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  1. -Gews-

    Weapons in 1.04

    But once a weapon is on PC I would expect it to come to console soon after.
  2. -Gews-

    Weapons in 1.04

    You will not get modded weapons or modding on consoles. It's confirmed there are no plans for such a thing. Microsoft and Sony would not allow it anyways. Even on PC we will not even be getting all the old weapons (the weapons we already had years ago in previous game versions!) any time soon. Look at how many new weapons they've added since 1.0 release. (the answer: since 1.0 dropped, it took 215 days to add back 6 more of the old weapons. An average of 36 days per weapon. There are 40 more ranged weapons left to add. At the same pace this would take 1433 days, or nearly 4 years. Hopefully the pace speeds up).
  3. I see a lot of people talking about broken bones. But about broken bones: this from Gamescom 2018: "Fractures are coming after the 1.0 and there will be fractures for the legs and the arms." —Peter Nespesny And it's pretty easy to explain breaking your leg. So I'm assuming in the Status Report they are talking about status effects and sickness, and probably the vital organ hitboxes as well (added a bunch of organs... then ended up disabling all of them... oof).
  4. That was a while ago, though. They no longer promise 5 years. Originally they said: "Bohemia Interactive fully plans on continuing work on DayZ past 1.0 for at least a targeted 5 years" But since that, they have said: "DayZ will certainly continue with very active development after 1.0, I don’t think commiting to 5 years specifically is what we have established as a must, I would think this plan was in place when the expectations for 1.0 release date were slighly more optimistic, but we’re always going for the long tail with Bohemia games. Arma 3 is of course the example to follow." "We may as well happen to support DayZ for 5 or more years after 1.0 - what I’m trying to explain is that it’s not an established goal. As with Arma 3, we will support DayZ for as long as it makes sense to players, as well as from a development point of view."
  5. They improved a bunch of them, but only the ones that were spawning in-game at that time. Since then they've added back some "new" rounds, like 5.45mm, which were not fixed on their first pass. So 5.45mm is an example which still has the old "railgun" properties. But it doesn't matter as much if they don't lose their speed, as right now none of the bullets lose any damage anyways. That's a major factor, missing!! As for their ballistics pass this is what I had to say: The ones they did the pass on (so, not the 5.45mm) act like small arms bullets now, but some numbers are even worse than the previous numbers they had from 0.3X until 0.62. Edit: that's only external ballistics. As for damage numbers, it's not horrible?... there are still some issues... maybe placeholder? But still.
  6. "Advanced health system" What is "advanced" about it? There's 100 health hitpoints. You also have shock and blood. They are also hitpoints. Seems self-explanatory. There are no vital organs active apart from the "brain", which doesn't really count because the head is a "vital organ" in most every shooter. There are no broken bones. "Advanced system that's hard to explain". One thing that (obviously, from my post history) concerns me is this, from Peter Nespesny: "... currently there is no projectile damage falloff with distance or energy/speed drop in new DayZ. I can assure you, it's a temporary situation and both issues are on our to-do list." That was nice to hear, at the time. But he's gone now, and so are all these other important figures of DayZ. So is damage drop-off going to be left out, too? With the health system comments, and backtracking (example: deactivation of their new vital organ hitboxes), I have no confidence we'll see damage drop-off reintroduced. Maybe it will... maybe it won't. And then basically, DayZ would no longer have any "ballistics" worth noting at all.
  7. It won't be as detailed.
  8. -Gews-

    Are cars simulated SERVER-SIDE?

    Yes. It's simulated server-side. A lot of stuff depends on the server in this game.
  9. There's really no such thing, although if they don't understand or can't speak well in your language they might be less likely to interact with words and more likely to interact with bullets.
  10. -Gews-

    Anti Ghosting/Server Hopping Measures

    The 2 km is fair enough.
  11. -Gews-

    Anti Ghosting/Server Hopping Measures

    But then there is the problem of starting on the beach near Berezino and by simply switching servers you might spawn in south of Zub, say, and this just saved you half an hour or more.
  12. -Gews-

    Anti Ghosting/Server Hopping Measures

    I haven't tried the patch. So if you swap servers, it just dumps you on the coast? That's laughably bad. There are a lot of reasons to swap servers apart from hopping, or ghosting, from population to night time to connection issues to simply forgetting which server you were on. That's why we have a thing that browses through them. I rarely ever play public hive, but this annoys me. If you like roaming around the northwest, this is essentially wasting an hour of someone's time. It could be improved, but why even roll it out like this? Quotes from map designer Sumrak in DayZ Modder's Discord server:
  13. -Gews-

    more military grade vehicles

    My guess, because development won't be funded that long.
  14. -Gews-


    Frustrating myself with the baking. Think I finally got it, kind of.