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  1. Yep. I have a 660, still working just fine.
  2. Stable Update 0.62.142963

    Spawning in, plus poor connection. The absolute worst.
  3. The P-38/P-51

    I don't think P-38-style can openers would spawn more frequently than the regular type everyone has in their kitchen drawer. Also, both types would take up only 1 slot and perform the same primary function, so I don't see much value in adding a second can opener. That said, I suppose people could say the same thing about other items with close counterparts.
  4. Why 2-slot-pants when you spawn with 4 slots?

    Looks. You can also chop the tracksuits into rags.
  5. Stable Update 0.62.142963

    Tense standoff Zmijovka Cap noticed Red Dress was running around without pants and gave him a spare pair of jeans... but Red Dress lacked pants because he had been knocked unconscious and stripped of his jeans ten minutes before. Red Dress found it very suspicious that Zmijovka just happened to be carrying an extra pair of black jeans...
  6. Australia Votes "Yes!" on same sex marriage.

    Ouf, don't start that one here.
  7. Always a persistent physical character

    There are only 60 players on a server but those players are always changing. There will be hundreds of bodies just standing around on the popular servers. If you completely rotated the player list only twice a day for five days, with unique players, at the end you would have 600 unique players registered, which means 60 online and 540 idling.
  8. Always a persistent physical character

    I can recall seeing this discussion many times before. The answer is always "nope". It's not realis... (cough) 'authentic', fun, or necessary. Players off the server will be annoyed when they log in as fresh spawns, and players on the server will find dozens of vacant idling characters—not cool.
  9. Forum

    The reply box is black-on-white but the posts are white-on black. A catastrophe!
  10. What song are you listening to right now?

    I'm not sure what story the video is trying to tell, or how it relates to the lyrics, but Taylor looks gorgeous.
  11. Exp Update 0.62.142080

    Chernarus playable map is 236 km², that figure includes parts of the ocean.