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  1. General Discussion

    Yeah, it's unfortunate, today's stress test was at 8:00 AM for me. I can't bring my PC and fire up DayZ at work. Oh well.
  2. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    When it comes to bullet impact I'm hoping for less blood rather than more. Dust particles, impact reaction or something would be better. It's silly to shoot some guy wearing multiple layers of clothing, maybe armor, even shooting through his backpack, from many hundreds of metres away and still clearly see that nice big bloop of blood. And it would also be nice to have less impact effect on certain materials, for example a wet field, and more on others, eg: dry dusty path. Maybe size of impact effect dependent on round and its power, too.
  3. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    In broad daylight a .45 shouldn't have much flash at all. In this case the compass of extremes would be pointing due Authentic if they deleted the fireballs entirely. In ARMA 2 they managed to have flash transparent in daylight and clearly visible at night:
  4. Low recoil in BETA

    I thought old recoil complaints were exaggerated. It's more a problem with weapon-locked camera and rubber-band mouse control. Shown at 20 metres in 0.59, same as now IIRC. Was slightly lowered from the big recoil increase in 0.57. Xbox preview probably isn't final product.
  5. Use of Masks

    Couple more images:
  6. Add sidechat

    You can access a side chat analogue by finding a radio and batteries. Perhaps they should be easier to find and the batteries longer lasting. I'm not in favour of the ARMA 2-style side chat. The ability to talk to everyone, anywhere, at any time completely changes the feel of the game. For the worse IMO.
  7. Artist Alley

    ^Nice shotgun. More ammo...
  8. Artist Alley

  9. Artist Alley

  10. Make guns recoil control a soft skill

    Players do use their muscle memory and applied strength to move the mouse to control their weapon. Not sure how player control is less realistic than a soft skill reducing kick or dispersion. I don't like the idea of spawning in and being "unable to have proper accuracy/control". Some players may also create various backstories for their chars.
  11. Make guns recoil control a soft skill

    I prefer player's skill to decide accuracy and recoil control.
  12. Thanks! I'm glad to hear they aren't removing it and that they acknowledge the feature is important to many players. However I hope they will work to find a way to implement it in the other stances, raised weapon etc, with their new control setup. Eye zoom should be able to be used whether or not gun is raised. It will be annoying to be watching someone in the distance, then your eyes automatically zoom out as soon as you raise a weapon, then you have to enter iron sights, and then once in iron sights? Or you have a raised weapon or item, and you need to see someone in the distance quickly, but you can't, because you need to lower the weapon first. It will be quite annoying. Says it conflicts with control scheme they want. Assuming conflicting keybinds. So does this mean we can't rebind our keys the way we like, so it no longer conflicts with assigned raise weapon key? In ideal DayZ eye zoom should be fast, should be fluid, and it should be always accessible.
  13. Item Rotation

    Various item sizes may have to be changed, because the items were not balanced around a rotating system. For example, let's say a certain gun is realistically, too large to fit inside a certain backpack. So, they might add +1, +2 horizontal blocks to the item's footprint, making it slightly wider than the backpack. But add rotation, and it could fit inside that backpack, which it wasn't intended to fit in at all.
  14. Don't have time to watch whole VOD tonight. On Reddit someone says they showed some eye zoom during stream, which has been my personal number one super-duper main concern for 0.63 and onward. Anyone have a time stamp?