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  1. -Gews-

    Who else misses bow and arrow?

    It works the same as a bullet, only regular bullet has no model, tracer bullet has tracer streak model, and crossbow bolt has bolt model. The difference with crossbow is that you should have the bullet/bolt remain after the impact, so it can be recovered. But that's the easiest feature and was already half-implemented with the bow. Real issue is animation and mechanics and mostly or entirely it's a problem for the bow.
  2. The original mod uses ARMA 2 + expansions, and we are not getting everything from ARMA 2 + expansions.
  3. -Gews-

    No Face Hitbox

    It doesn't, helmets are currently only visual. Helmet is an item that applies protection to the entire head. Helmet model doesn't exist to the bullet, only its damage reduction.
  4. -Gews-

    Unpopular Opinion

    "Czech independent games developer Bohemia Interactive, has recently acquired a decommissioned T-72 Main Battle Tank. The tank has been stationed at the one of the studio's offices." (jk, jk)
  5. -Gews-

    Thoughts on QnA Dev. Stream yesterday

    Crossbow is easy-peasy, it's just like a gun, only needs animations. And look, the mod doesn't even have its own animations (but remember modders can't do animations yet anyways). Someone can do that crossbow mod easily. Bow is hard because it's not like a gun. Bow wasn't great before, janky, a little better than some gave credit for. But apparently they want to make it, for example, pulling back more = more power. Or some stuff like that. Needs its own code.
  6. -Gews-

    Why is it so difficult to drive?

    Automobiles first introduced to DayZ in 2014, still flying into the sky and suffering undriveable lag or desync in 2019. For some reason I didn't have any unreasonable problems in ARMA 3 even sliding my pickup through cities at up to 150, 200 km/h or however fast it goes on the high-pop KOTH servers. But DayZ SA the vehicles seem almost unfixable? (Of course sometimes ARMA 3 has its small issues too)
  7. -Gews-

    No Face Hitbox

    It's proved right above you. Lead Designer Peter Nespesny (/u/psychotron42) says in the reddit post: "Helmets nor vest never has any fire geometry when attached to a player character" and "damage system tells that head hit zone is protected with helmet and damage to the zone is lowered accordingly". He also says "both issues are on our to-do list". So in fact, the truth is that there is no helmet hitbox, and that equipping a helmet simply reduces damage to your character's entire head. For the time being.
  8. -Gews-

    No Face Hitbox

    More info and apparently these issues described are on the fix list. So it's quite true, as in the video, there's no ability to shoot a "weak spot" at the unprotected face right now as helmet equipped protects entire head and brain (again as seen in video, even then helmet protection values can use a lot of lowering).
  9. -Gews-

    No Face Hitbox

    From u/psychotron42 in response to Halfblood's Reddit post: Which doesn't tell us much of anything, we already know there is no specific "face hitbox", Halfblood is obviously referring to the portion of the head hitbox that is not covered by the helmet model (the portion of the character model which contains the eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, chin and forehead commonly being referred to as the "face"). Previously this "face" was shootable and helmeted folks shot there died. Organs all deactivated + bullet health damage dropped to just 1/3 of initial 1.0 levels also explains much elsewhere too...
  10. -Gews-

    No Face Hitbox

    Video maker @Halfblood informs us also that bullet damage, at least against players, no longer drops off. In older versions of DayZ, the bullet damage decreased over distance as the rounds slowed down. Same thing in ARMA 2, ARMA 3. Same thing even in unrealistic Battle Royale games like PUBG. I mean, even the likes of Apex and Fortnite have this on their weapons. But apparently (I'll trust Halfblood's on this one) the DayZ devs, when overriding the old damage system, didn't code this feature in! gg!
  11. -Gews-

    No Face Hitbox

    Saw this one posted to the DayZ subreddit. Seen a looot of complaints about these helmets but not yet such an explicit demonstration.
  12. -Gews-


    A new modelling section? That "Start the first topic" button is too tempting. Small-bore rifle, made in Blender 2.79a with subdivision techniques, high-poly model. Next step, low-poly model...
  13. -Gews-

    Do a BattleRoyale

    No, he didn't ask for a Battle Royale game, he asked for a Battle Royale mode for DayZ. This is DayZ suggestions subform. There was an big battle royale called the "Survivor GameZ" promoted by Bohemia themselves but it was a special event for streamers. Build a Twitch fan base and you too can join. I don't think they will be adding any battle royale mode. Not happening. I'm sure someone will make a mod, though.
  14. -Gews-

    Do a BattleRoyale

    This is the PC section of the DayZ forums, Vigor is a different game on a different platform. They don't plan on bringing it to PC so it might as well be as far removed from DayZ as Fortnite, PUBG or Apex Legends.
  15. -Gews-

    The best pistol for you

    For all I know this might be the correct answer. I didn't check myself, but I've heard Fidov didn't balance his guns against vanilla weapons, so his Makarov ammo is more powerful than the Mosin...