some terrible hit registration issues. This was at the top of r/dayz the other day: Second if you were using buckshot it has some crazy values which give it extremely low range and therefore presumably extremely low power at any real distance.
  6. Stable Update 0.63.149386

    Played for a couple hours and unlike the other day actually had no issues worth mentioning. All I can think of is one zombie in the distance galloping 250 m up a hill into a forest, then apparently respawning and restarting the process. Encountered only two people but no frame drop on firing first shot of the session or hit registration issues.
  7. Needs Wheelbarrows

    I agree, when the BALLOON goes up, a wheelbarrow is GOING to be a very useful item. Armor on the bottom to USE as a shield
  8. Modify existing DayZ models?

    You can't take their models and edit them without permission. I'm guessing you could make your own objects to replace the proxy objects attached to the vehicle, for example, custom wheels, hood, doors, etc. You could also replace the car's textures.
  9. Asset

    A bit better bake, fixed mesh, little more detail, I guess it's ready to try and put it in DayZ format.
  10. Hold LMB= RSI

    I agree, I don't think holding for all the actions was the best design choice, I'd prefer to toggle and let the action proceed, instead of holding the mouse the entire time while my character slowly eats a pumpkin, or some shit.
  11. everything flimmering

    Probably the anti-gamma, preventing you from turning up gamma to see at night.
  12. Asset

    First! Was too tempting. Making an updated version of the old DayZ mod bowie knife.
  13. New Gun Damage Mechanics

    The 5.56 starts overtaking the 7.62x54R in damage at around 800 m. But I guess you're not shooting people at 800 m. In all other aspects it's inferior. Probably due to this: https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-27-february-2018