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  1. Ballistic Vests

    The weight depends on which plates are in it. Why did they go with 14 kg? Probably this:
  2. Dayz future weapons

    Goggles were shown as well:
  3. Dayz future weapons

    LMGs and GPMGs in DayZ mod had far less recoil when prone than a rifle or carbine and the GPMGs would chew through ground or aerial vehicles. Much easier to hit running people as well. With the PKP in A2 Wasteland I even hit running player at 800+ m. Those weapons are most useful when you're lying down. I don't think they're so good for solo wandering or with lack of vehicles. However, you never know how they'll handle in standalone. Night vision scope was in the files, although it wasn't for sniping. I doubt we'll see thermal.
  4. Dayz future weapons

    They've said the weapons list is finished ("Status Report - Week of 25 August 14") but you never know. I've probably forgot something but here are some weapons that haven't been officially introduced but which were either shown in developer previews or found hidden in the game files: Remington R12 ("M12") PP-19 Bizon Recurve bow CZ 550 ("CR 550") Mini-Uzi PKM AUG variants M249 Para Steyr Scout Pneu-Dart X-2 Taser X2 Makarov PB Saiga-12K M72 LAW OTs-14-4a-03 "Groza-4" "Golden Eagle"
  5. Prison island dedicated to PVP

    I think the 7-minute swim would provide the islanders plenty of opportunities to stop you getting back to your gear. I think far-away or difficult-to-get-to locations should provide better loot. For being so far west and requiring your thoroughly soak yourself, prison island is pathetic right now.
  6. It wasn't hard to survive in the mod because of zombies, sickness, wild animals or lack of food, though. Oh no. Hehe.
  7. People have suggested ideas going all the way up to "if you kill too many people, your character commits suicide".
  8. Stress Test vol.42

    Will do; I ran into some German guy the other day and ran around with him; IIRC despite good specs and plenty of unused disk space, he said he gets it too and has seen others complain. I also saw complaints here and on Reddit. Shooting the gun seems to fix it, lags on first shot(s) and is fine after. I guess it has a problem loading flash models + textures, sound or all three.
  9. Stress Test vol.42

    Still getting the horrible FPS drop when shooting. Resulted in many deaths. Turned all settings down to potato level see if it helped at all and surprise, my very first test shots seemed to have little or no drop. But I had to turn models back up to see anything and in Berezino got a massive frame drop when firing at a guy which meant he ran across the street and escaped. I followed him and got more smaller frame drops when shooting him.
  10. What song are you listening to right now?

    The Struts got a fair amount of airtime on the rock stations here with a couple songs a year or two ago. I didn't expect to see Kesha collaborating with them, though.
  11. Arma 3 Physics/Mechanics in DayZ?

    Probably not Probably Probably Probably not Probably not Technically
  12. Stress Test vol.38

    Yesterday game freeze while alt-tabbing, have to end the process. Then when restarting DayZ, "data file too short" concerning "addons/plants.pbo" or something. Can't start the game at all anymore, so I verify the game files in Steam. Then restart the PC. The game starts! But then it closes again, because some other file now has "preNLOD format", game won't start. Verify the files a second time. But takes too long this time and I play something else. Now today? It seems to work fine.