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  1. This depends on the steak in question... from earlier today...
  2. What do you mean I can't use all of these?
  3. It also has some clear visual differences, the most obvious being the straight magazines. They made not just the wrong name, but the wrong model. So they can either change to a fictional name for a fictional gun, or add 7,65 mm. I noticed they changed the names in some cases (CZ weapons, Ruger 10/22, T/C Encore, etc) but not in others (eg, FNX45, B95, IZH-18, Model 70, etc). Sporter .22 texture changed like so:
  4. .380 version = 900 RPM And change the name to something other than 'CZ61', because it's not a vz. 61 in .380. Anyways it's just copy-paste from PM73, looks like placeholder.
  5. Ah... ragdoll.
  6. Ah, not a default map, then. Still listed in DayZ but nonfunctional:
  7. From prone? You might mean from crouch. Probably related to this: "Fixed inability to bind additional mouse keys" Control scheme was messed up a bit with 0.62. Doubt preventing binding certain keys would be intentional.
  8. Other weapons using this round are more common; this AK-9 has no widespread adoption. To name some: 9A-91, SR-3, AS VAL. So far the devs showed a preview of OTs-14-4A-03 'Groza-4' (9x39).
  9. Probably has to do with them doubling the damage in 0.61. Of course it still doesn't make it a high-tier weapon, and if any type of crossbow was considered 'high-tier' that would mean they'd made big errors in its configuration. I don't see it, you've got to be pretty close to use it. When you can recover bolts it will be somewhat more useful to clear out infected, but not any better for PVP. Also, the sound is wrong. A more 'authentic' sound would not be as quiet. Not to mention good luck loading it as our characters do, one hand, bare fingers, while the other hand is holding it up in the air... it has a stirrup for a reason...
  10. About this one, I saw this on the Feedback Tracker a couple weeks ago: T124292: crossbow mostafa1379 crossbows and they're bolt Only can be found on north ? why ???? i remember 0.60 patch we could find crossbow anywhere but now it can be find just and just in north And they're bolt are so Legendary to find i played this patch about 400 hours and i found only 1 or 2 times bolts Hello mostafa1379. This was an intentional design change as the crossbow is a higher tier weapon and therefore is not spawned on the coast. As for the bolt scarcity, the loot spawning will be balanced in the future stages of development. Regards, Geez Which made me laugh.
  11. Mine shows it. Are you are checking your .062 file? (username.DayZProfile.062)
  12. Following a couple people... As they disappear over a crest I start to chase, but see someone behind... 'Are you with those guys?' 'No dude, nonononono' While talking 'those guys' have suddenly turned 180 degrees, come back down the hill, and are barreling towards me... Lies...
  13. Let's say we have three variants of a rifle that we want to put into DayZ. They are identical, except for the sights. The first rifle has precise target sights. The second rifle has open, somewhat coarser hunting sights. The third rifle only has a front sight, and is missing a rear sight. Theoretically, all the rifles would have the same precision if they were fixed in some kind of machine rest.... ...but they aren't. With these sights, rifle 1 will give the best groups, and rifle 3 will give the worst. In DayZ it doesn't matter if you have no rear sight, or a shorter sight radius... your eye is always in the same place, and that means all you need is the front sight. We want players to be less accurate if their gun has crappy sights, and more accurate if it has precision sights, so we have to set dispersion values which account for this. Here are some completely arbitrary values for each gun: Everything is okay so far. Now for the problem described in the title: let's give all three rifles a telescopic sight. Equipped with the scope, the iron sights are no longer an issue, and all three rifles should give the same accuracy. But that won't be the case, because the scope has only one 'dispersion modifier'. Let's say this scope's dispersionModifier is based on rifle 1 with target sights, and is -0.00005. This brings the final dispersions to: Rifle 1 = 0.0003-0.00005 = 0.00025 Rifle 2 = 0.0006-0.00005 = 0.00055 Rifle 3 = 0.0015-0.00005 = 0.00145 We want those final dispersions to be the same, but they're not even close. ======================================================================================= You can see a related problem with in-game weapons. Let's compare the Sporter 22, the CR527 Carbine, and the Winchester Model 70. Base dispersions: Sporter = 0.00250 Carbine = 0.00125 Model 70 = 0.00100 Dispersions with scope (dispersionModifier -0.00025): Sporter = 0.00225 Carbine = 0.00125 Model 70 = 0.00075 The same scope decreased the above weapons' dispersion areas by: Sporter = 19% Carbine = 31% Model 70 = 44% ===================================================== Solution: Set weapon attachments' dispersionModifiers (and perhaps other modifiers as well) based on the specific weapon they are attached to. So the dispersionModifier for an attachment would be in the weapon's configuration, not in the attachments' configuration.