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  1. The benefit depends on how hard it is for other players to break into or destroy your base. Some of the solutions you see in other games or mods kind of clash with DayZ mantra of 'no safe space'. I don't know about building them, but I'm looking forward to raiding and camping them.
  2. Too old to be a heli crash and military base spawn. From ARMA 2 lore, they could make some kind of NAPA caches where it could be sometimes found, or just a very rare civilian spawn. They main issue is that they don't seem to like adding new types of ammunition. I'd rather not see 9mm PPSh and TT. Squad added a PPSh with stick mag (to some complaints). Fun to use anyways.
  3. Np. When using the Alt+Tab, note:
  4. I don't have 'WindowedMode' at all (Windowed=0). Try setting both your WinX and WinY to '0', IIRC those values caused some problem for me. I also notice your Render_W and Render_H are twice your resolution, forget if that was fixed but you might want those equal.
  5. I had that problem but I forget what I did to fix it. Maybe post your DayZ.cfg?
  6. Still not like the mod, which OP is comparing to. So many locations now, much harder to find players. They could actually be inside a building. Wow! The zombie radar isn't nearly as effective, vehicles are rarer and take far longer to repair, you can fashion a leg-fixer anywhere, and you don't need to go to NWAF and enter one of only two barracks to find various specific weapons. He has a point.
  7. I hope this doesn't mean exploding into fire... classic ARMA... Excellent (assuming speeds are based on real life). Will be interesting with this one (25 cm barrel, E0 ca 2.0 kJ): I remember an old status report mentioned 'barrel swaps'. With the modular weapons, it's okay.
  8. The sway is exaggerated and unrealistic. However, just for starters: -your sights are always perfectly aligned with your eye -front sight, rear sight, target and everything else are always in focus -you don't have to apply a force of several pounds to your weapon when you pull the trigger -no flinching -no wind Etc. So I see the exaggerated sway as helping to account for those missing challenges. I don't know if that was the devs' intent. If they are going to significantly tone down the sway, they must add other obstacles to aiming. Clicking on people is pretty easy.
  9. Which ones? Strange, they seem pretty similar to me. DayZ Mod accuracy (heyday, maybe outdated): AKM 0.00195 AK74 0.00125 M4A1 0.00175 CZ550 0.0005 DayZ SA accuracy: AKM 0.0013 (standard furniture) AK74 0.0018 (standard furniture) M4A1 0.0012 (standard furniture) Winchester Model 70 0.00075 (+ hunting scope) I don't like it either but I suspect the reason is somewhat different.
  10. My workaround for recording. More convenient than going into menu. When you tab back to the game, you should see the Shadowplay recording icon turn dark. If the icon is light, the recording will be too dark (Alt-Tab again).
  11. Canada Valve 'Century'
  12. Seems like a rhetorical question. Some servers don't allow this. Tent barriers is clearly not an intended feature so I expect it will be fixed at some point.
  13. Nyet! Too accurate!